Monday, November 28, 2016

Map of Scholl's in Arago and Falls City

1896 Arago Map

After 1902 because Frederick owns August Weinert's farm. The farm was deeded to Frederick by Fredericka in 1902.

1896 Full map


It appears Frederick's land was in section 48 and there was a school on the northeast corner of the property.  The house and orchard are in the southeast corner of the property.  The land had good access to the Missouri Pacific Railway which added to it's value.  Being a mile from Falls City was another advantage. Frederick went from sitting in a little village on the Missouri, Arago, to 160 acres two miles from Arago to this beautiful property with excellent access to transportation and markets.



 In the 1924 Township map Frederick still owns the August property in section 15 and his son owns land just above him.

Modern day map, 2000s  There are 36 sections in a township.  Each section is 640 acres or one mile square.  Frederick Scholl started out in Section 22 and ended up in Section 15 before selling out in 1904 and moving a mile from Falls City, NE.  He bought the most expensive farm in Richardson County to that date.