Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hofer Letter

Office of the
Probate Judge
Osborne County

        J.F. Frey, Probate Judge
                                                            Kansas                                    March 6, 1897

BD Eastman,
My dear Sir: I have this {story} {had}
quite an extended conference
with some of the near relatives,
including the wife of Christ Hofer
an inmate of the Topeka asylum.
            His wife, who above all other per-
Ssons on earth know Christ best.
She fears that he may have some
grudge against her and if he
returns-fully discharged-he may
do her harm.  It is an evident-
fact that he will soon be dis-
charged if he gets along the way
he has since admitted.  I suggested
to the friends & his wife, that when
he returns that he be mildly con-
gratulated on his improvement {health}
(etc.?) to lift him up and for them
to do all in their power to lift-
him up in his own estimation, for

Office of the
Probate Judge
Osborne County

        J.F. Frey, Probate Judge                                                2
                                                            Kansas                                                                  1896

he is a man that has been in
weighed down by melancholia
and thinking “he was no good
in the world & would be better out
of it {etc.?} which is a dangerous mood.
His wife has hoped-from fear-that
he would stay some length of time,
but she wants him to be under
the impression that she is urging for, and
wanting him discharged, so she will
have a good feeling for her when
he comes home. You can give him
this impression when you send him

I candidly believe it better to not
discharge him, but to send him
home on trial visit of an indefinite
period of time & let us inform you
when he seems to be all right.
Then you can make the discharge
a matter of record and release him.

Office of the
Probate Judge
Osborne County                                                                    3

        J.F. Frey, Probate Judge
                                                            Kansas                                                                  1896

If he is under the impression
that he is out on his good behavior
he will use his will power to do
right and prevent himself from
relapsing or letting himself slide
back into old tracks.
For he has always claimed that he
could have prevented himself from
those things or “left off doing those
things, had he known that it en-
dangered him to the Asylum {etc.?}
Besides {this, he’s} an insane person
is always worse at home because of
some indulgency, favors {etc.?}
Also, if he gets bad soon, he can
Bbe sent back without a second expensive
Ttrial which his family can {ill} afford to
Ppay-yes {can’t?} pray.

            Excuse lengthy article
            Very Respectfully
                                                                                    J.F. Frey
                                                                                    Probate Judge