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George Scholl 1886 - 1967

George Scholl was born in 1886 in Falls City, Nebraska to Frederick and Fannie Scholl. George lived on a working farm for the first 20 years of his life and as such he knew animals, how to harvest crops and how to build. He went to school in a rural one room school called the Arago Center District 28. When George was a teenager he went, with his brother Augustus, to the Peru  Nebraska Normal School and sang in the glee club. In 1909 he moved to Portland where his uncle, August Weinert is living. During his growing up years he watched his carpenter grandfather Augustus Scholl build barns. He also learned carpentry from his own father Frederick. The latter part of 1909 George leaves farm life and moves to Portland, OR to be a carpenter. At first he lives with his uncle August Weinert.  Two or three years later his father arrives in Portland. Together George, his brother Augustus and Frederick build houses. This is an important time in George's life because he refines and deepens his carpentry skills and realized he can make a good living. A few years later George hears about a building boom in Los Angeles and he moves there in 1914. His sister Laura Scholl introduces him to a friend of hers, named Emma Bachman. He dates, falls in love with, and marries Emma Bachman in 1915 in the Hollywood Ward Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Audrey, his first daughter, was born in 1916.

In 1921 George buys a lot at 1636 Golden Gate Avenue for $2,000. He put up the framework of the house, which took him seven years to complete. The home turned out to be a great investment. Elaine was born in the back bedroom in 1925. During the depression he rented the home to Max I. Ginsberg of Bell Brand Potato Chip fame while he rented less expensive homes in Glendale. In 1930 Mr Ginsberg was paying $10 a month rent.  Bell Brand jingle.

Later, after Elaine married June aka James Gardiner, a dog who lived across his fence irritates George so he can't sleep. To get the dog to stop barking he threw a clod at it. The police were called and the judge sentenced him to two weeks in jail. This completely took him by surprise as he had left his car in a pay lot. He asked his daughter, Elaine, to retrieve the car. Jim and Elaine also had to visit him in jail where they wouldn't let him do anything. In the 40s George was a studio carpenter for movie studios. 

His daughter Elaine had seven children. When a new child was born it was time to go on an extended visit to Grandpa Scholl's. This gave Elaine a break.  It was then his grandchildren got to spend time with him. He still had to work and he often took the older grandchildren out to his workshop in the garage. The smell of sawdust and the cloud of debris from his table saw made for an exciting adventure. When his grandchildren were back home Grandpa delivered things like wooden stools he had made. One time he made headboards with sliding doors for each of the Elaine's children. 1n 1960 Elaine's family moved into a larger home at 1366 Cleveland Road. The back yard was open. Grandpa spent a couple of weeks cementing metal posts in and constructing a wood fence that still stands today.

When George changed the oil in his car he drained the oil, poured in turpentine, run it a bit, and then replace the turpentine with regular oil; a drastic operation. George was a generous man who regularly showed up at Elaine’s with a gallon of fresh carrot juice or a delicious watermelon. Sometimes he bought dates and apple cider he bought at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles. He also took his grandchildren to Echo Park to play and bought them ice cream. George was a talented, thoughtful, kind grandfather.  He died in Glendale at 81 in 1967. He is buried in the Grandview Cemetery in Glendale, CA.

James Gardiner, George's son-in-law,  said he never heard George say anything bad about anyone, and that included George's own wife Emma. This alone made him a saint since she took little interest in him, leaving him alone for months even years at a time so she could can fruit in Farmington, UT, do temple work in St. George and help, Elaine, her favorite daughter.

Documents related to George Scholl:

The most elaborate document found in the Scholl line:

Birth certificate from The Scholl's German church in Arago, Nebraska
In the name of the Lord
Certificate of Baptism
George Frederick Scholl, a son,
Frederick Scholl the father and his wife,
Fanny Scholl, was born on Date (April 18th, 1886?)
In Arago, Nebraska and received the
Holy Baptism
On November or December 3rd 1886, which here is attested to (certified)
Name and Signature of the reverend
Let the children come to me.

Delayed birth certificate for George Scholl

1889, Barn built by August Weinert & sons in 1877/78, 12 1/2 miles NE of Falls City, NE. LtR: Louise Weinert Wiltse: John and Anna Weinert with Rosa and Henry: August Weinert Jr: Fredericka and August Weinert: Emma Scholl: Edward, Minnie Voegelein with Fred and Edward: hired man holding gray horse: Fred, Fannie Scholl with George and August: girls front R. Elizabeth Scholl, Anna Scholl, Laura Scholl. Arago Township, Section 15, 1889.

1889 George as a toddler

1898 about February 1, Weinert/Scholl Grandchildren, Arago, NE

LtR back row
Lizzy 1879 Nov 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 18 years 2 mo
George 1886 Aug 6 Frederick/Fannie Scholl 11 years 7 mo
Henry 1889 March 19 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 9 years 0 mo
Fred 1886 Jan 30 Minnie Weinert/ Edward Julius Voegelein 3 years 2 mo
Gus 1888 Dec 6 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 9 years 3 mo
Edwin 1883 July 31 Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 14 years 8 mo
Charlie 1885 Oct 16 Jane Weinert/ Christian 12 years 5 mo
Clara 1887 Apr 27 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelein 10 years 11m
Ida 1881 Sep 9 Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 16 years 6 mo
Laura 1881 Aug 27 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 16 years 7 mo

Second row
Anna 1880 Oct 8 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 17 years 5 mo
Melinda Edna 1891 Mar 5 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 7 years
Carl 1888 Sep 27 Charles Weinert /Mary Voegelein 10 years
Lula 1887 July 3 Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 10 years 8 mo
Alma 1890 May 10 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelin 7 years 10 mo
Eddie 1888 Sep 19 Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 9 years 6 mo

Front row
Edna 1895 July 9 to Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 2 years 8 mo
Clara 1891 Aug 16 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 6 years 7 mo
Luella 1895 Oct 10 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 2 years 5 mo
Arthur 1893 May 13 to John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 4 years 10 mo
Elmer 1896 Dec 24 August Weinert /Amelia C. 1 year 3 mo
Kate 1889 Nov 3 to Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 8 years 4 mo
Elmer 1889 June 9 Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 9 years
Walter 1895 Jan 12 August Weinert/Amelia C.Ernst 3 years 2 mo
Fritz 1897 Oct 9 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 5 mo 23 days
Emma 1877 March 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 21 years
Rosa 1886 March 30 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 12 years 2 mo

1906 Gus and George Scholl

1903, George is back right


1900 US Census, Falls City, NE

1909 George Scholl, Peru normal school glee club, Falls City, NE

1912 George Scholl, Katherine, Laura, Fred Voegelein, 

1912 George

1912 Augustus and George Scholl, brothers.

1913 Portland: Standing: August Weinert, Cora Fisher, Kate Voeglein, Fred Voeglein, Hester Fisher, George Scholl, laura Scholl, Gus Scholl, ?, ?, August Weinert’s wife Marie, Aunt Minnie Voeglein. Seated; Walter Weinert, Edgar Volusen, Fulton Smalz, Franklin Weinert, Wingelal, Elmer Weinert

1913 George on the left, his sister Laura is in all white

1910 Federal Oregon Census, George is a boarder.

1915 George's honeymoon with Emma on the left
and Laura his sister on the right.

1915 Long Beach, dating Emma.

1914 Westlake CA

1914 Dating Emma, Long Beach
1915 George and Emma get married in Los Angeles, CA

1915 Marriage License

California County Marriages 1850 - 1952 004540605 page 308

Who performed George's marriage?
  • Parley W Hale:
  • April 1913–June 1915
  • Age Called: 20
  • California
  • Set Apart: 8 April 1913
  • End Date: 14 June 1915
  • Priesthood office: Elder
  • Priesthood: Elder
  • Called From: Grantsville, Tooele, Utah, United States
  • Set apart by: Joseph W McMurrin
The chapel George and Emma were married at was located at 153 West Adams Boulevard, adjacent to the mission headquarters building, which was completed at that same time. This “Adams Chapel" as it came to be called, together with the Los Angeles Branch, which met there, was a focal point of Church growth and activity in Southern California for many years. It became a place where friendships for the entire Latter-day Saint community were begun and renewed. 

My grandfather George married at age, 28. George is listed as a Builder and Emma as a Book keeper. Liahona 1915 contains a photo of the man who performed the marriage. Top row second from the left. 153 W Adams is the mission home and  Parley W Hale was born in Franklin Idaho.  Around 1915 he went on a mission to California where he performed the marriage of George and Emma. A year later he was home and got married himself. Kent

1918 draft registration

George built this house at 624 N. Hobart Street, LA about 1918. He Sold it and bought the property on Golden Gate Avenue, LA.

1920 US Census, Los Angeles, CA

1922, George and his daughter Audrey

1922, George, unknown, and Audrey,

1925 Elaine Mary Scholl birth record 28 April,  California County Birth records image 2833

1928 LtoR George, Elaine, Emma and Audrey in front of their 1636 Golden
Gate home getting ready to go to Oregon, 1928

1928 Ed Voegelein and George Scholl, right, Portland, OR, Frederick's home

1917 WWI draft registration

WW I draft registration, page 2
Emma: We arrived in Glendale, California, September 17th, 1928 (back from Portland visit) and rented a nice house from Mr. Sands at 345 Burchette. We saw grapes on the way, so be bought a lot. We all had bad vomiting and colds soon after arriving in Glendale, except Elaine. She ate spinach and lots of fruits and milk as well as her toast and she didn't get sick. We were so sick she was the only one up and eating for two or three days. Burchette was such a noisy street in the 3000 block, so we only stayed there three months or so.

In January 1929 we moved to 3321 Drew Street, L.A., and rented the house from Mina Everett, a lady of 76 who was getting a minister's pension from the Baptist Church. She lived in a little house in rear. She was a very interesting and well-educated lady. She loved our girls. She gave Audrey a dress when she graduated from the 8th grade at the Fletcher Street School near her house.

1930 George Scholl census. George and family are
living on Drew Street, Los Angeles.
1930 Census showing who was renting George's home
at 1636 Golden Gate Avenue so George and Emma
could live more cheaply in Glendale during the depression.
The man who rented the home was Max I Ginsberg who
started the famous Bell Brand Potato Chip company:

Bell Brand Potato Chips was a privately owned company started in the 1920's by Max I. Ginsberg. He was an immigrant from the Ukraine who came to the US on his own at the age of seven. He met up with his brother in Philadelphia and started selling hand made pretzels on the streets. He moved to Los Angeles in the teens and in the early 1920's started his own company named the L.A. Potato Chip and Pretzel Company which he eventually changed the name to Bell Brand Potato Chips. He named it Bell after the bells of the Spanish Missions of California and because he thought the name Bell made people happy. He created the slogan, "If it's Bell it's Swell" and also created the name Frenchie for the shoe string potato chip. Bell Brand Potato Chips was one of the sponsors of the Jack Benney Radio Show in the 1930's among many others. One of his best friends and founder of Ralph's Grocery stores, Mr. Laury, also owner of the famous Laury's Prime Rib restaurants of Los Angeles and the Tam 'O Shanter Restuarant in Glendale, was one of his major buyers. Max Ginsberg decided to retire in the 1950's and amazing as it may seem actually gave the company for free to his general manager, a Mr. Nigg. (Source: Max Ginsberg's grand- son, Craig Scharlin)

1937 LA Directory
1938 Los Angeles Directory

1951 Glendale Directory

Unique cabinetry in the home of George's father Frederick Scholl at 1819
Locust Street, Portland, OR. photo taken by Eric Gardiner, 2016

Home of George Scholl 1636 Golden Gate Avenue showing the detail woodwork
in the dining room of his home. 

Front room woodwork all done by George Scholl, taken in 1990

1940 census George is 54 Emma 52 Audrey 23 Elaine 14 years old

What do we learn about the George Scholl family from the 1940 census?
Residence: 1636 Golden Gate Avenue
George owns his own house
It is worth $4,000
Living there are the following people:
George, (furnished the information)
            Head of household
54 years old,
Born in Nebraska
Highest grade of school completed:  8th grade
April 1, 1935 they all lived in Glendale
During March 24-30, 1940 at work for pay or profit, no
During March  24-30 1940, assigned  emergency public work?
 WPA etc, no
During March 24-30, 1940 seeking work, yes
Hours worked March 24–30, 1940 none
During 1940, up to March 24-30, weeks unemployed -25 weeks
Profession Carpenter
Where: Motion picture studios
Class of worker, PW
Number of weeks worked in 1939 – 18 weeks
Income earned 1939 - $773
Did this person receive income of $350 or more
from money wages or salary 1939 – yes
 Age: 52 years old
Highest grade of school completed H 4
Born in Utah
Engaged in home housework
No income
Age -23
Marital status: single
Not attending college currently
Highest grade of school completed H 2
At work March 24 -30 - yes
Hours worked March 24 -30 – hours:39
Job: Stenographer
Workplace: Commercial Bank
Weeks worked 1939 52 weeks
Income 1939 - $1040
Did this person receive income of $350 or more
from money wages or salary – no
Age -14
Highest grade of School completed H 1
Attended school since March 1, 1940 yes

George's voting record:
1916 builder 842 W 49th Street, LA, CA     Republican
1922 carpenter Golden Gate, George and Emma register as Republicans
1924 carpenter Golden Gate, George and Emma register as Republicans
1926 carpenter Golden Gate, George and Emma register as Republicans
1928 carpenter 345 Burchett, Glendale George registers as Democrat
1930 carpenter 332 Drew, Glendale, George and Emma register as Republicans
1934 Emma 822 Fischer, Glendale DS, George 605 Lincoln, Democrat
1936 carpenter521 W Milford, Glendale, Emma Republican, George Democrat
1942 carpenter Golden Gate, George Democrat
1946 carpenterGolden Gate Emma Republican, George Democrat
1948 carpenter Golden Gate, George Democrat
1954 carpenter. Emma Republican, George Democrat

George liked woodworking in the garage and stored his wood in the attic of the his garage. Does this remind you of George's father August Weinert's barn? He saw the barns August build as a child. After all August was his grandfather on his mother’s side.

Geroge's saw, pic of his sisters and
a Model T wheel

George's tools

George Fred Scholl 1942 Draft registration

1942 draft registration, page 2

George Scholl, 1947

1951 George with Sandra, , 1636 Golden Gate Avenue
Los Angeles, CA,  front lawn

1954 George w Mark, Janice, Kent, back step of home at
914 N Isabel St, Glendale, CA.

1954, 914 N Isabel Street, Glendale, CA, back step

1955 LtR Fred Apel,  George Scholl, Augustus Scholl
Golden Gate Avenue, Los Angeles, The car is a 51 Chevy.

1960s Burchett Street, Glendale, CA

1966 Kroksh back yard with George and his grandchildren

1967 LtR, George Scholl, Glen and Audrey Kroksh

From George's history:
Toward the end of his life he sold the Golden Gate home and moved to Glendale into the Patterson home. When that was hard to keep up he moved in with Audrey, then a lady from his church, then a trailer in Audrey's backyard. He then tried a rest home and the same day walked out, went to a Safeway and called Audrey to come and take him home. A couple of times he wandered around the city and finally he had to be taken to J.C Perkins locked up rest home He stayed there from Sept to June. Audrey would pick him up and take him to dinner at her house and on the way back as they would pass by Sunset he would point up the street and say "let's go that way." However when they would arrive at the rest home a nurse would come out and say it was time for dinner and he would go without an argument. He died in 1967 of a stroke and is remembered with fondness by his children and grandchildren and friends.

Cause of George's death:
George Scholl died from bronchopneumonia (rt lobar), lymphatic, 3 days due to cerebral thrombosis (4th stroke), 5 days due to generalized, arteriolosclerosis, years, due to diabetes mellitus.  Put another way the diabetes caused a stroke which caused pneumonia.

Bronchopneumonia is an acute or chronic inflammation of the lungs, in which the alveoli and / or interstitial are affected. Pneumonias are the most common cause of death among infectious diseases.  They take the fifth place in the statistics of diseases causing death.