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Where did the Winert's and Scholl's go to church?

The Weinert and Scholl families were religious. Cemeteries and Churches they attended or are buried:

Early cemetery: 4 on the map below
Arago Cemetery
This is where the Weinert children who died in infancy are buried. This cemetery is located in section 11. Directions: From Falls City 6 mi N., 6.5 mi. E., .5 mi. N., & .5 mi E
Paul's wife is in charge of caring for the cemetery.

Church 1. #2-3 on map below
Bethel Zion Church site, Zion Bethel Cemetery 
(see pictures), Located in section 4
August & Fredericka Weinert are buried here.
This church combined with the ? in Preston and built #5 Bethel Church in 1953-54.

Directions: From Falls City 3 E, 1 N, & 1 E. It is located in section 4 of Jefferson Township.

The Zion Church was originally built in 1872 with 3 primary members of a committee. Gotlieb Voegelein was on that committee. The building faced south, and the pulpit was one the north. The front section of the building sometimes called the vestibule and pulpit area were added in 1874
"The Bethel Zion Cemetery is located at the site of the former Zion Church, 4 miles east and 1/2 mile north of Falls City in Jefferson Township., sect.4. The original Zion Church was begun when two acres were bought from Henry Rieger on April 6, 1872, for a new church, parsonage and cemetery, and was to serve those in this area who spoke the German language. The church was in use until 1951. All that remains is the cemetery, which is now associated with the Bethel United Methodist church."

—From a cemetery list booklet compiled by the Tri-State Corners Genealogical Society. Pub. 1996. 

This is a modern photo.

The Zion Cemetery aka Zion Bethel Cemetery is or rather was across the street from Zion Evangelical Church.  The building is no longer in existence.

The church is gone today but the cemetery is kept in fine order.

Weinert's in the Zion Bethel Cemetery:
Charles Weinert and Mary Voegelein
Harold and Verna Weinert, Paul Weinert's parents
August and Fredericka aka Barbara Weinert
Pvt Franklin Weinert
Henry Christopher, John Weinert's son
Martha Marie Bletscher Weinert, John's daughter


Let’s see who we recognize in the photo above:
1.  Edna Weinert is John Weinert's daughter
2.  Henry Weinert another son and Martha, his wife
3.  Lena Bletscher and Henry Bletscher, Martha's sister and brother
4.  Luella John Weinert's daughter
5.  Lawrence John Weinert's son
6.  Theophilus aka Tophy another John Weinert's son
7.  Harold Weinert, Paul Weinert’s father, he is Charles Weinert's son
8.  Alma, Carl, and Albert Weinert, Harold Weinert's sister and brothers, 
      or Charles Weinert's children
9.  Herman Oberst who was brother to Carl Oberst, who was best friends 
      with George Scholl their whole lives
10.  Irving Wiltse is Clarence and Louise Weinert’s son
11.  Gertrude Wiltse Clarence and Louise Wiltse's daughter


The Bethel church, Falls City now has all church records from the Zion Evangelical church in a 7 foot steel case file.  Here is the church roll, 1880 - 1881.  Notice what they call Fredericka: 

Church 2.    
Zion United Church of Christ, or Bauman Church
                                     (see pictures)
Located in section 6 of Arago Township
Different faiths worshipped here
Philipp & Elizabeth Scholl buried here
Other Scholl's are buried here that are not related
This church gave the German speaking residents an Evangelical Church and a parish school.
Cemetery records are with the Lutheran Church???

Directions: From Jct 159 & 73 in Falls City, 4.25 mi E., 3 mi N., & 1.6 mi E. at church. This cemetery is located in section 34. 

Falls City Centennial 1857-1957 says:
1886 –Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church. Begun on September 5, 1886 and  dedicated in May 1887.
            Called Bauman church because of their contributions and
            property used (see 1879 Arago Township map).
1926   Remodeled in 1926 and 1956.
1934   In 1934 the Evangelical and Reformed churches were combined
            and the name  Zion Evangelical and Reformed church came into
1957   Zion United Church of Christ name was used when combined
           with  Congregational churches.

This is where Scholl's are buried.
To see Scholl's: Zion United Church of Christ  

65765 709th Road, Falls City, 68355-2657
Records:  1886-1976
Falls City, Richardson County, Neb.:  United Church of Christ
Size:  1 reel of microfilm,  RG3245.AM:  Zion United Church of Christ (Falls City, Neb.)
The Zion Evangelical Church, near Falls City, Nebraska, was formed in 1886 by a group of German immigrants who had settled in Richardson County after the Civil War.   For many years German was the language of worship but it was gradually replaced by English in the early decades of this century. The Congregational Christian churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church merged in 1961. This congregation joined the new national body, the United Church of Christ, and assumed the title of Zion United Church of Christ.

This collection of the records of the Zion United Church of Christ of Falls City, Nebraska, consists of one reel of microfilm containing two volumes dating from 1886-1976. Each of the two registers contains lists of pastors, baptisms, confirmations, communions, marriages, burials, and annals of the congregation. The first volume, covering the years 1886-1926, is in German; the second volume, 1926-1976, is in English.

Reel 1
  1. 1886-1926
  2. 1926-1976

Church 5 #5 on map below
Preston Bethel Evangelical United Brethren church

Located in section 9
1954   Built in March 28, 1954 by combining two congregations from                                                 ???.
2018   Paul attends this church today.

Steele Cemetery: 

Many Weinert's buried in this cemetery and some Scholl's. There is a booth
on the property that has a register so one can locate graves. Very convienient.
Directions: From Jct 73 & 8 in Falls City, 1 mi W. on Hwy 8.
It is located in Falls City Township section 9

Tabor Church site  see no. 12 on the map below

Located in section 28
Methodist, was Paul’s church
Weinert’s and Scholl's attended this church.
Torn down in 1953

In 1877 and Tabor Church was formed 9 miles northeast of Falls City.  It was in existence from about 1877 to 1905. 

The Tabor church was 3 miles north of Zion Evangelical and built after Zion Church. It lasted 35-40 years.  People closer to Arago went to this church rather than Zion Evangelical because it was closer to homes making it easier to get to in wagons and by horse.  When the Model T came along it was disbanded and people went back to Zion Evangelical Church.

Bethel Evangelical United Brethren Church here had something special to brag about during its centennial celebration. The 136-member congregation has produced 43 ministers, ministers’ wives and missionaries who combined have 240 years of service in the Kansas Conference The two days of centennial celebrating have been high lighted by visits from former pastors as well as the youth they influenced to go into the ministry and missionary work. The church’s history reveals a mobile existence that eventually spawned an affiliate church at Falls City which has grown larger than the parent

The church was founded in 1862 at the small Missouri River town of Arago which was later renamed Fargo. The Rev Herbert Iwig, the present pastor, said the early churches of his denomination were usually founded when two or 3 families in one location made contact with a preacher.  Most of the early preaching was done in homes or schoolhouses. Five years after the founding the church was moved to a location 6 miles northeast of Falls City named Zion Evangelical. The location was moved again in 1877 and Tabor Church was formed 9 miles northeast of Falls City. Preston Church was founded in 1891 and in 1950 was united with Zion as the two congregations began to worship together. The resulting Bethel Church is located 4 miles east and one-half mile north of Falls City.  

Preston Church was founded in 1891.

All Scholl's and Weinert's attended the Tabor Church for a time.

George grew up in a time when religion was very important and it was significant to him. The Zion Evangelical Church (Zion United Church of Christ today), near Falls City, Nebraska, was formed in 1886 by a group of German immigrants who settled in Richardson County at the end the Civil War. For many years German was the language of worship but English gradually replaced it in the early decades of this century.
George and his family attended the Mount Tabor Zion Evangelical and Baptist churches. His grandfather August was a Catholic by birth and upbringing. Evangelical preachers came through Falls City and held camp meetings. Jane Weinert, August’s daughter attended and converted first. Then his other daughters Minnie, Fannie and Anne followed.  This upset August, particularly when Fredericka, who grew up as Dutch Reformed, joined. They convinced August to come to a meeting; he had a religious experience and joined. The Weinert’s were all believers who attended the Tabor Evangelical Church and the Zion Evangelical Church. When George was nineteen he attended a meeting of the Young People’s Alliance of the Evangelical Church. Fannie’s brother, John was a trustee at church. Fredericka’s pastor said she was a “living epistle, always reflecting her Savior’s glory.”

Paul notes: They first went to the Arago Evangelical church, then the Zion Evangelical Church, then the Tabor Church

It was common for youth groups to walk to the church building to sing or do other activities. Churches at the time shared pastors.

When Charles Weinert was dating his wife ---- Voegelein. They walked to the Zion church together in mid day. Then they walked to Falls City where they attended another service and Charles walked home, a distance of 10 or 12 miles.

August moved from Arago to the home which is still standing in 1877 when Charles was 16 years old.

August's home in Arago was on lot 100.  He also had 5 other lots. Each lot had a purpose like pasture, garden, wood lot.

The German Colonization Society was made up of furniture factory workers from New York.

Joann Zoller wrote the 150 centennial booklet and could find nothing on the Arago Church.

Arago proper was 1 mile wide and 1.5 milers long. The Cemetery is on the west side of the rectangle. 

The Zion Church was originally built in 1872 with 3 primary members of a committee. Gotleib Voegelein was on that committee. The building faced south, and the pulpit was one the north. The front section of the building sometimes called the vestibule and pulpit area were added in 1874. 

In 1952 Zion Evangelical merged with the Bethel church.

It appears that all of the following churches were Evangelical.

Zion Evangelical Church was founded in 1862 in Arago. Five years after the founding, the church was moved to a location 6 miles northeast of Falls City named Zion Evangelical.  At one time 125 people or so attended.

4.  St. Paul Church in Preston was 3 miles south and 1 mile west

5.  Bethel church is the main church today (2016) and has the records for the previous churches that no longer in exist.

Zion Cemetery, NE from Kent on Vimeo.

6.  Old Arago Cemetery

Four Lost Children in the Arago Cemetery, NE from Kent on Vimeo.

Map of important spots in NE of Falls City and Arago, NE:


Church 1.  
St. John’s Church and cemetery – section 16, Arago Township
One of oldest churches in area.  Cemetery maintained by Lutheran church.

“St. John's or Werner Church was originally called St. Johannes Evangelical Church. Samuel Ablutz and his wife deeded 5 acres of land to the church on December 30, 1873. The plat for the cemetery was filed on October 17, 1894. At one time the church was served by ministers from St. Peter's Lutheran Church. In 1898 the church records were given to St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Falls City. The earliest stone is that of Frederick G. Kleber, who died in 1872.”
—Find A Grave