Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wiliberg Visit

Trip to Wiliberg, Switzerland
October 18, 2016

In October of 2016 my wife, Patricia, and I took a trip to Germany and Switzerland.  We extended our tour by 1 week with the main purpose of locating the Bachman home in Wiliberg.
Our adventure started on October 18, 2016.  We had a somewhat limited knowledge on how to get to Wiliberg.  However, with the help of some very nice train employees in Luzern we were able to map out our final destination.
From the main train terminal in Lucern we took about a 1 hour train ride to Zofingen and then took a bus from there to Bottenwil (22 minutes).
Once we arrived in Bottenwil we went to the local government office to find the direction and distance to Wiliberg.  A very helpful employee there (who spoke very good English) printed a map for us.  She questioned us on how we were going to get there.  We replied, “We are going to walk.”  She informed us it would be a rather difficult walk as it would be all uphill for many miles.  Not having anything else planned for the day off we went on our journey, and what a journey it turned out to be.
I could tell you all the positive things that helped us reach our final destination, our goal to reach the original Bachman homestead in Wiliberg.  Let me simply say we were being watched over from above and people were placed in our journey that helped and directed us to the Bachman home. (4 in particular)
The original family who purchased the home from the Bachman’s is still living in it today.  We met the grandmother, the daughter and grandson.  They were all very kind and excited we were there.  We didn’t have the opportunity to go inside as we could not communicate at all.  We just smiled and showed some photos of Jacob and his Hans.  They knew what we were saying through pictures.
Pat and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience.  We plan on going back in the near future.  Wiliberg is a remarkable and beautiful.  Pat and I would love to live there.

J. Scott Handy   (Jacob Bachman is my great, great grandfather)