Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Julius Billeter

his lifes work which he pursued doggedly over a period of sixty years was to compile church oriented genealogies he not only collected names for his clients but also put them in appropriate order for temple work

671n in addition billiter built a magnificent personal file of genealogical material which he willingly placed at the disposal of the church mission office in switzerland in 1946 in salt lake city meantime the board of directors of the genealogical society authorized the preparation of a typed transcript of his records to be housed in salt lake city the file was so voluminous that after two typists had worked for two years they still had covered only about 20 percent of the material it was estimated that it would take a total of ten years to complete the project so the society decided in 1949 to have the records sent to salt lake city for microfilming microfilming

In September 1951, Emilie Wilker Billeter died in St. Gallen. With the support of Rosa Holzer (1897-1979), who had been his secretary for more than 25 years,