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Anna Sidler 1673 - 1738

Anna was the seventh child of Hans Rudolf Sidler and Margaretha Grob. Anna married Ulrich Frei on the 28th of January 1696. According to FamilySearch they had five children all deceased in infancy. Their children are not verified and were not found in any Census. Anna died 13 April 1738.

So there was constant giving births and dying on the farms, similar to what happened in the stable with the animals. Death was seen as natural. Only medicine and hygienic measures lowered the infant and childhood mortality rate. However, there were very bad pestulenza waves in the 17th century in our regions. Many villages lost 30 to 40% of the population. (Peter Bertschinger)

During their lives:
1710 - 1772  On the occasion of the famine, Zurich enforces potato cultivation in all rural communities   
1600 - 1800 Switzerland is a loose confederacy of 13 cities and small valley communities dominating the rest of the country. A few families control state affairs. The country is proud of its tradition of democracy. (Ottenbach Municipality website)

Documents related to Anna Sidler:

Anna Sidler birth 26 October 1673 film 8014328 page 215

Ulrich Fry birth 25 Dec 1673 film 8014328 page 216
last item in 1673 Ulrich's parents listed 

Sidler Hegetschweiler Temple Record by Julius Billeter page 18

Anna Sidler death 13 April 1738 film 8014328 page 343
Not sure about the identity of the second name in this