Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gustave "Gus" Carl Oberst 1888 - 1984

Fred Oberst immigrated from Germany in 1872 when he was 23.  Fred and his family lived a mile south of Frederick Scholl on 160 acres.  Fred had five barns, two groves of fruit trees and a home.     In 1900 Fred had five children including Gustave Carl Oberst, b 1888, Arago, NB. 

George Scholl lived a mile from Gus and went to school with him.  After they were married they ended up living 10 miles apart in LA.  Gus lived on Buena Vista Terrace.  Gus drove truck for a milk company.  Gus died January 16, 1984, LA.  His wife, Angela, who, was from Mexico, died in 1975.

Attached is the long shot of Gus's grave area.  I took this photo standing in the street facing North/Northwest.  The mountains just under the clouds are the San Gabriel Mountains. This is the best unobstructed view of the area.  Gus's grave is the gray stone in the middle of  the picture, between the two greenish headstones.  If you walk toward the trees the ground slopes quite steeply downward to another street and level below.

Forest Lawn is a Memorial Park and, as you can see, to the back left people come out to sit in the sun on lawn chairs, even quietly picnic beside graves of loved ones. A young woman was sitting just off to my left beside a grave and I aimed the photo this way so as not to intrude on her space. There are often, as today, walkers and runners along the streets inside the cemetery, as it is a peaceful and safe place.

I hope this gives you an idea of the area and what a serene area Forest Lawn is.

Forest Lawn, Glendale: