Monday, July 25, 2016

Wayne Wallace LeCheminant 1946 - 1997

Wayne Wallace LeCheminant was born 27 December 1946Glendale, Los Angeles, California to Kenneth LeCheminant 1922 - 2012 and Idamary Lee Boreham 1923 - 1988.  
He was raised in Glendale. Was a member of the Glendale Ward. He served on a ission for his church in the West Central States Mission. 

Then served his country in the Army and spent two years in Korea. 

He returned to begin work for the City of Glendale, where he was a lineman for the city.  A lineman is, one who installs and maintains electrical power, telephone, or telegraph lines

He married Leslie A Lyons on January 6, 1973.  Leslie was born in 1954 so she was 8 years younger than Wayne.  They had two boys. 

Wayne passed away in 7 October 1997 after a battle with cancer.  Wayne’s cancer was a result from his work as a lineman.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer and was not a smoker but the transformers on the top of the poles were filled with PCB’s (a carcinogenic)and probably triggered the cancer.  He battled for two years with the disease before he finally decided enough was enough.  He passed away at home after working 30 years for the city.  Wayne was 50 years old.  He is loved by all those you knew him. Here is a picture below of him and one of the boys and I.

His wife Leslie says: We still miss him everyday and speak of him as if he were just in the other room.  He has three grandchildren now who would be the light of his life.  His grandson is so much like Wayne it is uncanny!

Kenny LeCheminant, Mary Alice LeCheminant, Wayne W. LeCheminant and Marvin LeCheminant.

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