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The Bachman's and Siedler's Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Membership Records

Baptism Book for the German, Swiss, Italian
Missions, (dates are wrong on this page)
There were 5 Bachman's baptized on 17 October 1857, Jacob, his wife Elisabeth, his brother Hans Rudolf, his father, Hans Rudolf and stepmother Margaretha. All baptized in the Reuss River, Ottenbach according to the membership record or in Wiliberg according to the missionaries.

1. Hans Rudolf  age 61, living in Wiliberg, born 29 March 1796 in Wiliberg, baptized, 17 October 1857, in Ottenbach, baptized by J. Woodard, confirmed by U Stucki (Notes: father to: Elisabetha 1824-1874, Johann Rudolf 1828-1904, Jacob 1830-1907, Melchior 1832 - 1832, and Verena 1835-1850) sources: children from FamilySearch, baptism and birth: film 128145 page 25 see below

2. Margaretha (Mueller) Bachman age 43, living in Wiliberg, born 10 July 1814 in Reitnau, baptized 17 October 1857 in Ottenbach, baptism and confirmation by J Woodard, (Note: this is the second marriage for Hans Rudolf, they were married July 1854, his first wife died in 1850) source: film 128145 page 25 see below

3. Hans Rudolf age 29, living in Wiliberg, born 20 July 1828 in Wiliberg, baptized 17 October 1857 in Ottenbach, baptized and confirmed by J Woodard. source: film 128145 page 25 see below

4. Elisabeth Sutter Bachman, age 25, living in Wiliberg, born 16 November 1832 in Boezberg, baptized 17 October 1857 in Ottenbach, baptized by J Woodard, confirmed by John Ulrich Stucki, (Note: his is the wife of Jacob Bachman, they were married 3 October 1852 and have 2 children by this time.) source: film 128145 page 25 see below

5. Jacob age 27, living in Wiliberg, born 26 April 1830 in Wiliberg, baptized 17 October 1857 in Ottenbach, baptized and confirmed by J Woodard. source: film 128145 page 25 see below

Four days later
6. Elisabetha age 33 living in Wiliberg, born 11 September 1824, in Reitnau, baptized, 21, Oct 1857 in Ottenbach, baptized by John Naef and conformed by J Woodard, in the Reuss River, Ottenbach. (Note: This is the older sister to Jacob,), source: film 128145 page 24, see below

7. Maria Sutter born 13 August 1824 in Boezberg, baptized 21 October 1857 in Ottenbach, by by J Naef, confirmed by J Woodard, in the Reuss River, Ottenbach (Note: This is Elizabeth Sutter's sister. Her immigration and baptism records have her as Maria. Sometime later she changed her name to Mary.  She died a pioneer in Providence, Utah 32 years later after giving birth to 3 children.) Source: FamilySearch and film 128145 page 25 see below 

A year and a half later
8. Anna Maria Müller born 7 January 1841 in Wiliberg, baptized 27 April 1859 in Wiliberg by J Willi in Wiliberg. (Note: Anna Maria was baptized 2 years 3 months before marrying Rudolf Bachman on 2 August 1861) source: film 128145 page 26 see below

Three years later
9. Rudolf Bachman age 34, living in Wiliberg, born 20 June 1828 in Wiliberg, baptized 4 August 1862, by J Steiner and confirmation by J Steiner in Uerken or Ueken River, (Note: he moved to Pfaffnau Switzerland in the Canton of Lucern. This is the second baptism for Rudolf. It was a common practice at the time to re-baptize people as a sign of commitment. The month of birth must be off a month because all other information matches Rudolf. ) source: film 128145 page 34 see below

(Note: The Church Membership records give the name of the river where each baptism took place.)

John Ulrich Stucki Journal Translation (into English), 1857-1858

Monday, November 16, 1857  I had the joy of traveling with Brother Woodard from Zurich to Wiliberg, Canton Aargau, to the Bachmann Family. (Note: From Zurich to Wiliberg is 36 miles. Even today with a GPS it is difficult to find so the fact the missionaries found it at all is amazing.)

When we were very near their home, Brother Woodward said to me, if these people will hear us or receive us, they shall be blessed. 

We could not find the way easily or directly because we did not have a good address like we usually do. On the way, Brother Woodard said to me, that there are so many brothers who only find fault[s] with their brethren, but never with/in themselves; that there are also many, who do not do much good, but who also don’t do much evil. And, there are also those who don’t do much evil but who do much good. But often, it is said, of the first, that is a good man, because he doesn’t do much evil; but neither does he do much good. And, of the latter, it is often said, that is an evil man, because now and then he might drink a glass of wine too many, or does this or that. Is a piece of wood better than a horse because a horse paws the ground, but the piece of wood doesn’t? 9

Tuesday November 17, 1857  Tonight, we baptized and confirmed four people, namely: Rudolf Bachmann, Sr., of this place [Wiliberg], Rudolf Bachmann Jr., Margaretha Bachmann, and Elisabetha Bachmann. Brother Woodward baptized them all and confirmed Rudolf Jr. and Margaretha. I confirmed the other two. We also blessed Jakob Bachmann’s two children; I blessed the one, and Brother Woodard the other. (Maria 3 years old, Verena almost 9 months old)  On both of these last two days, we spoke much about the Kingdom of God, and the Lord blessed our words, so that they pierced the hearts of those who heard them.

Wednesday November 18, 1857 Brother Woodard said this morning that there are many people who believe there will be a general resurrection, and Paul said as much. Everything will happen in its order. If there were a general resurrection, a man could look for his wife for ten thousand years, if he had died in this country, and his wife in another country and perhaps still not find her. [Text Page 7] And if I were in a very large city, like Paris, and a woman was inquiring of me, where is Brother Woodard, she might seek for many hundreds of years before she met a man who would know me. But it is not like that. First, Adam will arise, and then Eve, and their children (10) then Abraham. And Abraham will awaken Sara and Isaac. And Isaac will awaken Rebecca and Jacob. And Jacob will awaken his four wives and his twelve children. 

This midday, I bid farewell from these brothers and sisters after I had petitioned the Lord’s blessing over them in a short prayer; and may the Spirit attend them, which I have found with them during our days together.

On my trip back, I also visited a sister in the city of Aarau. I similarly found a good spirit abiding with her. Brother Woodard accompanied me a ways further, for he had stayed another day there.(11)He also gave me the an assignment to tell Brother Hug and the Saints, that he had been assigned to do something in Zion, and the Saints should help him to do so, and that they should be blessed for all this. (12)

11 I think here he refers to Brother Woodard having stayed longer at Bachmanns. 

Thursday, December 24, 1857
Being consumed by feelings of godly gratitude, I write these lines. I thank my God for his blessing which he gives to me, his weak servant. I ask the Lord in this hour for wisdom and for his blessing, that he may go with me on my life’s journey, and forever enlighten me with his marvelous light.

Today, I was at Sister Schebeli and Sister Locher’s in Wollishofen and blessed them by the laying on of hands, as well as Sister Bachmann and Louise Berli in Wiedikon. 

The Sidler's join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

1. Anna Sidler age 29 born 4 February 1827 in Ottenbach baptized 1 January 1856 in Ottenbach by D Bonnelli, confirmed H Bar. (Note: Anna was the first in our family line to join the church in both the Sidler and Bachman families.) page 21

One month later
2. Verena Sidler age 19, born 5 March 1837, oldest daughter of Jakob Sidler born 1812 baptized 30 March 1856 by D Bonnelli, confirmed H Bar. (Note:  Verena's father Jakob Sidler lived with Barbara, Anna and Susanna after the death of his father.) (page 21)

3. Susanna Sidler age 23, born 15 December 1832, baptized 6 July 1856 in the Sihl River, (page 22)

4. Anna Hegetschweiler age 8, born 29 September 1847, baptized 6 July 1856  in the Sihl River by H Hug and confirmed by H Hug. (Note: The Sihl is a Swiss river that rises near the Druesberg mountain in the canton of Schwyz, and eventually flows into the Limmat in the centre of the city of Zürich. (page 22)

5. Susanna Sidler age 55, born 5 December1801, baptized 26 December 1856 in the Limmat River by H Bretsher confirmed H Bonnelli. (page 24died 3 Feb 1857 about a month later. She is related but distantly.

General notes: Note: Brother Hug baptized and confirmed Anna Hegetschweiler and baptized Susanna Sidler.

Note: The population in 1850 of Wiliberg was 197.  Fewer live there today.

Note: If, as Brother Stucki says, they were baptized in Wiliberg, then why does the Church Membership record say they were baptized in Ottenbach? It may be that the "Branch of the Church" or where they attended church was Ottenbach which was recorded as the place of baptism. If they attended church in Ottenbach, then Jacob may well have attended the same congregation his future wife attended. Anna Hegetschweiler was 10 years old at the time of Jakob's baptism. Jakob could have also met his future mother in law Anna Sidler 1827 - 1862, at church!

Page 24 Elisabetha: final entry

Page 25, Hans Rudolf, Margaretha, Hans Rudolf Jr, Elizabeth Suter, Jacob:

Page 26, Anna Marie Müller: final entry

Page 34, Hans Rudolf Jr: 8th from the bottom