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Glendale West Ward 1945 - present

Glendale West Ward History:
1900   Glendale History   
1934   Musical Comedy 
1958   1960, 1961 Glendale Ward Directories 
1960s Elysian Park Ward
1960s Glendale West Ward Photo Directory 
1960s Hoover High School Yearbook   

Glendale West Ward Members:
Reese, William
Richie, Judith Beers
Roach, Gean 
Stout, Harold Hansen 
Stout, Joan Ruth 
Thomsen, Dawne 
Thorne, Lu Ann
Thorne, LuAnn
Vail, Mike 
Van Slooten, Don 
Wait, William

"As I got older I really realized how blessed we all were to grow up in such a place as Glendale, and in such a ward as Glendale West Ward.  We truly have had a charmed life with a few bumps along the way." Susan P.

Glendale West Ward: Dedicated 1950 by George A Smith, the program for the dedication is in folder 24 at U of U Special Collections Library. For a view of the program click here.For notes on the talks go here: Farewell to the Glendale West Ward Building!

Photo taken by James H. Gardiner

West Ward building under construction:

After the demolition Carolyn Howard got the copper balls that sat atop the tower.  They now reside in her daughter's home.
From An Arch Guidebook to Los Angeles By Robert Winter
Not sure what this means:  

Primary program from the early 1950s

Glendale West Ward Building, 1952

1956 Glendale West Ward Primary teachers:

Here is our best guess as to who these people are: front row, far left: Joan Stout with Kathy on her lap. Second row one from left Joyce Cannon, Third row, left Marvel Hershey, middle in white:  Lottie Jonkey, far right La Priel Wilson, Fourth row, far left: Gloria Fretz, Fourth row, far right:  Mildred Johnson, Fifth row, far right: Kathryn Ragsdale, left of her is Zina Dastrup,  Sixth row, far right: Dorthea Beers, Sixth row, far left:  Zelda Webber, then Alice Reeder, Last row, left:  Sister Peters and Gertrude Williams.  Thanks BF and AF and SW.

Here is the 1990 demolition of the West Ward building  Here is actual footage of that event thanks to JH Gardiner. He was there just after the building was built and when it was torn down.

1990 West Ward Demolition from Kent on Vimeo.

Pre Glendale West Ward: 

Glendale Ward organized May 1923 formerly Glendale Branch of Los Angeles District, California Mission.
Bishops of Glendale Ward: William L. Gough 1923-26
Edward Farnsworth 1926-27
William Vorkink 1928-30
LeGrand Richards 1930 - his councilors William LeCheminant; Nephi L. Anderson (later Nephi was patriarch)

When was Glendale West Ward formed? 
21 Jul 1940 - Glendale West Ward created 21 July 1940 from Glendale East Ward
5 Jan 1969 - Name changed from Glendale West Ward to Glendale 2nd when Glendale 4th Ward was created.
3 Jun 2007 Transferred from Glendale California Stake to La Crescenta California Stake
3 Feb 2008 - Realigned Glendale 2nd Ward to include the discontinued Glendale 4th Ward.

Bishops of Glendale West Ward:
Bishops Harry V. Brooks - 20 Feb 1944 Counselors Hamlet C. Pulley, Reed O. Christiansen
Clerk Robert W. Wells -
Stake President David H. Cannon - 1945
James A. Martin - 26 Feb 1950 - Counselors Locke J. Hales, Theron F. Johnson, then Wilford G. Edling -
Reed E. Callister - 4 May 1952 Counselors Locke J. Hales, Harold K. Marshall to 1961Homer Reeder - 4 June, 1961 -  7 May, 1967.
Roy Valantine -
Eldon Zundel - 

Lance Wickman - Bishop of 4th Ward from 1976 - 1980. 
Stanton Lynn McGuire 15 May 1977 - 24 June 1982 (Stan's talk shows Jan 1982) 
John Reese - 24 Jun 1982 - 17 Jun 1984
Roger Hawley - 17 June 1984 - 28 May 1989
Dennis L. Shanklin - 28 May 1989 - 25 Sep 1994 (now called 2nd ward.
Paul Manwaring 25 Sep 1994 - 6 Feb 2000
Harold Dale Renfro - 6 Feb 2000 - 22 May 2005
Robert H. Weger - 22 May 2005-23 Aug 2009
   1st Counselor - John E. Robers 30 Aug 2009 - 11 Sep 2011
   2nd Counselor - Brian J. Corrigan 30 Aug 2009 - 11 Sep 2011
   Ward Clerk Ralph M. Cuarino - 29 Oct 2006 - 11 Sep 2011

Glendale West Ward Stake Directory, 1960s:


Glendale West Ward goes to St. George Temple: 1949:

Glendale West Ward, 1950:

Stake Brethern: 

Relief Society Sisters:


Brent Frost in front with his mother behind him.
Yes, Brent and his mother front and center

Glendale West Ward Relief Society, 1950

Noreen Callister, probably the president of the Relief Society, front row second from right.  Brent Frost is the little boy in front.  His mother is upper right looking toward him.



Top row LtoR: Evelyn Hancock, Edna May Crowley, Ellen Reed, LuAnn Thorne, ??, John Marshall
Second row LtoR: ??, Pearlyne Crowley, Jane Dibble, Pat Reed, Andrew Douglas
Bottom row LtoR: Mickey Hancock, Drew Crowley, Fred Halliday,  Wally Koford, George?, ??, David Thurman

Unknown date, probably late 1940's or early 1950's:
Roger Hawley center in back would later be the Bishop of the ward.

Glendale Teenagers 


Seminary Class, 1952:

"15th Birthday Party" 1959  Glendale CA

Above: LtoR Judy Parker from Burbank Ward, Harold Henry, organists GWW, Lorie Phillips who later married Doug Ensign, Richard pettit, Mickie Haring Neilson, John Glover, friend from Hoover and Barbara Pettit Parady.

Debutant Ball, 1959:

Note all the girls are wearing something over their shoulders.  President Spencer W. Kimball made a statement about modest clothing. It was given the name "Kimbalized Clothing." And  not one of us is wearing a strapless formal.

1964This was the New York World Fair; Washington DC trip organized by John Harmer who was our seminary teacher the preceding school year. It was either the summer of 1964 orsummer of 1965. Pretty confident it was 1964. As Hoover High School students, we were able to meet J. Edgar Hoover of FBI fame at the FBI building in DC because the people at the FBI thought Hoover High was named after him. Actually, as we all know, Hoover High named after President Herbert Hoover. RL

LtoR: Sandy GardinerJoann HamerRobert Wade CurtisDavid FretzRon LeeperMarvin LeCheminantGary Shanklin, Debbie Smith, John ScottJeffra Dunlap and Kathy Schirmer.

The lady in the middle of the first row is Laurel Owens LeCheminant (my ex). The lady to her right (left side of the picture) is Marcia Fretz. The back row, left to right are: Sandy Gardiner and Kathy Schimmer M.L. 

The lady in the middle of the first row is Laurel Owens LeCheminant . The lady to her right (left side of the picture) is Marcia Fretz. The back row, left to right are: Sandy Gardiner and Kathy Schimmer

 The Stouts and Harmers made this trip possible.

Ward Choir: 

Glendale West Ward Choir, 1959:

LtoR Front row: Clifford Barnes (director), ? , Jeanie Bennet, Eleanor McChesney, Gae Cutler Werner, LuAnn Thorne Andersen, Sherry Farrin Bechman, ? , Maryan Watrous, Florence Milham, Joyce Cannon, Bill Hale, Second row: D. Vaughn Hansen, Allie Barnes, Barbara?, Lois Crandall, Sisgter Barber, Joyce ensign, Velda Snackenberg, Sonja Nielsen, Ruth Harris, Virginia Heder, Charles Broberg, Third Row: Glen Crandall, Floyd Clover, Pam Winkleman, Michele Haring Neilson, Beverly Haring, Vera Leeper, Lola Backster, ? , Mildred Thomas, ? , Grace Brown, LaPriel Wilson, Arthur Mountford, Forth row: Cordan Thompson, Paul Christainsen, Jay Winkleman, Walter Snackenberg, Ken Le Cheminant, Harold Barber, Cliff Carlston, Guy Ryan, Richard (Dick) Halliday, Gil Torgeson. Thank you KDF

West Ward Scouts 

Troop 26, 1955

Glendale West Ward 1959, the 65 mile Silver Moccasin Hike:

First row LtoR: Walter Henry,  Kent Gardiner, Vernon Jolley, then Mike Reeder and Hugh Brown.
Second row: Tad Callister, Brent Frost, Wayne LeCheminant, Don Browne and Lynn Reeder. 
Standing: Mike Ragsdale, Jim LeCheminant, Steve Leeper, Gordon Christiansen, John Broberg, Brian Pettit, Charles Brown and Vernon "Rip" Ragsdale

Newspaper clipping of same event: 

Scouts, 1959, Vernon Jolley, Brent Frost, Mike Ragsdale, Kent Gardiner:

Attached is the photo of the Glendale troop at the 1960 BSA Jamboree in Colorado Springs.  Tad Callister is the front row, fifth from the left.  I am in the second row, eighth from the left and Mike Ragsdale is on my left.  Jim LeCheminant is in the third row, third from the left and Brian Pettit is on his left.  Charles Brown is in that row, fourth from the right.

Philmont Scout Ranch.  We went there for a week after the Jamboree. I'm in the third (short) row on the far right. Tad is in the fourth row, second from the left.  Mike Ragsdale is in that row, fifth from the left.  Jim LeCheminant and Charles Brown are on the back row, second and third from the right.
1962 Explorer Conference
Bryan Pettit and Kent Gardiner go to an explorer conference at BYU.  To do this Bryan and I travel with Bryan's father in a Ford Falcon, which is really uncomfortable all the way to Provo.  I was stuck in the back with no leg room.  At the conference one thing I remember was that is is more manly to cross your legs with one leg straight out and the other ankle sitting perpendicular across the top of your thigh.   We had a great time and made friends.

Scouters from the Glendale West Ward, 1963

Don Frost second from left, 1963, far right Cal Nelson, Mark Howard in the white pants is next to Bro Roget Angell who was the scoutmaster. Mark was the assistant soutmaster. Brother Roger (Dick)Angell always wore his Smoky the Bear campaign hat!

Glendale West Ward basketball team, 1963.

Front Row: Dennis Shanklin, Steve Leeper, Brian Pettit,   ?   , Mike Vail and George Nelson, Gordon Christiansen 
Back row: Phil Cameron, John Reese, Roger Hawley, Glenn LeCheminant, Hal Hardy, Paul Lauten and Brent Frost.


1952 Glendale West Ward, Sunday School class: Kent and Sandra Gardiner: 

The far right front row is Mike Reeder.  And I think back row, second from left is a Le Cheminant (one of Keith's sons but I can't pull the first name) and behind him is is his cousin, Jim Le Cheminant.  Next is Mike Ragsdale and two over from him, the shorter blonde boy is Walter Henry. Kent Gardiner front left side and Kathy Noble second from right, second row.  

1952 Primary Music Festival Program - Glendale West Ward:

BYU, Gordon, Tad, Steve, Ron, Bill 

Farewell to Glendale West Ward Building:

Note: The question mark lady on the upper right above should be: Sister Richardson (Burbank 1st ward. Her husband was Woody Richardson)

Sister Callister speaks at the final West Ward meeting: 

Surrounding Wards:

1942 Hollywood Ward (date approx) 

JH Gardiner back row fourth from right above.

JH Gardiner left side against wall with glasses above.

Hollywood Ward, 1947. 

Some of these people moved to Glendale, particularly Gwen Nobel front row right and back row forth from left is Agnes Beitler who worked with young women in the church into her 70s in Laguna Beach, CA.

Hollywood Ward Round Table:

Hollywood Ward Round Table, Front row LtoR, Glen Kroksh, Gwen Noble, don't know, Wendell Noble, Audrey Scholl Kroksh and Gil Reed.   back row second from left is Harry Beitler
Johnny Hales, Nellie Crowley, Sandy Larson:
Note: Nellissa was the first girl cheerleader at Glendale High School. 
First time for all 3 cheerleaders to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

1961 Hollywoood Palladium:

Top row: Norma Hall, Charles Brown, ?, Don Clarke,Bob Weddington, Irving Fisher, Duane Thomas, ? Vincent D'Arc, Bess D'Arc, John Hayden, Cynthia Clark, ?, Madeline Botello, ?, Brown, Gene Hockenbury, Middle Row: ?, Gary Davis?, LaJoy West, Evelyn and Al Barlow, Eleanor Hayden, Nancy Baker, Susan?, Jeannine Roach Mitchell, Susan Jane Callister, Roger Barlow. Front Row: Terry Burgener, Rebecca Beers, Sandy Wilson, ? ?, Anna Held, Wallace Gwynn.

Oh! The things you find among your parents' possessions! This was a picture of all the participants in a Third Ward Talent Show "way back when"! It looks like it might be cutting off some people but on the left there is Norma Hall and Charlie Brown, Duane Thomas and his quartet, Gary ?(really funny guy)Sandy Wilson and Rebecca Bears, The whole Bishopric and their wives in the middle. On the right ... See More
— with Evelyn BarlowAlvin BarlowWally GwinJeannine Roach Mitchell and Rodger Barlow.
Members in alphabetical order:
Alvord, Stevens and June
STEVENS MOORE ALVORD 1933 - 2004 Stevens passed away July 9, 2004 in Burbank, California. He was born February 4, 1933 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Harold Alvord and Blanche Moore. Steve proudly served in the United States Navy from 1952-1956. He was a professional Real Estate Broker, serving as the President of the Glendale Board of Realtors in 1973. Steve was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sain ts where he served in many callings. He had a strong work ethic and a generous heart. 
Steve was a loving husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and friend. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, June Hales Alvord; three daughters, Ruth (Ed) Apffel of Carlsbad, California, Lisa (Juan) Salomon of Glendale, California, and Joy (Eddie) Ortiz of Palmdale, California; three sons, Kurt (Cherie) Alvord of Palmdale, California, Hal (Diane) Alvord of Van Nuys, California, and Bruce (Amiee) Alvord of Kiev, U kraine; twenty-three grandchildren; sister, Beverly (Preston) Richards of Salt Lake City, Utah; and former wife, Sue Burkhalter Alvord of LaCrescenta, California. Preceded in death by his parents, Harold and Blanche Alvord; son, Justin Leon Peterson; and grandson, Mark Daniels Alvord. The family expresses gratitude for the prayers and services rendered to Steve and his family during his illness. The Alvord family would like to thank Dr. Taw, Dr. Blicker, and hospice Cheers for the years of care and concern. Services will be held Thursday, July 15, 2004, at noon, at the Glendale Stake Center, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1101 N. Central Ave., Glendale. Family and friends may visit before the services Thursday, July 15, 2004, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., at the Glendale Stake Center. Interment will be at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Published in Los Angeles Daily News on July 14, 2004

Baker Wakumoto, Carolyn 
When Carolyn and I were Sophomores we got invited to the Hoover senior prom. We double dated. I went with Vince Hearn  and she went with Bob Dobson. After the dance we were driving to the Islander in L.A. Carolyn was wearing a beautiful blue strapless dress. So Vince stopped suddenly and Carolyn launched over the front seat from the middle seat. Which I guess was too much for the dress because the dress ripped and she had to hold on to it through dinner. Their date went downhill from there because he crawled into the back of the station wagon. Which ended in them not speaking the rest of the ride home. 

We went to the Rose Parade and goofed off all night and slept through the parade . We had many good times. Lots of Chinese fire drills....trips to Bob's and dragging Hollywood Blvd. We were friend from Toll to being roomies at BYU. G9od times...oh at BYU we got blamed for a riot.....which may or may not be true....!!

My first friend was Carolyn Baker, and Cheryl Finney. Susan Peters. I was taught the gospel by the Blair's...they were an older couple who lived in the ward. I was first brought to primary by Susan Peters...later to MIA by Carolyn in 7th grade.  We had cooking and I sat at the same table with Carolyn and Cheryl Finney. In junior high school at Toll Jr. high all my friends were LDS. And we remained   friends thru high school and BYU and even now in our granny days. They are wonderful people and I adore them all. Cheryl Cornwell Scott

Note:  Parents were life long members . They live in General, Utah. Br. Baker owned a business not sure what in Glendale but in Rancho Cucamonga  He owned a couple  of yogurt shops. Carolyn managed one with her sister Colleen. Carolyn had two sisters (Colleen and Judy and a brother John.) 

Engagement photograph


As a grandmother to 15 (with another one due in July), Carolyn’s grandchildren meant everything to her. She could relate to each one, no matter their age, and they all knew she loved them.  For Christmas, she would give each grandchild a special invitation inviting them to “Grandma Week” where they all came to her house for activities and fun. They slept in a tent, cooked hot dogs over a campfire, played games, went on outings, read stories, and watched movies. This is something I definitely want to do with my grandchildren in her memory.

Carolyn Wakumoto is a modern day miracle. Two years ago, Carolyn was diagnosed with Stage IV Gall Bladder Cancer, a rare form of cancer that has no proven treatment and only a six month survival rate after diagnosis. But this wife, mother of four, and grandmother of 15 refused to let the cancer win. She became her own best advocate by seeking out information on-line, obtaining treatment at the City of Hope in Duarte, California, and never giving up. While she went ahead with the standard, routine treatment utilizing chemotherapy (“poison” according to Carolyn), she also actively sought out less conventional methods to supplement the chemo. On the Internet, Carolyn came across two valuable resources. The first was the Budwig Diet, an “approach that teaches how to destroy as many cancer cells as possible in the shortest time possible.” The second, and perhaps most valuable, was the book, Cancer Free- Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson.

Barlow, Alvin and Evelyn

Thinking of my Mom and Dad on their Anniversary. They were married 6/1/1945. Dad was 27 and a Flight Officer in the Army Aircorp. Mom was 20. Dad passed away 3/4/2002, and Mom 1/14/2015. Miss them both. Aren't they a darling couple?

Barlow Family, 1965:

 Men (Left - Right) Alvin, Dennis, Rodger; Ladies (Left - Right) Michele, Evelyn, Lesley, Andrea.
LtoR Dennis Barlow, ? , David Beers and Hugh Brown

Alvin and Evelyn, 1991:

Salt Lake Temple:

This picture was taken during our celebration of my parents' 50th anniversary in 1995. They were married in the SL Temple and we thought it would be appropriate to attend the same Temple, as a family, on their 50th anniversary. Mom and Dad were the witness couple in the session. Left - Right  - Dennis, Lesley, Alvin, Evelyn, Michele, Andrea, Rodger.
My sweet mom, Evelyn Barlow, passed away in her sleep, at the age of 90, in Salt Lake City, UT on January 14, 2015. There is no obituary yet. We are working on that right now, and will send a link ASAP.

She was remarkable! Great cook, amazing writer and poet, terrific with organizing and giving parties at her home and at church. She made friends everywhere she went. She was always trying to make things better for others and often took youth and young single adults into her home when they were away from home, even having some live with us. They are still considered family to us. In an effort to help the residents of her assisted living facility feel more involved in the Sunday services, she strongly suggested to the branch presidency that they have a guest chorister (from among the residents) for Sacrament meetings at least once a month, instead of having everything done for them. The Branch presidency put her suggestion into place and she had the opportunity of being the first guest chorister before she passed away. She always wanted to serve, and, as you see, found ways to do that. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was always very important to her. She instilled that in her children and everyone she came in contact with.

Til we meet again, George & Mom.

Andrea Barlow Rounds

 Evelyn Jankins Barlow, 90

1924 ~ 2015 Salt Lake City, Utah-Evelyn Jenkins Barlow, age 90, passed away peacefully in her sleep January 14, 2015. She was born November 7, 1924 in Salt Lake City, UT to Nathan Ralph Jenkins and Olga Jeanette Constance Dahlquist. Evelyn married Alvin W Barlow on June 1, 1945 in the Salt Lake Temple. Evelyn was raised in Salt Lake City and graduated from Granite High School where she made life-long friends.

 Evelyn held many leadership positions within the LDS Church. She was a legal secretary for the law firms of Marion Gubler and Callister & Callister in the LA area for many years. Evelyn was a fabulous cook, a very talented writer and poet, and the chosen party giver. She was welcoming to all and became a second mom to many. She was always ready and willing to serve.

She is survived by sisters, Elna Berlin, UT; Dorothy Lee Glad; her five children, Dennis (Annell) Barlow, CA; Rodger (Janeen) Barlow,TX; Andrea (Randy) Rounds,UT; Lesley (Mike) Walker, UT; Michele (John) Blake,UT, 28 grandchildren, 49 great grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband; parents; brother, Frank; sisters, Vera Jones, Dorothy Christensen, Lorna Oviatt, Darline Coonradt.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 2 pm at the Crescent View LDS Ward Chapel, 10945 S. 1700 E., Sandy, Utah. Friends may call Monday, January 19, 2015 from 6:00-8:00 pm at Larkin Sunset Gardens Mortuary, 1950 E. Dimple Dell Rd. (10600 S), Sandy, UT, and Tuesday from 12:30-1:30 prior to the services at the Chapel. Interment will be at Larkin Sunset Gardens Cemetery in Sandy, Utah under the direction of Spilsbury Mortuary of St. George, Utah. Friends and family are invited to sign Evelyn's guest book at www.spilsburymortuary.com.

Hong Kong Riots with Dennis running:

Hong Kong riots with Dennis running - Dennis is in front looking back to his companion. To give you a little background on this one, too; There was much anger in Hong Kong at that time against the British, so anyone with light skin was considered the enemy. Denny said he and his companion were walking down the street one day when a Chinese man walk passed them and warned them that they better get out of there. As they began to walk faster, everyone from all the high rise tenements came streaming down into the street and began punching them and hitting them with whatever they could find. Denny had his arm broken by someone wielding a 2x4. As soon as they extricated themselves from the mob they started running to the end of the street where they saw barricades and the police. The mob chased them. After this the Church transferred most of the missionaries to other missions, and Dennis was sent to the Alaskan-Canadian Mission.  His first area was Anchorage where they immediately had a flood and everyone in their building had to stay up on higher floors and the roof. My mom's boss at the time, who wasn't a member, said, "This is a MISSION? It sounds more like an obstacle course!"

 Yell leaders including Dennis Barlow: 

Yell Leaders, including Dennis Barlow - This was his senior year at Glendale High 1965.

Barlow, Alvin W.

Published: Wednesday, March 6 2002 10:05, Deseret News a.m. MST
Alvin W. Barlow, 84, passed away March 4, 2002 of natural causes at his home in Sandy, Utah.
He was born February 27, 1918, in Ogden, Utah, and raised in Salt Lake City. Alvin graduated from Granite High School where he was student body president. He was a graduate of the University of Utah and Cal State LA. He served an LDS mission to the Northern States and also served his country as a pilot in the Army Air Corps during World War II.
Alvin married Evelyn Jenkins June 1, 1945 in the Salt Lake Temple. He taught high school in the LA area for many years. Alvin served in many leadership positions within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His smile and warmth touched many and he was loved by all who knew him.
He is survived by his wife, Evelyn; children, Dennis (Annell) Barlow of Burbank, CA; Rodger (Janeen) Barlow of Idaho Falls, ID; Andrea (Randy) Rounds of Sandy; Lesley (Mike) Walker, of Sandy; Michele (John) Blake of South Jordan; brothers, Richard I. and Leo Barlow; sisters, Hazel Bailey and Barbara Staker. He was preceded in death by his parents,
Israel Barlow III and Alice Belva Welling; sisters, Joan Hess, Annie Florence, Belva Ashton; brothers, JW Barlow and Dan Barlow.
Funeral services will be held Friday, March 8, 2002 at 12 noon, at the Willow Canyon 8th Ward Chapel, 1600 E. Buttercup Drive, Sandy, Utah. Friends may call Thursday, March 7, 2002 from 6-8 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 10600 S. 1700 E., Sandy, Utah, and Friday one hour prior to services at the Chapel. Interment will be at Larkin Sunset Gardens under the direction of Spilsbury & Beard Mortuary, (435) 673-2454.

Barlow, Dennis:


Burbank City Attorney Dennis Barlow Retires

An end of an era at Burbank City Hall, as City Attorney (and Mormon Bishop) Dennis Barlow retired officially last week.  A large crowd, we're told, bade him farewell at Castaway Restaurant.  Barlow was accompanied by his ten kids and twenty grandkids.

We're well aware of the sometime controversial attitude toward Barlow expressed on other blogs in town.  What do you think?  Is his retirement a net positive for our City, or will our City soon regret the loss.

Brooks, Harry and Louise

Six years after the reunion the first Bishop of the Glendale West Ward passed,1996:

Charles Manley Brown Jr., age 45, died January 2, 1991 in a Salt Lake hospital.
He was born January 22, 1945 in New York, New York to Charles Manley and Vivienne Grace Bowns Brown. Married Diann Morris in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on May 27, 1969. Later divorced.Charles was a graduate of BYU and the Duke University Law School and practiced law in Helena, Montana and Midvale, Utah. He played for and served as business manager for the Helena Symphony; he also played for the Utah Valley Symphony where he served as president. He also enjoyed playing in small string groups. Charles was active in the LDS Church, especially in Scouting and served an LDS mission to Great Britian. He has been active in state and national political activities.

Survivors: children, James Andrew Brown, serving LDS mission in Argentina; Samuel Morris Brown, student at Harvard University; Hugh Michael Brown, Anamarie Brown, Spencer Manley Brown, Peter Matthew Brown and Jo Ellen Grace Brown, all Kaysville; parents, St. George; brothers, Hugh Bowns Brown, and his wife, Marilyn, Chester, Montana; William James Brown, Des Plaines, Illinois; sister, Mrs. Bruce (Vivienne) Sullivan, Sandy; brother-in-law, Forrest D. King, Vienna, Virginia; also aunts, uncles and cousins. Preceded in death by a sister, Zina Brown King.
Funeral services will be held Saturday, January 5, 1991, at 1 p.m. in the Midvale East 5th Ward Chapel 240 East 7570 South, Midvale. Friends may call at Goff Mortuary, 8090 South State St., Friday 6:30-8:30 p.m. and Saturday at the chapel from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests a donation to the Deseret Foundation in care of LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Brown, Charles Manley and Grace: 

From the Deseret News:
Brown, Charles Manley Brown 1921 ~ 2009 SANDY, UT - Charles Manley Brown died in Sandy, Utah September 1, 2009.Charles was born in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada on November 19, 1921, the son of Hugh B. and Zina Card Brown. He grew up in Salt Lake City and attended high school in London, earned his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Utah and his Ed.D. from the University of Southern California. Charles married Vivienne Grace Bowns February 7, 1944 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. For 30 years he was a Professor of Education at the University of Southern California, retiring in 1985 as Associate Dean of the School of Education. 
His service in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints included Bishop, Counselor in the Stake Presidency and Stake Patriarch. He also served as a worker in the St. George LDS Temple. He is survived by his son Hugh Bowns Brown (Marilyn) of Chester, MT; his daughter Vivienne Brown Sullivan (Bruce) of Sandy, UT; 28 grandchildren, 59 great-grand-children; daughters-in-law Diann M. Brown of Moore, OK; Colleen H. Rich (Rob) of Scottsdale, AZ; Sharon H. Brown of Zellwood, FL; and son-in-law Forrest King (Marsha) of Gilbert, AZ. He is also survived by his sisters Mary Woodward and Carol Sonntag of Provo, UT. He was preceded in death by his wife Grace; sons Charles and Bill; his daughter Zina; two great-granddaughters, Lily and Claire; his brother Hugh and sisters Zina Lou, LaJune, Margaret and Zola. Funeral services will be held Friday, September 11, 2009, at 12:00 p.m., at the Willow Canyon LDS 1st Ward Chapel, 9636 S. 1700 E., Sandy, Utah. A visitation will be held Friday, from 10:30-11:30 a.m., at the chapel, prior to services. Graveside services will be held Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009, at 10:00 a.m., at the St. George City Cemetery, under the care and direction of Metcalf Mortuary 435-673-4221.

Brown, Grace B. 1921 ~ 2005 St. George, Ut - Vivienne Grace Bowns Brown died in St. George on August 2, 2005, from natural causes, at the age of 84. Grace was born Castle Gate, Utah, March 6, 1921, the daughter of William James Bowns and Mette Marie Peterson Bowns. She spent her early years in Castle Gate where she learned to play the piano and started her life-long church music career by accompanying the Primary at age ten. Her family moved to Santa Barbara, California, in 1936 and to Glendale, California in 1937 where she graduated from Glendale High School. After attending Glendale Community College for two years, Grace enrolled at the LDS Hospital School of Nursing, from which she graduated in 1943 as a Registered Nurse. She used her nursing training as an office nurse to a pediatrician and as member of the nursing staff at several hospitals in California and Utah. Her friends and relatives often called on her knowledge and research skills for information about symptoms and medications. 
Grace married Charles Manley Brown, the son of Hugh B. Brown and Zina Young Card Brown, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on February 7, 1944 and moved with him to Jackson Heights, New York, where he was copilot with American Airlines. They moved to Glendale at the end of WWII so he could continue his college education. They subsequently lived in Salt Lake City, Glendale, California, Wiesbaden, Germany for two years in the 60's, and finally retired in St. George in 1985. Grace studied piano under several teachers, including a concert pianist in Germany, and continued when she returned to the United States. She studied organ at the University of Southern California and Brigham Young University. She passed the tenth level of hymn certification and the highest level of organ proficiency offered at Brigham Young University. She graduated from Brigham Young University at the age of 57 and played the organ at her graduation. She was a member of the American Guild of Organist (AGO) from which she earned recognition as a Colleague. In 1995-96 she was the Dean of the Southern Utah Chapter of the AGO, which organization she served in other capacities for several years. Grace was a church musician for more that seventy years, serving as organist, chorister, and music chairman at both the ward and stake levels. She also gave many free organ and piano lessons to aspiring church pianists and organists. Her additional church service included" Ward Relief Society President; Relief Society teacher; Branch YWMIA president in Germany; and as a worker in the St. George LDS Temple. Since moving to St. George in 1985 Grace has presented many well-received programs in the St. George Tabernacle, as well as similar programs at Church, elsewhere in the community, and in her home. She served the community as a Board Member of the Southwest Symphony, in which capacity she chaired the Governor's Ball in 1989, and as a volunteer at the Dixie Care and Share. Grace very ably assisted her grateful husband in his
professional, church, and community callings. 

One son and one daughter survive her: Hugh Bowns Brown (Marilyn), Chester, Montana, Vivienne Mary Brown Sullivan (Bruce), Sandy, Utah, 28 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren. She also is survived by on brother, George Marion Bowns, daughters-in-law Diann M. Brown of Moore, Oklahoma, and Sharon H. Brown, of Zellwood, Florida, and son-in-law Forrest King (Marsha) of Vienna, Virginia. She was preceded in death by her daughter, Zina Lucile Brown King, her son, Charles M. Brown, Jr., her son William James Brown, and her four brothers, James, William, Harold, and John Bowns. The family wishes to express their appreciation to the IHC Hospice professionals, especially Carolyn Duggins, RN, Helen Cardova, and Jan McKay, as well as to Ronda Bartholomew and Shea Peterson, CNA's, for their devoted care during her final months, and to the wonderful caregivers at Kolob Care Center. Thanks also due to Marilyn Brown, daughter-in-law, for caring for Grace during the month of June while Charles was recovering from surgery. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, August 9, 2005, at 11 a.m., at the Bloomington Hills LDS 4th Ward Chapel, 750 E. Ft. Pierce Dr. Visitations will be held Monday, August 8, from 6-8 p.m., at Metcalf Mortuary, 288 W. St. George Blvd., and Tuesday, August 9, from 9:30-10:30 a.m., prior to services at the chapel. Interment will be in the St. George City Cemetery under the direction of Metcalf Mortuary 435-673-4221. Condolences may be sent to the family through our website at www.metcalfmortuary.com

Note: Their son Hugh B Brown b 1947 is a lawyer for the Brown Law office in Chester, Montana. 

Callister, Reed and Norinne (daughter of LeGrand Richards)


Paula Callister is referred to in Conference talk by her grandfather, LeGrand Richards, “What After Death?,” Ensign, Nov 1974, page 52 
Then I think of our little granddaughter who died at the same age; her father and mother are here today and her brothers and sisters. After just a few days of sickness, she passed away at the age of 16, a beautiful little woman. To think that God’s plan would not ultimately bring to her everything our other children received who tarried here in mortality would lessen my appreciation of my Father in heaven and the perfectness of his plan.

Tad Callister, August 10, 1963 Deseret News:

Reed Callister: 

Reed, Norinne and Paula.

Reed E. Callister: British South Mission President 1967 - 1969:

Reed Eddington Callister, prominent attorney and former president of the British Mission in London for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Friday, Sept. 29, 1989, in a Salt Lake hospital. He was 87.Mr. Callister had a successful law practice in the Los Angeles area for more than 50 years and founded KIEV Radio in Glendale, where he lived with his family. He was on the disciplinary committee of the California State Bar Association and served on the Family Law Commission for that state.Mr. Callister was a member of the LDS Church and served it in various capacities throughout his life. As a young man he served a mission in the British Isles. Later, he was a bishop in the Glendale West Ward for nine years. After serving as mission president in London, he was a sealer in the Los Angeles Temple. He actively raised funds for Brigham Young University and in 1958 the university presented him a Special Service Award. In 1974, he was made an honorary member of the BYU Alumni Association.
Born in Salt Lake City, 

Mr. Callister graduated from LDS High School and the University of Utah before obtaining his law degree from George Washington University.
Funeral will be held Monday, Oct. 2, at noon in the Eagle Gate Stake Center, Third Avenue and A Street. Friends may call an hour before services. Burial will be in the Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery

1937 ~ 2015
Sandy, UT-David R Callister passed away October 31, 2015, the result of heart complications. He was surrounded by his wife Susan, and many of his children.

David was born January 29, 1937, in Hollywood, California, the son of Reed Eddington Callister and Effie Norinne Richards Callister. From 1957-1959 he served a mission in the British Isles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and from USC Medical School in Los Angeles, California.

He was an Ophthalmologist for 35 years with his own medical practice in Glendale, CA. He was a wonderful father to his eight children; David (Tiffany), Kathleen Pearson (Ron), Daneise Nelson (Brad), Kevin (Amy), Karalynne Call (Jeff), Daniel, Derrick (Karen), and Kaylynn (Brook Burley). He loved being a father and the grandfather of 21. He was always happy to visit with grandchildren and they looked forward to grandpa asking them "dollar questions."

Dave's life was one of service and kindness to all he met. He enjoyed his many callings in the church, which included serving as a beloved Bishop twice, as a member of the Stake Presidency, and as a Gospel Doctrine teacher for many years.

One of his great joys was sharing the gospel. He and Susan served two full-time missions together: From 2006-2007 in Toronto, Canada, where his brother, Tad, was the Mission President and from 2011- 2013, in Birmingham, Alabama, where his long time friend, Richard Holzapfel, presided. In both missions they were assigned to help missionaries become master teachers. They loved this opportunity and the missionaries they taught. From 2014 until his illness, Dave and Susan were privileged to serve in the Draper, Utah Temple.

Dave was active in Boy Scouts of America for many years. As a youth, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout, as did his four sons. For his years of dedicated service on the Boy Scout Council, he was honored with the Distinguished Service Award, the Silver Beaver. Dave has always loved baseball. He coached for 25 years and coached all four of his sons' baseball teams. He served as Commissioner of the Crescenta Sports Association. He also was a life-long fan of BYU and USC football.
David is survived by his wife, Susan; his eight children and their mother, Evelyn; his three brothers; Dick, Douglas, and Tad; and his sister, Susan. He is preceded in death by his parents and his sister Paula.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, November 7, at 10:00 AM at the Canyon View Stake Center, 9119 S 1300 E in Sandy, Utah. A gathering will be on Friday, November 6th from 6PM to 8PM at the same location. Following the funeral, interment will be at Larkin Cemetery, 1950 E. Dimple Dell Road (10600 S) just south of the Stake Center. Please join family and friends for a celebration of David's noble and wonderful life.

Condolences may be made at www.LarkinMortuary.com
Published in Deseret News on Nov. 5, 2015 - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/deseretnews/obituary.aspx?n=david-r-callister&pid=176339101#sthash.AcPRN0ul.dpuf
1937 ~ 2015
Sandy, UT-David R Callister passed away October 31, 2015, the result of heart complications. He was surrounded by his wife Susan, and many of his children.
David was born January 29, 1937, in Hollywood, California, the son of Reed Eddington Callister and Effie Norinne Richards Callister. From 1957-1959 he served a mission in the British Isles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and from USC Medical School in Los Angeles, California.
He was an Ophthalmologist for 35 years with his own medical practice in Glendale, CA. He was a wonderful father to his eight children; David (Tiffany), Kathleen Pearson (Ron), Daneise Nelson (Brad), Kevin (Amy), Karalynne Call (Jeff), Daniel, Derrick (Karen), and Kaylynn (Brook Burley). He loved being a father and the grandfather of 21. He was always happy to visit with grandchildren and they looked forward to grandpa asking them "dollar questions."
Dave's life was one of service and kindness to all he met. He enjoyed his many callings in the church, which included serving as a beloved Bishop twice, as a member of the Stake Presidency, and as a Gospel Doctrine teacher for many years.
Published in Desefuneral will be held at the Willow Creek Fifth Ward, 240 the funeral between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. at the Willow Creek Fifth Ward meetinghouse. The internment will be at Larkin Sunset Gardens. Onli
Published in Salt Lake Tribune from Dec. 22 to Dec. 24, 2007 - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/saltlaketribune/obituary.aspx?n=mahlon-joy-watkins&pid=99964066#sthash.dacwe74Y.dpuf
Mahlon Joy Watkins 6/23/1927~12/19/2007 Mahlon Joy Watkins passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 19, 2007 from the effects of Parkinson's disease.He was born the second son of Lyle and Alfreda Myers Watkins, June 23, 1927 in Orem, Utah. As a child, during the Great Depression, the family moved to Southern California where he lived the majority of his life in Huntington Park, Glendale and Santa Ana. He graduated from Huntington Park High School and attended the University of Southern California after his service in the U.S. Navy at the conclusion of World War II. He married Julia Janet Cloward in the Salt Lake Temple, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1948, and they started a family in Glendale, where they lived and raised their four children for nearly four decades. He was a general contractor and swimming pool contractor and specialized in building homes and swimming pools on many hillsides in the area. Next to his family, he loved serving in the Church. He served in two bishoprics, a high council, and in nearly every possible calling working with the youth of the Church. He worked with the Sea Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorer Scouts and recently at the age of 78 was released as a Den Leader with the Cub Scouts! As a stake young men's president he inaugurated an annual youth conference that became known as SuperChallenge that was held on Catalina Island for the youth of the Glendale, CA Stake for decades. After moving to Sandy, Utah in 1994, his wife was stricken with Alzheimer's disease and has been hospitalized for the past five years. He served a mission in the Bishop's Storehouse, in Sandy, Utah, served as a greeter in his ward and has snowplowed miles of driveways and sidewalks for neighbors near and far in his Willow Creek neighborhood! His personal creed for his life was love of family and service to his fellow man, especially the youth of the Church. In humility, wonder and awe he affirmed that throughout his life he always had a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is survived by his wife, Janet, his two sons Scott and Doug and his two daughters Jamie and Angie. He is also survived by a brother Alfred Watkins, and two sisters Deanna Klinell and Julie Whipple. He has eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Mahlon's family would like to thank all the caregivers at the Woodland Park Care Center and Bristol Hospice for their kindness and compassion shown to him. Mahlon's funeral will be held at the Willow Creek Fifth Ward, 2400 Alta Canyon, Sandy, Utah, Thursday, December 27, 2007, at noon. There will be a viewing the night before, Wednesday, December 26 between 7-9 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East 10600 South, Sandy. A viewing will also be held prior to the funeral between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. at the Willow Creek Fifth Ward meetinghouse. The internment will be at Larkin Sunset Gardens. Online condolences at larkinmortuary.com
Published in Salt Lake Tribune from Dec. 22 to Dec. 24, 2007 - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/saltlaketribune/obituary.aspx?n=mahlon-joy-watkins&pid=99964066#sthash.dacwe74Y.dpuf
Gary was a man of great integrity. He loved his family and took great joy in his grandchildren, always willing to read a story or get down on the floor and construct an amazing train layout. As a wonderful father, grandfather a
1945 ~ 2015
St. George, UT-Gary Park Eldredge, age 69, passed away peacefully on March 17, 2015, at his home in St. George, due to the effects of cancer. Gary and his wife Tina had recently moved to St. George after 42 years in the Chicago area.
Gary was born on August 11, 1945, in Salt Lake City, to David Arthur Eldredge and Margaret Ruth Midgley.
He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Christine Ann "Tina" Wickman; their four children Crystal (David) Barlow, Todd (Janell Wilson), Amy (Steve) Foxhall, and Jason (Katie Quillen); and 13 grandchildren. He is also survived by his brother David Arthur Eldredge, Jr. (Mary Collier), and sister Paula (Jan) Woellhaf.
Gary attended Brigham Young University, graduating magna cum laude in 1971 with a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering Degree. While attending BYU he met his sweetheart, Tina, and they married in the Los Angeles Temple on September 10, 1968. Following his graduation from college, Gary served as a lieutenant in the US Army Reserves. He began his 35-year career in research and development with Bell laboratories/AT&T/Alcatel-Lucent in 1972, which took the couple to Naperville, IL, where they lived and raised their children. Gary worked in software development and as a director of cell phone technology development in his last years with the company. He often marveled that when his group developed the feature for telephone texting they didn't think any of the phone companies would see any use for it.
Gary was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout his life. He served a 2-year mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was able to use the Spanish fluency he gained there in Church service throughout his life. He served in two bishoprics, as a member of the high council, stake financial secretary and stake Family History coordinator. He served as a counselor in the Chicago Temple Presidency and Tina served as Assistant to the Matron from 2007 to 2010. They have been long-time temple ordinance workers. Gary also served for a short time as a sealer in the St. George Temple.
From an early age Gary developed a love of family history. He often joked that he lost track of how many relatives he had submitted for temple ordinances after the first 10,000. He used his passion and knowledge of genealogy to help countless friends and ward members. He also filled a two-year Church service mission answering the LDS Family History Center's help line. He had a love of home teaching and served many families faithfully throughout the years.
Gary was a man of great integrity. He loved his family and took great joy in his grandchildren, always willing to read a story or get down on the floor and construct an amazing train layout. As a wonderful father, grandfather and compani
Published in Deseret News on Mar. 21, 2015 - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/deseretnews/obituary.aspx?pid=174445845#sthash.b0NMBplq.dpuf

Williams, Ozzie 

Ozzie was born on May 7, 1942 to Osmyn and Gertrude Williams.  He was their 3rd child and their only boy, so he was very special to them.  He grew up in Glendale, California.  As a young boy he enjoyed Scouting, fishing, swimming, and teasing his sisters unmercifully!  He received his Duty to God Award in Scouting. Ozzie’s best friend was Mike Doyle, and they spent so much time together that Mike became my second brother.

He served a full time mission in the Central States Mission and loved missionary work.  After returning from his mission, he met and married Karen Loretta Bobchalk from La Crescenta. Ozzie and Karen got permission to be married in the Glendale West Ward Chapel on April 11, 1964 (so her mother could be there), and immediately went to the Los Angeles Temple that same day and were sealed for time and eternity.  There was a reception later that evening at the West Ward.

Ozzie and Karen had 7 children--3 girls and 4 boys.  While they were in Southern California, they ran 2 of the Ettie Lee Homes for Boys who were classified as “incorrigibles”.  They had 8 boys living in a home with them when they had their first 2 children, and later were asked to run a ranch home with 22 boys .  After many experiences, they “retired” from doing this, and moved to Las Vegas.  In Las Vegas, Ozzie worked for Clark County.  He ran a facility called Child Haven which was for Neglected and Abandoned children.

They later moved to Moreno Valley, California where he worked for Deseret Industries.  He was a store manager there.  Ozzie was also the Bishop of his ward.

After the death of our Dad in 1988, they all moved to Farmington, Utah to help our mother.  He continued to work for Deseret Industries on Welfare Square and in Layton and was the Rehabilitation Coordinator for them.

In 1989, Ozzie’s beautiful wife, Karen, died very suddenly of heart failure at the age of 45 years, and left him with 7 children.  It was devastating for Ozzie, but he continued to move forward.  Several months after Karen’s passing, Ozzie married Cathy Carroll from Las Vegas who he had worked with at Child Haven in Las Vegas.  Karen had always told him that if anything ever happened to her, she want him to marry Cathy.  Karen loved Cathy very much and they were very dear friends.  Oz and Cathy were married on November 11, 1989 in the Jordan River Temple.  Cathy had a son who Ozzie adopted and was later sealed to both of them.  Oz and Cathy moved from Farmington to Layton and later Ogden, Utah.

Ozzie and Cathy were famous for bringing “strays” into their home . . . Dog or human all the time.  Their one daughter, Heather said they were never quite sure if they were staying for dinner or staying the night!

Oz had a heart of gold and helped a tremendous amount of people along the way and to help them find their way.  His life was a life of selfless service.  He was truly a disciple of Christ.

Oz was an avid fisherman!  He loved to fish!  He fished with all his boys often.  His son, Jared remembers ice fishing with his Dad on Brigham Pond, and Jared only had on shorts, scandals and a short sleeve shirt.  Ozzie started throwing snowballs at him!!  No matter how cold it was, they always ended their fishing trips by going to the Peach Tree Drive-in after for a milkshake!

He was a wonderful father and so dearly loved by all of his children.  His daughter, Jenny said that “Growing up, I have always remembered my Dad with a little bit of a belly (no offense Dad).  I always loved that belly!!!  Whenever we would watch movies as a family, my Dad’s belly became my “pillow” till I turned 9 or 10 years old!”

Ozzie was diagnosed with metastasized melanoma in February 2010 (just one month after my  husband, Paul passed away).  There was a lump behind his ear and that’s what it was.  There was nothing they could do but keep him comfortable.  He was in terrible pain for months and did go through some radiation to try to slow it down.  After the first day of radiation, his wife Cathy shared a story . . . “Oz did feel well enough to go fishing again with Jared, even though it was pouring rain and freezing cold outside.  I guess you can’t stop a man from doing what he loved to do!  After Oz came home, I bundled him up under 3 blankets and he had a good sleep!”

Oz passed away November 28, 2010 surrounded by his loving family.  He has left a legacy of a life of service and a devotion to our Savior.


My good buddy and best friend Ozzie Williams passed away this morning at 11:10 am at his home in Ogden.  I was able to see Ozzie yesterday.  He was in a semi-conscious state from all the meds and pain relievers, but did roll his eyes when I told him who I was.  His is survived only by his younger sister Sue, who lost her husband recently.  The Williams family were long time members of the Glendale West Ward.  Ozzie left from the Glendale West Ward to serve in the Central States Mission in the fall of 1961.  Of course, he was a graduate of the great High School, HOOVER class of 60.  Ozzie ran track and cross-country for the Tornandoes.  I'm gonna miss him.  Mike Doyle

General authorities:
     Michael Hancock
     Lance Wickman
     Douglas L. Callister
     Tad R. Callister

I just grew up thinking most wards had children and/or grand children of general authorities living within their boundaries.  Charle's father was Hugh B. Brown and Norine Callister was the daughter of LeGrand Richards.  So it was not unusual to see one or the other once or twice a year. KDF

The following is public information found in the White Pages:
Brent Frost, LaCanada, CA
Cheryl Cornwell (Scott), Washington, UT
Clifton Jolley, Phd
Deanne Jonkey (Williams), Orem, UT
Dennis Barlow, Burbank, CA
Dennis Peters, Sandy, UT
Dennis Shanklin, Glendale, CA
Don Browne, USMC
Don Christiansen, So UT
George Nelson back east, married w child
Gordon Christensen, Orem, UT
Gwen Nobel, Lindon, UT deceased
Ila Lauten, Lone Pine, CA, San Diego
Paul, and wife in Sherman Oaks, CA
Jeanne Reeder (Broberg), LaCanada, CA
Jim LeCheminant, Mesa, AZ
John Harmer, Bountiful, UT
John Reese, Sandy, UT
Kay Don Frost, Glendale deceased.
Kent Gardiner, Eagle Mountain
Larry Noble, Las Vegas 
Lisa Slight, Valencia, CA
Lori Lauten, El Centro, CA
Lynn W Reeder, Alta Loma, CA
Mark Gardiner, Diamond Bar, CA
Mike Doyle, Alpine, UT
Paul Lauten, Sherman Oaks, CA
Paula Nobel (Fellingham), Saratoga Springs, UT
Richard Pettit,  Castle Rock, CO
Ron Beach, Orem, UT
Ron Leeper
Sandy Gardiner, WI
Steve Leeper, Carlsbad, CA
Sue Lauten, Palmdale, CA
Tad Callister, SLC 
Current Pictures: 

Douglas L. and Jeannette M. Callister

 Sister Kathryn Callister and Elder Tad R. Callister

Gregory A. Schwitzer Jo Ann Elizabeth Rawsthorne

 Kent Gardiner and Lynn Reeder

Kay Don Frost


Chuck Jonkey and Kent Gardiner


Lance B. Wickman