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John Gardiner 1840 - 1921

John Gardiner born 1840.  He worked as a tinsmith and gas meter inspector.

 7 Jun 1841       Census of Dallfield Walk, Dundee  (ED72, p9, FHL101801)
          John Gardiner         25     flaxdresser    in county
          Mary Gardiner         20              not in county
          Mary Gardiner         3              in county
          John Gardiner         1              in county
       1942           Thomas was born to John and Mary Ann Allan Gardiner. (See Census below)
31 Mar 1851             Census of 169 Meals Close, Dundee. (ED 31, p17, Sch 58, FHL103638)
John Gardiner Head Mar  32   flaxdresser Dundee
          Margaret Gardiner  Wife Mar  31               Aberdeen
                   Mary Gardiner        Daur      13  millworker    Dundee
          John Gardiner Son       11   tobacconist Dundee
          Thomas Gardiner    Son       9         tobacconist   Dundee
                        *(Wife's name was Mary Ann, not Margaret)
 8 Apr 1861             Census of 14 Dallfield Walk, Dundee (ED18, p25, Sch179, FHL103788)
          John Gardiner Lodger   Un  21  Tin Smith  Dundee, Forfarshire
 9 Aug 1866             Mary Ann Gardiner, wife of John Gardiner, flaxdresser, died at New Inn Entry, Dundee, at 6:15 p.m.  Age 50 years.  Cause of death: phthisis pulmonalis, years.   Daughter of John Allan, cabinet maker.  Mother's name not recorded (#761, 1st Dist, Dundee; FHL350894).
 3 Apr 1871             Census of Mirtel(?) Lodging House, Overgate, St Marys, Dundee (ED9, p4 Sch12, FHL103941)
John Gardiner Lodger   Wid 55  Flaxdresser       Dundee
27 Apr 1891             John Gardiner, flaxdresser, age 73 years died at the poorhouse; widower of Mary Ann Allan.  Son of James Gardiner, yarn dresser, and Mary Butchart.
(#372, St Andrew, Dundee; FHL256351)

Balgay Cemetery, Dundee, Scotland: