Sunday, January 10, 2016

John Stewart Latham 1885-1964

  John Latham built 1st caravan in qld

Jessie or Jane or Janet’s  (b February 8, 1864.) ggranddaughter is Sandra R., Jane died September 23, 1900 Brisbane, Australia.  Jessie Stewart 1864 -1920 married Samuel Latham 1859 Shropshire UK on 12 December 1883 in Queensland. Samuel:  Shrewsbury is town where Sam Latham was from. He is Jessie Stewart's husband. Registration number 000204 page 14232

Annie 1884-1980.
John Stewart Latham 1885-1964. Sandra R's gdaughter
William Alfred 1887-1963.
Arthur 1888
Pearl Faithful 1890.
Charles 1883-1893
George 1893-1893.
Harold Stewart 1894-1960.
Lillian D 1897.
Samuel 1898-1950.
Sydney G 1906-1980

John Stewart Latham

Service Number: O23880
Rank: Wing Commander
Unit: Royal Australian Air Force
Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Conflict / Operation: Unlinked Conflict
Award: Officer of the Order of the British Empire
Honour: Queen's Birthday Honours
Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: 23 June 1966
Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: Page 3193, position 11
Date of London Gazette: 11 June 1966
Location in London Gazette: Page 6566, position 17

  I remember my grandfather well on mum's side as he died when I was 26.  I loved visiting the grandparents and listening to his old ww1 war stories. He was buried alive by a shell but his canvas sheet provided an air pocket and he was dug out later expected to be dead.  He was kicked by a dead horse as a teenager when he was moving the animal onto a cart and the farmer said that in Germany that was good luck and he would  live a very long life.  Ironic it was a German farmer. He loved  recounting that story. We have his treasured clock.