Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Carol's Humor

There was a long discussion between Carol, and her friend Esther and myself about Memonites.
Esther said that in Idaho Mennonites didn't have any fun and she viewed Mormon's as very liberal.  We told Esther she was right in terms of dress but not in terms of food. Mormons don't drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.  Esther said that surprised to her.
I asked Esther, if her drink was Coke. She said, "Yes, is it healthy?'
I said, "Oh yes it very healthy for you.?
Carol said, "You can go ahead and kick him."
Esther said, "Because I am a Manonite, we don't believe in kicking."
Deborah said, "Mormon's don't believe in kicking either."
Carol said, "We believe in kicking if the person is a jerk."
Esther said, I wouldn't kick him.
Carol says, I've kicked him for less than that.
Meanwhile Deborah is cracking up, Carol and I start laughing
and Esther wants to know what is so funny.