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June 5, 1988
Trevor James Brown was blessed by his father Charles, a nice blessing, both grandfathers and 1 great grandfather plus uncles assisted.
June 12, 1988 Stake Conference.
President Smith invited me to speak in the Saturday night meeting and told me to invite Elaine to come over from Arizona. It took some persuasion, but she did come and I met her at the airport and we went to the temple and she was with me while I performed 2 marriages. Saw Jim and Carol at the temple and by coincidence all the children and grandchildren came to the house, and all 23 grandchildren and were able to meet Elaine, and she them. I had not planned it, but it just worked out that way.
We had a nice time, then went to the Saturday night meeting. I was asked to speak on learning to love as the Savior loves. I had been prompted in my thoughts while in the Mesa Temple with Elaine.
Elaine stayed with President John Allen and Hazel that night, then Sunday attended Conference with me and the rest of the day with our family and then took her to the airport. She and the family seemed to enjoy each other including Marjorie’s mother.
The whole weekend seemed to be under someone else’s direction and I was just a bystander, everything seemed to be perfect. All the Children were there for my talk and I got to publicly express love for them. I wonder if Marjorie had a hand in what was happening.
June 15-22, 1988
Spent this week with my uncle David Brown and his wife, Fern K. Brown. We went up to Solvang, a Danish shopping village, then Heart’s Castle, Carmel, Monterey, then we came home, attended our Sunday meetings, then Monday took in some local points of interest, including Huntington Library Museum and gardens.
June 19, 1988
Jim called to tell us he had been called to be the 1st counselor in the bishopric. I’m proud of him.
June 26, 1988
2 blessings today, one yesterday.
Elaine and I are enjoying each other very much. We talk on the phone usually twice a day and I try to go over every Wednesday and spend the day. It seems to be another gift from the Lord.
June 29, 1988
Elaine and I visited in the Celestial room of the Arizona Temple after a session and decided to get married. I am very happy about it.
July 3, 1988
I have told all the children and most of my friends about our marriage plans, they are all happy about it. Elaine’s daughter, Kathy called me from Salt Lake, seems pleased and happy. She sounds so nice.
Did my home teaching, 2 patriarchal blessings, 2 priesthood blessings, and am counseling a couple by assignment from our Stake President. A nice day.
July 22, 1988
Marjorie has been gone 1 year. I feel she approves of what is happening.
August 7, 1988
Home teaching today, had 2 patriarchal blessings.
Yesterday I went to Phoenix, Arizona. Elaine picked me up, and we went up to Prescott. Attended Merle Allen’s 90th birthday party, then went out to Elaine’s cabin in Groom Creek nearby, where Elaine’s daughter Kathy and her family were, and had a nice visit with them.
Our plans for marriage are progressing, the 17th of August is the date we have set.
I bought a ring, quite different than over 40 years ago - then our license was 2 dollars, now $35.00. Elaine and I enjoy each other very much.
September 18, 1988
Much has happened. On August 17 Elaine and I were married for time in the Los Angeles Temple by President Jack B. McEwan. All our children were here except Johanna who was too close to delivering her 7th living child (Andrea, born August 31, 1988). The wedding was special, and toughing. I hope and feel Rex and Marjorie approved.
We had a beautiful luncheon at the Arcadia house provided by Stephan and Cheryl Worsley. My Suzanne and Elaine’s Kathy told about each of our families. Merwin Waite gave a humorous talk and it was great. That evening we held open house here at our home. Many attended despite so many being away on vacation.
We then Spent a week at Big Bear Lake in the Smith’s (our Stake President’s) lovely home right on the Lake shore, we also went up to Hearst’s Castle and Solvang as a side trip. We had a marvelous time getting re-acquainted and enjoy each other very much. I have come to love and care for her very deeply. The Lord has been good to me, allowing me to share love with 2 lovely women, incomparable Marjorie and now Elaine
We have had an interesting time putting 2 households together. We both have too many things, a lot of duplications.
It is so good to have someone to come home to, to share, to pillow talk, to love without reservation. I am not aware of any problem adjusting, course it is easier for me being in my own home. I’m grateful to Elaine for being willing to come over here.
Our children seem to accept each other and us, which pleases both of us very much. I feel so blessed.
November 20, 1988
Elaine and I are adjusting well, in fact, it has been remarkably easy and seems perfectly natural. She works in the temple as an ordinance worker. We enjoy being together, and we enjoy each other more than we did when we went together during the war.
November 27, 1988
We spent Thanksgiving with Kathy Adams, Elaine’s daughter, and her lovely family. Also, had privilege of giving patriarchal blessings to Elaine’s grandson Rand and her son-in-law Randy and granddaughter Christy. They treated me so well. We flew to Las Vegas, rented a car, and drove up through Utah. Elaine’s family lived in Toquerville, and we drove by the old home, stopped in Provo and saw her father’s last living brother Erwin Spilsbury, nearly 90, still very alert and active, serving in the Provo Temple, then went up to Salt Lake to be with Kathy and Randy’s family.
We drove home Saturday despite a snow storm the day before. Had a good time.
December 23, 1988
Had all my children and grandchildren were here for a Christmas dinner. Johanna had to get back Christmas Eve, so we had it a day early, we had 38 of my family. We had a lovely dinner and family program. Christmas Eve we had the children and grandchildren again, all except Johanna’s family.
January 29, 1989
Elaine and I just returned from a cruise to the Mexican Rivera, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and Cabo San Lucas. The hospital sponsored the trip. Had a good time, placed 2 Book of Mormons.
February 4, 1989
Performed the sealing for Hans and Joan Juttner, the 2 who joined the church because of Marjorie. I was deeply moved and there was a sweet, sacred feeling and you could feel the Lord’s approval.
February 12, 1989
Elaine and I spoke in Rowland Heights 1 ward Sacrament meeting.
I had a nice experience recently. 2 lovely sisters, daughters of David and Sharon Berry, were married in the temple. President McEwan performed the first, then I performed the second immediately afterwards, same people attending. President McEwan and I had a different approach and they seemed to complement each other.
March 12, 1989
Yesterday I performed 2 weddings, then spoke last evening at the Upland Stake adult seminar and they gave me a lovely framed picture of Joseph Smith’s First Vision that goes very well in the study.
Elaine and I picked up Marjorie’s mother and took her with us. We were so well treated, reserved parking, dinner and a host couple to take care of us.
Then this morning I taught the lesson in our High Priest’s meeting and tonight I spoke at a fireside in the Rowland Heights Ward (a nice weekend).
March 19, 1989
2 weddings yesterday at the temple. One groom I delivered.
I’ve read my journal quite often and realize that the chief benefactor of my journal is myself. I relive the experiences. I have a dep desire to live more worthy of Marjorie and Elaine. I feel so blessed.
March 26, 1989
I am 68 today, Eric’s birthday also.
April 1, 1989
Our children gathered to honor Eric and I a week later because it was raining last week. We had a nice time together.
Elaine is recovering from surgery on her feet (bunions).
April 8, 1989
Performed 2 sealings today, one couple was from Jim and Carol’s ward. Their bishop told me I must have done something right to have a son like Jim.
April 9, 1989
Went to a Catholic Rosary for my friend Dr. Robert Maldonado who died of a brain tumor. We were class mates and interned together, years ago. He is a year younger than I am.
April 10, 1989
We hosted our 5 F [family home evening] group for home evening, and after games we each discussed our thoughts on the General Conference. We all felt that President Benson’s address on the dangers of pride as pointed out in the Book of Mormon was a land mark address. I know it gave me some insight on pride I had not considered.
Also, the Second Quorum of Seventy was organized, in a perfectly logical and natural way. The church is nearly 7 million now about 7 times what it was when I first began paying attention.
April 22, 1989
Attended Elaine’s high School 50th reunion. It was very nice, hosted by Gail Horne at his lovely home. I knew many of them, having once been in the same class. We also had a nice visit with her family and several friends.
April 30, 1989
3 blessings today. Last Wednesday,26th, we attended Trevor’s 1st birthday party in Charlie and Barbara’s new house they were able to rent Glendora.
Suzanne is expecting their 6th child soon, should be in a week or two.
May 28, 1989
Suzanne delivered her 6th child, first one without me, about 2 weeks ago. Elaine and I took Marjorie’s mother to go see the baby, Brett David Gardiner, a beautiful baby.
May 19th Elaine and I returned from a wonderful trip to London with Mayo and Felice Smith. We rented a car, drove out to the London Temple, attended a temple session, saw 4 plays in London, many sights, palaces, cathedrals, etc.
One evening we went to a musical, a last-minute decision, were able to get seats and discovered we were seated next to President Thomas S. Monson and his family. He was in England on church business. We had a lovely visit.
June 3, 1989
10 years ago, I was given the sealing power to be exercised in the Los Angeles Temple in behalf of the living and the dead by President Spencer W. Kimball. I have had the privilege of performing many sealings since then and have had some choice sacred experiences.
June 11, 1989
Attended the blessing of Brett David Gardiner today after our Stake Conference.
Yesterday I performed 2 marriages in the temple then Elaine and I spoke at our senior member conference in connection with Stake Conference, then I spoke to the High Priests group leaders.
June 15, 1989
My youngest brother Floyd C. Brown passed away. He had crawled under a truck to check on something, a very hot day in Bullhead City Arizona and was found dead presumably a heart attack. He was a cute little boy, was originally named Cleone Floyd Brown, and when he was grown he changed his name to Floyd C. He did not care for the name Cleone.
June 17, 1989
Our dear friend and widow, wife of Murry Cluff, died suddenly on his birthday and their wedding anniversary.
Last week, I performed a marriage at the temple and afterwards I realized one of my beautiful daughters was there, so radiant and perfectly beautiful, it was a nice feeling.
June 18, 1989
5 blessings [patriarchal] today, one was my grandson Mathew James Goodman. I had quite a contrast in those who received blessings: 1. A refugee from El Salvador, 2. A new convert 75 years old, 3. A Chinese elder serving a mission here, 4. A young man just admitted to West Point Academy, then 5. My grandson.
July 9, 1989
4 blessings [patriarchal] today, 1 marriage yesterday, also my home teaching today.
On July 1, Elaine and Marjorie’s mother and I drove up to Jim and Carol’s to attend Christie’s baptism on July 3 Monday. Afterwards, we drove up to Dinky Creek in the mountains where Jim and Carol, Mike and Judy, Charlie and Barbara, with their families plus some other family friends had reserved a family camp. We had a great time and the cousins enjoyed each other. While there, a huge brush fire destroyed 14 homes on our hills here on Turnbull canyon. We didn’t know about it because we had no television or radio. It broke out July 3 (Monday) and I didn’t know until the next day when Dr. Van Wagener came up to see us, said it was in all the news and on national television. I initially was concerned but knew after thinking about it that Pres. Jim Smith would have gotten word to me if our house was burned.
August. 12, 1989
My father and mother had a little money in their account that we had not yet divided. I suggested to my brothers Bob and Floyd and our sister Louise, that we use it for a cruise and take our spouses. Unfortunately, Floyd died suddenly. Bob and his wife Ann, Louise and her husband Howard and Elaine and I went on a cruise to Alaska along the Inland passage. We had a marvelous time, saw beautiful sights, glaciers, icebergs, eagles, whales, seals, etc., mountains, fiords, and spent more time together than we had in 50 years. We flew to Vancouver B.C. and got on the ship August. 4, returned August 11, and flew home.
August. 20, 1989
3 weddings at temple last week, 3 [patriarchal] blessings today, plus 1 priesthood blessing. Barbara is in the hospital with a premature rupture of her membranes, hoping not to go into premature labor.
August. 26, 1989
Attended a William Halls family organization meeting in Orem Utah at the home of Alan Ashton. We share William Halls as our great grandfather, his mother was Emma Rae McKay, Pres. (David O.) McKay’s daughter. My grandfather Halls family lived in Huntsville Utah and were friends of the McKay’s. My great uncle John Halls was Pres. McKay’s bishop.
Alan Ashton developed the Word Perfect program for computers and has become very wealthy. We stayed with Kathy’s family.
September. 3, 1989
Yesterday Elaine, Marjorie’s mother and I flew up to attend Daniel Goodman’s baptism. Johanna and her family are well thought of in their ward.
September. 9, 1989
Performed the marriage of Karen Peacock in the temple. I delivered her, knew her parents and great grandparents. Her great grandfather was B.J. Peacock our Stake Patriarch and a very good friend.
September. 17, 1989
Made our home teaching visits, have 4 blessings scheduled, and stake priesthood meeting.
October. 1, 1989
Have been watching General Conference on TV [television] yesterday and today, will do some home teaching today, and have 2 patriarchal blessings, have now given over 900.
As I listened to the inspired messages, I wondered how anyone could listen and not know that this is the Lord’s work, that it matters not where you serve, but how and if you serve. We have individual opportunity to become followers of the Savior, build family ties, and become worthy of them.
November. 5, 1989
October 17-27, Elaine and I went to Egypt, Israel, and Jordon on a tour with Don Black. We arrived in Cairo at night and the next morning when we pulled the drapes, the timeless pyramids were before our view. It was very spectacular. We spent a day and [a] half seeing Cairo, the pyramids, sphinx, etc., then crossed the Suez Canal, drove across the Sinai Desert and into Israel. Security on the boarders was very strict, searches, etc. We had to ask Israel not to stamp our passport because Jordan did not recognize Israel and would not let us in if we had Israel stamped on our passport.
I enjoyed seeing Israel, particularly the countryside and the spots I have read about in the Bible. In Jerusalem itself, I was very aware that it was not the Jerusalem the Savior knew. I suspect during the Savior’s time on earth, there were more trees, more topsoil, etc. Jerusalem today appears to be built on a pile of rubble. The actual streets where he walked must be 15 feet below the surface of the present streets, but I was glad to get a feel for the country and the people and get an idea of what the Savior had to deal with. There is so much bitterness and deep-seated hostility between the peoples there, I don’t think it will ever resolve until the Savior comes.
I was very impressed with the BYU Center for Near Eastern Studies. The church is not allowed to proselyte in any way.
I enjoyed the area around the sea of Galilee most of all because it probably was most like when the Savior was there and quite likely unchanged. We saw where the Sermon on the Mount was quite likely given and where He fed the 5000, looked at the hills he knew, saw the Mount of Transfiguration, (and) saw the Stark Wilderness where he went for 40 days after baptism. We sailed across the Sea of Galilee, stopped, and read of him calming the sea, (and) walking on the water. We had Sacrament meeting in Jerusalem, somewhat near where the Sacrament was instituted at the Last Supper. I’m glad we went and felt if we waited until there was less unrest we would never go.
After Jerusalem, we went to Jordan and saw Petra, the ancient city carved from cliffs, then stayed overnight in Arman, Jordan and flew home the next day. I am very happy we went but do not feel an urge to go again.
October. 29, 1989 Hailey Michele Brown born to Barbara and Charlie their first girl, we are delighted.
November 16, 1989
I went out to Newhall, to be with Suzanne while she had her left breast removed, biopsy on the 13th was positive for duct cell carcinoma, also the axillary lymph glands were positive. Kent and I gave her a blessing before surgery. The surgeon did a superb resection of the breast and lymph glands. We of course do not know how much if any spread has occurred. Suzanne’s attitude is good, and I personally feel that the Lord is aware and loves her as we all do. I am very vulnerable when it comes to any of our children.
November. 24, 1989
We learned today that Charlie passed the California Bar exam! We are proud and grateful.
November 25, 1989
My Marjorie would be 65 today.
January. 1, 1990
We had a nice Christmas at Kathy and Randy’s home in Salt Lake City, then came home and went to the Rose Parade, have had some nice family visits. Suzanne and Kent are moving to a beautiful new home. We wish we had Suzanne’s condition firmly under control. I guess I said that poorly, we know the Lord is mindful of her, we just pray his plans for her include her raising her children.
January 7, 1990
Had Charlie and Barbara’s new daughter blessed by her father, a lovely blessing. Both Charlie and Barbara bore sweet testimonies.
January 28, 1990
Yesterday went out to Upland to speak at one of my patient’s baptism, then to confirm him, also drove Mayo and Felice Smith to Long Beach to catch a week’s cruise to Mexico with the California Utah Women’s group tour.
Elaine’s son Reid is staying with us a few days while he lays carpet for a new Marriott hotel nearby.
Time is rushing along, Elaine and I enjoy each other. As I sat beside her recently in the temple, I wondered how I could be so blessed, to have had Marjorie and love her so much and now be able to love Elaine so very much. We enjoy one another, like each other, and are very much in love, and appreciate so much what the Lord has given us.
February. 3, 1990
Picked Mayo and Felice Smith up at the dock after a Mexican cruise.
This afternoon we attended the funeral of J. Talmadge Jones, a longtime friend. He was a counselor to Pres. Howard W. Hunter when he was our Stake President. I remember giving the closing prayer in the conference when J. Talmadge Jones was put in the Stake Presidency. Through the years we had contacts with the Jones. I would examine them before they left on missions. We spent a weekend in London with Talmadge and Vera Jean when they presided over the Missionary Training Center in England. During his last days, he served as a sealer in the Los Angeles Temple and was able to perform the marriage of his youngest son 2 weeks before he died. The service looked like Stake Conference. It was unusual in that the interment took place in the morning and the family held a testimony meeting and arraigned the burial, then at 2 PM the general memorial service was held. President Howard W. Hunter spoke, he is now the President of the Quorum of the Twelve. Grandchildren sang, his son and brother spoke and afterwards, because we didn’t need to go to the cemetery, we stood around and visited with many old friends. It was a spiritual experience and I was struck by how rich Talmadge really was when he left mortality in family and friends and heritage. He came from a good family and left a good family.
Feb. 11, 1990
Attended a 5-stake regional conference held at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. (Los Angeles). President Gordon B. Hinckley presided, Elder James E. Faust of the Twelve, and Elder Gene R. Cook of the Seventy, all three spoke along with their wives. President Hinckley discussed honesty and pointed out that all sins are a form of dishonesty.
Yesterday, there was a 31⁄2 hour priesthood leadership meeting with the same brethren participating. After our leadership meeting, last night Elaine and I went with Mayo and Felice Smith to a Thursday night temple workers party. The spirit of the evening was so sweet. Elaine and I discussed it and felt the reason was we all loved each other and the church.
We are still greatly concerned about Suzanne. She is undergoing chemotherapy, has lost her hair and wears a realistic wig. She is battling her insurance company to approve an advanced treatment using autologous bone marrow transplant after very strong chemotherapy at UCLA [University of California at Los Angeles] medical center.
February 25, 1990
Last week Jim invited me to come up to their ward and speak at an adult fireside and dinner on love and temple marriage. We left in plenty of time but were considerably delayed by a freeway closure. Fearing we would be late, I drove very fast and just made
it. Because it was storming we decided to come back home that night in as much as I had a marriage to perform the next day in the temple and I didn’t want to chance being snowed in at the mountain pass the next morning. We got home OK, drove out to the temple the next morning in the rain, and just as I turned the corner a block from the temple going real slow I had a blowout on a front tire. I was able to park, perform the marriage, came out and found my spare was flat. I’m so grateful that it did not blowout when I was driving so fast or in the night during a storm in the mountains with no spare when it could have been very dangerous and or inconvenient. As it was, I was close to a service station and was quickly taken care of.
March 3, 1990
Had a lovely temple marriage, Jim and Carol rode out to the temple with (them), and I performed the marriage and they attended a session.
In the evening, we attended Jeremy Charles Brown’s baptism and confirmation by his father. As I sat there with a granddaughter on my lap, many of my family there, I thought this is one of those moments I’d like to freeze in time so that I could preserve it.
The night before, many of the family came over to celebrate the March birthdays of Elaine and I, the whole family chipped in and gave us an earthquake survival kit. Very appropriate since we had a pretty good earthquake 3 days previous.
March 11, 1990
Senator Bill Campbell called me March 9 to let me know that he had been able to intercede with the University of California in behalf of Suzanne, and they have agreed to accept her case as part of their Grant program saving her several hundred thousand dollars since her insurance company has adamantly refused to pay for the autologous bone marrow replacement and chemotherapy which is new and would require at least 4 weeks in the hospital
Many years ago, I conducted a project temple seminar in our stake. Bill (Senator Bill Campbell), a new member and his wife Margene were in it and finished the series and went to the temple. Now, years later he does this for my daughter. He and I discussed how vulnerable we are as far as our children are concerned.
March 18, 1990
Yesterday was a full day, got up early for my walk, Elaine and I went into the temple, performed 3 temple marriages, each was a request, one was a grandson of Eldon Ord, who was my Stake President when I was on the Covina Stake High Council in 1956.
We then drove out to Suzanne and Kent’s, gave Suzanne a tonic injection of liver and iron plus calcium, had a nice visit, came home and went to a ward Relief Society dinner early to practice a special song that Felice Smith had to honor Bishop Fuhrman, stayed for dinner and the program, came home and found David and Colleen waiting to tell us they plan to get married and asked me to perform it in the Salt Lake Temple.
March 31, 1990
Last Saturday on the 24th Elaine and I plus Marjorie’s mother flew up to San Francisco and met Jean and Don Pacquet. Jean used to be Elaine’s roommate at BYU and later in Salt Lake where I knew her when I went with Elaine. They showed us around and took us to their home in Concord, where we saw their miniature horses.
We then drove up to Yuba City to attend Ben Goodman’s Eagle Scout award. Glenn and Johanna have a nice family and are well thought of. We had a good time, flew home Sunday evening.
Wednesday the 28th we flew to Arizona for Chad Phelps Eagle Scout award, Elaine’s grandson, had a good visit and a nice time.
Today the 31st watched General Conference and went to priesthood meeting with David.
David is busy finishing premed, making marriage preparations and getting ready to move to Chicago for medical school.
April 1, 1990
Just finished watching the 160th annual General Conference of the church. All the messages seemed so timely and pertinent to our day. I didn’t listen to a single talk I could not take to heart. David and Colleen watched with Elaine and I. I think David made a very good choice.
April 8, 1990
Fast day, Suzanne is in the midst of her treatment program at UCLA medial center, has had her bone marrow harvested and saved by freezing to be put back after her chemotherapy. She is in the middle of that now.
This morning I was thinking of those we have lost and may yet lose in death and began to understand that rather than dwell on our loss, we should consider how blessed we were to have had what we have. Each of our children represent more of a blessing than I can possibly be worthy of.
May 16, 1990
Suzanne has had a very difficult time, has been in intensive care at the hospital for nearly 2 weeks. When her immune system was down from the chemotherapy she got several infections and went into renal failure from the strong antibiotics. She also went into cardiac and respiratory failure and gave us quite a scare. She still is on dialysis, but we hope her kidneys will respond again. She had such a close call, that the plan to repeat the chemotherapy has been called off. It is hard to see one of your beloved children look so near death. So many have been concerned and are praying for her. I want so much for her to be able to raise her children. I’m not concerned about Suzie’s status, she is in my estimation very worthy for whatever the Lord has in store for her.
Today I signed an agreement with BYU to donate 5 acres of the land the Lord gave us. They in turn will sell it and pay Elaine and I 8% on the proceeds for as long (as) either Elaine or I live or for at least 10 years. I want to be sure that Elaine will be cared for if I die first, also the home and other assets will be left to the children for a little help in their lives.
I wish I knew what do with the rest of my life, it’s hard to realize I’m in my 70th year. In 10 years I’ll be going on 80 if I live. In 20 years I’ll be nearly 90. Common sense tells me I don’t have a lot of effective time left. In many way’s I don’t feel different than I did at 30, but my body isn’t as limber, and I don’t seem to get as much done as I used to.
My practice is dwindling. I’m almost retired and don’t’ know it. So many patients have moved, joined health plans or died. I see about one third of what I used to. For such a long time I did not take new patients and now people don’t want to start with a doctor who obviously will not practice much longer.
Elaine and I are planning to go to Russia with some of the Chinese friends that Marjorie and I went to China with 4 years ago.
June 10, 1990
It looks like Suzanne will be discharged from the Hospital today. She is beginning to recover from the effects of the chemotherapy, pneumonia, renal failure, etc. She has been in the Hospital over 10 weeks. There have been a lot of prayers for her, many different faiths, we now pray that the cancer is eradicated.
June 10, 1990
Stake Conference. Elaine was sustained as Stake Relief Society President. She says if I’d retired, and we had already gone on our mission (I think she will do a good job) “she wouldn’t have this to worry about.”
We had a nice conference. Pres. Smith asked me to speak to the bishoprics and High Council in our early leadership meeting.
June 17, 1990
2 marriages yesterday, then drove out to see Suzanne who is home now still very weak and sick but getting stronger. It was so good to see her home. Then drove out to Palmdale to see Judy, she has about 3 more weeks to carry her baby. Her husband’s parents were there. They are leaving on a mission to Australia soon.
Today we had Colleen and David for lunch and Father’s Day. Charlie and Barbara are coming over this evening, have had some nice cards from the children. We have exceptional children.
I spoke at our Spanish Ward baptismal service this afternoon.
June 24, 1990
Chelsea Marie Wooten was born today at 11 AM, apparently, things are OK. Elaine attended her first Ward Conference as Relief Society President.
I spoke to the young adult ward priesthood on how to treat women.
Also, attended an orientation meeting for our Russian trip.
July 15, 1990
Just returned from our trip into Russia and Central Asia, a very interesting and enlightening trip! The country is in the throes of trying to change. The people are tired of communism and still apprehensive about change. They are hungry for religion and something to believe in. I left a Book of Mormon with our Russian guide, he reads English and is at present reading the Bible. He was pleased to have the Book of Mormon.
Suzanne is slowly improving from the effects of her chemotherapy, she now feels she can go up to Salt Lake for David’s wedding. Colleens father called me last night from Salt Lake, he sounds very nice.
July 22, 1990
3 years ago, Marjorie left mortality. Today, I spoke in our ward primary, did some home teaching, Elaine fixed a nice lunch for David and Colleen, had 3 patriarchal blessings. Talked to Jim and Carol on the phone, he likes his new work and home. Saw Suzanne last night, she and Kent are planning to be at David’s wedding.
July 28, 1990
We just returned from David and Colleen’s wedding. Elaine, Marjorie’s mother and I met Suzanne and Kent, Judy and Mike at the airport and flew to Salt Lake on the 26th. Elaine, I and Belva stayed with Elaine’s daughter Kathy. We gathered at the Salt Lake Temple where my parents were married 71 years ago, and we met Johanna and Glenn, Suzanne and Kent, Jim and Carol, Judy and Mike, Charlie and Barbara, David and Colleen and her entire family except a brother who is on a mission. You do not often have both families with every member in the temple, parents, brothers, and sisters, etc.
I felt it was the crowning achievement of our family, to all be in the temple at one time. I feel Marjorie was there as well as one of Colleen’s sisters who died at age 22.
I was afraid I’d be so emotional that I would have trouble performing the ceremony, but there was such a sweet feeling. I asked Colleen’s father to say a few words and he expressed himself very well and helped set the stage. I was so impressed with the sweet feeling in the temple, everyone was so kind and considerate, all the workers, etc. I don’t suppose there is any other place in the world where there is such a sweet spirit. I told our children that having them all there with their spouses meant more to me than any earthly honor, title or achievement.
After the wedding, we of course took pictures then went to the Marriott Hotel and had a luncheon. Colleen’s father conducted, David’s grandmother said a few words, as well as the parents, and David and Colleen responded very well. The reception was held at the Lion House, a nice crowd, and all was handled very well. I do not know how things could have been better. We flew home and found all well at home. I do not know if I could live long enough to repay the Lord for the blessings of having all our children and their spouses in the temple. I wish I could properly express my appreciation.
August 1, 1990
Open House for David and Colleen at our home, many friends came, grandchildren parked cars and a nice affair was held.
August 4, 1990
Performed the marriage of Stephanie Campbell, Bill and Margene’s daughter. David and Colleen left in a U-Haul truck for Salt Lake then will go from there to Chicago.
August 19, 1990
David and Colleen are settled in an apartment at Lisle, Illinois near his school in Downers Grove, south of Chicago. Have had some nice weddings at the temple this past 2 weeks. Suzanne appears to be gaining strength and we are hopeful for her recovery.
The events in the Arab world appear to be Ominous. I don’t know what to expect. There may well be a major confrontation. I’m glad we visited Israel when we did.
August 26, 1990
Elain’s daughter Kathy, and her family spent the week with us and took in the beach, Knot’s Berry, etc. We spent one afternoon on a yacht belonging to Randy’s wealthy uncle Dan Evans, a very likable generous man.
September 23, 1990
Have had some nice marriages in the temple. On September 21, I performed the marriage of Darren Wible, the last of 5 sons I married for the Wible family. Sally Prior Wible, the groom’s mother lived across the street from Marjorie and I in our first home in El Monte, and we have had a close relationship ever since.
November 4, 1990
We attended October General Conference. President Smith gave us seating tickets, even so, we had to wait in line, very different than years ago when the Stake Presidents could just walk in. Elaine attended orientation meetings held by the General Relief Society and gained a great deal. We stayed with Kathy and Randy and attended every session in the Tabernacle and had a great time.
Also, in October, we had a birthday celebration for Marjorie’s mother. Susie, Judy, and Charlies families came.
Today being Fast Day, Judy has called all the children and asked them to especially fast and pray that the sale of our property will go through and the trust can be set up with BYU, so Elaine and I can go on our mission. Our children continue to bless us.
Last night Suzanne and Kent came over. It was so good to see Susie look and act like her old self.
November 25, 1990
Elaine and I went over to Arizona and spent Thanksgiving with her 3 sons, we all met at Greg’s, and had a good time. We also went to a funeral of an old family friend of Elaine’s, Jack Cummard. Elaine lived next door to the Cummard family when she was growing up. We saw many of her longtime friends as well as many that I knew but had not seen for years. Many of the people I used to know, but lost track of having left Arizona, Elaine has known all though the years, and it is interesting to find out what has happened to them. Who you marry and the habits you develop surely make a difference in our lives. If we only knew the long-term effect for generations of seemingly trivial decisions, we would be so much more concerned about following the counsel of the Lord.
November 29, 1990
My brother Bob’s wife, Ann, passed away this evening, after years of poor health. They had been married 45 years. Elaine and I know very well what Bob is experiencing and that nobody really knows until they go through it personally.
December. 3, 1990
Spoke at Ann’s funeral service. Bob’s Bishop conducted, and the ward provided a luncheon for us. The Relief Society President used to live in our Stake and I performed the marriage of her daughter. We were well treated, and Bob’s family were favorably impressed. Our Sister Louise flew over and I picked her up at the airport. We had a nice family visit.
I remember so well when Bob and Ann were married and what a cute girl Ann was. When Beverly was born, I thought she was the prettiest baby I’d ever seen. Bob got married before I did and so did Louise even though I’m the oldest.
December. 9, 1990
Attended a special Christmas devotional at the Los Angeles Temple in the large assembly room on the 3rd floor which seats nearly 1500. President Gordon B. Hinckley and Elder Dallin H. Oaks attended and gave us instructions and inspiration. The music, sentiments, and spirit brought tears to my eyes. We went with Felice and Mayo Smith and sat on the stand with the other sealers and could watch the audience. Right in front of us was the section for the deaf, and we could watch them “sign” the songs and see the expression on their faces.
Elder Oakes told us that even the Prophet does not try to explain the endowment and we should likewise refrain. He quoted Elder Widstoe who said, “The endowment is so richly symbolic that only a fool would attempt to explain it.”
Elder Oakes also said the questions we don’t have answers for are not as important as the questions we do have answers to.
President Hinckley gave a very warm and loving talk and urged us to increase our faith.
December 25, 1990
Christmas Eve, had all 27 of our grandchildren here with all the family except David and Colleen. We had a lovely dinner and program. I was very touched by my children’s testimonies and enjoyed loving the grandchildren and watching them have fun with their cousins and getting acquainted. Several of my grandsons are taller than I am.
Each time we are together I wonder who will not be there next time. I watched my beautiful Suzanne and pray she will be around to raise her children. We have some very special children. I feel I have contributed to the enrichment of the world by being involved in bringing them into the world. Marjorie’s mother, 86 (years old) was here, still alert and active. I wonder how many more Christmases I’ll have in mortality.
December 29, 1990
Went down to the Holiday Bowl football game in San Diego. Elaine and I were invited to the pre-game luncheon with President Rex Lee, BYU President, and then saw the game in box seats with Pres. Lee and Elders Marvin Ashton, Joseph Worthlin, and Russell Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve. It was nice to be out of the cold and enjoyed watching and rubbing shoulders with these great men and their wives. The BYU team was soundly beaten by Texas A&M even though their (BYU) quarterback was the Heisman trophy winner this year. We also stopped by the San Diego Temple site, the walls are up, and it is taking shape. The building superintendent is Stanly G. Smith who used to be our Regional Representative when I was Stake President. He called me and invited us down, however we missed seeing him.
January 6, 1991
Our Bishopric was changed today. Bishop Robert H. Peart was released and Bishop Don Faubers was sustained with Rodney Allen and Merrill Bodily as counselors. The priesthood effects these changes under the direction of the Lord in such a smooth efficient manner.
January 12-13, 1991
Stake Conference, Elder Robert L. Backman our visitor, with James Jacobsen our Regional Representative. Elaine with her board was asked to provide the luncheon Saturday afternoon between leadership and adult meetings. We heard great messages and I personally was touched by some things I felt applied to me personally.
Spoke at El Monte 1st Ward youth fireside tonight.
January 16, 1991
Allied forces, principally the US, began operation “Desert Storm” to get Iraq out of Kuwait. I pray it can be quick and effective and not a major prolonged conflagration. Someday as prophesied, nations will gather and surround Israel. I feel ill prepared for the windup scene. I guess each of us would want to have done more and been more righteous in our lives.
January 26, 1991
The war in the gulf still goes on. Today, attended a women’s conference of the Arcadia stake. Suzanne was asked to speak in one of the departments about her bout with cancer and the adversity she went through nearly dying etc., and how her faith has been strengthened. I was so proud of her and loved her so much! So beautiful and poised.
Tomorrow I have 2 [patriarchal] blessing appointments and a fireside to speak to.
The ward were my brother Bob lives is doing a marvelous job of fellowshipping him since Ann passed away and he is determined to go to the temple and have her sealed to him.
February. 10, 1991
Friday the 8th I attended the funeral of a long-time friend John P. Monahan. We had served in a bishopric together, and on a High Council together. Also, when I first started my practice he presented me with my first doctors bag at a fireside held in his home. We have gone on trips together and have had a special relationship. He was also a patient and I took care of him when he died. In fact, he died out in front of my office as he was coming to see me.
The morning of the funeral I was going to the office first, blocking out some time to attend the service and I decided to wear my dark suit (funeral suit) instead of a sport jacket in honor of “Jack.” When I arrived at the chapel, I found out that I was one of the speakers on the printed program. I was surprised yet pleased. I knew that Mark Smith, his former Stake President, and his brother in law Orson Lauritzen a patriarch would be on the program and they were, but I was not notified, but it was a sweet experience. It was
good to be with Mark and Orson again. Brother Lauritzen had given some of my children patriarchal blessings before he left our stake and moved to Utah. I was Marks counselor in the Stake Presidency of West Covina Stake, then fellow Stake Presidents after the stake was divided.
We had a very nice weekend. We were asked by the Bishop of the Poway III Ward near San Diego to speak at their Sacrament meeting. We went down Saturday afternoon, attended a Know Your Religion lecture, stayed the night with Mike and Leslie McFarland who used to be in our stake, spoke in Sacrament meeting, then to their girls in MIA, and then in their High Priests group meeting. We drove home and had 3 patriarchal blessings.
February. 17, 1991
Yesterday my brother Bob and I went to the temple, the first time in 46 years for Bob. He took out his endowments in Feb. 1945 while he was in the service, and then marrying Ann, who was not a member, never able to return until now. He went through for our brother Floyd, and I also performed 2 marriages. It was nice going through a session with Bob.
February. 23, 1991
Elaine and I flew up to San Francisco, rented a car and drove to Tahoe City where I was asked to take care of a funeral for a nonmember patient who moved up there, Tom Harden. I had called the Bishop, Wayne George, and he helped me. He will visit the family later and hopefully some good will come of it.
We then drove to Grass Valley, stopped and saw Ben Denton and his wife Shirly (Ellsworth) who were class mates of Elaine and I in Mesa. From there we drove up and saw Johanna and Glenn, and Jim and Carol and their families. I am so pleased with Jim’s new home, 2 story, 5 bedrooms, 2 acres, barn, shed, work rooms, storage, everything you could want to raise a family. I feel the Lord gave it to Jim and Carol, just as he gave Marjorie and I our home to raise our family.
As I visit the children’s homes and see so many pictures Marjorie painted or bought, antiques, and furniture she collected I’m pleased. I had thought in the past that she collected too much, but now it gives our children something of her.
February. 27, 1991
After 100 hours of ground fighting our troops liberated Kuwait. President Bush was very resolute, and I feel it is a good thing, I hope a good peace can ensue.
Last night at my sealing session I had Charlie and Barbara along with some of their friends from the ward, they looked so nice in their temple clothing. I was so pleased and proud of them.
March 31, 1991
We have had quite a month, starting out with Chandra’s baptism. Elaine and Marjorie’s mother and I flew up to San Francisco rented a car and drove to Gridley. Had another good visit with Jim and Carol, Johanna and Glen, such sweet children. This was on March 2. We also saw Lowell and Louise Smith in Chico and Le Grande and Mary Goodsell in Paradise, about 20 miles east of Chico in the mountains. Birthday party for Elaine at Jim and Carol’s.
March 9-11, we flew to Las Vegas, rented a car and drove to Salt Lake City for Elaine’s grandson’s missionary farewell (Rand Adams). He is hearing impaired and is going to the Deaf Mission. It was a very nice program.
March 23, Suzanne, Judy, Charlie and their families came to our home for Eric and my birthday, had a nice dinner and visit.
Today, the 31st, Fast Day, because next week is General Conference. We had a call from Delworth Brinton, someone from Mesa, Arizona that Elaine and I have known all our lives. He was widowed and remarried to a lady whose son is a patient of mine and they were visiting, so he and his new wife met us at church and we had a good visit.
Well, I’m 70 now, older than I ever thought I’d be. I’ve had a full life, more blessings than I can tell. To think of 40 years with Marjorie, one of the truly great beautiful women, gracious, lovely, everything I wanted in a wife. Now to have the privilege of loving Elaine again after having loved her back during World War II. I remember the sense of loss I felt when I received her wedding announcement when I was overseas. I hadn’t asked her to wait because I was young, inexperienced, didn’t know if I would come back alive. At that time, we were not winning the war.
Elaine and I feel that had we married back then, it would have been difficult, we both needed to mature. I feel the Lord gave me Marjorie, why, I cannot fathom the mercy and charity in doing so. Now that Elaine and I have had more experience we can and do appreciate each other and are very much in love, not detracting one iota from the love I have for Marjorie. Elaine has a wonderful talent for being a good enjoyable companion, cheerful, appreciative, and fun. We appreciate each other now, we may not have years ago when we were immature.
April 7, 1991
We have been listening to Conference. How marvelous it is to watch it on TV in our own home. We just finished the Sunday morning session and I don’t know when I have been more touched by the spirit of Love manifested by all speakers. You could tell that tears were very close to the surface, even in the prayers.
President Hinckley spoke of performing the marriages of his granddaughters and of the sanctity of family relationships.
For some time, I’ve wondered how it is determined who will be parents and who will be children in the premortal world, and if it is possible that perhaps our own parents volunteered to come to earth first in what may be a more unfavorable time, and if our roles had been reversed, would we have done as well. I suspect that when we know more, we will be more grateful and appreciative of what we have.
April 14, 1991
Attended a regional welfare meeting with the Stake Presidents, Stake Bishops Council Chairmen, and the Stake Relief Society Presidents. I went to take Elaine since she didn’t know how to get there. It was interesting to watch those young Stake Presidents deal with the same problems we had, and I thought how the principles remain the same, the players change and new people need the experience and growth. I’m glad younger men have that responsibility now.
This evening we are attending a meeting in our stake center co-sponsored by the Catholic Church on pornography, other religious leaders in the community have been invited. I think it is good to unite on issues we can and should agree upon.
April 21, 1991
A nice Sabbath, I think I observed it better than I sometimes do.
April 24, 1991
Mayo and Felice Smith invited us over for lunch and had Margaret Miner Towse also, she was the widow of my counselor Richard Miner, so our family have many shared memories. Margaret now has cancer, spread to the liver, and is undergoing chemotherapy and contemplating major surgery removing a major portion of the liver. She asked Mayo and I to give her a blessing. As I sealed the anointing I was flooded with a spirit of love and appreciation that the Lord has for her, it made me choke up and I was very touched.
April 28, 1991
Elaine and I went up to Reese and Elaine Layton’s for Trevor’s 3rd birthday (Charlie and Barbara’s son), a nice time, good family feelings.
Last Thursday I fasted all day, I was concerned about my life, realized that at 70 I couldn’t have too many more years. I was concerned that the property sale hadn’t gone through yet in my attempt to set up a trust with BYU so that Elaine would be taken care of if I die first. I went to the temple for my regular assignment and I had a family that I’d known for years, Willie and Marie Blocker, and 3 of their sons. They asked that I be their sealer, so I got out early and had time to do an endowment session afterward. I felt much better afterward and realized again how blessed I’ve been and that I need to be more patient.
May 5, 1991
4 blessings today. Yesterday I had a nice experience, I had been asked to be the keynote speaker at the Ontario Stake Family Relations seminar and conduct 2 departments afterward. It was well attended, and a dinner was served afterward, and then a dance was held. Elaine and I picked up Marjorie’s Mother, Charlie and Barbara came, and Judy came all the way from Palmdale with their sweet Chelsea, all my grandchildren seem to be so beautiful. My brother Bob came also. He is really taking hold of the church. It was good to have family there.
May 8, 1991
Elaine and I drove out to Palmdale to see the California Poppy’s in bloom and stopped off to see Judy and Suzanne and their families, what special children they are.
May 26, 1991
Yesterday I performed marriage for a Tongan couple at the temple and that afternoon Elaine and I went to the reception. They hadn’t sent invitations because as part of their custom, they expect everyone to come and all the family and friends expect to come and do come from all over. Some even came from the Islands bringing flowers, food, gifts, etc. They barbecued 72 pigs and I don’t know how many chickens, served well over 500 people, program, speeches, dances, for about 8 hours. Because I performed the marriage, Elaine and I sat at the head table, and were presented with the 2nd tier of the wedding cake, (the bride and groom got the 1st) and a lovely handmade quilt was given to us. Right in front of us was an entire roast pig, head, feet, and all. They sure had fun. Who is to say, which culture is the best?
May 18 was Elaine’s Women’s Conference, a great success. There sisterhood in the gospel showing many cultures and customs, but united in love of the gospel. The Relief Society did well. Elaine should have a real sense of accomplishment.
June 2, 1991
12 years ago tomorrow Marjorie and I met with President Kimball in the Los Angeles Temple and I was given the sealing powers to be exercised on behalf of the living and the dead in the Los Angeles Temple. Since that time, I have had many sacred and choice experiences there, difficult to adequately describe. When Robert L. Simpson of the Seventy was our temple president, he told the sealers in a special meeting, that we were foreordained in the pre-existence to be sealers. I marvel at that and feel it must be so because I cannot conceive of my earth life making me worthy or qualified for the blessings I’ve had. It must be that the Lord is merciful and honored the foreordination and also to have been a Stake President and a Patriarch which President Lee also said we were foreordained to be. I think that Marjorie coming into my life was just as much and angel coming into my life as the angel that appeared to Alma the younger. Our moving to California seems to me to have been guided. I think that Elaine coming back into my life is another gift of the Lord. I hope and pray I can fulfil my role now in whatever the Lord would have me do.
I wish I could write more fluently and in such a way that would really portray how I feel, and how things really are. How can I express the ache I have to see and talk to Marjorie and how can I express how much I appreciate and love Elaine? How can you really express your love for each of your children, how desperately you hope they will stay close to the church, love and be faithful to their wives, husbands, and children. I think the finest thing parents can provide their children is to love each other, act like it, and be happy in the church. I think that will give their children more security than anything else they could provide.
I’m grateful my children know I loved their angel mother. I sincerely appreciate that they and Marjorie’s mother accept Elaine and recognize what a blessing and comfort she is to me. I hope and pray our last years will reflect the blessings and mercy the Lord has given us by our lives and service to him and our families.
James Cyril Brown Sr. (signed)
James Cyril Brown Sr
Journal Volume 3
June 9, 1991 – January 23, 2011
June 9, 1991
This is my 3rd volume of journals. I do not write every day, or every week, so each volume lasts several years.
My children are all married to, in my opinion, wonderful spouses, best suited for them. I have my 28th grandchild on the way (Jim and Carol) I hope that Marjorie is preparing her grandchild for earth life.
I am remarried to perhaps the only woman I could love after being widowed, still practicing medicine although reluctant at times, serving as a patriarch, and a sealer – great privileges.
We had Stake Conference this weekend. Our great Stake President Smith invited my brother Bob to come and speak at the Saturday eve meeting. He did very well, and as
I sat on the stand with him realizing how remote that would seem to me 6 months ago. He is now the ward executive secretary fully determined to serve, making up for lost time (45 years).
In our Stake, we now have a Spanish ward and branch, a Chinese branch, a Tongan branch, and soon a Korean branch. Only 1 ward in El Monte where we used to have 3. Our stake is smaller now than it was 24 years ago when I was called as Stake President. We are doing good missionary work, but our people are moving, and our population is shifting. But as more so-called minorities join, I look for us to grow again.
Elaine and I are very happy together and appreciate being together very much and love our children and their families.
June 16, 1991 Father’s Day
Nice Sunday services, a good gospel doctrine lesson by Mayo Smith, and priesthood lesson by Keith Hutchins who is moving back to Utah this week.
It is a good Father’s Day for me in that as near as I know, our children are all in good standing in the church and are in harmony with each other. This means more to me than anything else.
June 30, 1991 Dinkey Creek
2 blessings today, spoke in the Rowland Heights II Ward Sacrament meeting, I was asked to share memories of the ward and stake. I used to home teach the great grandfather of the sister who shared the speaking assignment with me.
Last week we went to Dinkey Creek, a mountain camp out of Fresno. Most of our family, all except David, Colleen, and Johanna and Glenn and family, a number of friends also joined. It was engineered by Charlie and Barbara, mostly Barbara. We had a good time hiking, exploring, sitting around the fire, playing games, children getting acquainted with cousins. My brother Bob came and his nephews and nieces had fun getting acquainted with him. Elaine and I took Marjorie’s mother with us. She travels very well and is enjoyable to be with and the children all love her.
We have gone there as a family several times over the years, and there are many memories, particularly of Bishop Cluff, he was always the life of the camp! We all missed him.
July 7, 1991
Fast Day, a very good priesthood lesson by Charles Norris who seems to do well with any assignment. When I was Stake President, he was one of the most effective High Councilmen I have known.
One patriarchal blessing today, #993. Two temple marriages this week, one was the 34-year-old son of Kenneth Towse (he married Margaret Miner), so the groom, James David Towse, is Margaret’s step-son. He told me about his courtship. He was impressed to go to a single’s dance some distance away and as he was dancing he saw a girl that he loved at first sight, something he didn’t believe in. It took him about an hour to get to her or find her at the crowed place. Then he danced with her the rest of the night. He wouldn’t give her up. On their 2nd date he asked (her) to marry him. She said, I’ll have to think and pray about it. Their 3rd date was to go to the temple, and the officiator asked them to be the witness couple and said, are you married? and the girl said, we are engaged, and that’s how he knew she accepted.
They went to get a wedding dress, and the dress in the window on sale was just what she wanted and it fit, they went to buy rings, the sample rings were what they wanted and they fit and did not have to be special ordered. So about 1 month after they met, they were in the temple being married.
July 21, 1991 Manti Pageant
Last week Elaine and I attended an Eagle scout award for her grandson Brean Adams in Salt Lake. He is only 13, so it is quite an achievement. While we were in Utah, we drove to Heber City and picked up Wayne Phelps, he is Elaine’s children’s uncle (Rex’s brother) and we drove down to the Manti Temple Pageant, “Mormon Miracle.” It was very well done and inspiring. It took us 45 minutes to get on the road afterwards, because of the 2-lane highway out of Manti and the crowds. We didn’t get into Salt Lake until 3:30 AM, then got up at 6:30 and drove out to Tooele to go to church with my cousin Louise Smith Koho, daughter of my grandmother’s sister, Johanna Halls Smith. I became acquainted with Louise in Salt Lake during World War II while I was stationed at Fort Douglas before going overseas.
August 4, 1991
Today I have 4 blessings, 1 Chinese, and 1 Tongan, and 2 Anglos. Today, I started my 2nd thousand patriarchal blessings. It doesn’t seem likely I’ll make 2,000, but still 1,000 seems like a milestone to me.
Yesterday we went to Ryan Gardiner’s baptism in Saugus. he is such a fine boy, and a lovely service, planned by Suzanne and Kent. As I watched part of another baptismal service ahead of ours, then ours, and felt the same spirit, and realized throughout the world there were similar meetings all influenced by the same spirit. How marvelous the church is, one of the bishops involved was Japanese and the light of the gospel was so apparent and shining in his countenance.
August 16, 1991
Catherine Marrie born to Jim and Carol. 4 marriages this week, 2 blessings, also had Kathy and Randy’s family and Donald and Donna Millett, a busy week end. Also went to see Phantom of the Opera and had our 4F(four family) home evening group at our home.
Sept. 1, 1991 Carlsbad Caverns
Elaine and I just returned from a lovely trip. We flew to El Paso Texas, rented a car, drove to Las Cruces New Mexico, saw Frank and Kathy Gastlin, a friend of 44 years. I worked for him when I went to medical school, I’ve written earlier about it. Then went to Carlsbad Caverns, walked 83 stories down (rode elevator back up), magnificent sight, well worth the trip. Then flew to Phoenix, had a funny experience on the plane, a nice- looking young man sat next to me, and we each began laying the ground work to present the other with a Book of Mormon. We really laughed when we found out we were both LDS, decided we would just exchange our Book of Mormons.
At Phoenix, we rented another car, visited Elaine’s sons and grandchildren in Mesa and Gilbert, saw other relatives and friends including my Uncle David, who has been having some heart trouble. He is the last of my grandfather’s family.
We then drove up to Northern Arizona, saw Bess Humber, my cousin in Taylor, went to the Painted Desert, and Petrified Forest, then up to Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. We enjoyed Chama, New Mexico and Pagosa Springs, Colorado. At Durango, stopped in Mancos, Colorado where my Grandfather Brown lived and started his family, saw Harry Halls, my dad’s nephew or cousin. Then went to Utah, Monticello, and Blanding, where a lot of my people once lived. Down to Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Bridges National Monument, stayed in Hanksville, went to Capital Reef Monument, Bryce Canyon, Cedar City to Shakespeare Festival, then to Zion’s Canyon, Jacob Lake, Flagstaff where we saw Margorie’s cousin, Howard Wren, he is Bishop of the singles ward. As I drove down Hwy 89 from southern Utah into Arizona I remembered that it was exactly 50 years ago that I hitchhiked up that same road to BYU with $0.00, no job, place to stay, just a desire to change my life, which it did. I got a job picking peaches in the day time, worked in a tomato cannery at night and got enough to start school, roomed with 5 other boys. Our rent and food cost $12.00 apiece per month, $6 for rent, $6 for food. I worked for a while packing apples then worked at Sear’s warehouse. I was at BYU during Pearl Harbor and the start of World War II for the United States, so I was drafted from Utah instead of Arizona. I was sent to Ft Douglas in Salt Lake instead of Fort Bliss Texas. I got to stay at Fort Douglas 2 years. I became presiding Elder at the Reception Center, had contact with many fine men and women, actually went with Elaine when she worked in Salt Lake. Had I not known Elaine I would not have gone over to Arizona to see her when I became widowed. I really don’t know what my life would have been like had I stayed in Arizona. At BYU, I really became exposed to the church, was literally able to sit at the feet of prophets of the Lord.
September 8, 1991
Yesterday the Stake held a memorial service for Jared Negrete, was lost on a scout outing in the mountains and not found after 6 weeks (I delivered him), large attendance of members and non-members. I’m sure many hearts were touched by the sweet spirit.
Yesterday, also, Elaine and I met with Ron Seamons and Fred Skousen of BYU and were given some nice mementoes in connection with the Charitable trust we are setting up for BYU. Later, we met Pres. Rex E. Lee President of BYU, at a luncheon pre- game BYU vs UCLA at the Rose Bowl. He was very warm and gracious. We had 2 extra tickets and were able to invite John and Hazel Allen to go with us.
September 22, 1991
Had a nice week. Wednesday, my brother Bob came over and we went to a show, spent the day together. Friday night Elaine and I went to the Hollywood Bowl, a lovely moon lit balmy evening, including a huge screen showing of the King and I, 1956 version with Yul Bryner and Deborah Kerr.
October 9, 1991
Last weekend Elaine, my brother Bob and I flew up to Salt Lake City and attended General Conference. President Smith gave us seating tickets to get in the Tabernacle, even then, we had to wait in line an hour and take a chance. Years ago if you had a ticket as a priesthood leader you could walk right in and always get a seat and our stake had plenty of tickets. Now they only get a few and I know President Smith gave us his. I’m glad we went, because Bob had never attended. From now on I think I’ll just watch it on TV and let people who have never attended go inside. Having been there and having felt the spirit you can recapture it on television.
October 11, 1991
I have a young physician, an ophthalmologist, who is interested in buying my office. If he does, he would not need my practice which has dwindled. I think about retiring very frequently. I’m getting where I don’t enjoy complicated cases, would rather not have patients in the hospital because of all the paper work, and while I realize I need to see patients to pay the bills, I’m almost glad when I have a light day.
I’ve been going through old papers and mementos of people long dead and wonder how much good, if any I’ve done, and what should I do with the rest of my life. I have people tell me they don’t know what they would do without me, I’ve always been there - course someday they will have to do without me.
October 20, 1991
Last Monday, the 14th of October I spoke at the funeral of Matt and Zelda Merrill, parents of Denzil Merrill in our ward. They were killed by a car as they were crossing the street. He was 86, she was 80. How nice to go together and not be widowed. Matt was our Stake Sunday School President when I was Stake President. They also served as couple missionaries from our stake.
Last Sunday I spoke at a regional Single’s fireside. I told them I had been single twice and that it was more important to be worthy to be married than to be married and if they wanted to be married and were worthy at some time in their eternal existence, they would be married. I think of the fine young men I knew who were killed in the Wars. I know the Lord will not deny them a wife.
Last evening Elaine and I went to an open house for Mark and Gladys Smith who are moving to St. George, Utah. I was his counselor in the Stake Presidency over 8 years, then we were fellow Stake Presidents and later fellow Patriarchs - one of my dearest friends.
I hate to see him move. I remember Elder Bruce R. McConkie ordaining a friend a patriarch and telling him he would always be a patriarch, unless he moved to St. George. I don’t know how many ex-Stake Presidents, Bishops, Sealers, and Patriarchs have retired to St. George and are now lucky to do home teaching. When we move, I hope we can move to an area where we could be of service.
Blessing # 1013 today.
November 3, 1991
We are saddened in our Stake by the death of 2 great men, Guillermo Gonzales, the first Bishop of our Spanish ward, later a High Counselor and advisor to Elaine’s Relief Society board, a great missionary. He saw and helped the Spanish Branch grow from 20 to a ward of over 600 plus another branch. His children were friends of my children. He was only 67, died suddenly, apparent heart attack.
Keith R. Plehn, husband of Sybel Plehn who preceded Elaine as Stake Relief Society President; he had served in a Bishopric, rendered great service to the church. His passing was not totally unexpected in that he had cancer as well as heart trouble.
November 10, 1991
I performed a wedding yesterday of a Samoan and Tongan, we then went to the reception. These Polynesian wedding receptions are really a big event. They don’t send out invitations, just assume everyone will come, and it seems they do. The cultural hall of the Stake Center was packed, rows of tables, native dances, and songs, costumes, etc., joyously performed, huge amounts of food. Elaine and I were brought 2 huge plates, we told them we would share one, and even then, the two of us could only eat a fourth of 1 serving, heavy, rich meat, no wonder so many of them are so large.
Later we went to an American Heart Association dinner demonstration of heart healthy food. Very well done, but the Islanders wouldn’t have felt like they had anything to eat, particularly with the AHA’s (American Heart Association) stress on very little meat and low fat at that, certainly following the Lord’s counsel in the 89th section (Doctrine and Covenants).
On the Tabernacle Choir broadcast this morning, #3344, the Spoken Word discussed grieving over the loss of loved ones, and the “sweet sorrow,” and pointed out that the only way we could avoid missing someone is to not love at all, and we should mourn for those who have never known a loving wife or husband, or family member, and we shouldn’t be afraid to love just because we don’t want to go through the pain of parting in death.
November 17, 1991
Performed marriage of Ben Badal (November 16) and Lettie Patton, he comes from a family of 9 children, she of 12. Ben’s mother is Elsa Badal, who is so much help to Elaine in the Stake Relief Society and his father, Juan, was the Bishop of the Spanish Ward.
I enjoyed our church meetings today. I’ve been agonizing over what to do about retiring. I’m in a position where I enjoy all the privileges of being a doctor but am reluctant to shoulder all the responsibilities. I dislike having to put people in the hospital and doing all the paper work, when I come home at night I want to stay. I have some old patients that I know can’t last to much longer and I hate to see them die. Often, I am not busy at the office and I wonder why I bother going in at all. At nearly 71, I realize I only have a limited time at best, and I ask myself what do I want to accomplish before I go, and am I going to have some real regrets at having not done things I ought to. All at once I am the old generation. I have one Uncle left on either my dad or mother’s side and many of my cousins are dead.
The Lord has been good to me and I am concerned that I be more effective in service. I know I render some service to missionaries and others as a doctor and in the Temple as a Sealer and in Patriarchal Blessings, but is it enough or should we really retire, leave on a mission, etc., and when we come back, would we pick up where we left off etc.? Should we sell this big house where the children have most of their childhood memories? I wish I could have an angel come and tell me, but I guess that would be to easy. There are some things the Lord leaves up to us. I’ve had some concern about how I
die, can I go with dignity like Marjorie with all my mental faculties. I’d like to outlive Elaine for a short time, so she would not have to be widowed again.
I have had some very choice experiences. Marjorie was just as surely an angel in my life as the angel that visited Alma the Younger. I still marvel at the effect she had on me and what a unique special lady Elaine is. I marvel at how much we enjoy each other.
I have a friend, a sealer at the Temple who was widowed and remarried, and he said the Lord has blessed him that he could cry out of one eye - the side his wife didn’t see.
Last Friday night I spoke at the Glendora chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers. 2 Blessings today.
November 20, 1991
I performed a marriage today of a girl I delivered on Christmas Eve 27 years ago. She was up for adoption and I called a family in our ward and asked if they wanted a baby for Christmas.
I have handled and observed quite a few adoptions over the years and I noted that many adopted children have a hard time. I don’t know if they feel insecure or if it is a carry over from their biologic parents. I think babies are affected by the inheritance given them and they may be affected by the drugs and mental state of either biologic parent, certainly, the sins of the parents can pass on to the children.
November 24, 1991
I have been asked to speak in one of the wards in our stake Sacrament meeting, and both the Bishopric and the Stake President have asked me to address the problem of taking offense. It seems there is a lack of unity and a lot of hurt feelings.
3 blessings today. I was touched as a Tongan boy, only member of his family in the church, realized the Lord knew him, loved him, and had a great work for him to do.
November 27, 1991
Elaine and I drove to Arizona to attend the funeral of Alvin Lamereoux, the father in law of Elaine’s son Reid. We had to drive because of the Thanksgiving demand for airline tickets. He was a farmer, lived in the Mesa/Gilbert area all of his adult life, in his later years, served as a Patriarch, which he loved. He hoped to live long enough to give 1000 blessings, but gave nearly 700. The service looked like stake conference, cultural hall filled back to the stage.
His family provided the entire service. One son conducted, one gave the eulogy, and one gave the sermon. His 3 daughters’ each told of their memories of their dad, sons
in law gave the prayers, grandchildren sang as well as his children and spouses, daughter in laws played the organ and led the music. After the dedication of the grave, his 3 sons stood and sang their dad’s favorite song.
His son spoke of his dad’s integrity and honesty. As an example, he told of being with his dad when he bought some calves from his neighbor, Lee Huber, to sell at the auction. Lee asked what they were worth, and Alvin told him what he thought. Lee trusted Alvin and sold them for that price. At the auction, the calves sold for more than Alvin thought and the boys thought their dad was a pretty shrewd business man, but instead of going home Alvin went to Lee Huber and said, “Lee those calves sold for more than I thought they would, here is $200 you should have.” Lee choked up and said, “I just pledged $200 to the Bishop for the Building fund and I didn’t know where I was going to get it.” (This was years ago when $200 was a lot of money and hard to come by.)
November 28, 1991
Drove home from Arizona last night, Thanksgiving at home. Suzanne, Judy, Charlie and their families came, also Marjorie’s mother, and Mayo and Felice Smith. I was so touched to have Suzanne there when she came so close to dying, Marjorie’s mother at 86 and Mayo and Felice. Mayo had not been well, and I thought how precious these get togethers are.
November 30, 1991
Robert Thomas Brown was baptized and confirmed by his father Charles Thomas. Very well done. I was proud of them.
December 1991
1 Blessing today to Ben Barney, the 7th out of 9 children in that family, 2 more to go (I delivered Ben).
Jack Findlay gave his life’s history in our High Priests group today, once a month one of the group does this, they have a Downs Syndrome girl, 16 years old, and he told what a blessing she was to them.
This evening we took Bette Stewart to the First Presidencies Christmas Devotional satellite broadcast at our stake center. Afterwards, The Tongan, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish (and singles) sang a Christmas Carol in their native tongue.
As I hear the Christmas music my thoughts go back to other Christmases, many sweet, poignant memories.
December 5, 1991
Today, I had the privilege of performing the sealing of my brother, Robert Lewis Brown, to his deceased wife, Rose Ann Mistoler. It is almost exactly 1 year since she passed away. Elaine was able to be proxy for Ann in the initiatory ordinances and the endowment as well as the Sealing. It was a sweet experience. Bob was very touched and you could feel a special spirit of acceptance. Judy and Mike were there as well (as) Felice and Mayo Smith. We were in the same room that we used when Marjorie was sealed to her parents a month before she left. The endowment session that Bob and I attended was the room we were in the last time Marjorie came too (in a wheel chair).
We also sealed Ann’s parents and her to her parents. Judy acted as proxy for Ann’s mother.
December 7, 1991
Pearl Harbor Day, 50 years, a day that changed our lives, beginning war for the US. I was going to BYU and that Sunday I was riding in a car with Bruce Lyman, my father’s cousin. We were in Salt Lake having dinner with relatives and the news came on the radio, I remember the fore brooding that war brings, your life is forever altered. You no longer can plan your life, you are subject to the call to serve in the armed services, marriage, school, life’s work is set aside. Because I registered for the draft in Provo instead of Phoenix where I normally would, my whole life was changed. Being stationed initially at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake gave me contact with the church that I treasure. I also became acquainted more with Elaine and went with her some, because she worked in Salt Lake. Had I not loved her once, I doubt I would have gone to see her after Marjorie died. I also had considerable contact with leaders of the church, being presiding Elder at the Fort for a period of time.
December 14, 1991
One wedding today at the temple then our 4F (four family) group went to Citrus college and attended their annual Christmas program, beautifully done. Jack and Betty McEwan arranged for us to go, such a wholesome, delightful program. The staging, props, etc., were of the best professional quality. I hope we can go every year.
December 15, 1991
We are going out to Judy and Mike’s. Mike asked (me) to speak at their youth fireside.
Last Wednesday, 11 December 91, Elaine and I flew to Arizona. In the morning Elaine visited different friends and I took uncle David and aunt Fern to see my sister. Then in the afternoon we met at a favorite restaurant and had Elaine’s 3 sons and their families for dinner. Later that evening we met at Ron and Sharon’s home and I gave Elaine’s grandson, Chad Aaron Phelps, a patriarchal blessing and then flew home. Chad’s great grandfather Phelps was in the Bishopric of the ward I attended as a boy in Mesa, and his great grandfather Spilsbury was in the Stake Presidency and his grandfather Phelps and I were in primary and scouts together, and after World War II we attended Arizona State University together, he getting his teaching credential and I finishing my pre-med. Life takes strange turns.
We enjoyed going out to Judy and Mike’s. Had dinner with their sweet family, then spoke at the youth fireside. The youth were well behaved. Only 1 blessing today.
December 22, 1991
Spoke at our ward Christmas program. This afternoon, we are going out to Suzanne and Kent’s for a Christmas get together. Judy and Charlie’s family will be there and Elaine and I will pick up Marjorie’s mother. We are having the evening together now since Elaine and I are going to Salt Lake City for Christmas to be with Kathy and her family. David and Colleen will be there from Chicago visiting her parents.
P.S. We had a marvelous time at Suzanne’s, a lovely program, meal and lots of love.
December 29, 1991
We had a good week. We flew to Salt Lake, spent Christmas with Kathy and her family, saw David and Colleen, who were at her parent’s home. The Burgoyne’s had us for dinner the day after Christmas and we had a nice visit.
On Christmas Day afternoon, we drove out to Heber and saw Elaine’s brother in law, Wayne Phelps, who purchased an old chapel and lives in it.
January 10, 1992
Elaine and I took Mayo and Felice Smith out to dinner, celebrating Felice’s birthday the 11th.
January 12, 1992
Stake Conference, Elaine spoke at the Saturday night meeting. I spoke at the Sunday morning.
January 19, 1991
A nice week. Monday had our 4F (four family) meeting with the McEwan’s, Olsen’s, and Ellsworth’s at our home. We have grown to love each other so much, I dread having more of us leave. Wednesday, Bob stopped by on his way home from the temple and Felice and Mayo and he went to a movie, “Beauty and the Beast” (Walt Disney). I didn’t think it was as good as “Snow White”, “Bambi”, etc., maybe I’m just getting old.
Yesterday I performed 2 weddings at the temple. Today Ward Conference and 4 patriarchal blessings.
January 25, 1992
Just received word that June Olsen of our 4-F (four family) group was rushed by paramedics to the hospital, probable stroke. I was just remarking how I dread more of our group leaving. I don’t know yet the extent of what happened.
Had Michael Allen’s missionary farewell today (President John Allen’s son). The family presented a wonderful program. Everything said was uplifting, appropriate, and within the time limits, which takes real skill and planning. I recently attended a funeral service which started 30 minutes late and then lasted another 2 hours, some people had to leave because of other commitments. Everything said was lovely but was said several times.
February 3, 1992
Had a special training meeting at the temple for sealers conducted by the church temple department.
June Olsen is now in rehabilitation, is recovering the use of her right arm and leg which were paralyzed and is struggling to regain her speech. She is alert, understands, but has trouble getting the words out.
February 16, 1992
Elaine and I flew to Arizona on the 14th, met her son’s and their family at a pizza parlor that evening, had a good time. The grandchildren had their fill of pizza (I had a
tuna sandwich), we stayed at Reed and Metzie’s. The next day we went to the newly remodeled Mesa Temple with Frank and Billie Little and attended a session. At noon, we attended a 96th birthday party for Lillian Freestone Millit, Elaine’s mother in law. It was very touching to see the devotion of children, grandchildren, brothers, and sisters. I watched her as someone sang “Arizona Sweetheart,” a song she and her husband used to sing at many of the weddings years ago. He has been dead over 20 years. I could see her remembering, tears came to her eyes, (and mine too). I watched her sister, 10 years younger, be so solicitous and her brothers, some in their 90’s with years of service to the church and community and I had a feeling I was privileged to be in a sacred gathering. It was told of her recent operation 2 months [ago] and coming out of the anesthetic singing “I am a Child of God.”
We then went to see my aunt Fern, David’s wife who broke her hip, and ironically is in the same convalescent hospital my mother and father were in.
Elaine took some flowers to her husband Rex’s and son Richard’s graves and we visited as many friends and family as we could and flew home last night. It is no small thing to travel safely and find our affairs in order on returning.
We had an exceptionally good sacrament meeting. John Dulin of the High Council spoke and in Sunday School Marie Smith gave a wonderful lesson.
I wish I were more proficient in writing. My right hand is somewhat spastic and has a tremor. It is very difficult for me to write, and I don’t enjoy it. I would like to be able to relax and write long flowing, beautiful penmanship. But as I write, my whole arm, hand and shoulder tighten and become tense and I know my writing is almost an illegible scribble. As I read back I am chagrined at what I see.
I wish I could express my thought in writing, to leave my posterity more of how I feel. I have so much I would like to express.
February 23, 1992
Last Sunday, I was asked to come in with the Aaronic Priesthood and answer questions about patriarchal blessings and I was asked, “what are the qualifications to be a patriarch?” and it came to me, that the chief qualification was to be willing to say what the Lord would want and give the blessing under His direction.
Elaine and I are fasting today and asking the Lord’s help in settling our affairs and getting the trust in place with BYU. I particularly want to be sure Elaine is secure financially if I die first. I think the children can make it, but they will still have property to sell and divide. I’m sure Elaine would move back to Arizona, but she will need an income and if this portion of land can but[be] successfully put into trust with BYU and income received as long as either of us live, then she would be secure. I would like to outlive her, so she would not have to be widowed again.
I have dreamed of Marjorie several times lately, she was so incredibly beautiful. Last night I dreamed I saw Rex, Elaine’s first husband, he was so youthful and vigorous.
March 8, 1992
A busy week! On the 29th of February we flew up for Johanna’s son Jonathan’s baptism, taking Marjorie’s mother with us, had nice visits with Johanna and Glenn’s family and Jim and Carol’s family, such sweet grandchildren we have.
March 4, Elaine and I drove out to the airport, flew to Arizona for Elaine’s granddaughter, Jenna Phelps baptism, Reed’s daughter. Her maternal grandfather Alvin Lamoreaux, a patriarch had passed in November 1991, and her other grandfather, Elaine’s first husband had been dead some time. I was very touched to be asked to confirm her and in a sense represent both grandfathers. I was keenly aware of it, and apprehensive but a very special feeling attended the circle as we confirmed her. The whole room was filled with relatives seen and unseen.
Then on Saturday the 7th, Elaine, Belva and I drove to San Bernardino to watch Ben Goodman participate in a state scholastic decathlon, he was one of 7 representing his county. All these events were in addition to our temple assignments, Elaine’s Relief Society and my office.
March 29, 1992
This past week Jim and Carol came down with their family and we had a nice visit. Sweet Jenny received her patriarchal blessing. Also, Suzanne, Judy and Charlie and their families came to celebrate my 71st birthday.
Today, Elaine and I are taking Marjorie’s mother out to Suzanne and Kent’s for Eric’s receiving the Aaronic Priesthood and being ordained a deacon. I well remember delivering him on my birthday. I had just done some sealings at the temple and went to the hospital 12 years ago.
Yesterday, Mayo and Felice Smith and I went over to Margaret Miner Towse’s, President Miner’s widow, she is dying of cancer like her husband 20 years ago. It was a poignant experience, memories of Dick, Marjorie in similar circumstances. I was asked to give her a blessing and she was told that the Lord loved her, was aware of her situation and that her passing would be sweet. I think she was relived to bring it out in the open that she was dying and talk about it. I asked her to tell Marjorie what a wonderful wife she had been for me. When I gave her the blessing I felt something special go through me and I knew the Lord would give her comfort. What a glorious reunion she and Dick will have, and I suspect Maxine Towse will thank her for taking care of Ken. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings that I can’t express in words about our associations, ties, memories, etc.
April 5, 1992
Have just finished watching General Conference on TV[television]. President Benson was able to attend part of the time. The conference was so inspiring. I have so much confidence in the leaders’ the Lord has called.
I looked around at our home with its comfortable furnishings and I realized that I can’t take any of it with me and have been wondering if there is something more I could do with my life to repay my blessings.
April 12, 1992
Margaret Miner Towse passed away peacefully on the 8th, her services were on the 11th. I was asked to speak and was grateful for the opportunity, such a lovely, faithful woman.
On the 18th March, I spoke at Bishop Louis [Louie] Rios Sr’s funeral. He was only 56. I’ve had 15 more years then he did. I have had so many choice blessings.
Have 2 blessings today, did 2 marriages Friday.
April 19, 1992
Easter Sunday, a lovely service at church, a musical cantata directed by Ginny Burningham.
Afterwards, Elaine and I met with Bishop Faubus and President Smith to ask for counsel on my retiring. I have an opportunity to sell my building and if I do, it will almost necessitate retiring. I have been agonizing several weeks about it and after talking to the Bishop and Stake President, I feel much better about it.
The meeting came about in a way that made me feel I had guidance. I thought about talking to President Smith first but I realized I should start with the Bishop so I got an appointment and as I started to go in his office President Smith came up to see the Bishop which was unusual that time of day and was going to wait, so I asked him to come in also and we got to talk to both, and receive counsel from both.
April 24, 1992
Bob and I drove over to Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe area for the Tempe High School reunion, it was Bob’s 50th class reunion as well as my Sister Louise. She is a year younger than Bob but skipped a grade and was in the same class of 42. We drove over in Bob’s new pickup truck, less than 1000 miles on it. Louise and her son Howard met us, and we visited with our uncle David Brown and his wife Fern. She is very infirm with softening of the bones as well as asthma and she is very uncomfortable and weak.
At the reunion Friday night all the classes met together, each class sitting together. Then Saturday Bob and Louise’s class had a special 50th party brunch, and Bob
and I drove home in air-conditioned comfort, so different than years ago on the narrow 2 lane highway with no air conditioning and twice the time.
We did not have many from my class (I only went 2 years at Tempe). We all sat at 1 table. My old high school sweetheart came, and I did not recognize her at first, she did not have her name tag on. Many there you didn’t recognize until you saw the name tag, then you put it together. I lost all my school pictures and yearbooks in a fire, so I was not able to refresh my memory and some I had not seen for over 50 years and of course many had changed considerably. Some of the girls we thought were sort of plain turned out to be very attractive, gracious women and some of those we thought were so pretty are not nearly as charming of course some were. The determining factor I believe is character, it will ultimately shine through. I wish we could tell our young people, but I don’t know how we could.
I think back and realize how little I really understood about life and how miserable I’d be if the Lord let me have what I used to think I wanted. What I finally got was so much better.
April 26, 1992
Elaine and I had a very special experience today. We were invited to attend a special gathering where Carl Warnick was given the sealing power of[at] the Los Angeles Temple by Elder Howard W. Hunter, President of the Quorum of the Twelve.
Those of us who held the sealing power were invited to stand in the circle. Our 4F group was there along with the Temple President, Wayne Reeves, so there were 5 of us who stood in with President Hunter as the sealing power was conferred. I felt a special feeling go through me a shiver or chill and you knew something happened.
After the conferring, which was done in the Relief Society room of the Pasadena Stake Center, President Hunter came with his special driver and body guard down to Jack and Betty McEwan’s home and spent the evening with our 4F group, such a sweet experience. After refreshments, we sat around and recorded our memories of President Hunter. He was our Stake President during our formative years in the church, Marjorie and I were newlyweds. President Hunter later called me to be in the bishopric twice, and the month after I was called in the West Covina Stake Presidency President Hunter was called to be a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. I feel that my observation of him helped me as a Stake President, and I have sat in many meetings with him.
He helped me place quite a few babies for adoption and during my senior year in medicine, the director of the county hospital asked me to get someone from the church to speak to the medical students about how they could better understand and care for their LDS patients. I asked President Hunter and he did.
We were privileged to spend about 4 hours with him this evening, and knew we were in the presence of a truly great man.
May 10, 1992
Mother’s Day Elaine’s children and my children have all remembered her.
May 2, Elaine had her women’s conference for the stake Relief Society and had Deana Edwards come and sing and speak to the sisters. Judy’s daughter Lechelle was called up to sing with her, she did very well, and we were proud of her. Judy had brought her and picked up her grandmother, Marjorie’s mother, on the way. The conference was very successful, and Elaine had a lot of compliments.
This weekend a tri-regional women’s Relief Society conference was held. Elaine and I picked up Sister Arlene Clyde of the General Presidency of the Relief Society and Sister Carol Thomas of the General Board at the airport and brought them home for dinner before the meetings and sister Thomas stayed the night, very charming women.
May 12, 1992
I made a difficult decision today to retire. My building is sold apparently, and rather than relocate a rapidly diminishing practice, I feel it is best to stop while I still have my faculties and move on to something else.
May 13, 1992
Suzanne was part of Chanel 7 evening news on television in their series on breast cancer, showed her family and how near she came to dying, they all looked beautiful. It was such a miracle we were all able to be at David and Colleen’s wedding. That one blessing alone is worth more than I can describe.
May 17, 1992
Have 3 blessing appointments today plus a home teaching appointment. Elaine had a Ward Conference assignment, so I attended our meetings by myself. I have very mixed feelings about retiring. When I think about the worry, anxiety, paper work, increasing regulation, I’m relieved, but when I think about helping people and my longtime relationships, I’m sad. For some reason, I feel that I am directed into retirement, I hope the Lord has a hand in it. If He does, then I won’t worry! The thought of disposing of all my charts, records, equipment, etc., staggers me. I hear myself telling patients that I am retiring, and I tell myself is that really me or some stranger.
May 24, 1992
Gave Adam Michael Wooten, his patriarchal blessing. Judy and Mike and family spent Memorial Day weekend with us along with Marjorie’s mother so we could go out to the cemetery, also to give Adam his patriarchal blessing. It was a very sweet experience. Monday, Charlie and Barbara came over with their children and we had a barbeque on the patio where we have had so many family gatherings over the years.
June 7, 1992
Stake Conference, [I] was asked to speak in the Sunday session. As I looked out at the congregation knowing most of them for years I had such a feeling of love for them and knew the Lord loved them. Pres. Smith does a good job. I enjoy Stake Conference, I’m glad we were able to have 4 per year when I served in the Stake Presidency. To me it was special and exciting.
June 12, 1992
On the spur of the moment Elaine bought tickets to “Hansel and Gretel” opera at the LA [Los Angeles] Music Center. It was a lovely evening, beautiful surroundings. We both enjoy people watching and speculate about their circumstances. There were grandparents with grandchildren, and single parents with a child, lonely people alone out for an evening. We both commented how we used to hate being alone at such an event and would not have gone. Elaine said when she was widowed she would not go to a restaurant by herself. I would during the day but not at night.
June 21, 1992
Father’s Day. My children all seem to be doing well in the church and in their families, what more could I ask.
Had dinner with Charlie, Barbara, Reese and Elaine.
June 28, 1992
Elaine and I went to Arizona for her grandson Chad Aaron Phelps missionary farewell. He is going to Washington Seattle. The family put on a very nice program. All of Elaine’s children were there and the cousins all had a nice time getting acquainted, they had not been all together for 5 years. Elaine was able to stay over Monday night and they all had a nice family night all together at Reed’s home, swimming, eating, games, etc.
June 30, 1992
My last day in the office. I took 2 pickup loads of patient’s old records to be recycled, keeping only recent charts. My brother Bob came and helped. I donated most of my equipment to the Los Angeles County Medical Association to help Physicians who were burned out in the recent Los Angeles riots.
A lot of patients have shed tears and written nice notes but almost all has expressed pleasure that I could now have time for “myself.”
July 12, 1992
Elaine and I were invited to the mountains by Wm [William] and June Davies (newly called as a counselor in the Los Angeles Temple Presidency). They have 3 cabins or homes adjoining each other at Camp Nelson up in the Sequoias out of Porterville. Also included were Jack and Betty McEwan, Jim and Nell Ellsworth, George and June Ellsworth, Ray and Helen Lowe, all sealers in the Los Angeles Temple. We had a marvelous 3 days. We took Mayo and Felice Smith with us.
July 19, 1992
Yesterday, I performed the marriage of Cory Cuvelier, his brides’ family are from Suzanne’s area and are good friends. Suzanne came to the temple and afterwards we went out to lunch and had a good visit. There is something special about seeing one of your children in the temple.
Today, I spoke to our elder’s quorum and had 4 patriarchal blessings.
July 26, 1992
Yesterday Valerie Grace was born to Judy and Michal, 7lbs 4oz, Marjorie and my 29th grandchild. I announced it in our High Priest group and told them I showed remarkable restraint in waiting until the end of the meeting. They reminded me of our first, that I announced at Stake Conference.
August. 9, 1992
Last week Elaine, Marjorie’s mother, and sister Norma and her husband Wayne Dawson, and I drove out to Palmdale to see our newest grandchild and have a favorable report. We then stopped in on Suzanne.
Thursday night Marjorie’s mother, Norma and Wayne joined me for a sealing session later that evening. Mayo Smith and I each sealed a Korean Family using the cards and an interpreter, it was quite an experience. They are very handsome people.
I have 3 blessing appointments today, which would make # 1072.
Taught part of the Gospel Doctrine lesson today.
Yesterday Elaine and I went out to Westwood Ward to a party given for the
outgoing Temple Presidency. The program was given by members or past members of our stake except for about 2 numbers.
August. 17-30, 1992
Elaine and I went to BYU Education Week and stayed at Desert Towers and had a good time attending classes. I went 5 years ago after Marjorie’s death and just as well not have gone, I just wandered around amid 30,000 people and felt absolutely alone. This time was much better, my brother Bob went with us.
We flew home one day then flew to Seattle Washington, took Elaine’s grandson Chad to lunch with his missionary companion, attended the Seattle Temple, went to Victoria on Vancouver Island, Butchart Gardens, Cascade Mountains, Olympia Peninsula, and Rain Forest, Columbia River Gorge, Portland Temple, had a marvelous time.
September. 8, 1992
Yesterday, Elaine, Marjorie’s mother and I drove to Palmdale for the blessing of Valerie Grace Wooten. Suzanne and Kent, Charlie and Barbara, Michael’s parents and his brother Wayne also came. We had a nice dinner and visit afterwards.
October 4, 1992
Have been watching General Conference on television. I remember when I could recognize every General Authority by the sound of his voice on the radio. Now I can’t even recognize them by sight except the older ones in service. Course now the Seventy are released after a certain age or period of service. I think that is good, giving more an opportunity as well as giving the one’s released tine to be with family.
Conference was very good, I hope I can put the counsel into practice.
Fall is in the air, for some reason, I am nostalgic in the fall, remembering other times and places, family, friend, occasions, etc. I think I’ve written earlier about being
seated in the tabernacle in October Conference, seeing the leaves drop from the trees outside fluttering to the ground, then looking up on the stand, President McKay and J. Reuben Clark, aged giants soon to fall to mother earth. It seemed symbolic to me. And now as I look back I realize that we are all relentlessly approaching the time when we figuratively will detach from mortality and drop to the ground. Some leaves are pulled from the tree prematurely by forces other than time.
October 17, 1992
Had a special meeting held at the Los Angeles Temple for the sealers and the Temple Presidency. The Presidency is new, Van Packard President, Nile Sorenson 1st c[counselor], and Wm [William] Davies 2nd c[counselor]. I am very impressed with the Temple Presidency. I wish I could retain the spirit I feel associating with that wonderful group of men.
I hurt my back last week and I sat in church with a book behind my back and remembered Marjorie doing the same when she hurt so badly.
November 1, 1992
Attended meetings at El Monte 1st ward where the Bishopric was changed. Bishop Barney released, and Bishop David Miller sustained. I was invited to speak and as I looked over the congregation I realized I had special experiences with most of them.
Marjorie and I came to El Monte 45 years ago, all our children were born while we lived there, I helped build the chapel we were meeting in.
Made our home teaching visits today. We try to go on the 1st Sunday (apologized for being so late in the month).
Elaine and I read from the teachings of Spencer W. Kimball. I took a nap and then we went to the stake center for a fireside. I visited with President Donald Y. Milne, he reminded me that I had called on him to speak at a Stake Conference and he had expressed his love for his mother and had the distinct impression she heard him. Afterwards he went to see her in the hospital and learned she had died that morning.
At our special home evening group Jack Mc Ewan told us last Monday that on the day of Carlos Beckstead’s funeral 2 separate sisters without knowing he was dead said they saw him in the temple and each had not known the other saw him. Brother Beckstead was a sealer and worked for years every day in the temple. He had been widowed a long time.
A nice Sabbath today.
November 7-10, 1992
Elaine and I flew to Arizona Saturday 7th, came back 10th, saw family and friends, stayed with Earl and Maxine Lines. Maxine was Elaine’s sister in law (Rex’s sister), saw my uncle David and aunt Fern. Aunt Fern is very bad, severe constant pain, can hardly move or get out.
We attended the Mesa Historical Society’s 1st annual Sports Hall of Fame dinner and awards ceremony. We knew many of the recipients or at least knew who they were. We attended largely on account of Donald Millet who is a good friend, and Elaine’s brother in law was in charge of it. Fame seems to be so fleeting regardless of how hard we strive to perpetuate it, fading like pictures. I keep coming back to the conclusion that the only important thing in life is what kind of person we become.
November 10, 1992
Had 2 weddings at the temple then went to Anaheim to the CVW luncheon, heard Michael Ballam sing, play piano, and talk. Certainly, a wonderful sweet spirit. I hope that adulation doesn’t spoil him. It seems not to have.
December 1, 1992
Elaine and I flew to Salt Lake City, spent Thanksgiving with her daughter Kathy and family, also went to Provo and saw Ben our first grandchild at BYU. He did not go home for Thanksgiving, his first away from home. We spent a week at Kathy’s, had a good time.
January 3, 1993
A busy month, had all my children, spouses and 29 1⁄2 grandchildren (David and Colleen expecting). Christmas Eve, we were all together, something that will not happen to often now, distance and other responsibilities make it harder. Marjorie’s mother was here. I don’t know how much longer we will have her, although she is still very active. On Christmas Day, I gave Jessica her patriarchal blessing # 1092.
Our fine Stake President has told me that he received his letter from the First Presidency indicating his release after 9 1⁄2 years as president, 16 years in all in the Stake Presidency. I well remember my letter 16 years ago. I’m sure he will go through withdrawal pains as I did.
January 17, 1993
16 years ago, this weekend I was released as Stake President and sustained as patriarch, and President James F. Smith was released today along with his counselors. Donald Y. Milne is moving to Utah, so he would be released anyway. John W. Allen was sustained as President. James T. Davis our former Bishop, I called him as Bishop, is 1st counselor, and Dennis K. Carroll 2nd counselor, he is an Institute director. Bishop Charles Gibbons was called to replace President Davis as executive Secretary. Elder Carlos E. Asay was our General Authority, and we had wonderful inspirational meetings. Pres. Smith is well loved and did a wonderful job, and it was very sweet and touching. We also have a lot of confidence in the new presidency. The experience will be good for President Allen. It is different being President than a counselor. Elder Asay was kind enough to call me in and ask for my opinions and what my choice would be, and it turned out just like I hoped the Lord would choose because I know the Lord influences these callings and the Brethren listen to the promptings of the Spirit.
We have been praying for an end to our drought and this month we have had a lot of rain, 2 x normal.
January 24, 1993
Had 2 blessings today. Yesterday I got up early, went for my walk, then to the temple to perform the marriage of a Tongan couple. Afterwards, I spent about an hour up in the sealers dressing room visiting with Jack B. McEwan and Brent Richards. One of the real blessings of my call, is the opportunity to rub shoulders with such great men. Elaine and I then went to the Tongan reception, an all afternoon affair. They go all out with their traditions. I was presented with a beautiful quilt, because I performed the wedding. Also, more food than you can imagine, mostly native plus native dances, songs, etc.
Then we attended a fireside in Covina Stake to listen to Sandra Ernest, Miss America 1993. Elaine wanted to hear her because she has arranged for her to speak at our stake women’s conference.
Today, I gave 3 blessings, two were Tongan. I’m impressed with their reverence in the temple. Yesterday, I was impressed with how very reverent they were.
Tonight, I’ve been asked to speak at a fireside in Covina Stake.
January 31, 1993
A lovely Sabbath day, attended Rowland Heights I Ward, Bishop Charles Gibbon’s was released due to his call to be the Stake Executive Secretary. Marty Dewshane was sustained as Bishop. By Co-incidence his 1st counselor, Dean Sterling and his wife had appointments for patriarchal blessings today. When they made the appointment, he did not know he would be called to the bishopric, so it has been a full day for them. Tonight, I am to speak to a La Mirada Ward youth fireside, their bishop is my friend Dr. John Wible.
February 7, 1993
Attended meetings, did some home teaching, visited an old man in a convalescent hospital, gave my 1100th patriarchal blessing. Elaine and I read some more of the prophet Joseph Smith and the Doctrine and Covenants and wrote a letter to my children as a family letter. Elaine and I now have a copier, so I hope to send the children copies of each other’s letters.
March 28, 1993
Passed my 72nd birthday 2 days ago, no ill effects yet that I can discern. Mayo and Felice took us out to dinner. Elaine gave me a Balloon ride that we had to postpone because of the weather.
Earlier this month we were invited to Palmdale Rotary luncheon to hear Adam read his first prize essay out of 1300 entries sponsored by the Rotarians in an essay contest, subject who do you most admire. I feel honored that he chose me. Our grandchildren honor us.
On the 21st Elaine and I were in Salt Lake City to hear her grandson Rand report on his American Sign Language Mission. He really gave a marvelous talk by the spirit as well as his parents. A very fine meeting. Rand handles himself in a very mature way and seems to be very well grounded in the gospel.
This coming week, Elaine and I are going back to Utah. I have been asked by President Rex Lee, BYU president to serve on the President’s Round Table for 3 or more years, and our 1st meeting is April 1st.
April 4, 1993
Attended the meetings with President Lee and enjoyed being there with all those great people. I felt like a lion in a den of Daniels.
We flew home Friday the 2nd so we could watch conference at home on TV. A marvelous spiritual conference. Every talk was so good. President Benson could not be there except in spirit, he watched in his room.
As I drove down to Provo to meet with the president of BYU and with the others I couldn’t help remembering over 50 years earlier hitch hiking to Provo with $10.00, picking peaches in the day time, working in a tomato cannery at night to earn enough money to start school.
Our Ben received his mission call to Washington Tacoma Spanish this weekend.
April 18, 1993
On April 12, Steven Burgoyne Brown was born to Colleen and David, 9lbs 8oz and even though the baby and Colleen had a fever and the baby has to complete a course of antibiotic therapy, all reports are favorable, particularly from Carolyn Burgoyne, his grandmother. David says he is going to like being a father. Carolyn says Steven looks just like David.
April 19, 1993
For my birthday Elaine bought us tickets for a balloon ride. On the 26th of March, it was to stormy, so we changed to the 19th of April. It was a lovely experience floating so silently and smooth over lovely hills and homes. We sailed out of Del Mar near the San Diego Temple and could see it from a distance.
May 16, 1993
Last week Judy and Mike came over with their family for Mother’s Day. I picked up Marjorie’s mother and Elaine and I took her to dinner and she spent the night and Judy came later and stayed all night with her family and we all went to church. I was invited to give the Mother’s Day talk. Mike and Judy left afterwards so they could attend their own meetings. Mike is in the bishopric and 2 of their girls were to speak.
Today after church, Elaine and I had lunch with Mayo and Felice. Michele Stone Smith was there. She was Joice and Gene Stones daughter, served a mission in Hong Kong, came back for her parent’s funeral, then finished her mission. She is married now and has a sweet little girl named Jane. She told us her Dad never kept a journal, so she really doesn’t know much about his early life. That surprised and saddened me because he led a rich full life his children should know about.
May 30, 1993
Attended Ben Goodman’s missionary farewell and James Brown’s baptism. A nice weekend.
June 5, 1993
Flew to Salt Lake for Elaine’s granddaughter Tonya’s baptism.
June 13, 1993
We have had a very busy month. May 21st, we flew back to Chicago to be with David and Colleen for the blessing of Steven. We have a very favorable report to make on Steven, what a nice baby. I think one of the greatest joys of being a parent is to see your own children enjoy their children.
We drove down to Nauvoo and had a nice visit there, also taking in Carthage jail and attended the Chicago Temple.
June 27th, 1993
This weekend was the James Absalom Young family reunion in Pine Top Arizona. Bob went with Elaine and I. I spoke in the Sunday meeting, also Elaine’s granddaughter Lindsey was baptized which we attended. Elaine spoke on the ordinance of baptism, I spoke about the Holy Ghost.
Aug. 2, 1993
Last week, Elaine and I went to Arizona, saw family and friends in Mesa area, then went up to Lake Powell with Elaine’s children and had a nice time. Spent 3 days there, had all her children and all but 2 grandchildren. They had a great time boating, skiing, fishing, swimming, etc. We took a boat trip to Rainbow National Bridge, a wonder of the world.
Saturday, we drove down to the Grand Canyon and spent the night in Flagstaff and then spent Sunday in Flagstaff resting and attending church. In Sedona, we saw Glenn Halls a relative who has been a mainstay in our Halls family organization. He is not well, trying to recover from cancer surgery. Monday, we drove down to Prescott through Cottonwood, Jerome, Mingus mountain that Marjorie knew so well, saw Merle Allen in Prescott an old family friend of Marjorie’s who was a role model of an LDS home. He has served as a patriarch many years, has given over 1600 blessings, is now 95 and very feeble. He was master of ceremonies at our wedding reception nearly 46 years ago. We then saw Marjorie’s Aunt Ester at the old family ranch in Dewey. She was so good to Marjorie. She is now old and doesn’t feel she can manage the ranch much longer. It will be the end of an era. Marjorie’s grandmother was the 1st white child born in that part of Arizona and was known as Aunt Jane to many. When we would visit the ranch over the years it seemed like there was always some homeless person there. People always knew if things got tough, they could go stay at Aunt Jane's. She lived to be 95 and is buried on the Ranch.
August 9, 1993
Had a nice day, attended church, gave 1 blessing, did our home teaching, had recommend interviews with both Bishop and Stake President, wrote and prepared our family newsletter. Elaine and I read from President Benson’s writings, played the organ and am now ready to go to bed.
August 29, 1993
The week of August 16-20 our family gathered at Dinky Creek, all there except David’s and Jim’s families. David’s schooling in Chicago and Carol’s imminent delivery kept them away. We had Marjorie’s mother, Marjorie’s sister Norma and her husband, Norma’s daughter Jill and her family the Heywood’s. Jill’s husband David Heywood’s grandfather sold my parent’s their farm in Kyrene Arizona south of Tempe in 1936. He was also an old Stake President when I was a young Stake President and we would see each other at General Conference and I arranged for his daughter to adopt a baby who has now served a mission.
The church Missionary Department called me and said the Area Presidency in Mexico City had asked for me to come there to be the missionary doctor and our Mission President doesn’t want to lose me. So, I told them to get together and decide where I should serve. If I stay here, I should take in another mission or two and keep busier.
August 30, 1993
Janae Elizan was born into Jim and Carol’s family. How blessed we are, to have the posterity we have, 31 grandchildren on my side, 19 for Elaine’s side.
September 19, 1993
Attended our church meetings, then went into the Los Angeles Temple for a special devotional with President Thomas S. Monson of the First Presidency and Elder Neal a Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve. Mayo and Felice Smith and my brother Bob rode in with Elaine and I. A lovely meeting. President Monson gave us an Apostolic Blessing as he closed his talk.
October 10, 1993
Yesterday, we celebrated Marjorie’s mother’s 89th birthday here on our patio. Suzanne, Judy and Charles came with their families. Belva does remarkably well, lives alone but is going to give up driving!
Suzanne’s cancer has returned and the thought of losing another beautiful woman in my life is difficult to bear. I have often thought if the Lord said, you can only have Marjorie about 40 years, do you still want her? Or you can only have Suzanne about 40 years, you will learn to care deeply and it will hurt so bad when they go, do you still want them, are you willing to pay the price?
Part of the price for loving someone, is the pain that comes when you are separated by death, but you won’t turn down the opportunity to love and cherish someone just because it will be so painful when they go. I’ve learned to care deeply for Elaine and yet we both know it is inevitable that sooner or later, we will be separated. But neither of us are willing to give up the sweetness of being together to avoid the pain of parting. But I have come to realize if you didn’t love so much, it would not hurt so much. I guess everything has a price.
Oct. 18, 1993
Just returned from another meeting of BYU round table with President Rex Lee and the other members of the group. I still feel out of place.
We attended the BYU Notre Dame football game, sat in the President’s lodge with Presidents Hinckley and Monson, also many other general authorities. We were guests of the university, attended the pre-game luncheon and were treated royally. President Hinckley remembered me. I started to introduce myself and he said I remember you and your Rolls Royce, that’s the only Rolls Royce I’ve driven - it was 26 years ago.
We also had a nice visit with Kathy.
November. 28, 1993
The 5th and 6th of November Elaine, Marjorie’s mother and I went to Gridley for the blessing of Janae Elizan, Jim and Carol’s baby, had a wonderful time visiting with them and Johanna and Glenn’s family. In the gospel doctrine class, the teacher thanked me for having “Doctor Brown” as a son.
We had Thanksgiving at our home. Suzanne, Jim, Judy and Charlie with their families came. Their children are so special. In reviewing family pictures, I see so many family features in our children and grandchildren.
We had 37, counting Reese and Elaine Layton, their son Jeff, and Elaine’s mother, also 2 young Elders living in the trailer on our property.
Today (28th) Suzanne, Kent and family came over after church for dinner, and I gave Rachel Ann her Patriarchal Blessing. (# 1140 for me)
I watch Suzanne battle her caner and I’m filled with dread at the thought of losing her. Yet am grateful to have had her at all.
I watch Kent and know what he is going through.
January 5, 1994
An eventful month. Many Christmas activities with friends and family.
Christmas program at Citrus College with our 4F[four family] home evening group plus dinner and games afterwards, Stake Christmas program directed by Felice Smith, drove to Arizona to see Elaine’s Arizona children, the week before Christmas came back 2 days and flew to Salt Lake for Christmas with Kathy’s family, came back and attended the Holiday Bowl football game in San Diego, sat in the Press box with President Rex Lee, Elder L. Tom Perry, and Elder Dallin Oaks, also attended the pre- game luncheon, went to see “Camelot” stage musical with President And Sister John Allen, went to [and] watched the Rose Parade in Pasadena, had as house guests Donald and Donna Millet from Mesa, went out to Suzanne’s for a Christmas get together, Charlie and Judy’s family also came.
Saw Mayo and Felice Smith off on their Mission to the Dominican Republic. I’m going to miss them so much. After 35 years of close association, so many of my friends are gone.
February 27, 1994
Jeremy Charles Brown was ordained a Deacon by his father Charles. Afterwards we went to Charlie and Barbara’s home for dinner, had a very nice time. We took Marjorie’s mother with us. Charlie’s children are growing and handsome.
March 5, 1994
Went out to Newhall where Ashley Gardiner and Noelle Wooten were baptized at the same service, then we all gathered at Gardiner’s for dinner. A lovely service, 2 of my beautiful daughters spoke as well as their grandmother. My heart was full as I watched my children and grandchildren.
Last Tuesday, March 1st, I sealed Douglas and Delores Silcock in the Los Angeles Temple, he has terminal brain cancer, also sealed their son Larry to them. Larry had birth defects, a little stub for a left arm and his right arm is sort of like a claw, but he went on a mission, is married and drives a car, supports his family, 3 children so far.
February 23, 1994, I spoke at a funeral for a 26-year-old man who committed suicide. His mother and stepfather had just been to the house the week before, and his
stepfather a new member of the church received his patriarchal blessing. I quoted something Elder Marion D. Hanks had hanging in his office.
“Since We Believe in God
We Know the Rules are Fair,
And there will be Wonderful Surprises.”
I am on jury duty, 1st time in 73 years. I’ve always been able to excuse myself before.
May 29, 1994
For some reason, I have not written in this journal for some time.
I have since spoken at a funeral of a member of the church who died in prison convicted of murder. His parents were patients of mine, and before his mother died, and after he was convicted she came in my office and told me “Larry didn’t do it, his father did it” and “Larry took the rap.” Again, I’m grateful the Lord reserves to himself certain judgements.
Last Sunday Elaine and I drove up to Lake Arrowhead where I spoke to the combined youth of the Arrowhead Wards. I knew the one bishop’s father nearly 60 years ago in Arizona.
Elaine and I were reading an account of how at times the Prophet Joseph’s face would be white and shine. I remembered when Marjorie, David and I presented our first edition Book of Mormon to President Benson. I noticed what must have been a similar expression on President Benson’s face. I couldn’t help noticing it. But I was hurting so much for Marjorie in her wheel chair terminally ill, I was numb and could not fully appreciate it.
I had an experience at the temple last week, that I felt was significant. I was doing some sealings of couples from the Temple file for deceased persons, and one of the proxies said, “I lifted my finger” in the grip, maybe we should do it over. I said the important thing is that we had the authority to do what we did, some people don’t have a right hand, does that make the ordinance less valid? But if it will allay your mind we will do it over. When I repeated it, there was a flat empty feeling as though the people for whom we were officiating had left, that the ordinance had been done for them and they were gone, it was very noticeable to me.
August 7, 1994
It has been some time since I have made an entry. My mind has been pre- occupied with Suzanne’s illness. She is making a valiant effort to overcome her cancer with diet and alternative methods of cure, having tried the conventional chemo therapy etc. She has already lived longer than some others who had the bone marrow transplant.
June 3 and 4, 1994 we had our James Absolom Young family reunion in Mesa Arizona. Bob and I were in charge. We were able to have President Benson’s funeral service as part of our program Saturday morning and Friday evening some of us attended the temple.
July 10, we went back to Arizona for Chad Phelps home coming from his mission, he did extremely well.
July 29, David and Colleen had Allison Marjorie Brown born to them, all reports are favorable. I couldn’t help remembering the special circumstances of each of our children’s birth.
Next week Elaine’s family are gathering at Lake Powell on a house boat.
I have just read one of my Grandfather Brown’s journal’s, probably the last one he wrote. He was 87, driving his Volkswagen car all over Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. I admire his drive and interest in life. I hope I can do as well. As I read his journal I realize I never really knew him. I wish I had known him better. – I was his oldest grandchild and spent some time with him, but I can see, that I really didn’t know him as well as I would have liked.
Had a good day today, attended all our meeting, visited my 4 home teaching families, gave 3 patriarchal blessings, and had our temple recommend interview.
August 28, 1994
Elaine, Marjorie’s mother and I flew up to Mathew Goodman’s farewell prior to his entering the Missionary Training Center. He is going to Brazil and will speak Portuguese. He and the family did very well. We were proud of them.
September 4, 1994
Elaine and I flew to Chicago for Allison Marjorie Brown’s blessing. David is in his last year of medical school, he and Colleen are doing well.
September 14, 1994
Marjorie’s Mother moved back to Arizona after 39 years. We were privileged to have her close by. She was a wonderful grandmother to our children, and a good mother and mother in law, also she and Elaine got along so well, genuinely loving each other. It was with some nostalgia that I realized that another page of my life has turned. Now at age 90, she feels she should not live in her mobile home alone. So, Norma and her children will get to enjoy her.
September 17, 1994
Performed a temple marriage for Seneti Kongaika and Steven Hernandez. I don’t report all my weddings but you haven’t lived until you attend a Tongan wedding reception.
September 18, 1994
My precious Suzanne is struggling with her cancer and it now appears that it is in the Lord’s hands. I am numb but grateful to have had her at all.
September 25, 1994
Just returned from a quick trip to Arizona for a wedding of Elaine’s nephew. President John Allen and his wife went with us. We were only gone a day and a half. When we returned, there was a message that Suzanne had a bad spell, nearly died. I’m afraid it won’t be long before she has a change of address.
I feel my life has been justified by having her as a daughter and I can say that about any one of our 6 children. If the Lord had told me when she was born you can only have her 39 years, and asked do you still want her, I would have said “with all my heart and will be grateful for whatever I can have.”
September 26, 1994
Suzanne has moved to that realm where the very choice spirits go when they leave mortality.
September 29, 1994
Suzanne’s Funeral today. Suzanne told Kent she wanted me to sign her death certificate and speak at her funeral. I did sign her certificate after conferring with her cancer specialist. I didn’t want to do anything unethical, but Suzie felt since I delivered her, I should sign her out. I was the last Doctor to see her alive and the first.
All her brothers and sisters and spouses came, her 3 brothers gave the prayers, the Relief Society President spoke then I spoke. I was very apprehensive about speaking because my tears have been so close to the surface and as I saw her pictures and children I kept wanting to cry. Just before I spoke “O Divine Redeemer” was beautifully sung as it
was at Marjorie’s service and I silently pleaded with the Lord to give me strength, and he did, a calm came over me and I was able to speak, and I felt with the Spirit.
Kent did so well in the family gathering, telling of the sweet experiences prior to her passing. I had told him that I felt Marjorie was no longer present when she died, before her body stopped breathing and when her body was taken away, it was not her, just her shell. Kent said he felt the same, during the last her body was just mechanical or reflexly breathing, but Suzanne had left. Just as it was with Marjorie, when I saw Suzanne’s body in the casket I had no feeling of it being her at all and didn’t even thing it looked like her. I had Marjorie’s casket closed and didn’t have a viewing, just had a picture on the casket.
Suzanne’s ward has been so supportive and helped so much. The luncheon after the service was beautifully done. Several of my sweet little grandchildren clung to me, and I to them, my heart melted and as I write this my children and families are visiting each other in their homes of those in this area and I like that.
It is hard to think of life without Suzanne.
I have had a lot of phone calls including President Rex Lee of BYU. I was scheduled to attend the BUY President’s Round Table and other events, also some lovely letters very touching. Suzanne affected a lot of people. There is so much that could be said, O Suzanne I love you so.
October 1, 1994
A solemn assembly was held in the tabernacle and Howard W. Hunter was sustained as the 14th President of the Church.
Elaine and I watched on television. I’m so impressed and convinced of the Lord’s hand in President Hunter’s calling and I pray I will be found sustaining him. His talk was so re-assuring of his prophetic calling, and I pray my posterity will always sustain the Lord’s Prophet.
October 15, 1994
Elaine and I attended a Pasadena Stake reunion in connection with their Stake Conference. All of the living former Stake Presidents were there, including President Howard W. Hunter. We were seated in a very advantageous spot. President Hunter passed by on his way to the pulpit and stopped, reached for my hand and asked if things were well with me. I would like to always remember the feeling I had, indescribable warmth and yet tears springing forth, a witness this was the Lord’s prophet. When the meeting was over, he came by again, took my hand and turned to his wife and said, do you know the Brown’s? I knew his first wife but had never met his second.
I had a lot of people come up to me that I had dealings with over the years, medically, or a[s] Stake President, or in the temple. I wonder if the hereafter will be like that.
October 16, 1994
Sunday meeting at Pasadena Stake Conference, President Hunter again attended and as he passed Elaine and I, he reached over and took my hand and said how are you President? I again had a witness that here is the Prophet the Lord has raised up for us.
I’ve been in a lot of Stake Conferences where we have sustained the Prophet, but this was the first time, when he was actually present.
All the former Presidents of the Stake spoke including President Cree L. Kofford of the Seventy and President Hunter, both of whom were Presidents of the Stake.
October 30, 1994
Went to Charlie and Barbara’s ward for the primary program. Barbara conducted the children’s music and Hailey, Trevor and Robbie had speaking parts. I came home to give a patriarchal blessing, then went back to Charlie and Barbara’s for a birthday party for Hailey and Robbie.
October 31, 1994
I have been trying to sort out my papers, I feel like I am drowning in paper. I have a hard time throwing away cards that Marjorie and the children gave me, also my old Stake Presidency letters and minutes. I did keep a couple of minutes randomly selected.
November 6, 1994
Attended a historic meeting in which the Covina Stake became a Spanish Stake taking in units that were Spanish speaking from neighboring stakes and the English- speaking units going to other stakes. The English Stake Presidency were released, and a Spanish speaking presidency called.
Juan Badal is the new Stake President. He had served as Bishop of our Spanish Ward and was our ward executive secretary until today. His wife Elsa was Elaine’s secretary in Stake Relief Society.
I remember when the Covina Stake was first organized over 38 years ago. Little did we realize then the changes coming.
There was a good spirit as Jim Smith our Regional Representative conducted.
Thanksgiving 1994
Flew to Salt Lake to be with Elaine’s Kathy for Thanksgiving.
Christmas 1994
Had Christmas at our home. All the children and grandchildren were here Christmas Eve except Ben and Mathew who were on missions. Even Marjorie’s mother flew over from Mesa and David and Colleen from Chicago. It was good to be together, couldn’t help missing Suzanne.
February 17, 1995
Performed the marriage of Chad Aaron Phelps (Elaine’s grandson) and Tiffany Zaremba in the new Bountiful Temple.
March 19, 1995
We have since been back to Salt Lake for Shawn’s baptism, Kathy’s son. President Hunter passed away, a new First Presidency organized. Yesterday we met a lovely young woman Kent was directed to and now plans to marry. Keith Mietsen, Patriarch of Pasadena Stake called me and said I have this wonderful friend like my own daughter, can I have Kent call her? 6 weeks later they are engaged. They and I feel Suzanne approves.
May 21, 1995
I have since performed the sealing of Kent and Deborah in the Los Angeles Temple. We all felt a sweet spirit and think Deborah will make a wonderful “acting Mother” for Suzanne’s children, and in talking to Kent, it seems they are very happy and adjusting well.
In two weeks, David will graduate from medical school, and the following month begin his Internship.
Jim and Carol are expecting their 8th child next month.
June 4, 1995
I had the honor as a fellow physician of placing the doctoral hood on David as he received his diploma and became a doctor. It was held at the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel on the University of Chicago campus. There was pomp and ceremony, very impressive.
I thought it was even a greater honor to have ordained him to his priesthood offices.
June 11, 1995
Stake Conference, President Allen asked me to speak on tithing. I expressed the feeling that since Elder James E. Talmadge defines faith as an abiding trust and confidence in the being, purposes, and words of the Lord, we show our trust or faith in the Lord by paying our tithing, and we never know when it will be our last chance to prove ourselves or make an offering to the Lord. So many die prematurely.
I also quoted from Malachi where it says, will a man rob God? And said I thought we rob God by not paying tithing, by robbing Him of the opportunity to bless us when we do not trust Him enough to pay our tithing.
Also, had 3 patriarchal blessings and made 2 home teaching visits.
November 5, 1995
Many important events have transpired. I guess I’ve neglected this journal because I’ve been sending a family newsletter about once a month including copies of letters the children send me. I include a few cartoons and jokes, but here are some of the events not necessarily in order of importance:
Jesse Lawrence Brown born to Jim and Carol. Jacob was baptized. Kathy and Randy’s (Elaine) Christy left on [a] mission, Adam received his Eagle award, Julia was baptized, Robbie was ordained a deacon, Janna’s 2nd book published, and a movie is going to be made of one of her books.
Kent and Deborah seem to be doing well with their combined family.
Elaine and I took a trip to Scotland and England with Jack and Betty McEwan. Northern Scotland was lovely, and we rented a car and stayed in Bed and Breakfasts. Jack and I took turns driving. I’m sure he prayed for me when it was my turn, just as I prayed for him.
I was driving in Inverness at night groping our way and the police lights came on behind us and I expected the worst, but the policeman came up and said are you lost? You are wreaking havoc with the traffic, he then kindly showed us the way.
In Edinburgh at the art museum, I saw a large painting depicting Heavenly Father holding the body of the Savior after he was crucified. I was very touched. I had never thought of how the Father must have been involved in the resurrection of His Son. I think
some of the old artists were inspired and not handicapped by the misconceptions of the godhead.
We stopped at Abbotsford, where Sir Walter Scott lived, and saw the room where he died, a placard said just before he died he took his son in law’s hand and said, “do good, be religious, be virtuous, nothing else will bring you any joy when you come to lie here.”
Thanksgiving 1995
This was my turn to have family. Jim and Carol came down with all 8 children, Kent and Deborah with 6, Judy and Mike with 6, Charlie and Barbara with 4 plus Reese and Elaine Layton and 1 son, and Elaine’s mother.
Christmas 1995
Went to Arizona to be with Elaine’s family, had a good family get together. I flew up to Salt Lake on the 20th to see David and Colleen at her parent’s place.
Kathy and Randy came down for the Rose Parade.
January 7, 1996
Had 5 patriarchal blessings.
January 28, 1996
Just learned that William Wooley died who was bishop when Marjorie and I came to California. He helped Marjorie find a place to live before we were married, and she had come over to teach school in El Monte in fall of 1947. Housing was scarce right after World War II. He was good to us. I was Elder’s Quorum President while he was Bishop.
So many of our old friends have passed away.
May 5, 1996
My uncle David Owen Brown passed away. He was a very respected attorney and Judge in Mesa Arizona, was always good to me. I am now the oldest surviving of my Grandfather Brown’s family.
October 27, 1996
How time passes quickly, have since last entry performed marriage of Elaine’s grandson Rand Adams to Tara Rogers in the Bountiful Temple.
This spring Elaine and I flew to Florida, saw Epcot Center, Kennedy Space Center, Orlando Temple (attended a session).
In August Jack and Betty McEwan went to Italy with us, took a 2-week tour all over Italy, Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Sorrento, Naples, Isle of Capri, Pompeii, Genoa, Stresa, clear up to Switzerland. I never realized Italy was so culturally rich, and because of her role in World War II, was not particularly anxious to go. I’m glad I went.
Have attended Nate and Chad missionary farewells, and Mathew’s homecoming. On October 20, I gave Daniel and Jonathan Goodman patriarchal blessings.
December 1, 1996
Just came back from Salt Lake City. Thanksgiving at Elaine’s daughter Kathy Adams, gave her granddaughter Cheryl Adams a patriarchal blessing, attended Jordan River Temple with Brian Adams who has been called to the Ohio Mission.
November 14, I performed the marriage of Elaine’s grandson Jeremy in the Arizona Temple. His bride Tiffany Russell is a granddaughter of Winton Langford and Beulah Johnson who went to high school with me.
Christmas 1996
Jim and Carol’s family, Charlies and Barbara’s family, Judy and Mike’s family, Suzanne’s family (Kent and Deborah and children), gathered at our home along with Reese and Elaine Layton and his mother Norma Smout. A sweet time, I enjoy watching our family together.
New Year’s 1997
Curtis Brown and Barry Brown, sons of my uncle David and their wives came over and stayed with us and went to the Rose Parade with us. We enjoyed getting better acquainted.
March 6, 1997
Attended a World Affairs dinner at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles where President Hinckley was the guest speaker. He handles himself so well, fielded questions so skillfully and correct you know he is guided by the Lord.
March 22, 1997
Performed the marriage of Paris Cluff, grandson of Murray and Alice Fae Cluff, my dear departed friends, a very touching experience for me.
March 23, 1997
Kent and Deborah hosted a birthday party for March birthdays, Elaine, Kent, Myself and Eric. Charlie and Judy’s families came also. I thoroughly enjoyed basking in the association of my children and grandchildren.
April 6, 1997
Listened and watched General Conference on telivision. How wonderful to be able to be in our own home and in a sense, be seated at the feet of the Prophets.
For nearly 5 years I have been the missionary doctor for the Arcadia Mission and now recently for the Los Angeles mission, also.
I have given 1275 Patriarchal Blessings and am still serving as a Sealer in the Los Angeles Temple. I’ve been reflecting that I have served in a Stake calling for 41 consecutive years, High council 3 years, Stake Presidency 18 years, patriarch 20 years (Sealer 18 years in June). I am in charge of Sealing’s Tuesday afternoon and evening, and in a recent prayer meeting a new sealer commented that he couldn’t understand why he was called to be a sealer and have that sacred privilege. I told him the rest of us wondered the same thing about ourselves, but Robert L. Simpson told us when he was Temple President that we were each foreordained to be Sealers, and I have taken comfort in that.
April 12, 1997
I have been watching my children and their children with love and pride. I see them overcome trials, financial hardships, and grow and develop into fine responsible faithful members of the church.
For a long time, I’ve wished I could sell my property and make it easier for them. Now I’m beginning to wonder if it is better not to make it to easy, and that the Lord in his kindness does not make it to easy and lets us prove ourselves.
June 15, 1997
A month ago, at age 92 plus years Marjorie’s mother broke her hip and her left wrist. She has a good attitude, is still alert and determined to walk again.
Adam Wooten graduated as a valedictorian and won a 4-year scholarship to BYU. He gave a good talk at graduation.
Had Father’s Day dinner with Charlie and Barbara and the Layton’s. Others called me. Johanna is now the Stake Primary President, Jessica is graduating from high
Colleen, Judy and Carol are expecting 4th, 7th, and 9th.
Jim is serving in the Bishopric again. David will be starting his 2nd year residency
in 2 weeks.
July 21, 1997
Judy Wooten, Carol Brown and Colleen Brown are expecting. Adam Wooten was # 1 out of 496 high school graduates, has a 4-year scholarship to BYU.
Sometime ago I was telling some friends about where I was when World War II ended. I was in a combat engineer Battalion having been in England, France, and Germany, when the European campaign ended, and we were shipped to the Philippines Islands to await the invasion of Japan. One evening we were in a large barn with a tin roof watching a movie, “The Big Sleep” when the movie was stopped, and it was announced that the Japanese had accepted the Potsdam agreement. Pandemonium broke loose, we all had our rifles and men were shooting them off and going crazy. Finally, an old Colonel got things quieted down and told us he was in World War I when it ended, and many men were hurt or killed accidently when the armistice was announced. He said be careful don’t shoot your guns, we want you all to go home now that we have come this far.
Many young people who were not there decry or wring their hands at our dropping the atomic bomb, but they don’t realize how many lives were saved on both sides. If we had to invade Japan, the loss would have been astronomical. We would have pulverized them with conventional bombing. Then the invasion would have been so bloody, they were conditioned to fight fanatically.
They started the war, were unmerciful in their attacks on China, Manchuria and the South Pacific Islands, killed many innocent civilians, were extremely cruel and barbaric.
I lost friends in the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.
July 27, 1997
Julie Brown was born to Jim and Carol during the night weighing in at 9lbs 8 oz. I got a call at 12:30 AM. I don’t know if her birthday is the 26th or 27th.
Marjorie’s mother had a stroke last night, sounds like if she lives her quality of life will be poor. She has been a wonderful admirable lady.
September 11, 1997
On the 6th, Elaine and I flew up to Yuba City and Gridley for the blessing of sweet little Julie, had a nice visit with Johanna, Glenn and family, Jim and Carol and family. I am very proud of both families.
Jim drove us to Oroville and saw the salmon run at the fish hatchery, while there someone called out “hello Dr. Brown”, I turned to see who knew me and realized they were talking to Jim. I guess up there, I’m Dr. Brown’s father.
September 14, 1997
Had a special meeting at the Los Angeles Temple for sealers, supervisors, and temple staff. We had department instruction then a combined sacrament meeting, then a testimony meeting. I was to assist in passing the sacrament. It was a very spiritual experience. President Walker told how sealers were called. I marvel that I was called and have served for over 18 years now.
September 19, 1997
Elaine was called to be the evening shift supervisor for the sisters at the temple for Tuesday’s. She has served in the temple 17 years, 8 in Mesa and 9 here in Los Angeles.
October 26, 1997
Elaine and I just returned from a tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco, also Rock of Gibraltar. Jack and Betty McEwan were with us, had a good trip. We caught a cold and jet lag on the way home, are wiped out. We don’t know how President Hinckley does it. He is 10 years older than we are and seems to be traveling all the time.
November 9, 1997
Marjorie’s mother died on the 2nd of Nov. She was 93 and ready to go. She told Norma, “I’ve tried to die 3 times and you won’t let me, please stop it.”
The service was more of a celebration for a life well lived. I never enjoyed Mother in law jokes because they don’t apply to my wonderful mother in law.
Jim conducted the service, Jenny, Christie and Chandra played a violin trio “I need thee every hour.” Jill gave the obituary, I spoke then each of the grandchildren gave a very appropriate tender tribute and testimony. All my children came even David from Michigan.
November 27, 1997
Thanksgiving with Suzanne’s family, Kent, Deborah and children except Chad who is on a mission. Rachel is a beautiful woman now. Eric is really handsome, and Ryan, Ashley, and Brett are really developing well. We had a nice sweet visit and I enjoyed having them very much. Elaine fixed a delicious dinner and we had a good relaxing visit.
Christmas 1997
Was in Salt Lake with Kathy and Randy’s family, a good visit. Rand and Tara, new daughter Ashlie were there, cute baby.
December 28, 1997
Richard Chapman Wooten was blessed by his father in Palmdale, a fine-looking boy. Both sets of grandparents attended. Kent and Deborah Gardiner came to the lunch afterwards. Adam being an Elder was able to stand in on the blessing.
Rachel brought her fiancée, plan to be married in Aug. 98. He seems like a fine young man, but I guess no one is good enough for your own granddaughter.
We are awaiting word on David’s new baby girls birth, due any day.
January 6, 1998
Rebecca arrived to David and Colleen’s care, wt. 9lbs 13oz, number 38 for Marjorie and I. With Elaine’s 20, that’s quite a posterity. I don’t even announce it in High Priest group meeting anymore. We are so far ahead of anyone else in the group.
January 18, 1998
Rebecca Lee Ann Brown was blessed by her father at home. The Burgoyne’s and I were back in Michigan with them, so the bishop gave permission to do it at home since it was a little soon to take her out in the Michigan cold. David had interviews in Utah that week, so I was able to meet him in Salt Lake and we flew together back to Michigan.
January 23, 1998
My Aunt Fern Brown’s funeral was today. Elaine and I flew over for it, also gave Jeremy Phelps his patriarchal blessing.
February 22, 1998
Jeremy Charles Brown was ordained a priest today by his father and given a nice blessing.
Received a call today that Irene Crow, wife of Alden B. Crow passed away. They were among our first friends over 50 years ago when we were first married.
I am convinced that the most important thing in life is the kind of person we become.
March 15, 1998
1 blessing today, #1319, a fine convert in his early 80’s. I have observed that some who were not raised in the church can catch up and even pass some of us who have been members much longer.
2 weeks ago, I did some family file sealings in the temple and the patron told us these relatives lived in Missouri at the time the saints were persecuted so much, and she had worried that maybe some of her family had been in the mobs, and she found a diary of her great grandfathers that said “there is a lot of agitation in our area about the Mormons, but we are too busy clearing our land and planting our crops to become involved.” This gave her a great feeling of peace.
I am speaking at a fireside tonight.
March 22, 1998
Attended a regional conference with Elder Robert D. Hales of the 12 presiding. Jim Smith, Mayo Smith and I with our wives drove down to the Los Angeles Convention Center together, (the 3 ex Stake Presidents). It was an inspiring conference. This was a multi-stake gathering taking the place of the Stake Conference we would normally have. I feel so fortunate to have served when we had 4 Stake Conferences a year with a general authority at each one. Yesterday we had a 4-hour leadership training meeting.
Great emphasis was given on retaining converts once they are baptized. I vividly remember Marjorie once saying, “I don’t know of anyone I brought into the church” (she had forgotten some she was very responsible for bringing in the church). I looked at that beautiful gracious woman and thought I wonder how many she kept in the church. Every place she was greatly improved, and was better because she was there, and you enjoyed being where she was.
May 10, 1998
Mother’s Day, a wonderful Sacrament Meeting with fitting tributes. I appreciate the mothers in my life, my own mother, Marjorie, Elaine, and my daughters.
July 26, 1998
Attended Adam Wooten’s missionary farewell in Palmdale. Lechelle, Noelle, Judy, Michael and Adam did extremely well. Adam sounded more like a returned missionary. I am very proud of them.
July 31, 1998
Attended a welcome social for our new Mission President Leslie Steward. All the Stake Presidents and wives attended. Elaine and I came as the mission doctor. It was good to be in their presence.
August 15, 1998
Rachel Ann Gardiner was married to Robert Lawrence Radoff today. She looked so lovely. Her older brother Chad came home from his mission, looks good and so much like his mother Suzanne, I wanted to cry.
August 18-26, 1998
Elaine and I drove up the coast. The old highway 1, then across to the gold country, Columbia, Twain Harte, etc., also went through the Hershey Chocolate factory in Oakdale. We attended the California State fair in Sacramento, it is not as big as the LA county fair. We then arrived in Yuba City to hear Nate Goodman’s home coming report on his mission to Chile. Janna, Glenn, and Nate did very well. Chad Gardiner’s report was the same day in Newhall. We couldn’t be in both places. It is reported that he did very well.
I attended a Daddy Daughter date with Jim and 3 of his daughters (beautiful and sweet).
We drove down to Roseville with the Goodmans and Browns to a huge swap meet and had a good time looking for bargains.
On the way home, we went into Yosemite Park, then drove across Tioga Pass, still snow in places. At one point the road was 9,900 feet above sea level. Came down highway 395 to 14 then down to Palmdale to see Judy, Michael and family, then home. Drove 1800 miles, I used to love to drive, now I get tired.
September 13, 1998
Last week a Dr. Richard Hardy came to see me to see if I would be willing to join the church medical staff for the missions in the Los Angeles area and a Dr. Harris who is head of the Medical Department for the church phoned and made it official. It’s sort of like being on a mission.
September 20, 1998
Yesterday, I performed 3 live sealings including a licensed marriage and 2 sealings after a civil marriage. 1 couple had each received their patriarchal blessing from me, and Br. Lloyd Davis who schedules the marriages noted they were from our stake, asked me if I would like to officiate. When I saw the couple, he choked up and said I was praying that you would officiate. I was afraid to ask you, that you were too busy and wouldn’t be here, but last night I dreamed you would be here, and it was revealed to me a confidential part of the endowment that you only receive in the temple. He is a new member of the church, 1 year 1 month, and has given out over 100 Book of Mormons.
After the live sealings, I did some family file sealings, then saw Judy and Michael who had come in on a stake assignment.
November 15, 1998
Mid October Elaine and I with Jack and Betty McEwan sailed on a river boat, the American Queen from St. Paul Minnesota to St. louis Missouri on the Mississippi river, very luxurious and interesting, took a week. Then rented a van, drove to Branson Missouri and had a week of shows, saw 16. The shows were all clean, and had a religious and patriotic overtone, no gambling, drinking, etc.
On October 25, Sunday, Elaine and I attended a special temple session with the outgoing Temple Presidency. We had a chapel meeting and then an endowment session with the Temple Presidency officiating.
I am at the age where so many of my friends and associates are becoming infirm and or dying, the most recent being a medical friend who just last week learned he has in- operable renal carcinoma with a very dismal prognosis. He is Jewish, but not a devout one where he could receive comfort. He says he is not religious, has no belief that could sustain him, he says that he envies those who do. Unfortunately, he knows too much to be bolstered by false hopes etc., and he knows the futility of chemotherapy and radical surgery for this particular cancer.
November 29, 1998
Lucy Shumway Goodman, Johanna’s mother in law passed away. A fine wonderful woman. I knew her husband Bill Goodman in grammar school in Mesa Arizona.
We had a good Thanksgiving with Elaine’s daughter Kathy and her family and her son Gregg and his daughter Deena spending the holiday with us.
Last week, when I was at one of the mission offices to see sick missionaries, a fine older man who was a volunteer office worker for the for the 2nd time, also had served a full-time mission, been stake missionary, ward mission leader, and said he had never been a Bishop or had an important leadership calling. I told him that maybe the Lord felt he didn’t need it like some of the rest of us. He began to cry and said, “I thought the Lord didn’t love me.” I looked at that good faithful humble man and thought he will get a better reception when he leaves this life than I will.
December 12, 1998
Elaine and I spent 2 days in Utah. Colleen and David hosted Charles and Barbara’s family, Matt and Ben Goodman, and Rachel and Rob, and we had a very good time. Rachel and Rob looked happy and Matt and Ben looked handsome and mature.
The next day Charlie and Barbara, David and I had lunch, and enjoyed sitting and visiting something we seldom get to do. We stayed with Kathy and Randy and enjoyed their family.
December 13, 1998
We attended a temple Christmas devotional in the large assembly room at the temple. Our Temple Presidency and matron spoke, as well as Elder Madsen of our Area Presidency. It was a very uplifting experience. I really marvel at the privilege we have to serve in that sacred place.
December 25, 1998
My families turn for Christmas. Jim and his family came down. Judy and Mike’s family except Adam, who is on a mission. Kent and Deborah and all the children except Chad who was working, and Rachel who hadn’t got in from Utah.
We had a good Christmas Eve, then all went home except Jim’s family. His daughters are so talented. I gave Jacob his patriarchal blessing.
January 17, 1999
Stake Conference 22 years ago, I was released as Stake President and ordained a Patriarch.
Elaine and I had the privilege of being interviewed by Elder Norman Bolm of the Seventy in reference to our patriarchal duties, he was very gracious to us.
It was a very touching conference. President James T. Davis has metastatic cancer, is very likely terminal. He came in a wheel chair, gave a very fine talk and testimony. President Allen is going through what I went through in losing a counselor to cancer midway through my term as Stake President.
My heart ached as I watched President Davis wife Moliece take such watchful care and look at him constantly. Her eyes filled with love and concern.
April 11, 1999
I have since last entry spoken at President Davis funeral, performed the marriage of Elaine’s granddaughter in the Arizona Temple Heather Phelps who by co-incidence married the grandson of a woman who was my office nurse.
We went up to Utah to attend Brian Adams home coming, saw Charlie and David and families.
May 19, 1999
Charles was sworn in at the Utah bar. It was a very nice affair. We flew up for it and that evening had a nice family dinner. Kathy, Randy, David and Colleen and of course Charlie and children. Barbara was unavailable, away for a business convention scheduled before she knew about the swearing in date and the airline tickets were nonrefundable or transferable. Ben and Matt Goodman came also.
June 6, 1999
Went to Arizona for Chad and Tiffany Phelps 1st child’s blessing, McKenzie Phelps by her father. Well done.
June 20, 1999
Eric Gardiner has received his mission call to Denver Colorado. Glenn Goodman has been called as Bishop of a newly created ward in Yuba City.
Jim Jr has been called to his Stake High Council.
All of above in the last 2 weeks, including Lechelle Wooten graduating from high school.
June 27, 1999
Rachel (Gardiner) Radoff called me to ask if I would perform their sealing in the Los Angeles Temple August 14. I am very grateful for that.
Glenn Goodman was called to be Bishop of a new ward in Yuba City Ca, a few days later he lost his job, and then they received a cashiers check for $5,000 from an anonymous donor.
July 14-21, 1999
Elaine and I flew to Cleveland Ohio, met Elaine’s granddaughter Christy Adams, rented a car and went to Kirtland Ohio, saw the Temple, Newell K. Whitney store, John Johnson home, where many revelations were received, then went to Palmyra, saw the Cumorah Pageant. Randy and Kathy and their children Brian, Tonya, and Shawn were in it. We also went to Niagara Falls, Sharon Vermont, where the prophet Joseph was born. We had a very good trip, saw the site for the new Palmyra Temple.
August 17, 1999
Elaine and I drove up to Dinkey Creek, in the Sierras east of Fresno and joined Charlie and Barbara, Judy and Michael, Kent and Deborah, and their children in the bi- annual mountain outing that for years has been a tradition, going back to when the children were small. It was started by Bishop Cluff and his family. It’s satisfying to watch the grandchildren enjoy their cousins. I couldn’t help remembering loved ones and friends long gone.
August 24, 1999
Elaine and I flew to Salt Lake and drove down through southern Utah, Zions Canyon, northern Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon to Mesa with Elaine’s brother in law Wayne Phelps and his new wife Shirley Anderson, Verlan Anderson’s widow. He was one of the Seventy. We went down to Celebrate his sister (Elaine’s sister in law) Maxine Phelps Lines 90th birthday. I remember her before she was married. She used to go with my uncle David.
The desert trails, wide open expanses, houses 1⁄2 mile apart, large open fields are all covered with homes and commercial buildings etc. I was sad, because I can no longer go home. Most of my friends are dead as well as the relatives I grew up with. I feel like a prehistoric being.
August 29, 1999
Today was the last day Mayo and Felice Smith will live in our stake. He was my counselor 10 years, then became Stake President when I was released. I’ve known Felice 65 years, since high school. She led the music today in sacrament meeting for the last time and I remembered all the musical programs she put on for our ward and stake and the great contributions they both have made to our lives. Such loyal and good friends.
My brother Bob is moving to Texas to be close to his daughter since his health is poor. I will miss him.
August 14, 1999 [late entry]
Had the privilege of performing the sealing of Marjorie and my Granddaughter Rachel Ann Gardiner to Robert Lawrence Radoff in the Los Angeles Temple.
September 17, 1999
Elaine and I flew up to Sacramento and rented a car and drove to Yuba City and Gridley, attended Catherine Brown’s baptism and Daniel Goodman’s ordination to office of an elder.
September 24, 1999
Elaine and I flew to Salt Lake to attend BYU celebration of their Lighting the Way fund raising drive, attended a banquet where president Hinckley was present and we got to have our picture taken with him. He asked me what year was that Rolls Royce and how many do you have? I said, “Only one, times are tough.”
October 2-3, 1999
Kathy and Randy Adams and their daughter Christy stayed with us this weekend, watched General Conference over television. This is probably the last church General Conference to be held in the old tabernacle. The new conference building with about 31⁄2 x capacity should be ready by next April.
I have many memories of the tabernacle, having attended in person about 45 General Conferences there. I have a lot of memories of being there, driving up to conference when it used to last 3 days, driving nearly all night to get there, and then to get home we would listen to the last session on the radio as we drove down from Salt Lake. Later as air travel became more available, we flew, sometimes we would go as a presidency, and sometimes with our families. When we first started, we could be seated in the tabernacle without tickets. Then later Stake Presidency tickets, and later even with tickets we had to stand in line, and may not get in. The last number of years it has been so much easier just to watch over television, although there is a special spirit to being there.
November 4, 1999
I received a nice email letter from my grandson Chad Gardiner, a very mature letter. I have been thinking about how I would like to be better acquainted with all my grandchildren, of course they are all busy growing up and establishing themselves.
I learned today of another medical colleague passing away, he was 19 years younger than I am.
I am so grateful for the gift of Marjorie, there is not a day that I do not marvel at the mercy of the Lord in allowing me to be with her for 40 years and now to allow me to be comforted by and enjoy Elaine. Love is such a precious gift.
November 13, 1999
In the Los Angeles temple today, I performed the marriage of the last of six children in a family that I delivered all six and married all six.
December 19, 1999
52 years ago, Marjorie and I were married in the Mesa Temple.
Yesterday I performed the marriage of Chad Aaron Gardiner, Suzanne’s oldest son to Maryssa Hill Montgomery in the Los Angeles Temple. The day before on the 14th I was able to go to an endowment session with Chad, as he was there with his fiancée to receive her endowment, he was by himself and I’m grateful I was there to be with him.
January 4, 2000
The new millennium started fairly smoothly despite dire predictions of computer failures.
We spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home, watched a 3-hour program listing the top 100 people who left their mark on the previous 1000 years. I would have put Joseph Smith at the top. He was not even mentioned, this will change.
We went to Arizona for Christmas, stayed with Elaine’s son Reed, had a very nice time. I continue to be staggered by the changes in that area.
January 16, 2000
23 years ago today I was released as Stake President and ordained a Patriarch.
We had Stake Conference today. We had Elder William R. Bradford of the First Quorum of the Seventy as our visitor. He was very instructive and inspirational. All those who spoke did very well. I remember well the excitement and thrill of Stake Conference,
I enjoyed them very much. As I watch our Stake Presidency do so well, I look back and think that I should have done better. I think the stake members have been charitable with me and are very kind to me.
When I write a few lines in this poor journal, I often re-read previous entries and get flooded with memories, become pensive, then do not write very much.
January 25-29, 2000
Elaine and I flew to Las Vegas, rented a car and attended the Las Vegas Temple for a session, then drove to the St. George Utah area, saw Mark and Gladys Smith. Mark’s calling is a greeter in the ward and I guess he is lucky to have that with all the ex- everything, including General Authorities who live there now.
We saw Frank and Billie Little, Elaine’s friends from Mesa, who just moved up there. With them we drove up to Zion Canyon, saw the beautiful I-max movie on Zion Canyon. We enjoy that beautiful area, and Elaine’s family lived there. Her father’s family had considerable holdings, ranch, etc. in the Toquerville and Kolob mountain. Elaine and her children used to spend summers there to escape the Mesa heat. We saw her cousin LeGrand Spilsbury who started the Spilsbury Mortuaries in that area. We drove down the back way to Boulder City through Littlefield and Overton. Elaine’s family owned the Boulder Hotel in Boulder City when I went with her during the war (WWII) and I stayed there when I visited her. We also visited her parent’s graves in the Toquerville Cemetery.
February 5, 2000
Served in the afternoon sealings at the temple and as I participated in a family file sealing and watched a sister act as proxy for a beloved grandmother, her eyes filled with tears, and her face radiant with love, I caught just a glimpse of the depth possible of God’s love.
In the evening, we went to Carl Warnicks 90th birthday party, saw many old friends and they reminded me of the experiences we had together, grey haired people telling me I gave them their patriarchal blessings, performed their marriage, or other things I had forgotten. One of Carl’s daughter in laws came up to me and looked at me and exclaimed “President Brown you are still alive.” I had been her Stake President years ago.
March 26. 2000
I am 79 today. Judy and her family came out and I received nice cards, etc. The Arcadia Mission took Elaine and I out to dinner and to a stage play put on by Glendora
Stake, My Fair Lady, also gave me a tie and beautiful desk clock engraved for my 80th birthday. They think I’m older then I am.
I gave blessing #1400 and 1401 today to a lovely Chinese couple.
April 1-2, 2000
Watched General Conference on television, first one held in the new Conference Center.
April 6, 2000
Participated in the dedication of the Palmyra Temple via satellite, many Stake Centers were connected via television and with a recommend required for admission, it was like being there. I hope we can also participate in the Nauvoo Temple dedication.
April 15, 2000
Performed the temple marriage of Christy Adams (Elaine’s granddaughter) to Michael Lee Gibson in the San Diego Temple.
The morning we left for the temple in San Diego, I asked Kathy Adams, Christy’s mother to say our family prayer. As she thanked the Lord for the blessing of having a daughter worthy to be married in the temple, and tears filled her eyes, I wondered if Christy ever loved her mother more than at that moment as she felt her mother’s love.
April 22, 2000
Judy, Michael and 5 youngest children, Kent, Ashley and Brett came out to have an Easter egg hunt, had a good time even if I did take a nap. We sure have good looking grandchildren.
May 21, 2000
Have had speaking assignments at 2 funerals, Mother’s Day, and Stake Relief Society Conference, several temple weddings, including a Tongan couple. You haven’t lived until you attend a Polynesian wedding reception. They don’t send invitations, just
expect everyone to come. We were given the customary quilt. Elaine says, “What are we going to do with all these quilts?”
Today Joyce Osborn gave me some pictures of the early days of our stake. Those were exciting days, groundbreakings, dedications, etc. As I looked at Marjorie I realized that I felt my life was justified and being married to her was my crowning achievement in life.
I realize my hand writing is atrocious. My right-hand spasms so much and I’m not sure how much of my journal will be deciphered. I don’t know if a Urim and Thummim will be available, but I enjoy reading it, and being reminded of special events and feelings. Judy bless her heart has tried to type up some of it.
June 23, 2000
Randy and Kathy Adams stood in line and got tickets to President Hinckley’s 90th birthday party at the Conference Center. What a magnificent event it was, our first time in the new center and President Hinckley was a MARVEL.
June 27, 2000
A woman in my sealing session reminded me she grew up in our ward, and that when the young women in the ward were asked who they would like to be like and everyone wrote the name Marjorie Brown.
July 14, 2000
Had the privilege of performing the marriage of Mathew James Goodman and Stacy Hendricks in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. It was a very special experience. Chad and Maryssa, Rachel and Rob, David and Colleen, Daniel Goodman, Ben Goodman, and of course Johanna and Glenn, Barbara Brown and her parents were there, and why not Marjorie and Suzanne.
We all like Stacy, and are happy for Matt. We had a nice luncheon at the Wilkerson Center. Elaine and I stopped in on Amy Valentine, one of my last cousins on my mother’s side still alive, she is 84. We then went to David and Colleens for supper, Charlie and Barbara with their family came along with the Burgoynes, Colleens parents.
July 15, 2000
Stopped in to see Mayo and Felice Smith in Salt Lake before flying home, broke my heart to see Mayo so ill and Felice so tired and worn. They now have live in help, I don’t expect Mayo to live much longer.
August 11-13, 2000
Elaine and I flew up to Yuba City and Gridley, saw Nate and Heather get married on the 11th and heard Daniel give his farewell talk. He is going to Wisconsin on his mission.
Johanna, Glenn and Daniel all gave excellent talks. Jim and Carol’s 3 oldest daughters played a violin trio accompanied by Carol, they very accomplished musicians. I was also asked to speak.
We also learned that David has been appointed to be a physician for BYU and the MTC (Missionary Training Center). Sounds like a wonderful position to me.
Sometime ago, I told Chandra about hearing Meditation from Massenet’s opera Thais in a bombed-out Cathedral in Germany in 1945 and how it brought back memories to me as well as being a lovely melody. She learned it on the violin and played it to me. What a nice gift (brought tears).
All of our grandchildren seem to be gifted, Marjorie must be proud of them.
September 3, 2000
Just returned from a 2-week tour of Ireland August 19-September 1. Went with Jack and Betty McEwan. We never realized Ireland was so beautiful and the people so friendly and proud of their contributions to America. 40 million of Irish descent over here. We attended church in Dublin, very good people. One of the members, a taxi driver took us a great distance back to our hotel, wouldn’t charge us, said he didn’t “work on Sunday.” I was able to give 2 Books of Mormon to 2 of our fellow tour members.
October 1, 2000
Attended the blessing of Elaine’s great grandson, Caden Ray Germaine in Gilbert Arizona. We had some good family visits with Elaine’s children and grandchildren who live in Arizona. We also had lunch with my sister, Louise Barret who lives in Sun City Arizona.
October 8, 2000
General Conference, and the dedication of the new Conference Center. I marvel at how well President Hinckley conducts and presides. He mentioned that at the ground- breaking service, President Boyd K. Packer in the closing prayer, asked the Lord to preserve his (President Hinckley) life to see it completed. He is now in his 91st year.
We now are over 11 million members, 100 operating temples, 53 of which were dedicated in the last 5 years. There are now over 600 stakes in South America, when I was Stake President, there were only 467 stakes in the entire church.
I was very touched by President James E. Faust, telling of his grandmother comforting him as a frightened little boy and assuring him of the Lord’s love of him. Then when he spoke of his wife he choked up and could hardly speak. I could fully relate to how he felt.
President Hinckley’s talk and his dedicatory prayer were masterpieces, truly inspired and his words given to him by inspiration. We also were invited wherever we were to join in the Hosanna Shout. We had Christy and Mike with us watching in the study, and we stood and joined with our white handkerchiefs.
October 16, 2000
While I was at the Arcadia Mission office, I had a call from David. He was calling me in the capacity of the MTC physician regarding one of the missionaries being sent to one of the missions I take care, it was so good to talk as colleagues.
November 19, 2000
A special sealers meeting at the temple, a very sweet spirit prevailed.
I looked around the room at all those wonderful men and realized when I was given the sealing power, no one else in the room sere sealers and I still feel like the new kid on the block.
December 2, 2000
Elaine and I went to Arizona for the blessing of Elaine’s great grandson Wyatt Phelps, Jeremy and Tiffany’s 1st born.
December 8, 2000
Kathy and Randy Adams arranged for us to have tickets to the Christmas play presented in the new Conference Center theatre and also took us on a guided tour of the
center. We had 30 of our families there, Adams, Browns, Goodman’s, Wooten’s, Gardiners, nice to have cousins be with cousins.
December 9, 2000
Performed the marriage of Elaine’s grandson Brian Adams to Jennifer Riquino in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.
December 10, 2000
Gave Elaine’s granddaughter Tonya Adams her patriarchal blessing, #1423, also attended Shawn Adams Eagle scout award. We drove out to the airport in a snow storm.
Over the weekend we had a good visit with the David Brown and Charles Brown families.
December 17, 2000
Attended a special Christmas devotional at the temple for all temple workers. I was also the physician on duty. David E. Sorenson of the Presidency of the Seventy was our General Authority. He is also David and Colleen’s uncle.
This evening we met with our Stake President and he asked Elaine and I to attend the El Monte Ward for 6 months and help the ward fellowship its new members. They have a limited number of Melchizedek holders.
Other than home teaching this will be 1st ward calling in 45 years. I have had a stake calling 45 consecutive years, High Council (3 years), Stake Presidency (18 years), and Patriarch (24 years)
January 17, 2001
My dear friend and associate Mayo W. Smith died after a long illness. He and I knelt in prayer together in Stake Presidency meetings about 500 times as well as other meetings, not included in the 500 High Council meetings, leadership meetings, etc.
Elaine asked me, “how would you describe Mayo?” and I said “I don’t know.” There was only one. I guess the best way is to say I’d like to be as well prepared to meet my Maker as he.
March 13, 2001
Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke at BYU Devotional on the value of women in the church and in our lives and mentioned that there are some who wrongly feel that women are not as important. I looked up at a picture of Marjorie and as tears came, I did not have any doubt about how important women are.
April 19, 2001
Another milestone, Marjorie and my first great grandchild, Mathew and Stacy Goodman had a baby boy 6lbs 8oz. Johanna thinks the name will be Talmadge James.
June 12, 2001
Melody Wooten came to earth to live with Judy and Michael, also Adam Wooten called to ask me to perform his marriage to Adrienne Rytting August 17th in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.
June 17, 2001
Father’s Day. In our meetings, much was said about Father’s. I look back and realize that I could have been a much better father. I look back on the years the children were growing up. I was in the Stake Presidency 18 of those years, chief of staff 4 times at the hospital, had a very busy office and hospital practice, spent many nights at the hospital delivering babies, etc. I don’t regret my church service, but I wish I had managed to have more time with them. Marjorie was largely responsible for their turning out well.
Once again, I look at my hand writing and am ashamed. My right hand and arm spasms and becomes jerky when I write. Sometimes it will lock up and I have to consciously make it relax. I don’t know why it has done that for years. It did not do it while I did surgery or other delicate procedures, just when I try to write and I have had a tremor in my right hand for years.
July 1, 2001
Melody Celeste Wooten was blessed by her father. Both grandfathers stood in the circle. I peeked at her during the blessing, she looked like an angel.
July 2, 2001
David called me to tell me he had been called to serve in a BYU ward bishopric.
July 15, 2001
Jeremy Brown’s farewell (mission to Brazil).
August 2, 2001
Elaine’s granddaughter Cheryl Adams married to Jeff Rounds in Salt Lake Temple.
August 11, 2001
Nate and Heather Goodman sealed in Oakland temple.
August 13, 2001 Dinky Creek.
August 17, 2001
Adam Wooten and Adrienne Rytter sealed in Mt. Timpanogos Temple
August 18, 2001
Went to Parowan, Utah for Joyce Osborn marriage to Dan Evans.
August 19, 2001
Ordained my son David a High Priest.
August 30, 2001
Janae Brown will be baptized
After ordaining David a High Priest, I have:
1.            Delivered our children 

2.            Circumcised sons, father and bishop 

3.            Blessed and named children 

4.            Baptized and confirmed our children 

5.            Ordained sons Deacon, Teacher, and Priest 

6.            Interviewed children for temple recomend 

7.            Ordained sons Elders 

8.            Interviewed son to go on mission 

9.            Set apart son as missionary 

10.        Gave a son patriarchal blessing 

11.        Performed temple marriages for 3 of my children 

12.        Delivered own grandchildren 

13.        Gave grandchildren patriarchal blessings 

14.        Performed temple marriages for grandchildren 

15.        Signed daughter’s death certificate (at her request and in co-operation with her 

16.        Spoke at funeral of grandfather, father, brothers and sister, wife, and daughter 

17.        Ordained a son a High Priest 

September 11, 2001
Terrorist bombed World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in New York Flying Hi-jacked airliners full of fuel as bombs.
Our lives will be changed.
October 21, 2001
Spoke at Stake Priesthood meeting.
October 24, 2001
Elaine and I drove to St. George Utah, saw my dear friend Mark Smith, stayed with Elaine’s brother in law Wayne Phelps, also drove up to Cedar City and saw Jenny and Chandra Brown attending George Wythe College.
November 4, 2001
Elaine and I had a very memorable special day in the Los Angeles Temple.
December 6, 2001
Flew to Dallas Texas for my brother Robert’s 78th birthday. He has not been well.
December 9, 2001
Temple Christmas devotional, Elder L. Tom Perry.
December 12-14, 2001
Elaine and I drove to Arizona, saw Elaine’s family, also had a nice visit with my uncle David Brown’s children, Curtis, Brookie, and Barry. Since I am the oldest living descendent of our grandfather Brown, they were anxious to hear family stories.
December 15, 2001
Performed Marriage of Brian Kerr and Lisa Gardiner. I delivered her and gave him his patriarchal blessing.
December 23, 2001
Spoke at ward Christmas program.
January 13, 2002
Our Stake Presidency was released. Scott Crawford was sustained as Stake President and Robert Peart as 1st counselor and Gregory Davison as 2nd.
Elder Dieter Uchtdorf of the Seventy and Randolf Hough Area Authority officiated.
Elder Uchtdorf is a neighbor to Kathy and Randy Adams.
I issued a call to President Allen 30 years ago to serve on our stake High Council and he has been attending High Council meetings ever since.
25 years ago, this same weekend, I was released as Stake President and ordained a patriarch.
Many memories.
January 20, 2002
For the past year Elaine and I have attended the El Monte ward by assignment from our Stake President to help strengthen the ward. We used to have 3 wards in El Monte, now we have 1 and it is struggling. I don’t know how much good we did, but they are good people.
Today we started back attending our regular ward. We sat near a young mother with 6 children about the age my children were when we first moved in our ward. I remembered how it was with Marjorie and I then. I wish it could have lasted longer, and I wish I could have done better.
February 20, 2002
Just got word that my only sister Louise Barrett was found dead in her condo apartment by her daughter, apparently of natural causes, had been dead several days. I have been very reflective and aching, many memories of our childhood and the years intervening.
September 24, 2002
Much has happened since I last recorded family events, church, and the world. A high light to me was the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple.
I have an oriental neighbor that several years ago I gave a rotor tiller machine because he was growing vegetables to sell and needed a machine like I had. I didn’t think anything of it.
Today I went down to see them because I heard the wife had been sick. During our visit, they told me that her father just died and he previously did not believe in God. This man and his wife had been praying for a tiller and could not afford one. When I gave them the tiller “out of the blue” not even knowing I had one, or me knowing he needed one, they live down the hill from us. The man was convinced that it was an answer to prayer and died a believer in a God.
May 18, 2003
Last week on Mother’s Day I was asked to speak at 2 Sacrament meetings. At the first meeting, I asked the bishop what time should I finish my talk? He said 9:50 AM, so we will have time to pass out flowers to the mothers. It was 9:50 AM when I stood up to speak.
Also, this month I performed the temple marriage of Eric James Gardiner to Hayley Lewis, I delivered him on my birthday. I also gave Chelsea Wooten and Shawn Adams patriarchal blessings.
June 18, 2003
Brynn Goodman was born to Mathew and Stacy Goodman. She weighed 6lbs 6oz. Marjorie and my 3rd great grandchild.
June 19, 2003
My last brother Robert Lewis Brown was found dead in his assisted living apartment. He is nearly 3 years younger than me. He never re married after his wife died. I suspect I may have died had not I remarried.
Bob and I were quite close. Being the 2 oldest we worked together on the farm, slept together in a tent summer and winter outside the house, because we only had a 3- room house. We were in our teens before we had indoor plumbing.
After Bob’s wife died, Bob worked in the Los Angeles Temple. We used to ride in together and we had some great times exchanging jokes etc. Even when he moved to Texas to be close to his daughter we would email each other jokes.
I called him yesterday, each told a joke and told each other we loved them. I will miss him. I am the oldest living descendant of my Grandfather Brown.
24 years ago, on June 2 I was given the sealing power for the Los Angeles Temple by President Kimball. I am now the longest serving sealer in the Los Angeles Temple at the present time and I have served in a Stake calling for 47 consecutive years.
July 20, 2003
Gave 3 patriarchal blessings, spoke at a youth fireside.
July 27, 2003
We flew to Salt Lake on Thursday, stayed with Kathy and Randy Adams. Kathy finished her mother’s history. Friday, I went to the church office building and went to the mission medical offices where I was told how much David’s work is appreciated at the MTC [Provo Missionary Training Center].
Spent Saturday with Charles helping Barbara get ready for Jeremy’s home coming.
Sunday, we attended Brynn Goodman’s Blessing done by her father Mathew, then attended Sacrament meeting where Jeremy Brown gave his home coming report on his mission to Brazil, also Reese and Elaine Layton gave their talks before leaving for their Nauvoo mission.
We ate at both the Goodman’s and the Brown Layton’s. Flew home Monday 28th.
August 3, 2003
Elaine hasn’t felt well several days. Her son Reed and his son Rex stopped by on their way back to Arizona. It was a sweet opportunity for her to be administered to by her son and grandson. It was very touching and sacred.
September 13, 2003
Attended a 9-stake regional conference originating in the Glendale stake center and televised to each of the other eight stake centers. Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Twelve presided and Elders Merrill J. Bateman, Carlos Garcia, and Tad Callister of the Seventy spoke.
Elder Maxwell testified of the Atonement and the “small” miracle’s in each of our lives. I constantly reflect on the miracle of Marjorie and now Elaine.
[Entries October 4-10, 2003 are from a small journal that he kept on a European trip.] October 4, 2003 8:45 a.m.
We are in Zurich, Switzerland sitting in front of Budget rent a car waiting for Randy and Kathy Adams. Yesterday morning we met Kathy in Dallas and flew overnight to Zurich, where we are meeting Randy who is flying in from Greece. For the last 3 weeks, he has been helping them get their television electronics set up for the Olympics.
We drove around the country side near Zurich then north to St. Galens and into the smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein, 4 miles by 12 miles and in the town strolled through a farmer’s market.
We also drove through Appenzell the area depicted in the book Heidi, a beautiful area of villages, valleys, cows, and sheep grazing on green slopes leading up to the mountains, just like the scenes shone in the movies.
October 5, 2003
We left the Liechtenstein area and drove over klausen pass up into a snow storm then down to Lucerne, a beautiful city and lake, walked around saw the white swans in the lake.
Tonight, we are in a hotel hoping the weather will warrant a ride up the tram to see the Jung Frau. Switzerland is incredibly green with lots of flowers, trees, and picturesque homes.
October 7, 2003
Yesterday a beautiful clear day, we stayed at Lauterbrunnen at the foot of the Jung Frau, then got on a train that took us up to a station where we got on a cable or cog train that took us up through a tunnel carved through the mountain up to the highest point in Europe an engineering marvel. At the top was a huge multistoried building in the ice and rock with breathtaking vistas.
In the afternoon, we drove through beautiful valleys, mountains with their villages, chalets, etc.
Today the 7th we drove into Austria and saw mad king Ludwig’s parents castle and today we hope to see the castle he built which is the one Disney copied for his resort.
October 8, 2008
Got up early, took the tour through mad king Ludwig’s castle, magnificent, but he only lived in it 10 days before he drowned in the lake with his psychiatrist. There is mystery surrounding the circumstances as to whether it was an accident, murder, or suicide. He had just become declared insane by the government and removed from the monarchy.
Tonight, we are in Salzburg, Germany and went inside the church where the Von Trapp wedding took place in the film “Sound of Music”. The hills, mountains, valleys, field, homes, and ever-present window boxes and flowers are just lovely.
October 9, 2003
We drove through lovely Austrian and German valleys at the foot of the Alps, took a tour through a huge salt mine in Salzburg via tram, slides, boats, stairs, and escalator, seemed like miles and miles. At one point, we went into Germany underground.
A picture was taken of me sliding down one of the shutes, very unflattering, and Elaine insisted we buy it. The mines date back to Mid-Evil times.
We then drove to Berchtesgaden to the foot of Hitler’s Eagles Nest but it was to stormy with snow at the top, so we could not go up.
We did visit a museum at the base depicting Hitler’s rise to power and the Holocaust. Very depressing, reminds me of the scripture “the wicked shall have glory in their works for a season.”
Tonight, we are in Innsbruck, had a lovely dinner with a musical group in the dining room across from us that provided us with a small concert, harp, trombone, accordion, and guitars.
October 10, 2003
Our last night in Europe. Today we went in the shopping district of Innsbruck a beautiful city surrounded by high snow-covered Alps, then had a nice drive down to a town near the airport at Zurich. A lovely drive through Alpine valleys, many tunnels, one about 5 miles long.
We have really seen some beautiful country, but I feel the real beauty of anyplace is if the people you love are there and if you can have the spirit of the Lord with you.
We had a good time with Randy and Kathy. Randy did a marvelous job of driving with the road signs being largely un-intelligible.
[Resumption of journal, volume 3]
November 16, 2003 Since last notation:
1.            We have been to Switzerland, Austria, and a bit of Germany with Kathy and Randy. We met Randy in Zurich, he had been in Greece helping set up for the Olympics, television, etc. Rented a car, Randy drove and Kathy directed us, toured Alps, villages, castles, county side, had a wonderful trip. 

2.            We drove to Cedar City, Utah to attend Jenny Brown’s graduation from George Wythe College. 

3.            I sold my Rolls Royce and with the money took my children and spouses back to Nauvoo. 

Each of my children wanted a father’s blessing, and I in turn had a blessing from them, David being mouth. We all stayed at the same hotel, had dinner, went to a show at the Cultural Hall put on by the senior missionaries, then attended the 9AM temple session Saturday.
Elaine and I stayed with Judy and Mike 3 nights and I fell in love with their children.
November 16, 2003
Last Sunday as Sacrament meeting was about to start, the bishop sent a messenger down to where I was sitting and asked why I was not on the stand, as I was speaking. They got me a program and sure enough I was listed. I had not been notified so I went to the stand.
Also, last Friday night, we went to a Know Your Religion lecture at our stake center. For some reason the speaker did not come, and I was asked to fill in.
Today was our Christmas devotional at the Los Angeles Temple. Elder John H. Groberg of the Seventy presided and spoke. I was the doctor on call again. Thankfully no one needed help.
November 20, 2003
Married Elaine’s grandson Rex Phelps and Annie Randall in the Mesa Temple. I met Annie’s grandmother and found she was a younger sister of George Ellsworth who was a grade school class mate of Elaine and I, So I asked, “How is George?” and she replied “Oh, he is dead, he was old you know.”
Thanksgiving at our home. Jim and Carol and Kent and Deborah and available children came.
Spent Christmas at Kathy and Randy’s. Got to see Charles and David and families. Generally, were snowed in, in fact we returned our car early rather than let it sit in the snow and I didn’t want to be another storm accident statistic.
January 18, 2004
Stake Conference, Elder Richard G. Scott of the Twelve, our visitor. Wonderful! 27 years ago, I was released as Stake President and ordained patriarch. I have held a stake position for 48-year consecutive years.
Elder Scott conferred the sealing power on some new sealers. One man, David Payne after receiving the sealing power (a complete surprise) had a granddaughter getting married 30 minutes later by the Temple President. Elder Scott said, “I just changed that, you are going to perform the sealing.” When President Hatch went up to the celestial room to tell his granddaughter she said, “Oh I knew, 3 days ago, the Spirit told me.”
February 7, 2004
I lay awake many nights unable to sleep. I used to have older patients who had the same problem. I think of many things, childhood, the war (WWII), Marjorie, each of our children, old friends (most are dead now) I review a lot of my mistakes and regrets, aching for Marjorie, grateful for Elaine, worrying about our children and their families.
It was so clear to me this morning that the most desirable condition ever is to be “right” with the Lord and be guided by his Spirit in our relationships as child, spouse or sibling or to His other children.
March 3, 2004
Last weekend I flew up to Yuba City and Gridley for the blessing of Alyssa Nicole Goodman, Nate and Heather’s daughter.
Also, Bill Goodman, Glenn’s father’s funeral. He and I used to eat lunch together in the 4th grade at the old Franklin school in Mesa Arizona never dreaming that I would move to Southern California. He to northern California and our kids would meet at the Y and marry.
I stayed with Jim and Carol and as I watched one of our beautiful granddaughters play the violin so pure and sweet I caught a glimpse of how our Father in Heaven feels about one who would violate one of His daughters.
Bill was less than 3 months older than I, so naturally I reflected on that.
Elaine’s daughter Kathy had come down to see us with some of her family so Elaine stayed home. Kathy is helping Elaine get her family records in order.
April 4, 2004
Just saw General Conference on television. We are truly led by prophets. Elaine and I turned 83 in March.
June 6, 2004
Jim, Carol, and family came down. James has received his mission call to Knoxville Tennessee (Spanish speaking). James, Jenny, and Christy took out their endowments Saturday evening. Elaine and I attended with them.
Catherine today shared with me a very sweet sacred vision she had of Marjorie. We both wept, and it was something I needed very much.
June 13, 2004
At Stake Conference today, I was released as the Stake Patriarch after 27 years and 5 months, 1522 blessings and another man will have that marvelous sacred experience. I have enjoyed it very much and would not try to keep someone else from having it, and it was time. I still have the office of Patriarch and can give blessings to my descendants. People have been very gracious and kind to me in expressions of love.
June 17, 2004
Performed the marriage of our oldest grandson (Marjorie’s) Ben Goodman to Holly Furr in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. The bride’s father grew up in Mesa Arizona and is a nephew of Edgar Furr a grade school classmate of mine and he has an old Rolls Royce.
June 23, 2004
Met with our Stake President and our new Stake Patriarch Duane Nichols. It was a very sweet sacred experience, and I knew the Lord called him, and that he was fore ordained to be a patriarch and I’m grateful I did not have to die before he could be called. I know him well. I called him to the bishopric the first time, delivered 3 of his children and gave all 5 their patriarchal blessings.
I asked President Crawford for a blessing, not because of being released as Stake Patriarch, but because of some other concerns that were troubling me, and it was an inspired and comforting blessing that I needed and wanted. It is difficult for me to comprehend the Lord’s mercy.
July 22, 2004
Marjorie died 17 years ago today. Last Sunday in our Gospel Doctrine class I realized I delivered the teacher.
September 19, 2004
Elaine is lying upstairs in bed dying, same room as Marjorie died in.
My heart is being torn and stretched with a sense of loss yet with gratitude for the great gift of 16 years.
She is dying just like Marjorie, metastatic cancer spread to the bones from an unknown primary.
The last two weeks of August we went on a 2-week Scandinavian Cruse while the Temple was closed. Just before we left she complained of some back and hip pain. It was relieved by over the counter arthritis medication and we assumed that it was a flare up of arthritis pain which she has had over the years. During the trip, it became very severe. Fortunately, I had taken with us some strong pain pills and we got through the trip, England, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark. We traveled with Jack and Betty McEwen. Had we waited a week to go we could not have gone. The day after we got home I arranged bone scans, MRI, CAT scans etc., and confirmed the diagnoses of what clinically I knew she had.
Her children have all been here and support the decision not to treat her heroically. There have been some very tender sweet family visits. As I observe it, I cry inside.
So many want to help, and I tell them, “just pray she does not suffer.”
October 2, 2004
Elaine passed away 4 AM upstairs in our bedroom where Marjorie passed away. I had hospice help us and I took care of her at home as with Marjorie. As with Marjorie I don’t think I loved her more than when I was taking care of her.
October 24, 2004
I had told Elaine that I wanted to outlive her 2 weeks, so she would not have to be widowed again. It is now a day past 3 weeks.
Being widowed the 2nd time is a very stretching experience. I now miss Marjorie more, while I miss Elaine very much I realize she is no longer my wife. She is sealed to Rex. I am grateful to have experienced the sweetness of a tender relationship with another wonderful woman and as I was privileged to be there caring for both Marjorie and Elaine as mortality faded I got just a glimpse of the sacred preciousness of daughter’s
of God and as I felt the sacred impact of that once in a lifetime experience my heart ached and nearly broke at the significance.
I have periods of a sick empty feeling, then when I get tired of my pity party I am filled with gratitude. Elaine’s children have been very supportive and good to me. I hope we can remain close. Marjorie and my children have been very helpful and concerned.
Today in Sacrament meeting, the program was by the primary children and as I watched those sweet children I remembered our own children at that age and wondered why I didn’t try to lengthen out that time with of them and their mother. I spend a lot of time remembering, aching, and grateful for the miracle of Marjorie and each of our children. There are tender special moments seared into my heart.
November 14, 2004
A lot has happened, including selling our home of about 43 years and buying another. The first without Marjorie unless she helped me from the other side. I’d like to think so.
December 19, 2004
Marjorie and my 57th wedding anniversary. Here I am in my lovely new home with such a magnificent view of the entire valley. I have a completely landscaped acre with a swimming pool, home filled with too much furniture, rugs and accessories, mementos, paintings, etc., yet wishing I could go back to that little house trailer with no bathroom and Marjorie there.
Moving was a miracle. I had all my children and about 45 people from the ward move me in 2 days. My children arranged the home like they thought Marjorie would have and I feel they came close.
Christmas is near. All the music and programs remind me of many Christmases and people long gone, Christmases during the depression when we would have had no presents if it were not for a childless aunt, who had a husband who had a job, and she saw to it that we had presents. I remember one Christmas my mother walked to town and paid 15 cents for a second-hand book for me for Christmas. Then of course the wonderful Christmases with Marjorie. She loved Christmas, nativity sets, decorations, and making sure others had Christmas, particularly the missionaries. One Christmas Eve we had 36 missionaries for dinner and program, some very sweet memories. I had some nice Christmases with Elaine and her family also.
January 23, 2005
Had a nice Christmas. Jim and Carol and 8 of their children (James on a mission), Kent and 5 of his children (Ryan on his mission).
Lechelle miraculously escaped the tidal wave in Thailand by coming home a week early. The people she was going to stay with in her original plans were killed.
February 9, 2005
Spent the evening rereading my journal trying to think of a way to describe how I feel. I am unable to do so.
Our granddaughter Jessica Goodman is marrying Daniel Woodward in the Oakland Temple Feb. 18. I have my letter from [the] First Presidency giving me approval.
May 29, 2005
Jessica’s wedding Feb. 18 to a very fine young man, trips to Arizona for Elaine and Rex’s great grandson Carter Reed Germaine’s blessing.
To Arizona for my high schools 67th reunion, graduated in 1938, not many left.
Yesterday Lechelle Wooten took out her endowment at Los Angeles Temple, entire family here.
My new house withstood the heavy rains we had this year (40 inches) very well as near as I can tell.
June 2, 2005
26 years ago, given sealing power [by] Pres. Kimball.
June 11, 2005
Stake Conference weekend, no responsibility except to attend and listen, and heed counsel. When I was serving in Stake Presidency we had 4 conferences a year with a General Authority every time. I estimate I have spoken in about 80 Stake Conferences.
I have my first ward calling in over 48 years, assistant Priest Quorum advisor. I think I will enjoy it, although I wish Marjorie were here to help. She was a superb teacher.
I have had some very special visits with my children and grandchildren as well as Elaine’s children and grandchildren. The more I know them the more I love them.
I have been sorting Marjorie’s and Elaine’s papers, pictures, and writings, and I am forcibly struck with how precious a woman is. I appreciate the things they wrote. Marjorie was so perfect for me, and I long for her every day and thank the Lord for her a number of times each day.
I learned to care deeply for Elaine and hope and pray she and Rex are happy together again and approve of what I am trying to do now as I have learned to love their family very much.
July 24, 2005
On July 21, Norma and I flew up to Salt Lake City, she from Phoenix and I from Ontario. Stayed with David and Colleen, had a family gathering, then Friday the 22nd went to President Hinckley’s 95th birthday party in the Conference Center and stayed with Kathy and Randy who were ushering at the center that night. The program was outstanding. President Hinckley said, “Let’s have another party in 5 years and have 100 candles.” What a remarkable prophet. He now has another world trip scheduled. He has already traveled over 1 million miles.
In my recent prayers, I have pled with the Lord to help me to not do anything with my last days that would be displeasing to Him or Marjorie. As I sat with Norma in the conference Center and thinking of how it was exactly 18 years to the day that Marjorie died, I turned to Norma and proposed. She accepted, and we plan to marry soon. She will keep her condo in Mesa and we will have 2 homes. Hers incidentally she bought from Elaine. I will still be Uncle Jim to her family and she will be Aunt Norma to ours.
August 18, 2005
Norma and I were married by her bishop in Mesa at Three Fountains Club House where Norma has her condo.
We had good representation from all four families. Norma has been married 2 times before also.
We then left for Canada to take the Rocky Mountain rail trip dome liner through the Canadian Rockies to Banff and Lake Louise.
September 2005
Norma and I few to Tennessee to see her and Marjorie’s cousin Delbert Jones who has kept track of all the Jones relatives.
October 22, 2005
We flew to Kansas for Richard Wooten’s baptism. Judy and Mike had all 8 of their children there. Mike’s parents who I enjoy and respect very much, were there also.
Last week Jill and 3 children and Jim and Carol with 6 of their children came to see us. Since they were already cousins, it was a very pleasant and good visit, nothing awkward.
October 30, 2005
Norma and I have made several trips to Mesa. Julie is living downstairs in Norma’s condo and we are adjusting I think quite well. It seems very natural to be with her, even though I am amazed at how different each of my 3 wives are. I am acutely aware of how temporary mortal ties are and can’t help but wonder what the future holds for us. I dread the thought of being alone again, yet I don’t want her to have a 3rd experience either.
As I think of the Savior taking on all our sorrows and grief, I tremble to think of Him experiencing our loneliness and grief multiplied many times.
November 20, 2005
A lovely Sabbath, our home is in such a beautiful spot in the hills with abundant foliage, privacy, and spectacular view.
I prepared my Priest quorum lesson, didn’t have time for the lesson with the necessary quorum business, but I got a lot out of preparing it, so I was not disappointed. Actually, I was relieved, I’m not a gifted teacher like Marjorie. Not having a ward calling for nearly 50 years, I have a great deal to learn.
I enjoy having Norma with me. She is a very sweet lady.
Thanksgiving 2005
Spent in Arizona with Jill and David Heywood and Julie and Jill and David’s 6 children, Norma’s grandchildren.
Christmas 2005
Spent in Utah, stayed with David and Colleen. Norma fits in well with my family and it’s her family also. She also fits in well in our ward.
February 24 – March 14, 2006
Norma and I sailed around Cape Horn through the Magellan Straits with Jack and Betty McEwan, flew to Buenos Aires, got on a ship, went up to Uruguay, Falkland Islands, several Argentine cities, Chilean cities near Antarctica, and ended up in Santiago Chile before flying home. A great trip, Norma travels well.
April 9, 2006
Norma and I drove up to Utah for the blessing of Kathy’s granddaughter Charlene Gibson and Johanna’s granddaughter Tabitha Goodman, stayed with Kathy Saturday night. Their blessing was 9AM Sunday and Ben and Holly had their baby blessed at 5PM so it worked out well, got to see a lot of grandchildren all around, stayed in Cedar City one night, got to see Jenny and Jacob Brown going to school there.
I really enjoyed being with our grandchildren and Kathy and Randy’s family.
At Ben and Holly’s baby blessing, Holly’s grandfather took me for a ride in his Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. He has a marvelous collection of cars, the time, “know how”, money, equipment, and space, and can-do things I wanted to but couldn’t with my cars. I had a brief twinge of envy, but it quickly passed, as I thought of the Rolls I sold, and it took Marjorie and I to New Zealand, later China, and the last I sold and took our children to Nauvoo with their spouses.
April 25, 2006
Rereading my journal is a healing experience. I’m glad I wrote what I have, even though I’m the only one able to decipher it.
June 22, 2006
Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. We used to joke about it being the longest day of the year. Also, yesterday was the final payment received for our old home where the children grew up. Had I been a better business man, I probably could have made more money, but I felt that the home and property was a gift in the first place, so I have no complaints, just want to maintain myself with dignity until the end of my mortality.
In May I had the privilege of performing Johnny and Amber Goodman’s marriage in the Oakland Temple (8th), also Lechelle and Kelly Hendrick’s marriage in the Salt Lake Temple (27th).
June 28, 2006
Attended Shawn Adam s farewell talk in Sacrament meeting. Elder Uchtdorf of the 12 was on the stand (it’s his home ward).
I do a lot of sitting, listening to music that reminds me of old dreams and yearnings, people I love and miss. Music reminds me of events and people. When I think back on my youth dreams I think I was always longing for Marjorie, just didn’t know what it was until the Lord gave her to me. There are some pieces that fill me with inexpressible longing for her, and each of our children. As I agonize over decisions I need to make, I wish she were here and I ask myself what would she like me to do.
November 9, 2006
I was thinking I should write in my journal again and I reread what I wrote on the 28th of June (above) and what I was thinking of writing is about what I already wrote.
I miss Marjorie, she was truly a miracle in my life, a gift from the Lord. I learned to love Elaine, but I always knew she was on loan for what reason I’m not sure, but it was sweet, and I hope I have been of some use to she and Rex’s children.
November 11, 2006
Attended a sealers meeting with Elder Keith Hilbig of the Seventy in the Los Angeles Temple.
January 27, 2007
Still “alive” even though I have not written for a while and if I did I’d probably repeat myself. I have been very blessed. Norma is at the temple, it is her Tuesday evening shifts turn to serve Saturday evening at the temple. She went in with Beverly Hekking. I serve next Saturday 12-8PM in sealings. Norma’s turn to give Relief Society lesson tomorrow, she prepares well like Marjorie did.
February 2, 2007
I watched a BYU program where 3 of President Hinckley’s children were talking about growing up and they all said mother was perfect, dad was not. I think my children would say the same.
February 24, 2007
I was feeling particularly aware of how meaningless my beautiful new house full of lovely art pieces and antiques was without the one I love. Norma was in Arizona taking care of some things and I was missing Marjorie.
Ginny Burningham called and said could I come over and sing to you (she sang at Marjorie’s funeral). She came over and sang some lovely old love songs I treasure and afterwards she said she felt like she was singing to me for Marjorie. I can’t express the comfort I felt. I once told Ginny that she must have been part of the angelic choir singing at the Saviors birth.
March 10, 2007
Jeremy and Tiffany Phelps and their 2 children spent the night with us. We enjoy them. They had been to Disneyland with some of Tiffany’s family.
For some time, I have been reading obituaries in the papers. I usually see how long they were married to the same spouse and how many children and what they have done with their lives. Now that I am old, I realize that being a good son, spouse, father should have been my chief goal in life and you can do that best by living the gospel.
September 16, 2007
Still alive, was asked to come into the Elders Quorum to talk about marriage. I guess at my age with 3 marriages I’m considered an authority.
October 7, 2007
I have really enjoyed conference on television. It was a beautiful clear morning, and I looked out over the valley at the hills and mountains, I thought of how much more beautiful things looked when Marjorie came in my life.
October 28, 2007
Norma and I returned last night from a tour with the Sons of the Utah Pioneers on a bus trip to the Mexican Colonies where my mother was born. We attended 2 temples, Colonia Juarez and Hermosillo and saw part of Copper Canyon.
We spent 2 nights in Dublan where mother was born. By coincidence one of my Hurst cousins was on the bus. We have the same great grandfather Philip Hurst, and Norma met a woman on the tour who shares a great Grandfather with Marjorie and her.
The Colonia Juarez Temple is the smallest temple in the church. I have attended about 26 Temples and I have never felt the spirit stronger than there and had a great feeling of love and appreciation for my family and others in the Colonies who because of their faithfulness, being bi lingual, and love of the Spanish speaking people, provided most of the early missionaries, mission presidents etc., that established the church in Central and South America and could really see how the Lord was in charge. I’m sure the early pioneers could not see how their trials, persecutions etc. were blessing and preparing them to build up his Kingdom. As I contemplated this a number of times in the Temples tears came to my eyes.
November 25, 2007
Norma and I drove over to Arizona for Thanksgiving, had Thanksgiving dinner at Jill and David Heywood, most of the Heywood clan came and we enjoyed them. David’s grandfather David Heywood was a Stake President for years in Phoenix, even over lapped my presidency in California and I used to see him at General Conference and he was the Real Estate agent that sold my parent’s their farm in Kyrene and I got a baby for adoption for his daughter who couldn’t have children. Jill’s mother-in-law Sylvia was raised in the colonies when my mother was and knew our people.
Christmas Week 2007
Norma and I flew up to spend Christmas with Janna, Glen, Jim and Carol and families, then flew up to Salt Lake to be with Charles, David and families. Barbara had a dinner for all of us, got to most of the grandchildren up there.
The week before Christmas we had dinner with Kent, Debra and family.
Jan. 27, 2008
President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away this evening. What a blessing he has been in our lives as have been all of our presidents. I have liked everything I ever saw him do or say. He was our first conference visitor after I was called go be Stake
President. I look forward to being instructed by President Monson. I’m so grateful to know these men have been prepared by the Lord.
February 17, 2008
Elaine and I had been reading at least 2 chapters of the Book of Mormon and I continue with Norma. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, it solidifies my testimony of this work and the Prophet Joseph and I feel if one always reads it their testimony will be protected.
March 12, 2008
I renewed my driver’s license today. I had been dreading it hoping I could pass the vision test. Only having one good eye since birth (congenital amblyopia) and at 87 it has aged. I got new glasses and managed to pass. I suspect it will be my last. Most of the males in my family haven’t lived past 90 so at 92 when 5 years is up, if I’m still alive, I will probably be a menace. When I was 82 and renewed, I felt it could be my last. I think my hillside home with its steep driveway and working the weeds and walking up in the hills is keeping me alive. I feel better if I have exerted myself each day.
April 6, 2008
General Conference. It was so assuring to see the mantle of Prophet rest upon President Monson.
I was particularly touched by his closing remarks as he told of his wife’s hospitalization and coma for a head injury and his love for her right from the time he first saw her. He counseled us to express love for each member of our family while we could.
From my first date with Marjorie, I wanted to be with her and each child I loved the first time I saw them. I wonder if I ever told them enough.
August 24, 2008
Of course, many things have taken place. I have not written about because I write many things in my family letter and I think that some of the children keep the family letter as a record, so I hesitate to repeat. My handwriting is so bad.
Norma’s is in Arizona for a few days and I’ve been going through a lot of my papers personal and Marjorie’s, also some of Elaine’s that I kept. It has been good for me, reminding me of how blessed I’ve been. I did not weed out very much and my family
will have to look at letters, pictures of people they don’t know and who are dead. I am sorry but throw it out if you like, its good for me to review, periodically while I’m alive. But I realize my era is almost gone. Most of the newspaper articles my mother sent me are about people in Arizona that our children will not know but I like to look at them. If I knew when I was going to die, I’d throw them all away the week before.
September 21, 2008
David attended a medical series in San Diego this week and drove up this morning to meet us at church and spend 2 days with us. When he came, and sat beside me, I was choked up with gratitude as I am with each child when they arrive safe. We have had a good day visiting, me doing most of the talking.
Tomorrow he wants to help tame my jungle (he doesn’t know it’s is a losing battle), but it will feel good to me to work together.
November 16, 2008
Have been reading the conference edition of the Ensign and I realize that as great a leader President Hinckley was, it is now President Monson’s time to guide us. All the talks are so right for us now.
April 3, 2009
Successfully passed my 88th birthday on the 26th of March. It has been 71 years since I graduated from High School.
I just finished reading a book of people’s remembrances of World War II, when it started, during, and when it ended, in Europe and then the Pacific. I was riding up to Salt Lake from Provo with my father’s cousin Bruce Lyman and we heard of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on the car radio. I still remember the foreboding realization of how our lives would be changed.
I was in Germany in a combat engineer battalion when the war needed there. We were then shipped to the Philippines and were part of the preparations to invade Japan when the bomb was dropped. We were watching an outdoor movie “The big Sleep” with Humphrey Bogart. We all had our rifles etc. The movie was stopped, and it was announced that Japan had surrendered. Pandemonium broke out, men were shooting off their rifles in the air etc. Finally, an old Colonel quieted us down and said he was in Europe when World War I ended and quite a few men lost their lives or were injured through carless celebrating and he wanted all to get home safe. I feel that had the bomb not been dropped and we had to invade Japan by conventional bombing etc., I may not have come home as well as thousands of others on both sides.
I think of many I knew who were killed and didn’t get to know someone like Marjorie and our children.
May 13, 2009
I have been reading of the lives of many of the Twelve and while I could envy some of their accomplishments, and I certainly do admire and respect them, none of them had a wife like I had in Marjorie.
November 4, 2009
In the afternoon of Halloween my right inguinal hernia incarcerated and part of my intestine was strangulated. I called my good and dear friend Dr. Jeff Tsae that Marjorie and I went to China with and who took care of Marjorie when she died. He said, go to the emergency room, I’ll meet you there, we will have a direct admit and do emergency surgery. Jim Smith took me, and Jeff was waiting. He operated before gangrene set in and I’m doing fine. I went home the next day. People have been so kind.
April 24, 2010
I have had many family experiences since my last entry, sweet and tender and personal, children, grandchildren, a surprise 89th birthday party that I mistakenly received an e-mail invitation to attend. I was surprised anyone came! All my children, many grandchildren and many letters, kind words, etc. (to kind really).
For the past 2 months Norma has been very ill, I.C.U. [intensive care unit], three times in hospital, and care facility etc. She is very discouraged.
I was driving to the temple today alone feeling unsure of my self at 89 wondering what to do and if I should not try to keep going and I began to think about Marjorie and it felt like she was with me and I regained my confidence. It was such a good feeling, even during the marriage I performed I felt her presence. What a sweet gift from the LORD.
July 22, 2010
Norma is still in the Hospital alternating with ICU and care center. I try to see her at least twice a day except on July 11 Jenny and I flew up to be at Christies farewell and setting apart for her mission to Brazil, flew up AM, came back in the evening same day.
It’s been over 5 months that Norma has been ill, not knowing if she will recover.
I realize that I should write more often and more, do a lot of meditating and remembering and marveling at my life’s experiences. I am grateful to the Lord and my forebears and for my wife and children. I could never repay.
August 1, 2010
Had a recommend interview with a member of our bishopric. He was a young boy in the ward when Marjorie was alive. He confided to me that he and his friends used to think Marjorie looked and acted like our Heavenly Mother must look.
August 17, 2010
Went to a Temple devotional where Elder Russel M. Nelson of the 12 was our speaker. I was the physician for the meeting and I told Elder Nelson I was grateful I didn’t need to call on him for help as a physician. I took Jenny with me since Norma couldn’t go and she got to shake hands with him.
December 5, 2010
I have had a nice week. I had Thanksgiving dinner with Norma at the care center. I then flew up to Salt Lake on Saturday Nov. 27, drove to see Kathy and Randy Adams and family. All 6 of their children were there. I had given all the children patriarchal blessings, including Randy their father.
I felt impressed to give Kathy a father’s blessing, acting for her real father, a blessing of love from her father, mother, and grandparents who I knew. It was sweet. I then got to have a personal visit with each of the children, tell them about their real grandfather, and let them ask me questions, a very sweet experience.
I then drove down to Springville to David’s home. We then went to Barbara’s home, had many grandchildren.
(Actually, I drove to Alpine to see Charlie before seeing David, had a good visit and gave him a father’s blessing, then drove to David’s.)
At Barbara’s I got to visit with many grandchildren and tell them about their heritage.
Sunday David drove me to the Wooten’s where Judy and Mike were visiting from Kansas, gave Richard and Melody patriarchal blessings, gave Judy a father’s blessing and had a personal visit with each of her children who were there.
We then went to Adam’s ward where Adam blessed Elianna, a beautiful baby daughter.
At David’s home, I gave him a father’s blessing.
I have been in the presence of prophets etc. through the years and as I sat in the presence of my choice grandchildren I realized I had never been in the presence of anyone more loved of the Lord!
The next morning Colleen, Barbara and I went to the BYU Art Museum where the Carl Bloch paintings of the live of Christ were on loan from Denmark, VERY MOVING EXPERIENCE.
Then flew home.
It is very laborious and painful to write because my right hand is so spastic and jerky. I should learn to write with my left hand, it does not spasm and jerk. I would write more often in my journal if it were not such an ordeal.
December 12, 2010
Yesterday I flew to Sacramento, rented a car and drove to Yuba City to see Janna and Glen, who is dying of A.L.S. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I wanted to act as his father and give him a blessing and tell him how much I appreciate the good son-in-law he has been.
I also gave Janna, Jim, and Carol blessings of love and appreciation and Carol comfort in the recent death of her mother, flew home same night.
December 31, 2010
I sealed Boston Kelly Hendricks to his parents in the St. Louis Temple.
January 3, 2011
Glen Goodman, Johanna’s husband passed away.
January 10, 2011
Glen’s services were held in Yuba City. All my children came, and Janna did so well in how she responded. I have always admired how well she handles herself. She told how the Lord helped her, a 59-year old woman with a bad back and arthritis care for and lift her sweetheart to the very end.
I quoted President Boyd K. Packer in saying that the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve know what happens on the other side of the veil and are not alarmed by the seemingly pre-mature death of a loved one.
I used to eat lunch on the lawn of the Franklin school in Mesa Arizona 4th grade with Glen’s father.
January 23, 2011
Our Stake presidency was changed today. 34 years ago this month I was released as Stake President and ordained a Patriarch by Elder L. Tom Perry.