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Anna Sidler 1780 - 1846

Anna Sidler married Rudolf Hurter of Affoltern. She lived to be 66.  According to FamilySearch she had 12 children.  Affoltern is a 6 minute drive East of Ottenbach.

From the history of the church Affoltern:
The Affoltern church was first mentioned in a document in 1275: it paid 17 Baselpfung for a crusade to Jerusalem. Probably in 1408 the church was given its present form with the striking Käsbissenturm. The bell, which was then hung in the tower, now stands on the lawn in front of the church. The tower and part of the choir are built on rock. The granite foundling was carried from the Rhone glacier in the Montblanc massif to Affoltern.

In 1484 Affoltern got its own priest. Until then, the Kilchhöri, which belonged to the Teutonic Knights in Sumiswald, was spiritually looked after from there. After the Reformation of 1528, the church was completely rebuilt in 1567. The beautiful baptismal font, which still stands today, was placed in the choir instead of the Catholic altar.

The last major renovation took place in 1938. Four new bells were raised and the church was restored to its present state.

Documents relatied to Anna Sidler:

Anna Sidler birth 18 June 1780 film 8014328 page 572 second entry

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record by Julius Billeter, page 49 - 50

Kent, Deborah Gardiner and Sandy, Ronald Blunck visited there in 2019
The Kirche is located next to a grassy mountain. The modern graves are behind the Kirche.