Monday, July 25, 2016

"Is Fast Day a Headache?" video by the Hales

It was made in 1956 or so because I believe Tanya and I were in fifth grade.  It was shot in an old fire station the Hales had turned into a studio over on Stocker just west of Central.  It was about fasting and prayer and my film brother was very ill and our family (I think Ruth and Nathan Hale may have played the parents) fasted and then we had a family prayer at his bedside and I was called on to give the prayer and I had to get emotional and teary-eyed while I prayed.  The problem was that the scripted prayer didn't use LDS prayer language so the church stopped using it after just a short time.  Brent Frost

As to the characters, you're right except for Sally. It's not her, it's Sherry. And the only other ones I remember are in the family where you recognized Brent. The younger sister is Paula Noble Fellingham and the older one is I believe, Laura Schade. The one who played the aunt used to be in plays at our theater and I don't remember her name or any of the others Oops, except for the baby who is my brother Cody!

Yes, you are correct.  Norma Slight's husband and my father was played by James Martin.  My sister was played by Paula Noble.  I don't remember who played the teacher. Tanya

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