Wednesday, December 2, 2015


2 Feb 1838     James Gardiner, tinsmith, [son of James Gardiner, Jr. and Mary Butchart] married Ann Gall [daughter of M. Gall and Jennie Sadler] at Aberdeen. (Date from Arthur's birth record.  Ann's parents' names are from her death record.)
12 Nov 1838   Jane Gardiner, daughter of James and Ann, was born at Aberdeen (Alfred's Record).
16 Apr 1840   James Gardiner, son of James and Ann, was born at Aberdeen  (Alfred's Record, and the record of the Aberdeen Branch, LDS Church; FHL10414
13 Feb 1843    Ann Gardiner, daughter of James and Ann, was born (in Ireland?  Alfred's Record).
24 Oct 1845    Robert Gardiner, son of James and Ann, was born at Liff, Forfarshire (Day: family records; Aberdeen Branch Record says 22 Oct 1845 (FHL104149).  Place: from 1861 Census of Old Machar, Aberdeen (FHL103778).  Liff was a village near Dundee which eventually became a part of that city)
15 Aug 1848   Richard Gardiner, son of Ann Gardiner, was born at Dundee (DBR, p49, FHL104150). 
29 Nov 1848   Ann [Gall] Gardiner, married, born 31 Jan'ry 1818, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland, was baptized at Dundee  by Elder H. Findlay; confirmed 30 Nov 1848 by H.P. [High Priest] Wm. Gibson (DBR, p91, #145, FHL104150).
3 Apr 1850     Matilda Gardiner, daughter of James and Ann was born at Dundee (family records).
11 Nov 1852   Frederick Gardiner, son of James Gardiner and Ann Gall was born at Dundee Nov 1852 (Dundee Branch Record, p51, FHL104150. Day from family records.)
23 Nov 1853   James Gardiner, Jun'r, born Aberdeen, 16 Apr 1840, was baptized at Dundee by David Burnett; confirmed 30 Nov 1853  (DBR, p25, FHL104150).
21 Apr 1855   Ralph Gardiner was born at 5:15 a.m. at Smalls Wynd, Dundee; son of James Gardiner, tinsmith, age 48 yrs, born Edinburgh; and Ann Gardiner, maiden name, Gall; 9th birth, age 38 yrs, born Stonehaven, married 1838, Aberdeen. 3 Boys and 2 Girls living; 2 Boys, 1 Girl dead (#395, 2nd Dist, Dundee; FHL833323, item 2).
19 Aug 1858   Alfred Gardiner was born at 2:00 p.m. at 6 College Lane, Old Machar, Aberdeen; son of James Gardiner, tinsmith (journeyman),                                               
26 Jun 1861    Arthur Gardiner was born at 7 p.m. at 6 Cottage Lane, Aberdeen, the son of James Gardiner, tinsmith (journeyman), and Ann Gardiner MS Gall, who married 2nd February 1838.  Informant: Ann Gardiner, mother (#510, p170, Old Machar, Aberdeen; FHL224086. The index does not list Arthur.  #510 is recorded as John Gardiner, but the certificate #510 on page 170 gives his correct name, Arthur.)