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Balthasar Zwingli

Directory of Zwingli documents.
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1. 1544, Dinstag after Lent. Mannrechtsbrief from Ulrich Seiler, Country
bailiff of the county of Toggenburg, for Claus Zwingli and his daughter
Claus Wilhelm, of Wildhaus, and recommendation of the same to Glarus for
Admission as country people. Parchment with seal.
2. 1544, Dinstag after Galli. Abbot Diethelm of St.Gallen decrees
Claus Zwingli from Wildhaus with his children Barthlome,
Catherine and nobility of serfdom, from which this
cash, but with the proviso that if he has not paid
Claus or his mentioned children will sooner or later be back in the
County of Toggenburg, they would put it to him and the church with
serfdom as other Toggenburgers should be connected. Parchment
with seal.
3. 1545, Sunday before May. Common country people (from Glarus)
have Claus Zwingli and his son, from the county of Toggenburg,
against payment of 45 rh. guilders to become country people. - 1555, Don
nerstag before St. Thomas Day. Governor and council recognize Bartli Zwingli.
for which bailiff Schuler demands the same, his land rights. "Land Protocol"
Glarus: Excerpts from Landschreiber Marty, 18th century. (see below no. 11 ff.).
4. 1602, 22nd winter month. Mannrechtsbrief for Otmar Ehrensperger, the
Tailor of Dickbuch in the parish of Elgg, son of Blessed Konrad Ehrens
perger and Anna Zwinglin, who is still living with Elgg. Parchment certificate
by Jakob Furrer zu Oberschlatt, wife of the ten courts at Elgg, with seal
of Hans Ulrich Wolff of Zurich, Bailiff of the County of Kyburg.
5. 1607, February 9. Mannrechtsbrief for Konrad Zwinglin, the cry
ner, Burger von Elgg, with his son Hans Konrad Zwinglin, the
Stonecutters. Parchment with the seal of the bailiff and council of Elgg.
6. 1636, August 3. Testimony of the antistes Breitinger about Mr. Heinrich
Zwingli, von Elgg, was an alumnus at the college of the Fraumünster,
current parish priest in the Grub in Appenzell, to the mayor and council of
Zurich. - Dorsual note that on 1 October, Councillors and Burger will pay Mr Zwingli at his request, have given the burger right.
7. 1659, July 16. Testimony of Landammann and the great district administrator of Appenzell-Ausserroden for Mr Heinrich Zwingli, who has over twenty-three
Years as pastor in the Grub and five and a half years of the new church
He served Gentiles because he was called from Zurich to another benefice.
Parchment with national seal. -
8. 1666, June 16. Testimony of Johann Heinrich Hottinger, doctor and
professor of theology and school principal in Zurich, for the student Johann
Heinrich Zwingli, who wants to study abroad, about his previous bib
and especially oriental studies. Latin. Signature
and Petschaft Hottingers.
9. 1726, May 14. Baptismal certificate of the parish priest of Elgg for the 21.
1613 baptized Hans Heinrich Zwingli, legitimate son of HansZwingli,
Burgers to Elgg, and the Elsbeth Büchi. Cf. below no. 12.
10. 1728, 16. April. Baptismal certificate of the priest of Affoltern for the
13. January 1689 baptized Hans Balthasar Zwingli, pastor of Elm in
Canton Glarus, legitimate son of Johann Heinrich Zwingli, who was a pastor
to Affoltern and hereafter Dean of the Free Office Chapter, and Dorothea
Same. -
August 11, 1737, 18 and 29. Rezess, issued by Bartholome Äbli, Country
writer of Glarus. Father Johann Balthasar Zwingli asked today
as a result of an appointment by the gentlemen of Zurich to a benefice in their territory,
in front of Landammann and the council of Glarus for dismissal, and sought, under presentation
of documents to recognize him as a farmer and as such
in the land register. It was recognized that he was to write his sex
register and then have it legalized by the authorities in good time before
tiger Landsgemeinde; in the meantime, both the land law and the law of the
the withdrawal from his wives. Good to stay in the status quo.
12. 1738, March 4th. New certificate of baptism for Mr Hans Heinrich Zwingli
blessed (cf. No. 9); at the foot of the building the Bailiff and the Council of Elgg certify it, with the
addition, the ancestors of the aforementioned have, in the absence of an older, modified
The baptismal register which has been lost cannot be traced.
13. 1738, April 19. "Patent" of Burgermeister and City Council of Zurich
for their burger Mr. Balthasar Zwingli, pastor of Ottenbach, that he
the proof of his descent from ClausZwingli imposed on him by Glarus through a sex register and other documents "sufficiently credible
I have "demonstrated". Paper seal.
14. "Gender Lines." Detailed family tree of the Zwingli (without
Date, probably around 1738ff.).
15th (1741), May 12th. (Joh. Peter Zwicki, old. Landammann of Glarus,
to governor Füsslin). "Inscription" concerning the "main office" in the
presented Zwinglian pedigree. Cf. No. 16.
16. 1741, 18/7. May. J. Peter Zwicki, old. Landammann in Glarus, to
Balthasar Zwingli, pastor of Ottenbach. With reference to previous
number is opened to the addressee, that without more convincing clarification
of the family tree a success in the matter of the land law was not to be hoped.
17th "Life Run". Two pages of notes by Johann Balthasar
Zwingli. Afterwards some genealogical and other notes.
18. 1804, January 3. Chancellery of the Canton of Zurich to Pastor Ludwig
Zwingli, previously vicar of Weisslingen. Announcement, that he was elected by the small council
from a fourfold suggestion of the church council for the pastor of the church
die from pastor Heinrich Zwingli completed parish Rickenbach chosen
had been. Paper seal.
19. 1804, January 20th. The representatives of the Weisslingen community thank
by deed to her previous vicar, pastor (Ludwig) Zwingli in Ricken
bach, on behalf of the community for his work in the same.
20. 1836, June 20th. Pastor Ludwig Zwinglis speaks at the wedding ceremony
his son Heinrich Zwingli, pastor of Dättlikon, with Katharina Diethelm
of Erlen, canton Thurgau, in the church of Rickenbach.
We will come back to these documents and the Zwinglian family tree derived from them later. (ZWINGLIANA. Notes on the history of Zwingli and the Reformation,)

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7. 1659, July 16. Testimony of Landammann and great district administrator of
Appenzell-Ausserroden for Mr Heinrich Zwingli, who has over twenty-three

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