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Deborah's Austrian Heritage

Kufstein is a town in the Austrian state of Tyrol, the administrative seat of Kufstein District. With a population of about 18,400, it is the second largest Tyrolean town after the state capital Innsbruck. The greatest landmark is Kufstein Fortress, first mentioned in the 13th century

County Tyiol

Jenbach 2 families
Kufstein 8 families
Schwaz 8 families

15 things to do in Kufstein

Cemetery in Kufstein

Kloster Friedhof

6330 Kufstein



Bavarian dialect tend to pronounce "Jenbach" as "Jembåch".

The earliest dwellings in Jenbach date back to the end of the early Bronze Age and the early La Tène culture. Jenbach was first officially named in a document of the year of 1269 as "Ymbach". From 1410 onwards the Fugger constructed furnaces in order to process the silver and copper ore dug from the mines near Schwaz. After these ores were mined out, the processing of iron ore took over. Until 1865 this early industrial infrastructure remained private, however afterwards the state took ownership. 

The railway station of Jenbach contains three different railways:


Catholic church: