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Andreas Sidler

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Anna Sidler * 1827 and I have no common ancestor, but a relationship.

Andreas Sidler (16.12.1963-), Wetzikon-Kempten (ZH) [2] is 4xUr grandson of father of uncle of Anna Sidler (17.02.1827-) [1063]

Anna Sidler (17.02.1827-) [1063] is niece of son of 4xUr grandfather of Andreas Sidler (16.12.1963-), Wetzikon-Kempten (ZH) [2]

Andreas Sidler (16.12.1963-), Wetzikon-Kempten (ZH) 
 is son of Max Sidler (04.04.1927-24.09.2018), Wetzikon (ZH) 
is son of Jakob Sidler (30.09.1899-09.09.1979), Hittnau (ZH) 
[10], is son of Albert Sidler (16.04.1873-15.07.1944), Ettenhausen (ZH) 
is son of Kaspar Sidler (18.11.1834-13.05.1911), Spiegelberg - Wernetshausen (ZH) 
is son of Johannes Sidler (20.11.1809-01.03.1887) [30], 
is son of Hans-Jakob Sidler (25.12.1774-18.04.1852) [32], 

is father of Hans-Jakob Sidler (08.05.1806-29.03.1870) , 
is husband of Anna-Barbara Schneebeli (07.08.1791-21.12.1853) 
is wife of Hans-Ulrich Sidler (28.11.1784-12.01.1826) 
is son of Rudolf Sidler (01.04.1742-07.01.1801) 
is father of Johannes Sidler (25.07.1777-01.11.1836) 
is father of Anna Sidler (17.02.1827-) 

Please send me the same as above from you to Anna Sidler * 1827 ?! In my ancestor research software I have a relationship calculator, then this goes relatively fast.

Anna Sidler emigrated to America on 20.2.1860 (source: Passerteilungen 1848-1870, Staatsarchiv Z├╝rich).

For further details of the 29 persons I need a little time, you have to be patient.

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