Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Where did the Bachman's and Sidler's live in Switzerland?

Jacob Bachman born 1830 in Wiliberg, Aargau, Switzerland
On the Bachman line here are the places of birth

Wiliberg: 2 families, current population 160, 1/2 square mile, no church nearby
Bottenwil: 10  families, current population now 790, 2 square miles, 300 homes, I sent a message to the local pastor at EMK Bottenwil
Attelwil: 5 families, cirremt population 294, .86 sq miles
Reitnau: 8 families, current population 1275, 2 sq miles, The church dates from 1522

Jacob's parents:
Hans Rudolf Bachman born 1796 in Bottenwil, Aargau
died 1858 in Wiliberg, Aargau

Elizabeth Aerny born 1791 in Attelwil Aargau Switzerland
died 1850 in Attelwil, Aargau, Switzerland
Hans Rudolf Bachman parents:
Rudolf Bachman born 1759 Wiliberg , Aargau
died 1810

Verena Hochuli born 1773 Reitnau, Argau
died 1841
Elizabeth Aerni's parents:
Heinrich Aerni born 1760 Reitnau
died 1847 Reitnau

Elisabeth Wullschieger
born 1760 Reitnau
died 1847 Attelwil-Reitnau

Ottenbach is an  hour away from these towns.

Wife Anna Hegetschweiler born in Ottenbach, Zurich Switzerland
Anna Sidler born 1827 in Ottenbach Zurick Switzerland

Thirty eight people in this family line were born in Ottenbach.

Johannes Sidler b 1772 Ottenbach, Zurich
Susanna Jenta born 1804 Wetzikon Zurich
Johannes Sidler parents:
Hans Rudolf Sidler b 1742 Ottenbach, Zurich
Elizabeth Sidler born 1747 Ottenbach, Zurich

Protestant church in Ottenbach:
 Sonja Weisenhorn,
Pastor, emailed
Jonenstrasse 6 (5,372.94 mi)
Ottenbach, Switzerland 8913

She said: 

Dear Mr. Gardiner, Unfortunately, there is no possibility for genealogy. The graves are cleared after 25 years, so the cemetery is not an archive. Maybe the local council can help you. Best regards Sonja Weisenhorn, pastor


It is located near the Reuss River on the border with the Canton of Aargau.

Ottenbach owns the Ottenbach Small Hydro power plant with original equipment of 1920 which is still running for guided visits. It produced current for operating looms of the silk weaving factory A.F. Haas & Co. until 1975.

In 1169 it was mentioned as Arnoldus de Ottonbac.[3] Since the end of the 18th century, the textile industry had expanded as a home industry (Putting-out system) in Ottenbach: In 1784, the cotton spinning mill employed 49% of the local population (430 people, 287 of whom worked all year round). At the beginning of the 19th century there were around 350 weaving looms and the Zurich Mechanical Silk Weaving Mill employed more than 200 people in Ottenbach from the village and the surrounding are