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Anna Kaiser 1864 - 1938

Anna Kaiser moved from Dundee, Illinois with her parents, Christopher (1831-1899) and Elisa Kaiser. Christopher. Both parents were born in Hessen, Bavaria, Germany and emigrated to the US in 1854. Christopher farmed in Preston where he died 45 years later.

Anna and John made their home in the Preston area on a farm where their first four children were born: Rosa, Henry, Edna and Arthur. They later had three more children: Luella, Theophilus and Lawrence. 

John was a trustee in the Zion Evangelical from 1904 - 1909. In fact he held Youth Parents Association meetings in his home in 1916. He later attended the Preston Evangelical Church.

John Weinert was a successful dairyman, sheep man and farmer in Jefferson Townshipm near Preston
 , Nebraska. John made a good living farming in the community and in 1919. 

John and Anna took a trip to the West Coast to visit the families who had moved out that way some years before. They traveled by train in December and postcard messages tell of the "unwanted" snow that Portland had when they landed at sister Fannie's house. They also visited George Scholl in California who was his nephew.

There was a concern on John's heart that his children would have a good education so after much consideration they sold the farm just east of the Zion Cemetery and in 1920 moved to Naperville, Illinois where the Evangelical church had a college and seminary. There they opened their home for boarding and later rooming, also, to the students. In order to meet the needs of their new situation they raised a big garden, having already learned the rigors of hard work back in Nebraska. Records show that they enjoyed their work. 

In the fall of 1925 John came down with pneumonia and passed away the 17th of October, 1925. Anna and daughter, Edna, continued on with the "club" as they called it. Anna suffered a slight stroke which affected her right side but was still able to help with the work, particularly the kitchen work, which was their livelihood. Then on July 9th, 1938, thirteen years after John had died, Anna went to be with those "who had gone before."

They lived at 104 S Wright Street, Naperville, DuPage, Illinois. A note of interest surrounds the house they lived in. In 1959 when Edna had to sell it the selling price was $25,000.00 and in 1996 when it was sold it commanded the price of $425,000.00! And now it is located in the "historic" area of Naperville just on the edge of Chicago. 

Documents related to Anna Kaiser:

Ship name: Bremen
16 May 1854 - 22 May 1854
Keyser Passenger list

1870 Richardson Co NE Census 1 of 2

1870 Census Richardson Anna Keyser 2 of 2

1880 Census Rulo, NE Keyser

Christopher Kaiser (1831-1899), immigrated
from Hessen, Germany Eliza Jahon (1835-1904),  from
Hessen, Germany. Parents of Anna Kaiser Weinert,
Photo taken in Falls City by
Brown Photography (Source; Ancestry)
1886 Preston, NE

1886 Anna Kaiser Weinert, (1864-1938) Kaiser Siblings:
Mary b 1855 Ann, Eliza b 1856, Richard b 1868 &
Gus b 1859 Henry is not in the photo, all born in USA
Photo taken in Falls City by
Brown Photography (Source: Ancestry)

Anna Kaiser

Preston Evangelical Church Singing Group early 1900's
Early 1900's taken in front of the Preston Evangelical Church, Preston, Nebraska. From Joan Hilgenfeld Zoeller (2014). Back row left: Walter Kaiser, Henry Weinert, I believe Martha Ruth Daeschner (SBC), Clara Zoeller, Will Zoeller, Richard Daeschner, ? , Mary Zoeller, Nelle Zoeller, Luella Weinert, Fred Metzner, & ? Front row left: Edna Weinert, LIllian Kaiser, Alma Daeschner, ? , Elma Daeschner, Susan Kaiser, Katherine Kaiser, Cora Zoeller, Sadie Daeschner & Louise Daeschner. (Source: Ancestry)

1904 John and Anna Weinert family.

LtR John Weinert, Anna Kaiser, Emma Scholl, Audrey Scholl, George Scholl

John and Anna lived in this home in Naperville. 
They are buried in a very beautiful cemetery called
 "Heritage" Cemetery in Naperville, Illinois. Later 
Edna was laid to rest there, as well.