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William Ingles 1862 - 1940

Annie Bachman was the first wife of William Ingles who came from Glasgow, Scotland.  He was born June 17, 1862 in Glasgow, Scotland.

William Ingles was baptized May 10, 1871, and married Annie Bachman March 10,  1901. He went through the temple  January 16,  1902.  There are no sealings recorded in life for either Annie or William.
Why did Annie go to Oregon?
Emma: One of their neighbors was the Eccles family and a son, David, who was worth thirty millions at the time of his death, was a frequent visitor at their house. He and father often walked over the mountains to Ogden and carried home some flour and molasses on their backs. Father managed to get a stove before Eccles's did and they came over and baked their bread on it.

In June 1912 I spent my vacation at Newport Beach at the home of Robert and Sarah Eccles Baird. He was a Chiropractor. She was our neighbor in Eden before I was born, I think. Her brother David Eccles, owner of Oregon Lumber Companywhere Will Ingles worked, died in Utah and left estate, etc, valued at thirty millions. Royal and Bertha Eccles went to Ogden High School when I was there. Hyrum Baird was home and he and I spent a lot of time on the beach. It was a beautiful beach with many shells. It was also surrounded on one side by hills, which added to the beauty of the scenery.  Hyrum had been married and was divorced.

Annie died 14 Aug 1926, just five years after her own mother. William married Jeanette Hiatt b 20 August 1928 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they are found in the 1940 census living with her children. Jeanette died June 27, 1940 and he died a few months earlier, April 15, 1940. It is interesting that they both show up in the 1940 census and then died in the same year.

Emma:  January 28, 1927, Will Ingles and my sister Bertha came to visit us.  Will Ingles was very generous.  He bought me a large vase (now on our piano) and a set of natural colored linens, with lace and embroidery, bedspread and pillow scarfs, table and dresser scarfs.  We had a small wood heater in the front room fireplace and kept a fire in it, but Bertha and Will said they were never so cold in their lives.  Will wore heavy woolen garments.  He gave me my sister Annie's diamond earrings and two enlarged pictures, one of George and me and one of Audrey.

Emma and George Scholl, 1927

Burial: Ogden City Cemetery
Weber County
Utah, USA
Plot: D-16-11-4E

Second wife:

This is Jeanette Hiatt, She is found in Payson, Utah when she was 16. She married Samuel Eccles and they had five children together. He died in 1900 and the next year she remarried. The marriage did not go well because he was lazy and wouldn't help her. She divorced him and didn't marry again for 25 years.

She married William Ingles on 20 August 1928 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they are found in the 1940 census living with her daughter Sarah along with Sarah's husband and children. Sarah's married a doctor and lives in a very nice home.

William dies shortly after the 1940 census on April 15, 1940 and Jeanette dies two and a half months later on 27 June 1940. It is interesting that they both show up in the 1940 census and then both die in the same year.

Her obituary says she was active LDS. She was sealed to Samuel 22 June 1882 in the Endowment House, SLC.