Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bachman and Sidler Membership Records

Microfilm 128145  Swiss/ German/ Italian Mission 1863 - 1875

Branches of the church in Switzerland

1. Anna Hegetschweiler and Susanna Sidler membership record:

What do the headings on the right say? arrival/ departure/ immigrated/ shut out and death

2. Anna Sidler and Verena Sidler membership record:

3. Bachman's and Anna Bar membership record:

Three words needed Top work = unknown  ausgeschlossen means excluded, which is also the third word which is lowest

4. Elizabeth Bachman membership record:

Two words needed to the right is unknown, the other word is Pfanau under the departed column means she went to that town. Pfanau is almost 4 hours west of Ottenbach or 1 hour west of Wiliberg.

unbekannt means unknown

5. Rudolf Bachman membership record: re-baptism

One word needed: Apparently Rudolf went to Pfanau as well.

6. Names of each child and spouse:

Verena Sidler 5 March 1837 married to Rudolf Suter, Zwillikon January 1866
Barbard married Edward Naegelin  of Kilchberg
Bonstetten and Gerlikon and possibly Hiergelf


Amtsblatt des Kantons Zürich

Official Gazette of the Canton of Zurich