Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jessie Hazel Pease Schade 1909 - 2002

Name Jessie Hazel Pease
Birth 16 August 1909 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska

Woodward Pease Clark Family 

Dec 1932

Alhambra, California
Per the original photo inscribed on the back, " Mama, Jack, Ned, me, Don, Keene, Howard & Jessie". Mama is Ettamonia Pease (Dunn), Jack is her grandson Jack E. Woodward standing in front of her, next to Etta is her son Edward Harrison Pease aka "Ned", me is in reference to Dorothy Woodward (Pease), Don is her eldest son Donald E.Woodward, next to Dorothy is her husband Keene Elwood Woodward, Brother-in-Law Howard Clark and last Jessie Hazel Clark (Pease). So this picture shows Ettamonia Pease(Dunn) with her 3 children, Dorothy, Edward and Jessie and families.

Left to right: Jessie Hazel (Pease) Schade, Clara (Smith) Pease and Dorothy Edith (Pease) Woodward. Jessie and Dorothy are sisters and Clara is married to their brother Edward H. Pease.