Wednesday, October 21, 2015


By Rachel and Her Parents 

Pre existence

Suz: We conceived Rachel the week I was work­ ing on the Stake Debutante Ball as the Ward Laurel Advisor. Someday she'll be a debutante with her Daddy. That was April 30, 1977

When I went to the temple a couple of weeks later, I had tried to prepare myself spiritually that day and had prayed for a spiritual feast while in  the temple. The names of the woman I went through the temple, in proxy, were "Rachel," "Ann," - the exact names Kent  and I had  picked for our first little girl nearly a year before Chad's birth. I took this as a witness from the Lord that I was  carrying  a  very  special  little  girl.   Perhaps

The loosely woven curtain to the right of my cherrywood sewing cabinet were fully drawn to let in as much light as possible this late afternoon, Tuesday, January 24, 1978. The ancient black motor, faintly resembling a giant mosquito, hovered motionless over the blue baby's bub­blesuit that was beginning to take shape under my swift fingers from some leftover scraps of match­ing Christmas cardigans that I had made for my husband and son. In my private communication with eternity, I knew my unborn child was a girl whom I would name Rachel, "the beloved." She would be my parent's first granddaughter. Be­ cause my yearning for her was so deep-souled, I outwardly pretended, even to myself, that this one would be another boy. I could not bear my "premonition" to be wrong, and I must confess that I tend to be a "doubting  Thomas".

I was ready for "him" to be born--had been ready for three weeks now. The bags were packed and waiting....the large pink Samsonite suitcase filled with underwear, nightgowns, robe and slippers for me to take to the hospital; a small, monogrammed, blue-denim bag leaning next to it contained  my

Rachel's spirit was with me in the temple that eve­ning "Lamaze  kit  a  voluminous "Save-Our-Trees" ning. The memory of the sweetness of that ex­perience sustained me during a very uncomfortable pregnancy and delivery. And when she was born, my spirit nodded assent - yes, of course it was a daughter, Rachel Ann. Having a precious child like her and having Chad is worth all the distress in giving birth.

The Story of Her  Birth