Sunday, April 2, 2017

Elaine Mary Scholl Gardiner


    Barbara Layton Brown
Barbara Layton Brown What a wonderful gift of love and way of "bringing her to life" for your siblings and posterity! She's beautiful

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Cynthia G. Desrochers
Cynthia G. Desrochers Beautiful. I had no idea.

Cheryl Cornwell Scott
Cheryl Cornwell Scott Sandy looks like her. Very pretty

Grant Nicholas
Grant Nicholas That is so cool Kent

Minnie Irene Langlois
Minnie Irene Langlois Tyler and I just read this last night. It was so beautiful, and I can't imagine how much work must have gone into making it. Thanks for doing it!

Kate Kimber
Kate Kimber I can't think of a better way to honor your mother.

Dawn Ulmer
Dawn Ulmer A wonderful tribute to your mother and a great gift for you and your siblings to have it all right there. I enjoyed seeing your Cleveland Rd. house again and even the days before the fence was installed. What a special family!

Linda Dorr
Linda Dorr She was beautiful. Doing that for your younger siblings was a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do. A loving testament to your mother's memory for them.

Kelsey And-Justin Halbert
Kelsey And-Justin Halbert I finished it last night, and I wanted to thank you and Sandy Gardiner Blunck for such a special gift. I cannot express how much it meant to me to discover all of those new facts and photos. Thank you guys so much.

Sandy Gardiner Blunck
Sandy Gardiner Blunck I am so glad you read the book and enjoyed it! It was a fantastic experience putting the book together.
Nancy Adams
Nancy Adams Happy mothers day have a special son😇

Sue Williams Thurgood
Sue Williams Thurgood A beautiful thing to do for your siblings. She was a wonderful lady and mother and raised awesome children.
Lisa Fiore
Lisa Fiore Kent, What a beautiful git to your siblings and to you and your sister. A gorgeous, beautiful mother. You are an inspiration to me..I shall do the same regarding my grandmother, as she passed when Logan was a baby and before Lia was born....Hope your day was beautiful....Lisa Fiore

Kent Gardiner
Kent Gardiner Lisa, nice to hear from you after all these years.
Lee Bertram
Lee Bertram Very nice tribute.
Janice Gardiner Davis
Janice Gardiner Davis Kent and Sandy thank you both for this amazing book. What a beautiful book. Thank you!!!

Jen Reese Buford
Jen Reese Buford Kent Gardiner and Sandy Gardiner Blunck - I got to look through this last night, it is amazing!!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the book!!!
Glenna Rae Walker White So beautiful and how amazing you did that for your family to enjoy!!

Mark loved it.

Ryan G.
Loved it.
Fun reading stories.
What does "the honeymoon was hilarious" mean?

Why didn’t Emma watch kids after Elaine’s death?
Found Emma very interesting.