Sunday, July 24, 2016

Robert and Stephanie Weger

We were both members of the Glendale West Ward and formally met at a fireside at the Wilson building a couple of years after I returned from my mission.

We started dating, got engaged in December 1966 and were married April 1, 1967.  We have two children, a son and a daughter and five grandchildren.

We lived in Glendale all of our married life except for 6 months just after we were first married when we bought a house in Simi valley.

While in Glendale we were blessed with great children, four of our grandchildren, many great friends both in the Ward and Stake and many friends who were not members of the church.  Over the years we were blessed to be able to serve in many callings in the church which brought us great joy and happiness.  In December of 2007 Steph passed away and in March of 2014 my dog “Moose" and I moved to Kaysville, Utah to be closer to family.

Robert H. Weger - 22 May 2005-23 Aug 2009
   1st Counselor - John E. Robers 30 Aug 2009 - 11 Sep 2011
   2nd Counselor - Brian J. Corrigan 30 Aug 2009 - 11 Sep 2011
   Ward Clerk Ralph M. Cuarino - 29 Oct 2006 - 11 Sep 2011

Byline: Mary Lou Aurelio Daily News Staff Writer
The city will begin to distribute 100-gallon containers for yard waste and recyclables to homeowners next month in an effort to meet the state mandate of reducing trash sent to landfills by 50 percent by Jan 1.

The city is now at 43 percent reduction compared with its 1989 baseline and will meet the requirement, Bob Weger, Glendale integrated waste administrator, said Wednesday.
``We feel confident that we'll be there,'' he said, adding that the penalties of not meeting the 50 percent reduction by 2000 are prohibitive. ``There could be a fine of $10,000 a day, so it's an incentive.''

``Owning our own landfill, there's an incentive for us to extend the life of it anyway,'' Weger said of the Scholl Canyon Landfill off the Foothill Freeway on Figueroa Street. …