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Christian Hofer 1853 - 1900

Christian Hofer was born in Indiana, USA on 30 Jul 1853 to Johann (John) Ulrich Hofer 1920 - 1898 and Anna Barbara Moseman 1825 - 1896.  Johann and Anna Barbara are immigrants from Switzerland.

Christian's parents had the following children:
1.  Sophia Hofer 1849 - 1890 m Reverand William Heiser (Note:  (Sophia's granddaughter) had mental health problems too.  She was given a lobotomy in the 1930s.
2.  Godfrey Johann Hofer 1851 - 1903
3.  Christian Hofer 1853 - 1900 m Jennie Weinert John Hofer 1856 - 1878
4.  Lydia Hofer 1858 - 1936
5.  Christina 1861 - 1892
6.  Marie Hofer 1863

7.  Adeline (Addie) Hofer 1867 - 1942

Documents related to Christian Hofer:

Marriage recorded in the church record
for Falls City, NE

November 22, 1988, Letter from Christian Hofer to his wife Jennie. Probably written from Falls City to Kansas.  Christian was probably staying with Frederick and Fannie Scholl. 

My Dear Ones, I take the in hand to drop a few lines for you [to] let you know I am getting along at present time. I am very tired this evening and I have [a] little cold too.

I have been husking corn and scrapped some cobs away in the steer pen.  I only husked hundred and 25 bushel, yet my wrists hurt so bad that I only can husk (for) a half a day. I have dug some post holes and set them and Saturday I went with Pa [Johann Hofer 1819 – 1898] to get some poles and so on Sunday, I was at your Sister Scholl’s [Jane’s oldest sister is Fannie Scholl].  In forenoon, in the evening at the Mosimann's [Christian’s mother was Barbara Mossman]. Last night they was [were] here. Mrs. and Mary and Fred, and their Pa [Philip Scholl], and Fred [Scholl, Fannie’s husband].  He was here after B Putnear? Being 3 weeks apart.  So give L (Louisa, Jane’s youngest sister) a kiss and all the rest if not much trouble and one for you.  I hope you have a good rest at nights about the little ones.  So good-bye for this time.  Hope we will soon see our. Again.  Emma Scholl [Fannie Scholl’s younger sister 1877 - 1944] read this letter that (said) that it was good. I will come to close.  I am sleeping with Br =(brother in law), August (August Weinert Jane’s brother 1867 - 1932).  He is in bed so Ma= can pack his pants and Louise (Jane’s youngest sister 1873 - 1957, she is 15 years old].  They are jolly tonight. Well, so good night. 
Think of me
From, yours truly,
Chris Hofer

I thought I had my shoe lost so bought me a pair of boots in Falls City and then at Emma’s mothers we found [excuse my poor writing] the shoe again.

to visit me and your folks.  We had a nice evening but, they didn’t stay long.  I  and BA Went over to Fred one eve and then Ed [Christian’s brother] and Ma came to see me.  Was to bad that they was (were) gone when we came home. Ed has lots of corn out yet they have a [hired] hand .  Quarterly meeting commences tomorrow evening out at the Zion Church and so does yours out there. I think sister Christina [Christian’s sister,1861 - 1892] and B [Barbara Moseman is Christian’s mother] will will be there.

Dear Jennie, [referred to as Jennie on her marriage certificate and in census']
I don’t hardly know what to say. Love to come home soon because Sister Christina is coming there, I would like to stay and to come home. Your folks treats me very good, especially Ma and Louise of course. Pa wants some work to be done. Plenty of work here, the folks wants me to come see them. I could spend a week before that. I didn’t get to see Sister Louise yet, so I will have to commence soon. I go on visits or it will get late to come home for me. 

Dear Jennie,
You wrote about the ground J can take some ground north east crossing from the stable on the South bank. He had to turnaround and then back some down a little.  He can put some ground on the East and S and West side on the North.  He can leave it till  I come about  in  handy. I must come soon to close dear ones.  I hope these few lines find you all well and jolly. I can see you if we are far off my little ones. 

Dear Jennie
On the picture where you are single, yet I feel like taking you in my arms and give you a kiss and squeeze you.

March 14, 1895
Osborne County Farmer, page 4
Loss of Bennie Hofer

Document A-Statement in Lunacy (in Jail)
In the matter of the insanity of Crist Hofer, of Osborne County, Ross Township, Downs Post Office, in the Probate Court of said County, State of Kansas, on the 22nd day of December, A.D. 1896

Home and address of nearest friend: ____________________________________
Tele [graphable?] address: ___________________________________

Questions to be answered.
1-What is the patient’s age? Birth-date?  43 yrs. Born in Indiana
2-Married or single?  If any children, how many?  Married-yes-5 children. 7 to 12 years of age
3. How long a resident of Kansas?  Of the county?  12 years-about 12 years
4. Former residence State? County? Post Office?  Nebraska
5. Occupation?  Pecuniary status?  Farmer and stock raiser.  Rather poor now

Yours truly, JF Frey Probate Judge

December 23, 1896

Document B-Letter to the Topeka Insane Asylum from Judge

Office of the
Probate Judge
Osborne County

J.F. Frey, Probate Judge
Osborne Kansas Dec 23, 1896
Supt, Insane Asylum Topeka Kans.

Dear Sir: Enclosed [found?] Case of Crist Hofer.

We feel sorry to keep him. In hail- a place he dreads-[long?] Therefore, kindly five us a reply as soon as possible.

He is as nice citizen and deserves kind treatment.  He has a nice wife and 5 children-oldest 12-5 years youngest. Give us as early a reply as possible.

Yours truly JF Frey Probate Judge 

December 24, 1896
Osborne County Farmer, page 1
Christian Hofer Insane


December 24, 1896
Osborne County News, page 1
Crist Hofer Adjudged Insane

January 14th, 1897
Osborne County Farmer, page 6
Probate Court Fees

January 28, 1897
Osborne County News, page 8
Notice of Appointment-Estate Guardianship

March 6, 1897 Letter from the Judge

January 12th, 1899
Osborne County Farmer, page 5

January 25, 1900
Osborne County Farmer, page 8
Coming Home Soon from Asylum

March 22nd, 1900
Osborne County Farmer, page 3
Home From Asylum
Unknown newspaper clipping

March 29th, 1900
Osborne County Farmer, page 8
Back at Home, Seriously Ill

April 26, 1900, Osborne Country Farmer
Page 8, Obituary

Osborne County Farmer, Page 8, 1900-04-26

Christian Hofer grave marker
Rose Valley Cemetery, Osborne, Downs, KA

(Osborne County Farmer, Osborne City, Kansas, Thursday,
January 16, 1902, Page4)



Phillip Hilker. His mother was Lydia Heiser, daughter of Sophia and William. This picture is of him in his WWI Army uniform and I think you can see a family resemblance to the Hofer line - especially the mouth:

Census information:

 Newspaper clipping from the Osbourne Advantage 
Newspaper dated August 21, 1930.  Jenn

Picture/Attachment 3- Newspaper clipping from the Osbourne Advantage Newspaper dated August 21, 1930. This may or not be the time they went in the pics.  Just a guess. I do know that Elmer traveled a lot to Colorado to see his mother, Jennie and sister, Louisa.  August is very hot and in the pictures from Colorado, Elmer is wearing a suit, the boys long sleeves but, the girls are wearing short sleeve dresses.  Grandma Hofer is wearing a long sleeved dress.  Looks like it was taken possibly after church.  I know my great grandfather, Elmer was a preacher and was very strict and religious, so maybe there was a dress code for church.  FYI-They mention Elmer's son as Charles in the beginning of the article.  Misprint, should have been Donald.

A group of Hofers in Colorado.  I believe Elmer is taking the photo because he isn't in the picture. Possibly Louisa and her husband in the far back left?  Charles to the far right?  Although article didn't mention Elmer bringing daughter, Margaret, she might be sitting in the front right next to Grandma Jennie Hofer. 

Picture 2 B-I believe my grandfather is in the center.  I estimated his age around 12-13 years old.  I don't know of the boys on either side of him.  I believe they are cousins.  Newspaper didn't mention if Charles brought his children or not, so it might be Louisa's children that were the same age as my grandfather, Donald.  My guess possibly Lamm brothers, second guess Charles Homer's children. Jenn