Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Florence Perry (Milham) 1899 - 1988

Florence Milham was from Nottingham, England.  I don't believe that her husband, Ross, was a member of the church.  He was a security guard of some kind, I think.  I remember going over to Sister Milham's house for a primary lesson one day (We were Homebuilder Girls then, maybe Larks or Bluebirds) and her letting us practice making mitered corners with the sheets on her bed.  She was a dear little lady and considered us girls "hers" until she passed on.

 Top Pilot Class, First row: Michael Gardner, David Beers, Martha D'Arc, William “Billy” Whitcomb, Belinda "Binney" Broadwater, Robert "Bobby" Saltmarsh, Dennis Chavis, JoAnn Homer, Second row: Jeannine "Jeannie" Roach, Stephen Nielson, Jeffra Dunlap, Kathleen Schimmer, Sandra Gardiner, Third row: Edward "Chipper" Cannon,  Paul Lauten, John David Fretz, Diane Collette, Debbie Smith, Stacey Scott, ?, Fourth row: Alice Reeder, Cleone Neilson, Florence Milham, Sister Broadwater, Mary Smith, Glendale West Ward chapel, 1957