Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Melinda G Romney 1955 -

1969 Ocelot Orange Grove Jr High Yearbook
Photos: 1969 Ocelot, Orange Grove Jr High Yearbook, Melinda Romney entry. The last photo is of a BYU directory in 1973 which shows a G was the beginning of her middle name. 

Melinda Romney was Suzanne’s best friend in High School. The very first time I met Suzanne, Melinda Romney was with her. I gave them a ride home in 1972 from their Laurel’s conference in Glendora which was held in the same building I attended church. I put Melinda in the front seat and Suzanne in the back which, I later found out, did not set well with Suzanne. They were both young and pretty. Because of their ages I didn’t think of them as dating material but enjoyed our conversation on the way back to Hacienda Heights.  I believe she married and lived in San Diego after Suzanne and I married. If you know anything about her please let me know. 

1969 Ocelot Orange Grove Jr High Yearbook

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