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Emil Gustav Hornschuch 1872 - 1942

Biography of Rev. E.G. Horschuch Family, By Opal Hornschuch, Willard's wife: (with corrections) 
"Christian H. (L.) and Wilhelmina Guenther Hornschuch emigrated in 1861 or 1863 from Germany to the United States with their parents. In 1870 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania they were married. Ten children were born to the couple, the second child being Emil Gustav, born September 9, 1872 (died March 1942) Sometime the latter part of 1878,  Christian and Wilhelmina moved to Oregon to their destination of Beaver Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon. In Beaver Creek the family settled on Highland Road where they were known to have lived through 1910.

"In 1894 Emil married Ruth Buckner in Clackamas County, Oregon. However, Ruth died along with two of their three children in 1906 suffered in an epidemic of flu (not verified it was flu). At this time Emil entered Willamette University to become a minister, three of his brothers also became ministers. Emil and three of the brothers had a male quartet known all over this area for many years. (Opal's note: when Bill (Willard) and I found a “satchel” in the basement we found Emil’s preachers license which was signed by my uncle, Samuel Siewert. This was the very early friendship of the Hornschuch's and Siewert's)

"In 1908 Emil and Emma Scholl were married in Portland. She was the daughter of Fredrick Scholl and Fannie Weinert. Emma was born March 8, 1877 in Arago, Richardson County, Nebraska and died March 22, 1944 in Salem, Oregon.

"While Emil was pastoring a church in Seattle, Washington, their first child was born, Willard E. on June 2, 1911.  He died July 23, 1984 in Salem, Oregon. Two daughters were subsequently born.  After his charge in Seattle he was sent to the church at 17th and Chemeketa Street in Salem, Oregon. Their second child was born, Naomi E on August 25, 1914, who died January 2, 1950, Salem. At that time my parents, Frederick and Mabel Siewert) became acquainted with the Hornschuchs. My mother loved to tell about Sunday mornings in Salem as Emma went to the church to ring the church bell.  Willard would follow her…crawling in the dirt, rain, or mud or, and he gave a bad time to his half-brother during the sermon. Then the Conference sent Emil to Jefferson, Oregon to the church. In  Jefferson their third child was born, Erma E. on August 9, 1916 and died March 5, 2000 in Portland. Emma’s sister lost her life in childbirth, leaving a baby boy. Emil and Emma took the brand new baby, Laurence S. Zinser, and raised him as their own. Laurence now lives with his wife Barbara in California after both served in the Navy during one of the wars. They have two daughters, Sharon E. and Laura. (Laurence served from USN 10/1945-4/1967. WWII was over when he joined. He served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.)

"While in Jefferson, Emma found that she was ill and Emil learned to farm in Labish Center area and although they moved to the farm in 1921, Emil continued to fill the pastorate in Jefferson. He would walk to Brooks, take the train to Jefferson, then via train back to Brooks and walk home. A long day! If the water was up? He wasn’t stopped he…waded through. You, who remember him know there was never a man who lived more kind and gentle.

"Onions and filberts were the two crops…how things are changed by now! They started with a team of horses. Emil would often say, “Oh, I was born 20 years too early” as he would wonder at the new ways. Then Bill in turn, would say the same thing, and now he would wonder at these improvements. It was a lingering death for Emil who left this world suffering cancer in March 1942."

What happened to Emil and Ruth's children?
Vera R. Hornshuch 1895-1901, Vera lived 6 years.
Lester Reuben Hornschuch 1898-1901, Lester lived 1 year 8 mo.
LeRoy Sylvester Hornschuch 1902-1987, LeRoy married Clara May Hughes and 2 children LeRoy lived 72 yr, 8 mo 6 days.

What happened to Emil and Emma Children:
Willard (AKA Bill) E. Hornschuch 1911-1984, Williard married Opal L. Siewert 14 Aug 1938 but had no children. (see his history at the bottom of this page)
Naomi Edna Hornschuch 1914-1950, not married
Erma Elizabeth Hornschuch 1916-2000, Erma married Dr. Earl Maurice Rutherford on 15 June 1941 They divorced (He was from Canada and served in WWII.  He remarried in 1948 and lived to be 92 dying in 2003.), Erma married Frank Beeman 24 Feb 1959, no children.  He was previously married.  In 1940 he was 31 with wife Dorothea and 4 children. He worked at Hosiery Mill in Hilltown PA.  Frank died in 1977 and Dorothea lived 23 years on her own.

What happened in their lives?
1872 Emil born 9 September, Pennsylvania, USA
1894 Emil marries Ruth Buckner 8 August, Clackaman, OR
1895 Vera R. Hornschuch born August
1898 Lester Reuben Hornschuch born April
1901 Lester Reuben Hornschuch dies January
1901 Vera R Hornschuch dies January Beaver Creek, OR
1902 LeRoy Sylvester Hornschuch born 21 March, Beaver, Creek, OR
1906 Ruth Buckner, dies of goiter strangulation, 26 January Tigardville, OR
1906 Emil is a pastor at Mission Chapel.
1907 Rev E G pastor Evangelical Mission Chapel, res 542 E 21st, Salem
1907 Emil's father Christian (Chris) dies 12 January
1908 Emma and Emil married 25 December in Multnomah, OR
1909 Emil G, res 17th N.W corner Chemeketa, Salem
1909 Rev Emil G, is pastor Evangelical Alliance Ch, b 421 Aldton Av.
1912 Birth of Son Willard E Hornschuch Washington, Age 35
1910 Rev Emil G, pastor Grace Church of the Evangelical Assn.
1913 Residence 1913  Salem, Oregon, USA, Age 36
1914-1918 WWI
1915 Birth of Daughter Naomi E Hornschuch, Age 38
1916 Four Hornschuch brothers in the Sunday Oregonian
1917 Birth of Daughter Erma F Hornschuch, Age 40
1917 Emil's mother Wilhelmina dies, 12 November
1918 Emil and Emma drive a Ford in Jefferson
1920 Residence Jefferson, Marion, Oregon, USA, Age 43
1929-1933 The Depression
1920 Residence 1930 • Brooks, Marion, Oregon, USA Age 53
1930 Emil is a farmer in Salem
1931 Emil is driving a 28 Ford Coupe
1932 Emil and Emma driving a 32 Buick Sedan
1935 Residence 1935 • Brooks, Marion, Oregon, Age 58
1939-1945 WWII
1940 Residence 1940 • Brooks, Marion, Oregon, USA Age 63
1942 Residence 1942 • Oregon, USA, Age 65
1942 Emil dies 15 March from cancer, Salem, OR
1944 Emma death 22 March, Salem, Marion County, Oregon, Age 67
1944 Emma is buried in Salem, Marion County, Oregon. The church she
         attended named  a stained glass window in her honor. Minnie Weinert 
         Voegelein who Emma's mother's sister or Emma's aunt is buried in the
         same cemetery. Belcrest Cemetery, Salem, OR
Documents related to Emil Gustav Hornschuch:

United States Census, 1900 Oregon Clackamas

Salem, Oregon, USA, 1903, Wallulah Yearbook, Emil on right, back

1906 Salem Directory


1908 Emil and Emma
1909 Salem Directory

1910, United States Census, Washington King Seattle Ward 9

1913 Emil, Willard and Emma Scholl

The Sunday Oregonian., July 02, 1916, Section One, Page 11, Image 11

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Daily capital journal., November 14, 1917, 

Daily capital journal., November 19, 1917
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November 23, 1917

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1923, Erma, Willard, Naomi

1924 Frederick Scholl, Emma Scholl, Emil Hornschuch,
 Naomi, Willard, Erma

1925 Frederick Scholl, Laura Bingaman, ?, Gus and Emma Scholl, Emma and 
Emil Hornschuch,  John and  Leona Zinser, Fred Scholl, 
Front row: Erma, Naomi Hornschuch, Portland

The Oregon statesman., June 14, 1930,

The Oregon statesman.,
 January 27, 1933

1938,  Naomi, Emil, Emma and  Lawrence Zinser who Emma and Emil
raised as their own.

1942 LtR Emil, Willard, Emma , Naomi, Erma Hornschuch

Belcrest Memorial Cemetery, Salem, OR

Rev. E.G. Horschuch Family, By Opal Hornschuch Zielinski, Daughter-in-law of Rev. Hornschuch (final part of the history of Emil above.)
Bill (Willard) had come home in 1937 after graduating with a MS degree from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Even he had some good job offers, his father needed help and elected to return to the farm. At a “Farewell Dinner” of  Herb and Helen Bennett ( the departing pastor), Bill sang a couple of solos and I was accompanying a Ladies Trio. After the program Bill came to me and introduced himself and asked if I would be interested in accompanying him. I was. For 43 years I accompanied him one or another way. We were married August 14, 1938 and moved into “the little house” at the curve North on 72nd, across from the Starkers. Great neighbors!

For several years Bill worked at the warehouse in the winters and then to be a “buyer” for Seth Millers. He enjoyed working there and was pretty busy plus the farm. On December 26, 1942 our first child was born, W. Christian. After school he went to International Harvest Company in Salem as business manager until they offered a like position in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1987. He married Janet Foster June 5, 1970. Christ adopted Jan’s 5 year old son Michael. On September 18, 1971 their child was born, Michelle M. Christ did see her graduate from UNLV.  However, he was very ill and as Grandfather Emil and Father Bill, Chris found the worst…cancer! He died April 6, 1995.  The second child of Bill and  I was born October 16, 1945. Kare danced for Ballet troops from San Francisco to New York. Afterward she went to nursing, but hurt her back and her doctor advised to change to a different field. She became a dental assistant.

Back to Bill: after renting out the filberts he was doing some things waiting for him too long and made the decision…to RETIRE! Have you heard the expression, “Do it now-it is later than you think?” Believe it, it is true. At age 73 cancer claimed another on July 23, 1984.

The “home place” was from the bridge to the East to the line of the Harry Boehm property to the West, with exception of two pieces. The school ground was given years before and the property that Bill and I donated to the church. The Kuenzi family, purchased the home and farm, adding to the Boehm property.

This was a great area to grow onions…and a family but I wonder why we have had such serious illnesses and deaths of our young people. Count them!