Monday, December 24, 2018

Nighttime Marklin Layout

95 square foot Marklin layout.

The hotel/moon shot was done by pulling up an image of the moon on the computer full screen and placing the hotel in front.

The stop motion is .05 seconds per photo. I used iPhoto to blend the small stand under each figure. 

1. SK800 (1950s), MSD3 decoder, 5 pole motor
2. V200, 3021, BR 220, MSD3 decoder, 5 pole motor (LCFM, metal)
3. Belgium, 37672, MSD3 decoder, 5 pole motor (produced 2001 - 2002 DCM motor)
4. F800 BR 01, (1940s - 1950s)(MLD3 decoder, 5 pole motor (no sound, heavy, bright lights)
5. Br44, 3047, MSD3 decoder, 5 pole motor, telex coupler