Saturday, August 6, 2016

Anthony and Ofa Schimmer

Tony and Ofa Schimmer
Ofa Winward Schimmer and Anthony Joseph Schimmer met and married in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1939.  Before this meeting Ofa graduated from Budge Nursing School which was part of Utah State at the time.  Ofa and Tony moved to Glendale in 1954 and bought a home on Norton Avenue in the Glendale West Ward.  They and their four children Stephen (born in 1942), David (1944), Kathleene (1948) and Sara (1952) enjoyed their 22 years in that special Ward.

 Tony and Ofa were fellowshipped very well in a Dinner Group with the Pettits, Nobles, Reeders and many others.  When Kathleene turned eight years-old Tony was baptized on the same day by his father-in-law and about a year later he started smoking again, so it was hard to attend Church because he was afraid people would know he was smoking. In about 1967 Bishop Glen Carpenter began working with Tony, and this time he stopped smoking for good.  Ofa and Tony were sealed in the Los Angles Temple in Dec. 1967. Sara (age 15) and Kathleene (age 19) were sealed to them.  That sealing was an ordinance that Kathleene and Ofa and I'm sure Ofa's parents and many others had prayed for for many years.  What a blessing!  Ofa's hobbies included sewing and crafts.  She was a wonderful Primary Transportation Chairman making sure all the children who wanted to come to Primary had transportation to get there.  Primary was held during the week.

After Kathy (Kathleene) left for BYU, Ofa was Relief Society President for a year or more.  Ofa and Tony moved to Orem, Utah during the Summer of 1976 after living in Westchester near LAX where Tony worked.  When they moved to Orem they bought a home in the same ward as Donna Black Pearson and her second husband.

Tony and Ofa with their four children Steven, David, Kathy (Haslam), and Sara at Christmas in 1953.

 2015 picture of Mark and Kathy Haslam with all of their children and grandchildren.