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Audrey May Scholl 1916 - 1990

Audrey was good friend with the Beitlers from church and each year they took vacations together to camping areas all around California including their favorite vacation spot: Shoshone in the Mojave dessert.

She had one sibling named Elaine who had 7 children.  Once a month on Fast Sunday she would prepare a fancy meal for Glen, Gerry and 9 members of Elaine's family.  Audrey was known for her cooking abilities, her kindness and generosity.  The week after Elaine died from cancer Glen and Audrey took Elaine's children to various amusement parks to comfort the grieving family.  Before she died she voiced concern about her son Gerry's welfare after she was gone albeit she left him with income property and a house that was completely paid for.

Audrey died on October 17, 1990 in Burbank, California at the age of 74.  She is buried next to her husband and sister in Valhalla Cemetery, Burbank, California, in the Latter Day-Saint area just in front of the Seagull monument.

Documents related to Audrey Scholl:

Elysian Park Ward

Documents related to Audrey Scholl:

Blessing, 1916:

Audrey and Emma about 1917:

Audrey and her maternal grandmother 1917:

Audrey about 1921



1940 census:

1940's, Here is a picture of Glen and Audrey with a group from the Hollywood Ward where they attended in the early 1940's. Glen is on the front row left and Audrey is on the front row fifth from the left. Gil Reed who they were friends with for many years is on the front row right and Harry Beitler,  back row second from left.

Audrey and Glen were married December 18, 1941.



1957: LtoR ?, James Gardiner, Audrey, Glen, Elaine,?, and Gerry in front.  Los Angeles Temple.


1969, LtoR back row Kent, Sherry, Sandy, Carol, Gerry, and Audrey, front row Julie Jeff, Gayle and JT facing Audrey's Shadowlawn home:

California license:

2010 Bonnie on Audrey and Glen from K on Vimeo.

The Krokshes lived near Echo Park in Los Angeles:

Audrey 1980's


Hi, my mother's sister discovered breast cancer in 1971 right after her husband Glen died 11 June 1971.

The immediate cause was respiratory failure due to metastatic colon cancer. Metastatic - the term used to describe a secondary cancer, or one that has spread from one area of the body to another.

On September 20, 1990 a doctor performed paracentesis is a form of body fluid sampling procedure, generally referring to peritoneocentesis (also called laparocentesis - "cent" means "pierce") in which the peritoneal cavity is punctured by a needle to sample peritoneal fluid.  Audrey was 74 years 2 days old at the time of her death. Kent

Grave location is next to the LDS monument or the little circle center left.

2010 Kroksh Grave Sites from K on Vimeo.