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Christina Duncan (Stewart) 1840 - 1906

Christina Duncan was born in Dundee in 1841 to Charles Duncan (seaman) and Christina (Duncan) Grewar b 11 July 1802 to Adam Grewar

Charles Duncan and Christina Grewar's children:
1.  William Duncan b 10 July 1827 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland
2.  Margaret Duncan born 9 August 1829, Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland (married David Craig, seaman, see 1861 census)
3.  Andrew Greig Duncan born 3 July 1831 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland (not found after this date, apparently he died before the 1841 census) (The middle name Greig may be a clue going back in this line.)  (There is an Andrew Duncan born 1831 in Ferryport on Craig, Fife who has a Master's and Mates Certificate number 8785 but why would he be born outside of the family residence?)
4.  Jean Robbie Duncan born 23 April 1833 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland GS Film 0993484-0993485 (not found after this date, apparently she died before the 1841 census)
5.  Charles Duncan Jr. born 4 July 1835 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland  (seaman master mate)
6.  George Duncan, born 1838
7.  Christina Duncan, born November 17 1840, baptized December 1 twin
8.  Elizabeth Duncan, born November 17 1840, baptized December 1 twin

 (Note: Seeing that Charles Sr. is a seaman, this would explain why he doesn't show up on the 1841 or 1851 census, however the1861 census finds him at home.)

1799 Charles is born 14 July 1799 in Coupar Angus, to David Duncan and Margaret Moncrieff
         (place from Maritime certificate)

 1829 August 9, Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus Scotland
Possible birth of Margaret Duncan to Charles Duncan and Christina Gruar (Gruar spelling a little off) see cert below

1841 census:  They live at Smalls Wynd, Dundee
Janet Duncan born 1806 (not sure who she is or is this a nickname for Christina.  She could also be a domestic servant)
Margaret Duncan, born 1830
Charles Duncan Jr, born 1836
George Duncan, born 1838
Christina Duncan, born January 1841
Elizabeth Duncan, born January 1841,  twins
(The 1841 census was taken June 6, 1841.)

1851 census: Living at Tindals Wynd, Dundee
Christina Duncan, 48 born 1803 in Liff
Margaret Duncan, 21 born born 1830 in Liff
Charles Duncan Jr., 15 born born 1836 in Liff, occupation seaman apprentice (like his father)
George Duncan, 13 born born 1838 in Dundee
Christina Duncan, 10 born 1841 in Dundee
Elizabeth Duncan10 born 1841 in Dundee

1861  8 Apr Census, 11 Crescent Street, 1st Dist, Dundee (ED27, p29, FHL103789)
Elizabeth Stewart     Head  Marr  50  Perthshire, Logierait
William Stewart      Son   Unm  24    Sawmiller, Perthshire, Logierait   
Elizabeth Stewart      Dau  Unm   21   Jute WeaverPerthshire, St Martins
Amelia Stewart         Dau   Unm  18   Jute Weaver, Perthshire, Scone
Jean Stewart              Dau            15   Perthshire, Cargill
Margaret Stewart       Dau            11    Scholar, Perthshire, Kinclaven                         
Robert Stewart           Son             3     Forfarshire, Dundee

1861 census: living at 90 Murray Gate, Dundee,
Charles Duncan 60, born 1801 in Cupar Angus, Seaman Pensioner On Merchant Bard (from findmypast, better quality indexing)
Christina Duncan 58, born 1803 in Lochee, seaman's wife
Christina Duncan 20 born 1841in Dundee, dress maker
Elizabeth Duncan 20, born 1841 in Dundee, general servant
(George 23 apparently has left home)
David Craig 32, born 1829, seaman (see certificate below)
Margaret Duncan 31, born 1830 in Lochen, seaman's wife, (married to David Craig with daughter Margaret below)
William L Craig son born 1857 5 years old, findmypast indexing
William Stewart born 1860 Dundee. (6 mo grandson, mother is Christina Duncan age 20)

1862 Marriage:
Christina marries William Stewart July 11, 1862.  He is 26 and she is 21.  He is a saw miller and she is a domestic servant. 

Note: in 1841 Christina is born at Smalls Wynd and in the 1881 census she is living at 143 Nethergate, a 3 minute walk.

1871 Census living at 14 Rose Street, Dundee
William Stewart, age 34, wood sawyer
Christina Duncan Stewart age 35
1.  William Stewart, Jr 10 (illegitimate)
2.  Charles Stewart, age 7, born 1863 (FamilySearch has a male child born to William and Christina born 3 Nov 1862)
3.  Robert (Duncan) Stewart, b 1866 age 4 June 30 1866 (FS)
4.  George Stewart, born 1866, age 4 second twin same birth
5.  David, Pirie Stewart, age 3 mo (born 9 December 1870) FHL number 6035516

1871 14 Fish Street, Dundee (Elizabeth Duncan lived at 8 Fish Street on her death cert)
Margaret (Duncan) Craig age 41, born in Locha, Forfarshire in 1830 and is now a Seaman's wife
William Craig 15
Margaret Craig 8
Isabella Craig 3

1881 census: They are living at 143 Nethergate, Dundee
Christina Stewart, washerwoman age 40 born 1841
1.  Husband William deceased eight years ago
2.  Charles Stewart, apprentice baker, age 17, born 1864
3.  Robert Stewart apprentice tailor, 1867 (twin) age 14 born 30 June 1866 according to FamilySearch
4.  George (Duncan) Stewart, message boy, age 14 born 1867 (birth GS number 6035516, parents are William Stewart and Christina Duncan)
5.  David Pirie Stewart  died 1873.
6.  Annie Ririe Stewart, Scholar age 8 (born 5 March 1873, Falkirk, Stirlingshire) (She later married John Crow Edwards according to her death certificate.) died 1936

Why Pirie? Interesting that the MD was George C Pirie on Elizabeth Duncan's death certificate.   Could this be whom Christina Jnr named her child David the year later - after the family doctor who certified her sisters death?

Notes: Falkirk is quite remote from Dundee.  I would love to know why he went there.  I assume it was wood to saw but there could be relatives.  I doubt Christina would travel there pregnant so they may have been there for a while before the birth and death of their children.  I’d love to go through the cemeteries in Falkirk and see if I could find a headstone for William or David. The next time I am in SLC I will check those books that give the cemetery listings for places in Scotland.

Yes the certificates are from Scotland’s People.  Because of our research and thinking about the family this one was easy.  At first I looked in Dundee but then I thought, maybe Falkirk.  No surprise there. I didn’t think of it but yes, travel on the water at the time was much easier than having a horse pull your cart.  Probably a lot cheaper too.

I envisioned the little family with Christina pregnant huddled in a small living space with 3 year old David’s temperature going up and down.  What a sad time for the family.  And then to lose William three years later.  Today most of us think we have life knocked and are full of pride.  These people were humbled by life.  Certainly Christina had her trials.  I’m not sure exactly what a wood sawyer did but I’m guessing it was all done by hand.  Tough profession.  Ship caulking doesn’t sound too good either. Give me James Crichton’s job any day.

It is amazing what two people can do from different continents. And it all began with you finding the marriage certificate.  That was a killer find. I looked on family trees and can’t find anyone who has put this family together.  We may be the first.

1881 census: Shipping at sea on the ship Loch Maree (it went missing in 1881)
William Stewart, 21, Born in Dundee 3rd Engineer or
1881 William Stewart 20 James St, Dundee born 1861
 Eliza Stewart 29
Jessie Stewart 9 months

1891 Census: living at 8 Victoria Square, Dundee
Christina Stewart is 50 years old, office cleaner
Annie is 18,

1901 Census (if William lived)
William Stewart, age 40 born 1861 in Liff Forfarshire, address 22 James St, Gen Carter occupation
Stewart 38
Catherine Cooper 20
Jessie Stewart 10
William Stewart 8
Andrew Stewart 3

1901 Census: living at Victoria Square Nethergate, Dundee
Christina 40 b 1861
Annie (Pirie) Stewart, 28 born Falkirk, Stirlingshire, (same as 1881 census)  is an anpetionery worker
John Johnston 28
Robert Johnston, 21

Notes:1901 Census Christina 40 and Annie Pirie Stewart 28 (Apparently the 40 should be 60)  But the best reason to accept this is that the census states Annie is born in Falkirk, Stirilingshire.  Annie is shown to be born in Falkirk, Stirlingshire in both the 1881 census and the 1901 census.  So even though her husband died early Christina kept going as a cleaning woman. 

1906 November 8, Christina Stewart, Widow of William Stewart Wood Sawyer, 2:30 am, 43 Nethergate, Dundee, 65 years old, Father is Charles Duncan Ship master MS, deceased, mother Christina Duncan M.S. Grewar, deceased, cardiac disease 5 months as certified by And G Dow MSCM, informant Annie Stewart Daughter, present

Mother's possible birth:

 Possible father's maritime/birth certificate: Dundee Scotland.



1860 Illegitimate son William:


1862, July 11, William Stewart, saw miller, marriage to Christina Duncan, domestic servant, living at Murrygate, in the church of Scotland at Perthroad, Dundee.  Her parents are Charles Duncan and Christina Grewar. William's parents are Robert and Elizabeth Stewart, deceased of Crescent Street, Dundee.  Peter Grant, one of the ministers of Dundee performs the marriage.


A ship chandler (or ship's chandler) is a retail dealer who specializes in supplies or equipment for ships, known as ship's stores. Dundee city directory 1969 - 1870

1876 Dec William Stewart, died on this date according to information given on the record of his temple work done by William F. Gardiner, son of Margaret S. Gardiner. The last record we have of William Stewart is on the 1861 census of Dundee, where he is single, age 24, a saw miller, at home with his mother and siblings.  from Dawn Gardiner James, lots of new information now at hand on this page.

The following does not make sense, it is for research only:

Note: in 1841 Christina is born at Smalls Wynd and in the 1881 census she is living at 143 Nethergate, which is a 3 minute walk.
Research notes:


I will start with a few points to explain what I am sending you.
1901 census. You will be pleased to know that I found poor hardworking Christina living with her daughter Annie Pirie Stewart. I can't recognise Annie's occupation but it appears Christina is still a cleaner living in same street. Christina is listed as 40 and is really 60 so must be  a transcript error.

I also found Ann Pirie Stewart's birth record at Falkirk? sterling shire.  My guess is that either her parents lived there and were getting old so she went to help out and had her baby there or else William was working there and possibly died there.  Interestingly David her youngest son  is also David Pirie Stewart. Now from my past experience I think that Ann is named after her grandmother Probably on  Duncan side and David is named after her great grandfather. This often happens when they give a child an ancestors surname. Often they go to ancestral church to baptise as well. I did find a John Duncan and an Ann Pirie who were parents but there were no dates given. Also I found a Charles Duncan or Pirie with a mother Jessie Pirie and father Charles Duncan. The date  not given but from Angus area.  Maybe David also died in Stirling area.

I found that George Stewart was baptised George Duncan Stewart.  I hope his demise was not living  in a mental asylum in the area of their neighborhood. There was a George aged 32. It was not George D though. Our George was born in 1866 so perhaps this is not him so would have been 35 then. Let's hope so for his sake.

I changed my mind on William marrying Betsy T as in the next census he was showing he was 5 years younger than previous census and as time goes on the white lies are forgotten.  This put him at 1865 rather than 1861.   I did find a mariner William Stewart and thought this was a possibility given his grandfathers occupation. In 1881 this William was 21 so in the ball park age.

I was unable to track twin  Robert the tailor also born in 1866. I could find no trace of David Pirie Stewart b 1871 so assume he died as a child. 

I had a few options for Charles born in 1867 either a prisoner or a minister but could not find baker Charles.  I did find a qualified minister In Tannandice nearby in a later census.

There is still something going on with Robert Stewart son of Elizabeth and Robert. He doesn't appear in Scotland's people. Even the Annan? House 1881 census he is 20! which puts him at born in 1861 not 1857.  Unless this is not our Robert here. It does say Margaret is his mother.   The LDS record for Robert and Elizabeth is June 1859 but the original record shows this is an illegitimate birth of Elizabeth Stewart so either this is Elizabeth Rae's child or no connection.  Does wedding give his age. Sometimes there is a column for age.  My money would be that he is not Robert and Elizabeth's  child but either daughter Elizabeth's child or fathered by Robert with another Elizabeth?  Was this why they were living apart?  I could also be very wrong.  I prefer original records to submitted records.

So family surnames are growing. Stewart, Duncan, Grewar, Pirie.