Monday, May 23, 2016

Ryan Gardiner Timeline

1983 Born July 22, 23 inches, 9 pounds 1 oz, San Gabriel Hospital, delivered by James Brown
          September 4 blessing
1985  Hair saved, eats dirt, has operation for hernia in December
1986  Called Bitty-Budy
1987  Graduates from Joy School, Yosemite, Red's Meadow
1988  Kindergarten, gets speech and language help, birthday party at park
1989  First grade, Red's Meadow, Minature golfing
1990  Second grade, moved to Stevenson Ranch Valencia, vampire for Halloween
1991  Third grade, August 3 baptized
1992  Fourth grade, San Diego Temple Dedication
1993  Fifth grade,
1994  Sixth grade,
1995  Seventh grade, graduates from Old Orchard Elementary School, helps in Summer School, takes up chess, ordained a deacon July 30 in Valencia I Ward, becomes a boy scout
1996  Eighth grade,
1997  Ninth grade, does cross country
1998  Tenth grade, goes to the beach, Hold to the Rod award, reads scriptures daily from June 98 to May 99
1999  Eleventh grade  Ordained Teacher 10 October in Valencia I Ward, 5/1/99 Classroom Dr Ed completed
2000  Twelveth grade, April 19 completes Driver training, 5/11/00 Examiner had to tell the applicant to stop to prevent him from pulling out from a stop sign in front of an oncoming vehicle, 9/14/00 made Eagle Scout
2001  Prom and HS graduation
2001 Ricks
2003 November 30 ordained an Elder, October 14 called to the Chile Concepcion Mission by Pres Hinkley
2005  Made zone leader in Chiguayante Zone, December 22, released and came home
2008  Ryan and Stephanie meet
2009  August 7, Stephanie Davis and Ryan marry
2012  August 7 Seph and Ryan buy a home in Vegas, Sept 4 first day of UNLV Dental School
2013  May 12 baby announced,  December 15, Luke is born in Las Vegas, NV
2015  November 28 baby announced
2016  May 13 Ryan graduates from Dental School, April 15 is his last day of school, They move to New Orleans for LSU ortho school.
1018 June Graduates from LSU Orthodonic School?