Saturday, February 11, 2017


In 1912 Frederick lives in Portland building houses with his sons George and Gus. In 1917 he finishes his home at 679 Locust St., Portland. Frederick dies of heart disease in 1929 at 80.

By 1913 Fannie is in Portland where the family attends the First Evangelical Church. Fannie died of breast cancer on June 1, 1922, at 69. She is buried in the Rose City Cemetery, Portland.

He died January 30, 1897. He is buried next to Elizabeth, behind the Zion United Church of Christ, Falls City, NE. 

Elizabeth dies December 2, 1902 in Aargo, Richardson, Nebraska. She is buried next to her husband behind the Zion United Church of Christ, in Falls City, Nebraska. They are buried under a large grey stone which sits as a silent monument to a faithful pioneer couple.
He was an original signer of a petition to make Nebraska a state. August died at 72 in 1898 in Falls City, Nebraska and is buried next to Fredericka in the Zion Cemetery. Their grave markers are located across the street from what used to be the Zion Evangelical Church, or their church.

George’s Aunts and Cousins
Photo: L to R, Sarah Voegelein Doyle, (Minnie’s sister-in-law); Elmer Weinert, (August Jr’s son); Anna Weinert, (John Weinert’s wife); Louise Wiltse, (Fannie’s sister); Katherine Voegelein, (Minnie’s daughter); Marie Weinert, (August Jr’s second wife); Gertrude Wiltse, ( Louise’s daughter); Frank Weinert, (August Jr’s son), Minnie Weinert Voegelein, (Fannie’s sister), Council Crest Park, 3.5 m SW of Portland, OR 1908.
Notes: August Weinert Jr is Fannie’s brother and Minnie Weinert Voegelein and Louise Weinert Wiltse are Fannie’s sisters. Minnie, married Edward Voegelein in 1885. Edward dies after being operated on the kitchen table for appendicitis in 1892. They have three children: Frederick Gottlieb born 1886, Edward born 1888 and Katherine Sarah born 1889. In 1900 Minnie moves in with her brother August Jr. whose wife died. August remarried on Christmas 1908. Minnie ran a boarding house at 408 Yamhill Street, Portland from 1907 to 1913 and at 414 E. Harrison from 1913 to 1914.

I remember when he came to Sunday dinner at Audrey’s he was very quiet. He looked a little lost in the middle of so many grandchildren. Like most kids we were unaware. He just seemed old. As I think back, it would have been nice to sit and ask George about his growing up. What farm chores did you have? Who was the funniest person in the family? What classes did you take at the Normal School? Did you help build barns with August?  What was it like working as a studio carpenter on a Laurel and Hardy set?  Sadly these questions will have to wait until the next life.