Sunday, June 26, 2016

Glendale West Ward, Name that person

Had a jeep while at Hoover
Professor at Cal State San Bernardino
Stake Presidency
Died at 52 from a heart attack on the way home from a family reunion.

Bryan Pettit

Which West Warder has entertained fellow
church goers for the last 50 years
by drawing nebbish characters?

Brent Frost
United States Navy from 1952-1956.
Professional Real Estate Broker,
President of the Glendale Board of Realtors in 1973.
Witty participant in church.
   Steve Alvord

Once while in college he lit an M80 in a friend's car to throw out the window.  It missed and fell back into his lap. He flipped it onto the floor, opened the car door and jumped out.  The "bomb" went off and the car came to a stop. The car was full of smoke and the other guys in the car crawled out and had smoke coming out of their noses like "Ferdinand the Bull." There was a hole in the floorboard about 6 inches around.
Once he took his mother's Cadillac with a bunch of guys down to Ensenada, Mexico.  They drove down on the beach and got out and did whatever it is young men do.  When they got ready to leave the tide had come in and the car was in water up to the doors.  They worked and worked trying to get out of the wet sand but could not.  Some locals tried to help them but couldn't.  They wound up spending the night and getting the car towed out of the sand the next day.
Bishop of the Norco First Ward,
On one of his birthdays the priests in our ward asked if they could come over after midnight and be the first to wish him happy birthday.  He didn't know they were coming and fell asleep in his recliner, reading.  The boys came in and toilet papered him in his chair, without him waking up.  He was completely covered, head to toe, except his nose.  They tickled his nose and he came up swatting at flies or whatever was on his nose. The boys thought it was hilarious, and told the story for years.

 Duane Edling

Legal secretary
Loved horses, 
crossword puzzles, 
getting her hair done, 
reading good books, 
doing genealogy work, and 
visiting with old friends

Joan Ruth Smith Stout 

EKG technician at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank
Dodger Baseball Fan
Married in 1940
Born in Malad, Idaho
4 children

Alice Reeder
In 1930 her father worked as a laborer at a Tomato factory in Clinton UT
Father died in Clinton, UT in 1938 at 44 when she was 15
One son, lived in Big Bear, Yorba Linda
Son had four children: Gina, Devin, Chris and Jim
Son't name: Michael Vernon
20320 Herbshey Cir  
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
  (909) 584-1267 - See more at:
20320 Herbshey Cir  
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
  (909) 584-1267

(909) 878-3836
 (909) 878-3836

20320 Herbshey Cir  
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
  (909) 584-1267 - See more at:
20320 Herbshey Cir  
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
  (909) 584-1267 - See more at:
Kathryn Mitchell Ragsdale

Mission to New England states 
Enlisted in the Army Air Force in 1942 
Flew B-24 bombers in WWII
Survived as a prisoner of war.
Prayed before he went home teaching
Lived to 92
Son: professor at California State University at San Bernardino

Richard Junius Pettit  

Mortician for Utter McKinley 
Traveling salesman for Kelly Clarke
Distributed Calgon pens and golf balls to family and friends.
Adult proselyting mission from 1991-1992 in Spokane
He coined or used some unique phrases such as "fructifying," "finer than frog hairs," or "I am full," and then spelled it "phule, phull,"
Harold Stout 

He played both the tenor sax and the alto sax
In the 1939 the World Fair held in San Francisco he was on a mission and was the greater and host at the LDS exhibit designed by Gordon B Hinkley.
He directed choirs in the Shrine Auditorium and the Hollywood Bowl
Announcer for KFAC
Was born and had his funeral services on the very same piece of land.

Wendell Noble

Aviation machinist aboard the aircraft carrier U.S. Enterprise WWII
Automotive mechanic
3 wives
 Kenneth John LeCheminant, Sr

Married 1975
Died in a plane crash 1982 at Garden City, Kansas
Mother delivered a rose to the bishop the same week her son died
Father was a basketball shooter who helped win the Utah State Championship 1918
   89 points in 4 games

Kirk Schade 

Father's rights attorney
Thought of starting a gardening business as a youth
Parents blended a large family
Admitted to appear before various federal district courts, the Ninth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal.
Vernon Jolley 

Major in the US Army WWII
Medical doctor in Burbank
Once gave the advice on blending a family, "Relationships take years to develop."

William Gordon Slight

US Navy in WWII
Built swimming pools and custom homes
At 78 served as a Den Leader with the Cub Scouts
Snowplowed miles of driveways and sidewalks in Willow Creek UT
Lived to be 80

Mahlon Joy Watkins

At the ophthalmologist I went to make a follow-up appointment with the girls at the desk.  I let them know that I was just a little concerned about the doctor and explained that this was the first time I had been asked to take my clothes off for an eye examine.  I was totally unaware that Dave had followed me out and standing right behind me.  He put his arm around me and explained to the girls that we had been roommates in college and I was a joker and had said that just to embarrass him.  
Kay Don Frost

While living at Monte Vista, this person lived upstairs and
had the habit of bouncing a basketball on the floor.  One 
day Bob Layton got fed up with the noise and went up stairs
to have it out with this person.  Who was the bouncer?
Tad Callister

Commanding officer of the 708th Bombardment Squadron during World War II 
Awarded the World War II Victory Medal, the American Theater Medal, European-African Medal, Middle Eastern Theatre Medal with three battle stars, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the air medal with one oak leaf cluster.
Had his wife’s name painted in huge letters on one of the planes he flew.
Owned a restaurant in Glendale.

George Lauten

 After Dave Callister had examined this person's eyes, he had stumbled out into the waiting room and kept bumping into the furniture.  The room full of elderly women were terrified when he blasted out - "Oh doc, it is so much better since you fixed it!!!!"   Dave really had a hard time convincing these patients that there was nothing wrong with his eyes and that he was just putting on an act.

 Brent Pratley

In 1964 a group from Hoover High traveled to the New York World Fair/Washington DC.   Students were able to meet J. Edgar Hoover of FBI fame at the FBI building in DC because the people at the FBI thought Hoover High was named after him. Actually Hoover High named after President Herbert HooverWhich two LDS couples made the trip possible.  

As a bishop he had more BYU students than any other ward
outside Utah.
Spoke at BYU devotional April 1960
Mission President, England Mission 1967 - 1969

Reed Callister  

John Harmer and the Stouts

Produced, directed and stared in the Music Man roadshow in 1971.

Gordon Jump