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How many Scholl's lived in Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden, Deutschland?

Answer: 7 generations spanning 225 years
or  at least 17 families and counting. 

The following Gardiner/Scholl ancestors were born in Graben. Each family had a number of children not included.

Philipp Scholl b 1825 (father of Frederick Scholl, father of George Scholl)
his mother Christina Scholl b 1798

her father Johann Wendel Scholl born 1748
her mother Maria Chathrina Nucher born 1768

Johann's father and mother:
Johann Georg Scholl born 1720
Anna Maria Kammere born 1723

Johann Georg's father and mother:
George Scholl 1678
Maria Elisabetha Weidmann 1685

Anna Maria Kammerer's father and mother:
Hans Wendel Kammerer born 1682
Maria Magdalena  born 1691

Georg Scholl's father and mother:
Hans Andreas Endris Scholl 1689
Anna Margretha Hosen 1644

Hans Andres Endris Scholl's father and mother:
Joss Scholl born 1600
Barbara Dietrich born 1602

and more. 

Philipp born 1825 received his citizenship in 1855 after he renounced his allegiance to:

Louis II, Grand Duke of Baden (15 August 1824 – 22 January 1858) was the son of Leopold I, Grand Duke of Baden and Sophie of Holstein-Gottorp, Princess of Sweden.
Louis succeeded his father as Grand Duke of Baden on 24 April 1852. His brother Frederick acted as regent, because Louis suffered from mental illness. However, in 1856, Frederick because grand duke as well. He was also an honorary citizen of Karlsruhe where he died. 

Graben Population today: 12,000

Short History

The village of Graben was probably created between the 5th and 7th century, though this isn't entirely certain. An ancient Roman road (partly visible to this day) connecting KehlMühlburgHeidelberg, and Neuenheim runs north/south through the Graben area. The discovery of Roman coins in the area suggest a Roman camp was located around the current site of the city.
The first documentary evidence of Graben only dates back to 1306. By the 14th and 15th century was Graben already a regional hub for trade as well as the church.
Graben came under the jurisdiction of the Margraviate of Baden in 1312.[3] When the Margraviate of Baden was divided between brothers Bernhard III. and Ernst in 1535, Graben came under the Margraviate of Baden-Durlach.[4] In 1771 when the Margraviate of Baden was reestablished Graben came under its jurisdiction.[5]
In 1556, Margrave Charles II of Baden-Durlach introduced Lutheranism in the Margraviate of Baden-Durlach. He also moved his residence from Pforzheim to Durlach giving the Margraviate its name.[6]
The wars of the 17th century brought great misery to Graben. The Thirty Years' War from 1618 to 1648 took a heavy toll. In 1622, Graben had 145 citizens, by 1648 there were only 42 citizens.[7]
In the War of the Grand Alliance (1688-1697), the French destroyed Graben, so that only the church, city hall and some buildings remained. The inhabitants of the village were forced into the forests and in the surrounding area. Peace, order and prosperity did not return until the middle of the 18th century.
The village of Neudorf ("new village") resulted from merging two settlements, first noted in 1497 as "Nuwdorff".

From Myers Gazetteer: 
Type D. - Graben is a Dorf (Village).

Lvl I Baden - Level I shows which Kingdom or State the place is located in. Graben is located in Baden.

Kr Karlsruhe - The Kreis for Graben is Karlsruhe. A Kreis is a government district (similar to a U.S. county).

A Karlsruhe - The Amtsbezirk for Graben is Karlsruhe. The Amtsbezirk is the District Office.

AG Karlsruhe - The Amtsgericht for Graben is in Karlsruhe. The Amtsgericht is where the Lower District Court is located.

BKdo Karlsruhe - The Bezirkskommando for Graben is in Karlsruhe. The Bezirkskommando is the District Military Command. You can look in the BKdo to find military records.

StdA Graben 1) [self] - The Standesamt for Graben is in itself. The Standesamt is where the Civil Registration Office is located.

ev. Pfk. 1 - Graben has 1 evangelisch Pfarrkirche (Protestant parish church). (In past times it had one protestant church, no catholic and no synagog.)

Today: Ev. Parish Graben-Neudorf

Evang.  Church ditch
Evang. Church ditch
Karlsruher Strasse 29 
76676 Graben-Neudorf
07255 9335 07255 7188804 parish office (@)
Pastor: Ulla Nagel 
07255 9634 
pastor (@) ev-gn.d
Dear Kent, thank you for your answer, it was very interesting for me to see your Informations about Graben. And now I will try to answer your questions:

1. The cemetry on the map is the neuest one. We had an old one directly behind the old and the new Church.The old cemetry is now a park with some old stones from the last centuaries. For example we have parts of an old stonecross with it`s date of 1619. Also we have some graves with stones of soldiers from the 19th and 20th century , the last from worldwore II. One is the grave of a German general who was killed by a bomb sitting in a bathroom when the British Air Force bombed the railway station of Graben-Neudorf and some bombs flew more to the southern part of Graben where some houses were destroyed and also civil persons were killed. There was also a whole Scholl-family - the parents and two children were killed and you will see the big memorial-plate on the wall of the cemetry. They weren`t relatives of my mother,as we`ve got some Scholl-lines here.

The new cemetry with a cemetry-chapel where the burials tke place and afterwards the dead people are brought to their graves. You will find some Scholl graves there and for example the whole family-grave of the family Albert Scholl, who was my mother`s brother.The deads will stay in a grave for 25 years and then there other dead people will be buried on the former grave and the stones will be taken out.

2. Yes you will see some old houses of the former centuries, the oldest houses were built in 1700. I will show you round along the old Graben and tell you some facts about the old village, as I have done for many times to interested people, who want to get informations about the history of old Graben which was sold from a Knigth of Ubstadt to the Margrave of Karlsruhe who had a castle in Graben.

So I think you wiil learn many facts of Graben and the Scholls when you will come in september. So long for today,

Yours Gerd Hartmann (historian)

Travel from the church at the center of town to the local cemetery:


English: Graveyard Graben, Messlenweg 1, 76676 Graben-Neudorf, Germany
German: Friedhof Graben, Meßlenweg 1, 76676 Graben-Neudorf, Germany

Graben Train station:

Historical maps: