Friday, April 15, 2016

George Duncan Stewart 1866 - 1915+

George Duncan Stewart b 30 June 1866, Dundee, Scotland.  He was a merchant marine like is grandfather on his mother's side, namely Charles Duncan seaman.

Research notes: We know George lived until 1915 or 48 years on a boat leaving from London. There is a good chance he has a family. Maybe another illegitimate family. Is there any Stewart  births with George Stewart as father?  It makes it difficult unless another family has claimed him as an ancestor in a public tree.  Unfortunately the 1911 census is only for England and Wales. If he was living in England then there is also the 1939 census pre ww2 on find my past.

George Stewart son of Christina and William made many voyages to Australia as a crew member. This 1915 voyage was from London. He was 48.  Because he does not appear on Dundee censuses I would like you to look up London census in 1911 to see if he is living there. At some point London was a major port for overseas destinations.  He may have had a family in London.

He seemed to be on the Australian trip from Dundee a few times.  Possibly even came to Brisbane later.  I found the death record but father was not identified for Charles Stewart. At least we should be able to find George in a 1991 census in Dundee knowing he went backwards and forwards. He may have been a master by the latest trip on an ocean going vessel. Seems to be higher rank than master in coastal shipping.

This does not seem to be him but George Stewart appears on Australian Sydney immigration records for unassisted passengers.

Maybe George just had to go through immigration until he caught next ship to Dundee or maybe he stayed. I can't get to library for a few days to check but the Ann Milne in 1841 has an extra set of records, one for each passenger eg all Duncans, Stewarts and Conollys which give extra details. Maybe there is something similar for George's 1893 voyage.  See other email for details of ship etc.

I found a couple of immigration records in Sydney that I will send looks like George came here to Australia twice. At least that means we should be able to trace him on a census in Dundee. SR

1862 Marriage:
Christina marries William Stewart July 11, 1862.  He is 26 and she is 21.  He is a saw miller and she is a domestic servant. 

1871 Census living at 14 Rose Street, Dundee
William Stewart, age 34, wood sawyer
Christina Duncan Stewart age 35
1.  William Stewart, Jr 10 (illegitimate)
2.  Charles Stewart,  age 7
3.  Robert (Duncan) Stewart,  b 1866 age 4
4.  George Duncan Stewart, born 1866, age 4
5.  David, Pirie Stewart, age 3 mo (born 9 December 1870) FHL number 6035516

1881 census: They are living at 143 Nethergate, Dundee
Christina Stewart, washerwoman age 40 born 1841
(Husband William deceased four years ago.)
1.  (William Stewart gone from home)
2.  Charles Stewart, apprentice baker, age 17, born 1864
3.  Robert (Duncan) Stewart apprentice tailor, age 14 born 1867
4.  George Duncan Stewart, message boy, age 14 born 1867 (birth GS number 6035516, parents are William Stewart and Christina Duncan)
5.  David Pirie Stewart not in census, deceased
6.  Annie Stewart, Scholar age 8 born 1873, Falkirk, Stirlingshire


George's twin brother Robert:

 Fish Street, Dundee:

Fish Street, Dundee - Ref: WC0174
This area was demolished in 1878 to make way for . The spire of St Pauls Cathedral can be seen in the distance. At one time Fish Street was occupied by respectable well-to-do tenants.
By the middle of the 19th Century Fish Street had lost its appeal with the merchants and middle classes and became occupied and frequented by unsavoury characters. It was the referred to sarcastically as "The Holy Land"

Where is Fish Street in relationship to where Elizabeth and Robert Stewart lived? These two children are Robert and Elizabeth's grandchildren. Elizabeth died in 1861 but Robert was alive and saw his grandchildren. It was a 15 minute walk to do so.