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Anna Sidler 1702 - 1752

Anna married Heinrich Sidler in 1723. They had seven children. Both sets of parents are included below.  Anna died 11 May 1752. The name Anna is thought to be the name of Mary's mother in the New Testament. It has had great popularity in Christian nations. 

During their lives:
1742 In Ottenbach there are 543 people, 122 are adults and are 4.5 people per home meaning there were 120 homes in the community.  (Ottenbach Told by Bernard Schnider and Salomon Schneider and Erika Schmid)
1710 - 1772  On the occasion of the famine, Zurich enforces potato cultivation in all rural communities   
1600 - 1800 Switzerland is a loose confederacy of 13 cities and small valley communities dominating the rest of the country. A few families control state affairs. The country is proud of its tradition of democracy. (Ottenbach Municipality website)
1727 Ottenbach plans for the construction of a Reuss bridge which fails because of the resistance of Lucerne.  Ottenbach can continue to ferry their goods and citizens beyond the Reuss.  (Ottenbach Municipality website)

Anna died from Apoplexy: A venerable term for a stroke, a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), often associated with loss of consciousness and paralysis of various parts of the body.

The word "apoplexy" comes from the Greek "apoplexia" meaning a seizure, in the sense of being struck down. In Greek "plexe" is "a stroke." The ancients believed that someone suffering a stroke (or any sudden incapacity) had been struck down by the gods.(

Documents related to Anna Sidler:

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Heinrich and Anna Sidler marriage 30 November 1723
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Heinrich Sidler b1689 and Anna b1702 in 1749 Census
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