Sunday, November 6, 2016

Emma Timeline 1887 - 1969

1830  Jacob Bachman born in Wiliberg, CH, April 26
1847  Anna Hegetschweiler born Ottenbach, CH September 29
1852  Jacob marries Elizabeth Sutter of Bozberg, October 3
1857  Jacob, Elizabeth joins church, November 19
1860  Anna Sidler and her mother come to America
          Handcart arrives September 3
1861  Anna Sidler killed by cannon, Kingston Fort, June 3
1863  Jacob's family arrives in Utah, October 15
1865  Anna Sidler marries Samuel Stone, February 4
1866  Elizabeth Sutter dies giving birth, November 18,
1867  Jacob marries Annie Hegetschweiler, April 27,
          Jacob Annie, 17 years age difference
1868  Anna gives birth to Joseph Bachman, February 8
1870  Anna gives birth to Annie August 19
1875  Anna gives birth to John Rudolf, October 19
1887  Anna gives birth to Emma, December 5
1896  Baptized June 4
1900  Inactive church member until 1910
1901  Sister Annie marries William Ingles,
          Ingles move to Oregon for work
          Jacob Bachman moves to 1518 Jefferson, Ogden,
          Jacob owns 5 lots, home
1902  Graduates from 8th grade, May
          Begins Ogden High School
1905  Visits sister Annie Mayger, OR,
1906  Graduates Ogden High School
          Gets State Certificate to teach
1906  Teaching in Croyden, Morgan Co, $55 a month,
          Called "Lizzie"
1907  Teaches school at Warren, Weber Co, September
           Jacob dies, December 19, Ogden, UT
1908  Quits teaching at Warren School, June
          Goes back to Cryodon to teach $65 mo,
          September, teaches 8 grades
1909  Last day of teaching, May 21
          Visit to Mayger, OR to Annie Ingles
1910  Annie in hospital, Emma for ruptured ovary
          Fire Oregon Lumber company
          Bookkeeper at W.H. Wright's department store, Ogden
1911  Resignes from Wrights, Mother, Charlotte,
          Emma to Mayger, OR
          Works payroll, Meier and Frank's, store Portland
          Boards at 349 7th Street, then
          Boards 431 E Taylor, Portland, December
1912  Vacation to Newport Beach, Robert, Sarah Eccles Baird
1913  To LA by boat, stayed in SF a week
          Bookkeeper at Mulder and Hurnish, February
1913  Moves with Mother to 616 Bixel Street, LA,
          Church was at 10th and Grand
1914  George, Gus Oberst get an apartment, Emma, George date
          Vacation to San Diego and Mexico
           Looks for work in San Diego with Mr. Scholl
           Job at Renshaw, Jones and Sutton, on East San Pedro Street
1915  Diagnosed with prolapsed stomach, pelvic organs, February
           Visits with Emma's sister Elizabeth Reeder
           Marries George Scholl, West Adams Chapel May 26
           Rents three room apt, 30th and Ivy, Mother rents nearby
           George's sister Laura visits, goes to the Fair, Charlotte too
1916  George gets construction job on Radio Station
           Elizabeth Reeder, Calvin, visits
           Lives in tent three months
           Get Mother's furniture out of storage,
           Joseph Bachman visit
           Back to LA rents room at 842 West 49th Street, July
           Audrey born, Good Samaritan Hospital, October 15
1917  Visit from Bertha, Arthur Stallings
1918   Operation for prolapsed uterus, Utah, July
           Lives in Los Palos Street, six months with Mother
1919  Moves to 634 West 47th Street, LA, 11 mo
1920  Buy lot at 624 Hobart Boulevard, George builds house
1921  Annie, Will Ingles come to see Mother,
          George takes care of Audrey during Ingles
          Mother in sanitarium on West 7th Street, dies February 1
          Funeral at West Adams Chapel with Annie, Will
          Mother's inheritance, secures 4k names with Julius Billeter,
          Emma, Audrey train to Ogden, stayed in Charlotte Larkin's
          Funeral for Mother, February 6 in Eden, UT stayed 2.5 months
          Visit to Provo Utah State Hospital to see Jacob Jr, he smiles
          Jacob Bachman Jr. dies in Utah State Hospital
          Sells 624 Hobart, bought lot at 1636 Golden Gate Avenue
          Emma, Audrey stay at William, Bess Morkins
          Called to teach Sunday School, February
1922  Secretary, treasurer for Relief Society, June until 1924
1925  Audrey baptized, April 5
          Elaine born, April 28th, 7:30 p.m.
          Elaine blessed July 5 by Angus Elmer Peterson
1926  Emma, Audrey Elaine two months in Hermosa Beach
          Annie dies, August 14
          Elaine gets diptheria
1927  Elaine wanders to Sunset Blvd.
          Visit, Will Inglis, Bertha, 3.5 months,
          Will Inglis gives Emma enlarged photo of George, Emma
          Given photo of Audrey
          Train to Utah, June 12, stayed at Joseph Bachmans,
          Weighs 90 pounds
          Returnes in September, Audrey school
1828  George finishes 1636 Golden Gate,
          Goes to Oregon in Model T, June 22
          Visits Morkin's in Berkeley
          Stays week at Emil and Emma Hornschuch,
          Tries to give Emil Book of Mormon
          Summer with Frederick Scholl
          Visits Ed, Fred, Kate Voegelein
          Stay with Gus, Emma, visited Laura, John Zinser,
          Canned 125 quarts of berries
          Rents 345 Burchette, Glendale
1929  Moves 3321 Drew Street, LA., Miss Everett owner,
          Later did Miss Everett's Temple work
          Church at 220 W Broadway
          Relief Society Secretary, Sunday School Teacher until 1934
1930  Utah on bus to Charlotte in Farmington,
          Rents at Luella Hyde Hess
          To LA, 822 Fischer, Audrey Glendale High, September
1931  Elaine, John Muir School,  whooping cough, February
1932  Audrey ride to Utah for $5 stays w Emuel,
          Elaine, Emma bus, 11 hours, rents Farmington
          Emuel dies September 12
          Emma SLC Temple first time, September 21
          Visits brother William Stone, Ida, they attend Temple
1933  Elaine baptized May 6 by Joseph E. Olson
          Made ice cream in six quart freezer, Summer
1934  Cloud burst in Glendale, George takes church goers home
          Minnie Dolr Davis is brought into church by Emma
          Elaine and Emma to Utah, June stayed at Luella Hess's
          George moves to 605 Lincoln, Morkins lived with him
          Returns to LA, September Elaine in John Muir School
1935  George rents small apt, he likes it
          Genealogical Class Leader for a year
          Audrey, Elaine, Emma to Utah, Charlotte's, rents an adobe
          Audrey back to school, September, Jr. College,
          Rents 521 Milford, Elaine to Columbus School
1936  Has 13 teeth pulled by Dr. Grubb for $26, teaches w/o them
          Audrey graduates from Junior College, June,
          Audrey job First National Bank, 6th Spring, 6 yrs
          Bishop Olson asks Audrey on mission, Audrey 19
          Made fig jam for George
          Nervous collapse, Elaine, Emma to St. George
          In St. George Emma is ill
          George, Audrey move from 521 Milford
          To 1137 1/2 Orange Grove Avenue, March, 27
1937  To Farmington, rents Luella Hess's rooms
          Trip from Farmington to St. George, teaches Genealogy
1938  To Farmington, Luella Hess, May 18, 1938
           George, Audrey back to 1636 Golden Gate
           Elaine, Emma back to LA after twenty-two months in Utah
           Teaches Senior Genealogy Class, Monday nights
           Trip to Mesa Temple November
           Audrey and Glenn Kroksh date
1939   Elaine, Emma to Logan w Glen Kroksh, June
           Farmington, August, rents rooms
           Stake Missionary, October
          Teaches missionary class Sunday mornings
1940  Emma - Service Awards from the Genealogical Society
          Elaine graduates from Thomas Star King Junior High
          To Utah
          Returns to LA, Elaine starts John Marshall high School
1941  Went alone to Farmington, rents from Pratts
          Released from Stake Mission, November 2,
          Teacher Training class leader in Relief Society,
          Supervisor of visiting teaching
          Glen marries Audrey, Mesa Temple, December 18,
          Emma, Vera Kroksh go to wedding
          Glen, Audrey rent small house, then 10810 Grand Avenue
1942  Elaine graduates from John Muir High School
          Emma to Farmington by self
1943  June, Elaine, Emma to St. George, endowments
          June, Elaine, Emma, SLC marriage May 19
          Emma stays in Utah,
          Finds orchard in Farmington for June to buy          
1944  Elaine, Emma bus to Utah, see Farmington Adobe,
          Elaine gets $300 for cherries
          Emma to Farmington, May 4
          Returns to LA, October
1946  Kent born, March 18 in Golden Gate home
          Bus to Utah, May 13th
          Audrey, Glen move in with George, June
          Fred Gardiner takes Elaine, Kent to Providence
          Emma buys Farmington property, deed recorded July 6
          Elaine asks Emma to stay in Providence, October 31
          Bertha, Emma to Ogden, October 13
1947  Emma to Charlotte's basement 3 months
          June sells Farmington to Emma
          George visits Emma, June and Kent, month of June
          Emma to St. George, October
1948  Kent, Elaine visits Farmington, May
          Elaine, Kent, to Farmington, July 17
          Sandra born August 24
          James, Elaine, Kent, Sandra, with George, October    
          1948 - December 12, 1950
          Glen, Audrey, with George, June 1946 - March 1950
1949  Emma stays with Rose Chaffin, 5 months         
1950 To Farmington, April, no fruit this year
          Glen, Audrey buy 2749 Lakewood, L.A.
          Bus to LA, July 19th, Emma weighes125 pounds
          Mark born July 22, Emma gives him catnup tea
          Emma buys Kent, youth bed, Mark, crib
          June, Elaine, kids moves before Christmas
          Family come for Sunday dinner occasionally
1951 Falls off a 6 foot ladder sprains left wrist right ankle
         Gardiner's visit, take Kent to Lagoon
         Rides to LA, October
         Genealogical Class teacher
1952 Janice born March 31
         William, Ida visit
         Train to General Conference
         Chimney, stucco, roof and siding on adobe
         Brother William Henry Stone dies86 years old
1953 Utah, June 12
         Larkin's family history meeting
         Gayle born Dec 16
         Happiest Christmas, Glen buys a train
1954  Heavy crop of cherries,
         Gardiner's visit Farmington
         Glen very sick
         Gardiner's visit in July
1956 Dedication of Temple
         Emma, June, Kent, Glen and Audrey, Dedication
         Gerry sealed, April 24
         Stays with Elaine, June goes to New York TV School
         Farmington, June 8, drought
         Jeffrey born, October 12
         Watches Gardiner kids for 6 months daily,
         Walks to Safeway
1957 Elaine cyst operation April 22
         Farmington, June 7, 500 quarts of fruit
         Gardiner's came July 23
         Sees Margaret Bock married
1958 From SLC to Farmington,
         Ward and Ann Hedges helps her move
         Julie born December 26, helps Elaine 5 months daily
1959 Gardiner's come, July
          Sent 144 quarts of fruit to Elaine
          Elaine and family move to Isabel, spring
1960  George builds a fence for 1366 Cleveland Road
          Elaine ill letter, March 26
          Goes to Glendale, March 28
          Farmington June 17, sends 120 pounds fruit
          Elaine dies, August 30,
          Emma does not attend funeral
          Stays in Utah until fall
1961  Emma lonely
1962  Emma in St. George
          George runs into porch,
          To Farmington, hysterectomy
1963  Plane to LA, August
          Thanksgiving, Emma buys house in St. George
          George drives into porch, sells Golden Gate, fall
1964  George buys Patterson, Glendale home, January
          Emma sells Farmington, February 25
1965  Audrey moves Emma from St. George to LA,
          Stays a week in St. George, goes back
          Emma buys house trailer in St. George, soon sells it
          George stays with James, Carol Gardiner, August
1966  Emma to LA, rents apt Rokaby St
          Audrey takes Emma to St. George, buys trailer,
          Moves back to same apartment
          George at J.C. Perkins Sanitarium
1967  George dies from stroke, January 24, at 80 1/2 years old
          Buried in Grandview Cemetery, Glendale, CA
          Emma moves to Herhimer Street, walks to Audreys
          Audrey builds apartment, back of her home for Emma
          Emma watches TV, religious programs
1968  George Scholl family sealed, July
          Emma good friends with Vera Kroksh
1969  Emma falls and breaks hip on patio at church,  October 5
          Says, "I won't live long." October 5
          Stroke, Saturday October 11
          Goes to sleep and dies October 12, morning
          Funeral, Elysian Park Ward, Bishop Albertus J. Aardema,
          Buried in Valhalla, No. Hollywood, California