Tuesday, November 15, 2016

George's Tools

For many years I told my father I wanted a tool that grandpa Scholl owned.  He said, “You don’t want that thing.”  I said, “Oh yes I do.” Then he wouldn’t discuss it further. But a couple of times he said yes. I got George’s bench which I restored and have used since the 1980s.  I have his saw with his name etched into the handle and his wood plane. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been looking for a front knob for the plan since it is missing.  Yesterday I emailed photos of the plane to a guy on eBay who deals with very old tools and in particular wood planes.  He puts the plane in the 1885 - 1888 range.  if that is true the plane was owned by Frederick Scholl who gave it to George.  It has had lots of hard use and is pretty beat up. For me that makes it all the cooler.  After I get the knob I just ordered, I’m going to take photos of his old tools and add them to my grandfather's book.  There is something nice about having a tool in your hand that your grandfather held in his. 

"I believe you have an early Stanley Plane. 1885-1888.The "No" and the"6". are spaced closely in this period.  Looks like the frog is broken as well.  Like you said it, was probably used a lot." Tool expert on ebay

George's tools