Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kathy Schimmer Haslam

I (Kathy) have great memories of Primary teachers like Sister Reeder and Sister Milham; also Bishops Callister and Reeder.  Mutual was also wonderful with teachers like Carolyn Harmer and dance practices with Sister Florence Hansen and great Seminary teachers like John Harmer who saw that about 12 of us went to the New York World's Fair in 1964 or 1965,  I can't remember which one.   Road Shows with many talented leaders and advisors were great experiences.    One year the Stake did the Hale's play "Five on a Honeymoon" where I met my future husband's younger sister, LuAnn Haslam.  We took the play to the Mutual Conference in June that year.  Our Ward and Stake Mutual leaders were very talented and energetic.

Gordon and Anna Jump also did a couple of musicals with the youth.  My sister, Sara, especially remembers "The Music Man".  Since we didn't have DVD players in those days, we loved Friday or Saturday nights when the ward gathered together to watch a 16 milameter movie and have popcorn and  refreshments.  These are all special memories of my childhood and youth because we had fun and bonded and seemed to be a united ward as I look back. Another great memory were the missionary farewells with refreshments after Sacrament meeting in the cultural hall.  That room was also the venue for our wedding reception.

My husband, Mark and I, would try to attend the Reunion in August but we are serving a Member Leadership Support Mission in the small town of Ribeira do Pombal (50,000 people) in the state of Bahia in the Salvador Mission under the direction of David and Bianca Lisonbee.  This mission has been a blessing for us and our family as we learn to love and serve the members, the leaders, the less actives and the new members.  We left 7 children at home and 30 grandchildren, but we have been blessed to keep so busy that we don't have much time to be homesick.  However, being "so busy" often includes a nap because at our age our energy has decreased. Besides we like to have "celebrity status" with the grand kids and that is hard if we don't give them an opportunity to miss us for 18 months.  Mark served in the Brazil Mission from 1964-1966 and we met at BYU in the Fall of 1966 and were married in the Los Angeles Temple in June of 1968.  Mark enjoys gardening, sailing, being outdoors, and serving with the Young Men.  I enjoy reading, hiking, being outdoors and serving in the Primary.   We both love the Brazilian people for their warmth, kindness and willingness to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be pioneers in Brazil as they face the challenges of building the Kingdom of God in a small Branch 4 to 6 hours from any area of strength of the Church.

The San Diego Temple has been a tremendous blessing to our family since 1993.  We served as ordinance workers there from 2004-2008.

My older brother, Stephen, passed away in 1960.  David and Gudrun Schimmer live in Moorpark California.  Sara Schimmer lives in Washington, D.C. and is suffering with cancer.  

Here are two photos from a p-day taken last Sat. Aug. 6.  Just a reminder we are in the Salvador Mission under the leadership of David and Bianca Lisonbee.  We serve in the small Branch of Ribeira do Pombal which struggles because many strong families and returned missionaries have moved away because there is not a strong economic base here.  We love getting to know and serve with the people in our Branch.  It has been a marvelous experience for us and wish we had time to share some of the things we have learned.

Again, I am so grateful to have grown up with so many caring people who helped me gain a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and who loved me.

LtoR: Sandy GardinerJoann HamerSteve CurtisDavid FretzRon LeeperMarvin LeCheminantGary Shanklin, Debbie Smith, John ScottJeffra Dunlap and Kathy Schirmer.
The lady in the middle of the first row is Laurel Owens LeCheminant (my ex). The lady to her right (left side of the picture) is Marcia Fretz. The back row, left to right are: Sandy Gardiner and Kathy Schimmer M.L.

    Kathy upper right