Monday, July 18, 2016

Vincent and Bess D'Arc

Rupert Vincent D’Arc and Bessie Mae Marshall met in Glendale as transplants. After the death of his father, Dr. H. Thornton D’Arc, teen-aged Vincent had moved to Glendale from Washington state with his mother Martha Clark D’Arc and two teenage siblings in 1930. Bess came to Glendale from Tooele, Utah, in 1931 to live with and help in the household of her eldest brother, Dr. Harold Marshall, and his wife, Olive Romney Marshall. Bess and Vincent met at church, which at the time held meetings in the old Stepper Auditorium on Brand Blvd. LeGrand Richards was their bishop for a time, and Reed Callister was YMMIA President.

The two married in the Salt Lake Temple June 27, 1938, after Vincent completed dental school at U.S.C. and took the California state board dental exams. He set up his dental practice, and he and Bess began their family.

·      Christine Louise (now Taylor) was born June 24, 1941. Christine worked many years for the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica. She is widowed and lives in Pacific Palisades, California, and has a daughter, Stephanie.

·      Stephen Marshall followed August 29, 1942. He joined Vincent in his dental practice in 1969 and had to retire in 1997 due to cardiac issues. Stephen was a well-loved teacher, speaker, and Scout leader in Glendale. He passed away in 2003 in Coeur d’Alene, ID, and is survived by his wife, Janice M. D’Arc.

·      Kathleen Martha was born May 5, 1948. She is married to Robert  Hagerty and has 5 children and ten grandchildren. The Hagertys lived in the D’Arc family home on Mountain Street for many years after Bess and Vincent passed. They now live in Pleasant Grove, UT.

·      James Vincent followed on August 7, 1950. He married Patricia Morris, and they had 5 children before Pat died in 2005. Jim is surrounded by his children and 15 grandchildren in Utah Valley. He has been an archivist and teacher at BYU for over 40 years, and is a published author.

·      Rosemary brought up the rear on November 22, 1952. She is married to Brant Powell, a dentist in Tacoma, Washington. They have one son and a grandson, and hope for more grandchildren.

Bess served a number of years in the West Ward as Primary chorister. A lover of poetry, Bess also wrote verses and lyrics for many occasions. Vincent served as first counselor to Elders Quorum president Eugene Roach and also as Ward Clerk. The D’Arcs enjoyed hosting Elders Quorum dinners at the Mountain Street home. Bess was a skilled cook and baker and an enthusiastic hostess, and she grew beautiful flowers. The D’Arcs were “divided out” of the West Ward when the Glendale III Ward was created. Vincent was called as counselor to the first bishop of the new ward, Bishop Halverson. Two years later, Vincent was called as bishop of Glendale III Ward.

Martha D’Arc, Vincent’s mother, was known for her beautiful singing voice in the early days of the Glendale Ward. She served in the Church as a stake missionary for many years. Martha – or “Marna” as she was called by her grandchildren, was an inspiration to her family and all who knew her. She passed away in December of 1978 at the age of 93.