Thursday, February 14, 2019

Poem for Deborah

Love's Requests

I asked for goodness
He sent me someone to hold hands with in the Temple
I asked for a companion
He sent me a curvy woman with a beautiful face
I asked for direction
He sent me a critic that makes everything I do better
I asked for love
He sent me a dedicated mother and grandmother
I asked for a stable home
He sent me a decorator
I asked for color
He turned my life blush pink
I asked for hope
He said, she’ll hope with you
I asked for charity
He sent me a gift giver
I asked for peace
He let me retire with my lover
I asked for financial security
He sent me a spender who adds color to my life
I asked for health
He said, she'll cook for you
I asked for tall
He sent someone I can reach for 
I asked for young
He said she thinks young
I asked for beautiful
He makes my heart skips when I see her
I asked for eternal life
He sent me someone who loves Him
He sent me you. 

To Deborah from Kent

Happy Valentine's Day, 2019