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The Bachman's Reitnau Reformed Church Records

This is the church the Bachman's attended. Early Bachman births, marriages and baptisms were held here.

The first Romanesque- style church has retained some remains of the wall that were uncovered in 1948. The new Reformed Church in Reitnau (current photos of kirche) in Gothic style was built in 1522, the neo-Romanesque church tower in 1900. The stained glass on the church windows also come from 1522 and refer to the founders of the new building (the monastery Schänis and the cities of Bern and Lucerne ). The rectory is a late Gothic building from 1616.

It is located in the farming village of Reitnau.  It consists of a lower village at the foot of the ridge and the upper village on the first level. There, the widely visible Reformed Church occupies a prominent place. The church is now centrally located in the settlement area Reitnau-Attelwil. Both villages together with Wiliberg form the parish of Attelwil-Wiliberg-Reitnau.  

Source: The citizens register of the "Bachmann von Bottenwil AG" which is kept in the municipality on the civil registry office Schöftland AG. The records were taken from the church at Reitnau and thankfully transcribed by René Rindlisbacher and now held in Schoftland AG.

Note: all information in standard typing is from the registry and in italics is not from the registry office.

Hans Rudolf Bachmann (Jacob's father)
born on 03.04.1796 in Wiliberg AG
died on 22.09.1858 in Wiliberg AG
1. marriage on 02.04.1824 in ??? (probable Schöftland AG)
with Elisabeth Aerni, citizen of Attelwil AG
resident in Schöftland AG
born on 10.04.1791 in Attelwil AG
died on 26.09.1850 in Wiliberg AG
2nd marriage on 21.07.1854 in Rothrist AG
with Margaritha Hochstrasser-Müller, citizen of Fahrwangen AG
born on 10.07.1814 in ??? (probable Fahrwangen AG)
died on ??? in ???
He had 5 children.

Elizabeth Aerny (Jacob's mother)  
This information was found on FS and is unverified:
born 9 April 1791 in Attelwil
died 26 September 1850  Attelwil

Margaritha Mueller (Jacob's stepmother)
birth on 10 July 1814 in Reitnau
source: microfilm 128145 page 25
death 24 September 1905 in Providence, UT
source: death certificate

Elisabeth Bachmann (Jacob's older sister)
born on 11.04.1824 in Wiliberg AG
died on 16.02.1874 in Wiliberg AG
departed to Pffanau 
source: microfilm 128145 page 25:

Johann Rudolf Bachmann (Jacob's older brother)
born on 20.06.1828 in Wiliberg AG
died on 28.04.1904 in Wiliberg AG
1. marriage on 02.08.1861 in Suhr AG
with Anna Maria Müller, citicen of Wiliberg AG
born on 07.01.1841 in Wiliberg AG
died on 04.05.1877 in Wiliberg AG
2. marriage on 16.09.1881 in ???
with Elisabeth Weber, citizen of Menziken AG
born on 03.12.1837 in ??? (probable Menziken AG)
died on ??? in ???

Rudolf Bachmann was 
01.01.1877 to 31.12.1888 Municipal council of Wiliberg AG
01.01.1889 to 31.12.1889 Municipal President of Wiliberg AG
He had 11 children. His son Jakob moved to Kölliken.

Anna Maria Müller (Johann Rudolf Bachman's wife)
Born on 7 January 1841 in Wiliberg AG
Christened on 17 Jan 1841 in Reitnau AG
is the illegitimate daughter of the Maria Müller and a Hans Suter
Anna Maria Müller marries on 02.08.1861 in Suhr AG 
Johannes Rudolf Bachmann Citizen of Bottenwil AG, resident in Sacher / Wiliberg AG
She died on 4 May 1877 in Wiliberg AG
She is the sister-in-law of Jakob Bachmann-Suter

Jakob Bachmann 
born on 26.04.1830 in Wiliberg AG
died on 19.12.1907 in Ogden / Utah / USA
1. marriage on 17.12.1852 in Schöftland AG
with Elisabeth Suter, citizen of Bözberg AG
resident in Wiliberg AG
born on 07.11.1832 in Bözberg AG
died on 18.11.1866 in Eden / Utha / USA  in the birth sequences of her child Alma
2. marriage on 27.04.1867 in Salt Lake City / Utah /USA
with Anna Hegetschweiler, citizen of Ottenbach ZH (This was her second marriage after the divorce.)
born on 29.09.1847 in Ottenbach ZH
died on 01.02.1921 in Los Angeles / USA

Melchior Bachmann (Jacob's older brother)
born on 18.04.1832 in Wiliberg AG
died on 30.12.1832 in Wiliberg AG

Verena Bachmann (Jacob's older sister)
born on 11.01.1835 in Wiliberg AG
died on 14.02.1850 in Wiliberg AG