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William Stewart Annotated

                                                     A CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY
                                     OF THE WILLIAM STEWART/ELIZABETH ERSKINE
                                               and MARGARET LIVINGSTONE FAMILY
                                                      Compiled by Dawn Gardiner James

We have three choices on the birth of William Stewart.

1.  June 30, 1777 John Stewart and Margaret Ferguson, his spouse in Doune had a child baptized called William and Thomas Stewart both in Doune. 
2. William legitimate son to James Steuart and Margaret Fergusson in Wester Clochfoldich baptized July 22, 1777 Logierait 
3.  William Stewart legitimate son to James Stewart and Margaret Walker in Balendune, Clockfoldich July 25th

Note: I have read ages ago that the spelling of Steuart particularly I earlier generations was very important.  I think two separate branches. Steuarts of Ballechin related to John of Bonkyll who was kings brother rather than son. They lived in same vicinity. 

William Stewart says he is old Atholl family.  Both the Clochfoldich Stewart's spell their name Steuart. Both married in 1777 one Feb and little Clochfoldich, one in August which means William is first child. SR


Choice 1:
If William was born in Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland to John Stewart and Margaret Ferguson, this is the document:

Choice 2:

Choice 3:

1780 July 25           William Stewart was born in Perthshire, Scotland (age 60 on 1841 census of New Mill, Scone, Perth; adult ages were rounded down, FHL101911).

1779 August 12, Margaret Livingston legitimate daughter to John Livingston and Margaret (MacDonald)



1792 March 16, Elizabeth Erskine Birth in Dull Parish, Daughter to Alexander Erskine and Isabel McGregor, Baillntuim (later reported in Dull Parish)

13 Feb 1808      Will'm Stewart, Logierait, and Isabel Erskine in this parish gave up their names to be proclaimed, in order to marriage.  (Dull Parish Register, FHL102713).
13 Feb 1808      William Stewart, shoemaker, in Little Clochfoldich, and Elizabeth Erskine in Derculich, Dull Parish gave up their names for proclamation of Banns in order to
28 Feb 1808     marriage.  Granted marriage lines the 28th current (Logierait Parish Register,                                  FHL102757).
1808                 Jean Stewart was born, daughter of William Stewart [and Elizabeth Erskine] at [Clochfoldich], Logierait Parish (1851 census; and death record.  Margaret S. Gardiner said Jean was born about 1809; Salt Lake Temple record, FHL183462, p458, #15133).

3 Jan 1811        Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart was born at [Clochfoldich], Logierait Parish, daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, [and Elizabeth Erskine] (1851 census of Kirkton, Kinclaven, Perth, and family record.  Margaret S. Gardiner said Elizabeth was born "abt 1812,"  Salt Lake Temple record, p177, #6247, FHL184090).

1813             Mary Stewart was born "abt 1814."  (Margaret S. Gardiner, Salt Lake Temple record, p458, #15134, FHL183462).
Margaret S. Gardiner [at age 66] did the temple work for her aunts, Jane and Mary. She was proxy for their baptisms 15 Jun 1915 (p458, #15133, FHL183462 Jane; and #15534, Mary), for Jane's endowment 12 Nov 1915 (FHL184114, #20155) and for Mary's endowment 19 Nov 1815 (FHL184114, p735, #20854).

1813             "Mrs. William Stewart", grandmother of Margaret S. Gardiner, died "abt 1814" (Margaret S. Gardiner, Salt Lake Temple Record, FHL183416, p265, #9515).
(The following marriage entry convinced me that the "Abt" dates given by Margaret needed to be rolled back one year.  William's first wife, Elizabeth Erskine, obviously died before 1814.  Mary was born the same year her mother died and Jean and Betty gave their own census ages that indicate 1808 and 1811 birth years.)
   Dec 1813        William Stewart, shoemaker, Clochfoldich, and Margaret Livingstone, Stanley, Redgorton Parish, gave up their names for proclamation of marriage.
2 Jan 1814        Granted marriage lines 2 January 1814 (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757).

23 Dec 1814      Janet, Lawful Daughter to William Stewart, shoemaker, & Margaret Livingstone in Little Clochfoldich, was born Dec'r 23rd & bap 26th 1814 (Logierait Parish Register, p105, FHL102756).

08 Feb 1819       Margaret, Lawful Daughter to William Stewart, shoemaker, & Margaret Livingstone in Little Clochfoldich, was born February 8th & baptized 9th 1819 (Logierait Parish Register, p153, FHL102756).

01 Feb 1822       John, Lawful Son to William Stewart, Shoemaker, & Margaret Livingstone in Little Clochfoldich, was born February 1st and baptized 6th 1822 (Logierait Parish Register, p181, FHL102757).

1842 arrival date: (note that John's father William Stewart is reported to be alive.)

 John Stewart and Jane Duncan:

Janet (Jessie), Margaret and her husband John Connolly and John Stewart departed Dundee in Scotland to emigrate to Australia on the ‘Anne Milne’,  in  September 1841 and landed in Sydney cove on 17th January 1842.   Margaret Stewart must have married shortly before the voyage as she was living with her father William and infant niece Elisabeth in the 1841 census. 

John Connolly was a wheelwright,  from Kings County (Offaly) in Ireland.   William Stewart was listed as a parent and Margaret Livingstone, mother of the ‘Anne Milne’ trio, was listed as a deceased parent on the ship records.   Jane Duncan who was a 15 year old domestic servant was also on board the Anne Milne.  She would later marry William Stewart.  Did they meet on board or did they connect in Australia?

Unknown to the Australian family at the time, their step-sister Elisabeth and husband Robert Stewart and family members may have watched their boat depart Scotland’s shoreline. 

The Stewart Family’s Arrival in Australia

Probably the very best account that could be given of the conditions in a penal colony at the time they arrived is that written by Charles Duncan, the brother of John Stewart’s wife Jane Duncan.  This article is  pasted at the end of the document. Charles made no mention of the fact that two of his siblings youngest sister Ann, and eldest brother James,  died on the voyage, his baby sister Ann and eldest brother James Duncan.  The Duncan family headed to the Hunter Valley soon after arriving in Sydney.   John Stewart joined them later after earning some money working as a carpenter.   Charles Duncan’s father,  James, was employed as a convict overseer and saw some terrible scenes with convicts being ill-treated.  The push factor for Charles and his brother David  to leave the Hunter Valley was the constant floods.  The pull factor was brother in law  Thomas Gray who was settled in Brisbane and informed them of new allotments at Bald Hills on the outskirts of Brisbane.  Charles Duncan  did not stay long farming at Bald Hills and moved on to other ventures  but  David Blackether Duncan also married to an unrelated Stewart from the Fort William area of Scotland   and John Stewart and Jane Duncan remained in the area.   The area they settled was pin-marked for a settlement to support a proposed large port at the nearby coastal area of Bramble Bay where Sandgate now is located. 

John Stewart and Jane Duncan Stewart – first settlers at Bald Hills, Brisbane

After their experiences on the Hunter River, the settlers selected the higher ground for their farms, erecting their first houses [apparently slab and bark] on the low ridge above the South Pine River where St Peter's Anglican School is now situated.  Fearing attack from Aborigines, their houses were loop-holed for rifles and located within sight of each other.  These precautions proved unnecessary, for at the request of Thomas Gray and other settlers in the area between Cabbage Tree Creek and Caboolture, a detachment of Native Police was stationed at Sandgate from 1858 to 1862.  Under the command of Lieutenant Frederick Wheeler, the Native Police eliminated Aboriginal resistance to white settlement in the Pine Rivers, Cabbage Tree Creek and Caboolture districts by the early 1860s.

The Stewart and Duncan families cleared the gentle slopes along the South Pine River for their crops.  By the end of the 1860s most of the valuable stands of red cedar and hoop pine in the Bald Hills district had been removed, although much scrub remained.  Through the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s maize, potatoes and some oaten and wheaten hay were the principal cash crops, and John Stewart had early experimented with arrowroot and cotton, for which he won bronze and silver medals at the London International Exhibition of 1862.  Following the opening of a railway to Bald Hills in 1888, dairying became the principal economic activity in the district.  By 1929, dairy farmers at Bald Hills were supplying up to 1000 gallons of milk daily to Brisbane and Sandgate. 

John Stewart and his family were well respected in the Bald Hills community and active members of the local Presbyterian church, John serving as an Elder for nearly 40 years.  The earliest Presbyterian services in the Bald Hills district were conducted at the Stewart home until a small slab and shingled church was erected in 1863 at the corner of the Strathpine and Bald Hills roads.

11 Jan 1834       Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, and Elizabeth Erskine, married Robert Stewart, son of Robert and Amelia R. Stewart. (see page 8).

11 Nov 1836     Jean Stewart, daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, married James Crichton in Scone Parish (see page 5).

 07 Jun 1841       Census of New Mill, Scone, Perth (FHL101911, adult ages are rounded down).
                          William Stewart          60        Shoemaker                    born in county  
                          Margaret Stewart        20                                              born in county
                          Elizabeth Stewart         1                                               born in county

 Abt 1851         William Stewart, shoemaker, died at Kinclaven (Margaret S. Gardiner).

11 Nov 1836
 Eodem Die       James Crighton and Jean Stewart, both in this parish, having been regularly and publickly proclaimed were married this day (Scone Parish Register, FHL102805).

 4 Jan 1839        James Crichton, Forester, Innernytie, Parish of Kinclaven, but late of this parish, and Jean Stewart, his wife, had a daughter born 4 Jan 1839 and baptized 13 Jan named Margaret (Scone Parish Register, FHL102805).

 2 Nov 1840      James, son to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the second & baptized on the fourteenth day of November Eighteen hundred & forty  (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).

 7 Jun 1841       Census of Inernytie Cottage, Kinclaven Perth (ED2, p10, FHL101907)
                          James Crichton             45        Wood Forester                                    born in county
                          Jean Crichton               30                                                                    born in county
                          Margaret Crichton        2                                                                     born in county
                          James Crichton             7 mos.                                                            born in county

28 Dec 1842      Jane, daughter to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, Lochside, was born on the twenty eighth day of Dec'r eighteen hundred & forty two & baptized the twelfth of January following (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).

31 Mar 1845     Elizabeth, daughter to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, Lochside, was born on the thirty first of March & baptised on the fourth day of April, Eighteen hundred & forty five (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).

27 May 1847    William, son to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the twenty seventh day of May & baptized the ninth day of June Eighteen hundred and forty seven (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).

24 Jan 1850       Christina, daughter to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the twenty fourth day of January and baptized on the nineteenth day of February Eighteen hundred and fifty (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).

30 Mar 1851     Census of Lochside, Kinclaven, Perth (FHL103743)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  58     Wood Forester                  Perth,Dunbarney
                          Jean Crichton               Wife     Mar  43     Wood Forester's Wife       Perth, Logierait                           Margaret Crichton      Dau                 12            Wood Forester's Dau'r               Perth, Scone
                          James Crichton             Son          10          Wood Forester's Son        Perth, Kinclaven
                          Jean Crichton               Dau            8           Wood Forester's Dau'r      Perth, Kinclaven                           Elizabeth Crichton      Dau                   6           Wood Forester's Dau'r               Perth, Kinclaven
                          William Crichton          Son                3      Wood Forester's Son        Perth, Kinclaven
                          Christina Crichton        Dau               1       Wood Forester's Dau'r      Perth, Kinclaven

 9 Jul 1852        John, son to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the ninth day of July and baptized on the twenty ninth day of the same month Eighteen hundred & fifty two (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).

 3 Apr 1861      Census of Lochside, Kinclaven, Perth (FHL103893)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  68     Wood Forester           Perth, Dunbarney
                          Jean Crichton               Wife     Mar  53     Forester's Wife           Perth, Logierait
                          Elizabeth Crichton       Dau      Unm 16     Forester's Dau'r          Perth, Kinclaven
                          William Crichton          Son                13     Scholar                     Perth, Kinclaven
                          John Crichton               Son                8      Scholar                      Perth, Kinclaven
(The Crichtons are the only family listed at Lochside.  It probably one of the estates where Margaret visited her cousins, as mentioned by Beatrice Gardiner Low.)

 3 Apr 1871      Census of Lochside, Kinclaven, Perth (ED2, p5, FHL104075)
                          James Crighton    (sp)         Head    Mar  78     Forester                       Perth, Dunbarney   
                          Jane       "                      Wife     Mar  63                                               Perth, Logierait
                          Elizabeth  "                   Daur    Unm 26                                               Perth, Kinclaven
                          James      "  Son, Visitor           Unm 30     Wholesale Tea Merchant    "       "
                          Elsie MacIntosh           Serv.    Unm 13     General Servant                  "   Auchterhouse    
  3 Apr 1871     Census of 382 St Vincent Street, Anderston, Glasgow, Ed 12, (FHL104029)
                          William Crichton          Head    Unm 23     Tea Dealer,                       Perth, Kinclaven                                                                              Employing 1 man                      
                          Margaret Crichton        Sis        Unm 32                                               Perth, Scone
                          John Crichton               Bro      Unm 18     Hat Salesman                    Perth, Kinclaven     
(The address above was that of James Crichton in 1866 when he was the informant of the death of his cousin, John Stewart, who died at Glasgow.)

15 Jan 1873       At Kings Muir Cottage, Kinclaven, Perth.  After banns according to the Church of Scotland, Robert Carmichael, farmer, bachelor, 39, Drumphuim, Fowlis Wester, Son of Robert Carmichael, farmer, and Margaret Stirling (dec),  Married Elizabeth Crichton, spinster, 27, Lochside, Kinclaven, Daughter of James Crichton, forester, and Jean Stewart.  Witnesses: William Carmichael, Margaret Crichton (#365, Kinclaven, FHL300265).

4 Apr 1881      Census of Lochside, Kinclaven (FHL203507)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  89     Forester                            Perth, Dunbarney
                          Jean Crichton               Wife     Mar  74                                               Perth, Logierait
                          Jane Crichton               Dau      Unm 38                                               Perth, Kinclaven

 Note, cannot be found in Scotland's People website.

 4 Apr 1881      Census of St Johns Road, Govan, Lanark, (644-14, ED40, p19, FHL0203682)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  40     Wholesale Tea Dealer       Perth, Kinclaven
                          Eliza Milne                   Wife     Mar  27                                               Lanark, Govan        
                          James    Crichton          Son                5                                                Renfrew, Eastwood
                          Marguerita M    "         Dau               3                                                RFW, Pollockshire
                          Jeanette Stuart "           Dau               2                                                RFW, Pollockshire
                          Mabel Elizabeth "        Dau      Under 3 mos                                      RFW, Pollockshire 

4 Apr 1881      Census of 125 St Georges, Barony, Lanark (644-9, ED56, p2, FHL0203662)
                          Margaret Crichton        Head    Unm 41     Formerly Housekeeper     Perth, Scone                                    William Crichton         Bro      Unm            33          Tea Merchant               Perth, Kinclaven

1 Dec 1890       James Crichton, Forester, died, age 98 years, at Cowdens Cottage, Maderty, Perth.  Married to Jane Stewart.  Son of James Crichton,* profession unknown (dec) and Christen Crichton MS Peddie (dec).  Informant: Robert Carmichael, son-in-law, Drumphin (#378/Maderty, Perth, Research by James Thompson, Edinburgh).

Note: James Crichton died in 1890.  His wife Jean Crichton died in the same place a year later.  They both died at Madderty.  She was 86 years old.   They were living with Robert Carmichael and his wife Elizabeth Crichton. (Note: the old way of spelling Madderty was with one d.) It is pretty amazing that these two lived such long lives in 19 century Scotland. And what got them? bronchitis for Jean and old age for James.

*His father is probably William Crichton. "1792, William Crighton in Horsemiln had a son baptized 2 Apr named James."  (Dunbarney Parish Register, FHL1040065, item 1).

3 Apr 1891      Census of Cowden's Cottage, Madderty Perth (ED3, p1, FHL208738)
                          Jane Crichton   Head of Family    Widow       86                                   Perth, Logierait
                          Margaret Crichton  Daughter        unmarried   52 Mother's help           Perth, Scone
                          Jane Crichton          Daughter        unmarried   48 Mother's help           Perth, Kinclaven
                          William Crichton    Son                unmarried  44 Retired Tea Merchant  "    Kinclaven     

Note: Scotland's people does not have this census.

23 Nov 1891     Jane Stewart or Crichton, widow of James Crichton, died 23 Nov 1891 at 6 p.m. at Cowden's Cottage, Maderty, Perth.  Age 86 years.  Father: William Stewart, Shoemaker, (dec).  Mother's name unknown (dec). Cause of death: Old age, Bronchitis, 4 days as certified by James Gairdner, M.D., Crieff.  Informant: Robert Carmichael, son-in-law (#8, Madderty, Perth, FHL265356)


11 Jan 1834       Robert Stewart in Edradynate and Elizabeth Stewart in Clochfoldich, both in this Parish, gave up their names for proclamation of the Banns of Marriage (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757, near end of film, after baptism records).  

Robert and Elizabeth had the following children:
John 1834 - 1866
William 1836 - 1876
Elizabeth 1842 - 1880
Jane 1846 - 1866
Margaret 1849 - 1917
Robert 1857 - 1899? unknown death date

27 Aug 1834     John, lawful son to Robert Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart in Little Clochfoldich, was born 27 of August, bap'd Sept'r 3, 1834 (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757).

3 Sep 1836        William Stewart was born at Logierait Parish (place from 1851 census, date from the following Perth christening record).
16 Oct 1836      Stormont Street East Church, Parish Perth, the Third of September, One thousand eight hundred and Thirty six, was Born William Stewart, lawful son to Robert Stewart, Labourer in the said Parish, and Elizabeth Stewart, his spouse and Baptized the Sixteenth day of October said year by the Reverend John Ferguson, Min'r of St Stephens Church, Parish of Perth (P. Parish Register, p537, FHL1040162, item 2).

12 Feb 1840      Elizabeth [Eliza] Stewart, daughter of Robert Stewart, and Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart, was born at St. Martins, Perth (Place from census; year calculated from census ages, day and month from family records). (Note: In the 1841 census William, Elizabeth's grandfather is watching her in Scone, Perthshire.)

7 Jun 1841        Census: Burnside, Cargill, Perth (ED1, p9, FHL101904, Adult ages rounded down).
                          Robert Stewart 30                         Ag labourer                           born in county
                          Elizabeth Stewart   25                                                                born in county
                          John Stewart           6                                                                 born in county
                          William Stewart      4                                                                born in county

Burnside in Cargill area:

 7 Jun 1841       Census of New Mill, Scone, Perth (FHL101911, adult ages are rounded down).
                          William Stewart      60                  Shoemaker                            born in county                            Margaret Stewart        20                                            born in county
                          Elizabeth Stewart   1                                                                 born in county

12 Aug 1842     Amelia Stewart, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Stewart, was born at New Mill, Scone, Perth (Birth year from her mother's census reports, 1844 on Utah Death Record, #9905, p248, FHL026553; and emigration age 24, Jul 1869: European Emigration card Index, FHL298438 and Passenger Lists FHL025692).

Betty S. Stewart is the most reliable source for the ages of her children.  She said Elizabeth was 11 in 1851, 21 in 1861. She gave Amelia's census ages as 8 and 18 on those same years (Amelia  would be 9 and 19 on her August birthdays).  Elizabeth was born in 1840, Amelia in 1842.  Jean's age was correct on census records.

5 Feb 1846        Jane, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Stewart, in Hatton, Cargill, was born 25 Feb 1846 and Bap 19 Apr (Cargill Parish Register, FHL1040074, or 102700).

27 Jul 1849       Margaret, daughter to Robert Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart, his spouse, Kirkton of Kinclaven, was born on the twenty seventh day of July and baptized the ...of Aug Eighteen hundred & forty nine (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).

30 Mar 1851     Census, Kirkton, Kinclaven, Perth (ED 1, p3, Sch 8, FHL103743)
                          Robert Stewart         Head  Mar   44    Farm Servant                 Perthshire, Logierait
                          Betty Stewart           Wife  Mar   40    Farm Servant's Wife       Perthshire, Logierait
                          Elizabeth Stewart     Dau              11    Scholar                          Perthshire, St Martins                             Amelia Stewart           Dau                 8           Scholar                                          Perthshire, Scone
                          Jean Stewart             Dau              5     Farm Servants Dau'r       Perthshire, Cargill
                          Margaret Stewart      Dau              1     Farm Servants Dau'r       Perthshire, Kinclaven     

1851/1857         Between 1851 and 1857 Robert and Betty Stewart moved their family to Dundee.

19 Nov 1857     Robert Stewart was born 19 Nov 1857, at 2:00 p.m., son of Robert Stewart, labourer, and Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart, at Princes Street, Dundee. Home at 11 Crescent Street.  Informant: Robert Stewart, father, not present. (#1592 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL280428).
                          (Robert Stewart's brother, John, lived on Princes Street).

8 Apr 1861      Census, 11 Crescent Street, 1st Dist, Dundee (ED27, p29, FHL103789
                          Elizabeth Stewart     Head  Marr  50                                Perthshire, Logierait
                          William Stewart        Son    Unm  24    Sawmiller           Perthshire, Logierait                                        Elizabeth Stewart      Dau Unm     21   Jute Weaver        Perthshire, St Martins
                          Amelia Stewart         Dau   Unm  18    Jute Weaver         Perthshire, Scone
                          Jean Stewart             Dau              15                                Perthshire, Cargill
                          Margaret Stewart      Dau              11    Scholar                Perthshire, Kinclaven                                      Robert Stewart            Son              3                                 Forfarshire, Dundee

Note: Not found in Scotland's People

30 Sep 1861      Elizabeth Stewart, age 48*, wife of Robert Stewart, sawmill labourer, died  September thirtieth, at 11 Crescent Street, Dundee, at 4:05 p.m.  Wife of Robert Stewart, sawmill labourer.  Daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, (dec) and _____ Stewart MS Robertson* (dec).  Informant: Robert Stewart, widower, not present.  Cause of death: Laryngitis 7 days (#905, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL224409).

(*See age given by Betty on 1861 census above.  Robert obviously did not know Betty's mother's name.  His guess strengthened the false belief that Amelia Robertson was her mother.)

3 Mar 1863       Elizabeth [Eliza] Stewart was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church (Margaret S. Gardiner, sister, Salt Lake Temple Record, FHL184101).
13 Apr 1863     Jane Stewart, daughter of Robert and Betty, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church (Date from Janet S. U. Griggs, a friend, proxy for endowment, Salt Lake Temple Record, p447, FHL184085.  Margaret S. Gardiner, her sister, also acted later as proxy for Jane, but she did not give a baptism date, just "In Church."
(Janet Griggs must have been very close to Jean Stewart.  She remembered Jean's baptism and confirmation dates, the birth date she had been told, and the correct date of Jean's death.  The two may have been baptized on the same date)

(Note from email: Oh my goodness!  I wonder if your Margaret Stewart was the sister of a Jane Stewart that was sealed in the temple as a wife to James Ure in 1894?  I had no information about her except the sealing date.  The Jane Stewart that was the sister of your Margaret died in 1866 so she would have been sealed posthumously.  Such things were done back in those days, I believe.  This would explain why Janet Scott Ure Griggs (daughter of James Ure and Janet Scott) would have had access to her baptism and confirmation information.

If you have any more information about her I would be very grateful.  Isn't Family History work the most amazing, spiritual endeavor?  Truly we are being blessed. S)
25 Jan 1865       Margaret Stewart (later Gardiner), daughter of Robert and Betty, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church (TIB, Book G, p105, #3152).
                          1866 brought five deaths to the Stewart family:
1 Feb 1866        John Stewart, [Margaret S. Gardiner's paternal uncle], age 57, died at 2:00 p.m. at the Poorhouse at Dundee.  Baker, Pauper, Married to Ann Wilson [formerly to Helen Scott].  Son of Robert Stewart, farmer, (dec) and Amelia Robertson (dec).  Cause of death: Bronchitis. Informant: W. Dempster, assistant in poorhouse (#118, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL350894; See Robert Stewart/Amelia Robertson History).

 6 Jun 1866       Jean Stewart, age 20 years, died at 12:30 a.m. at 11 Crescent Street, Dundee.  Power loom weaver, single, daughter of Robert Stewart, farm labourer, and Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart (dec).  Cause of death: Phthisis pulmonalis about 8 months.  Informant: Robert Stewart, father, present  (#597, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL350894).

 9 Dec 1866       John Stewart, tailor, journeyman, single, died at 5:30 a.m. at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow.  Usual residence: 53 Cowcaddens Street.  Age 32 years.  Son of Robert Stewart, farm servant, and Elizabeth Stewart (dec).  Cause of death: Phthisis,
4 years.  Informant: James Crichton, cousin, 382 St. Vincent Street  (#2075,
                                                                                                High Church, Glasgow, FHL350918).    

30 Dec 1866      Mary Fairley Laing, daughter of Isabel Stewart Fairley, and cousin to Margaret S. Gardiner, died at Dundee (See Robert Stewart/Amelia Robertson History).

 8 Mar 1867      Amelia Stewart, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church, (Living Endowment Record, Book G, p235, FHL183406).
27 Dec 1867      Eliza Stewart married William Rae (see page 14).
20 Jun 1868      Margaret Stewart married Robert Gardiner at Liverpool Harbor (See "A Chronological History of the James Gardiner/Mary Butchart Family" p22).
Aft Jun 1868     A Robert Stewart age 10 appears on the list of members of the Dundee Branch on a Bef Oct 1869        page with comments about their intentions to "Gather." (FHL104150)
                          (After sister, Margaret left, before nephew, George Cochrane Rae, was born.)

28 Jul 1869       Amelia Stewart, age 24, sailed on the Ship "Colorado."  (European Emigration Card Index, 1849 - 1925, FHL298438; Passenger Lists, p61, FHL025692).
At the beginning of the Passenger Lists book is a page which shows:
"The Rates for Passage & extra luggage."   Among other sites of departure are
the following:  "New York to Omaha, $14.00, to terminus, $35.00."  "Extra luggage, New York to terminus, $8.00."
"Rate of fare and extra luggage from terminus to S. Lake, for adults, $14.00,
for freight, $8.00.  They furnish themselves.  For adults, $29.00, for freight, $8.00.
                          They to be furnished with provisions & cooking utensils."     
After Amelia's name in the column, "Advanced to P.E.F. Emigrants" was listed: 5 pounds, 9 shillings 7 pence."

30 Jan 1871       Amelia Stewart was endowed at the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.  She gave the following information:  Amelia Stewart, born 12 Aug 1844, Newmill, Perth, Scotland.  Baptized 8 Mar 1867. Parents: Robert Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart (Endowment Record for Living, Book G, p235, FHL183406).

3 Apr 1871       Census at 47 Union Street, Dundee (FHL103943)
William Rae         Head    Mar   31       Railway Engine Driver    [Perth], Culross
Elizabeth Rae       Wife    Mar     31                                                Perthshire 
George Rae           Son                  1                                                Forfar, Dundee
Robert Stewart  Fa-in-law  Wid   64    Labourer                              Perthshire, Logie
Robert Stewart  Bro-in-law          13   Millworker                          Forfar, Dundee     

6 Dec 1874       A Robert Stewart, deacon, appears in minutes of a council meeting of the Dundee Branch as a Deacon (our Robert would be 17 years old).  The Reports in the meeting were positive and it was decided to have a Soiree on New Years Night. "President Matheson moved that David Brown, John Birrill, Thomas Leslie be appointed a committee for the Soirree.  Seconded by Robert Stewart, carried unanimous."

 6 Mar 1876      Robert Stewart [father of Margaret S. Gardiner], pauper, formerly labourer, widower of Elizabeth Stewart, died at 3:00 a.m., at the Poorhouse, Dundee, age 67 years.  Son of Robert Stewart, Tanner* (dec), and Emily Robertson, (dec).  Informant: W. Dempster, Inmate, present (#175, 4th Dist, Dundee. Have copy.)
*(With a line through the T on Tanner it would say Farmer.  Mr Dempster, who signed the death certificate, probably gave the information to the registrar. Mr.  Dempster's r m would look like nn.  In his signature, the first hump of the m is not connected to the last two humps.  Emily was a common nickname for Amelia.  Margaret S. Gardiner said her father died "Abt 1877.") 

Dec 1876        William Stewart, died on this date according to information given on the record of his temple work done by William F. Gardiner, son of Margaret S. Gardiner. The last record we have of William Stewart is on the 1861 census of Dundee, where he is  single, age 24, a sawmiller, at home with his mother and siblings.

1 Apr 1878      At St Pauls Church, Dundee.  After Banns according to the forms of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Robert Stewart, Valet, Bachelor, 20, 186 Blackness Road, Son of Robert Stewart, Wood Carter (deceased), and Margaret Stewart MS Stewart, married Jane Scott, Power Loom Weaver, Spinster, 20, 186 Blackness Road.  Daughter of Charles Scott, Cloth Inspector, and Margaret Scott MS Rattray.  Witnesses: E. Skinner, Euphemia Sutherland (#73, 3rd Dist, Dundee).

Jane Scott was born 20 May 1857 at 12:15 p.m. at No. 5 Hawkhill, Dundee, Daughter of Charles Scott, lapper, and Margaret Scott MS Rattray, Informant: Charles Scott, father, not present (#655 , 2nd Dist, Dundee, FHL280429).

I sent for the above certificate, sure that the groom was my grandmother's brother, Robert Stewart. Then I saw the mother's name and decided it could not be.  But after seeing some of the errors on death certificates where sons gave the wrong name for a mother they had known all their lives, I realized that Robert, who was three when his mother died, may not have known her first name.  The above Jane Scott Stewart has the same birth date as the the Jean Scott Stewart who was baptized in the Dundee Branch just two weeks after the baptism of Robert Stewart, son of Robert and Betty.  He is the only Robert Stewart born in Dundee 1857 whose father was Robert Stewart and mother's maiden name was Stewart.  Robert's father may have carted wood at one time.  His occupation apparently varied when he was not employed in farm work.  This Robert may be the son of Robert and Elizabeth.    

 25 Jul 1879      Robert Stewart, born 17 Nov 1857, Dundee, was baptized at Dundee Branch, LDS Church, by A. Watson, confirmed 6 Jul 1879 by Elder A. Watson (Dundee Branch Record, FHL104150.  This would be a re-baptism if he is the Robert Stewart, deacon, in the earlier council minutes.) 
 7 Sep 1879       Robert Stewart was ordained a deacon by Andrew Watson (FHL104150).

22 Sep 1879      Jean Scott Stewart, born 20 May 1857, Dundee, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church, by Elder A. Watson, confirmed the same day by Elder A. Laird (FHL104150).

12 Nov 1879     Robert Stewart was ordained a teacher, at Dundee, by Elder D. Matheson.
 7 Nov 1880      In minutes of a Council Meeting, Nov 7, 1880, Teacher, Robert Stewart is present. 
 5 Dec 1880       In the meeting of Dec 5th, 1880 "Bro Robt Stewart felt to corrorbate (sic) Bro R Matheson statement."  After a discussion about one John Leslie, a motion was made to cut him off from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for" aposticy."  Seconded by Robt Stewart (FHL104150). 

28 Dec 1880      Amelia Stewart, born 12 Aug 1844 [1842], Perthshire, Scotland, died 28 Dec 1880 at Salt Lake City.  Daughter of Robert Stewart and ______ Stewart.  Cause of Death: Pneumonia (FHL026553, p248, #9905).  Amelia lived in the 20th Ward, Salt Lake City.  Clarence said she lived with a Clark family.  If a family member had reported the death, the given name of her mother would not have been left blank.  Amelia was buried in the Robert and Margaret S. Gardiner family plot in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Plot H Block 5, Lot 4, No 1/2.

Salt Lake Herald, 1880-12-29

4 Apr 1881      Census of Annfield House, Dundee, Scotland, E.D. 26, (FHL103480)
                          Robert Stewart    Head          Md    23   Calender Worker     Forfar, Dundee
                          Jane Stewart        Wife           Md    23   Jute Weaver             Forfar, Dundee

On one page of the Dundee Branch record Robert's name is crossed out and in the "Remarks" column it says "Emigrated."  Jean Scott Stewart's name is not crossed out and there is nothing in the "Remarks" column after her name.  If Robert came to Utah it is strange that it was not noted in Clarence's "Gardiner Family History." Some have interpreted the "Robert Stewart, youngest brother of William" to be Margaret's brother.  If so, that was a strange way to identify him.
1 Nov 1894       Janet S. U. Griggs, a friend of Jane Stewart (sister of Margaret S. Gardiner), acting as proxy for her, was endowed at the Salt Lake Temple.  Janet gave the following information: Jane Stewart was born 25 Feb 1847 [1846], at Hatton, Perth, Scotland.  Died 6 Jun 1866, Baptized 13 Apr 1863, Confirmed 13 Apr 1863 (p447, FHL184085).

Note: Oh my goodness!  I wonder if your Margaret Stewart was the sister of a Jane Stewart that was sealed in the temple as a wife to James Ure in 1894?  I had no information about her except the sealing date.  The Jane Stewart that was the sister of your Margaret died in 1866 so she would have been sealed posthumously.  Such things were done back in those days, I believe.  This wouid explain why Janet Scott Ure Griggs (daughter of James Ure and Janet Scott) would have had access to her baptism and confirmation information.

If you have any more information about her I would be very grateful.  Isn't Family History work the most amazing, spiritual endeavor?  Truly we are being blessed.
29 Jun 1898      Margaret S. Gardiner acted as proxy for endowment of her sister Jane, born Feb 1847, died Jun 1866, Baptized: "In Church." (#6396, p181, FHL184090)
(Because both Janet Griggs and Margaret S. Gardiner gave the wrong birth date for Jane, her temple work was done the third time when the Cargill Parish records were extracted.)

13 Dec 1839      Alexander Rae and his wife, Jean Cumming, had a son born the 13th of Dec 1839, baptized and named William Wright (Culross Parish Register, FHL102706).

27 Dec 1867      After banns according to the form of the Latter Day Saints,
William Rae, age 26, bachelor, engine driver, son of Alexander Rae, oat miller, (dec), and Jane Common [Cumming], residence, Union Street, married Eliza Stewart, age 26, spinster, power loom weaver, daughter of Robert Stewart, farm servant, and Elizabeth Stewart (dec). Usual residence: Crescent Street.  Married at 1 Union Street, Maxwelltown, Dundee.  Witnesses: Amelia Stewart, George Cockerell.  Minister: A. N. MacFarlane (#522, pg 261, FHL348998).

1868      Members of LDS Dundee Branch, showing intentions to "gather" and Means:
William Rae                  29        Engine Driver           Scotland             12          2
Elizabeth Rae               28                                          Scotland
Jane [Cumming] Rae    64        Widow                      Scotland                   11
Elspeth Rae                  40                                          Scotland
William Fraser             12                                          Scotland             2     3    7
Jane Fraser                   12                                          Scotland
(William and Jane Fraser are children of Elspeth Rae.)

7 Oct 1869       George Cochrane Rae was born at 10:40 a.m., at Matthews Cottage, Union Street, Maxwelltown, Dundee. Son of William Rae, locomotive driver, and Elizabeth Rae MS Stewart, (#1160, 4th Dist, Dundee, FHL340318).

3 Apr 1871      Census at 47 Union Street, Dundee (FHL103943)
William Rae            Head    Mar  31     Railway Engine Driver     [Perth], Culross
Elizabeth Rae         Wife    Mar     31                                              PerthshireGeorge Rae           Son                            1                                                                     Forfar, Dundee
Robert Stewart,      Fa-in-law        Wid   64     Labourer                 Perthshire, Logie
Robert Stewart,      Bro-in-law               13     Millworker              Forfar, Dundee

4 Sep 1872        Elizabeth Jane Rae was born at Dundee, daughter of William Rae and Elizabeth Rae MS Stewart (FHL

4 Jun 1873       Ship "Nevada," left Liverpool. (Passenger List: Emigration, p267, FHL025692)
                          William Rae                  32        from Dundee
                          Elizabeth Rae               32                  "
                          George Rae                   3                   "
                          Elizabeth Rae               inf't               "

 Note: see bottom entry:

4 Apr 1876      William Rae was born at American Fork, son of William and Elizabeth S. Rae.

5 Sep 1877       Alexander Rae was born at American Fork, son of William and Elizabeth S. Rae.

16 Jun 1880      Edward Albert Rae was born at Salt Lake City, son of William and Elizabeth Rae.

12 May 1881    Elizabeth Stewart Rae, age 41, died at Salt Lake City.  "Born Feb 1842, Perth, Scotland, Wife of William Rae, Died 13 May 1881. Cause of death: Heart disease." (FHL026553) Daughter of Robert Stewart and Elizabeth [Betty] S. Stewart.  Buried Salt Lake City Cemetery: Plat K Block 6 Lot 10 So 1/2.

Salt Lake Herald, 1881-05-14



Under the President's call of April 23, 1898, Utah was asked to 
furnish two batteries of light artillery and a troop of cavalry for "spe- 
cial mounted service." On the 25th Governor Wells received the 
following telegram from the secretary of war: "The President has 
authorized the enlistment of -eighty-five men in your state, good shots.

Edgar A. Wedg:\vood was commissioned to enlist enough men to bring both 
batteries up to a war footing, and before the two batteries left the 
state the following names were added to their muster rolls, the men 
coming from all parts of the state. These men were reported by 
Governor Wells as good riders, to form a company in a mounted rifle regiment, company 
officers to be taken from your section. Can you give us the men?" 

(Among the list was found:) Norris, Arthur F. Ohmer, John A. Pender, Louis J. Pennington, 
Louis C. Peterson, Ernest M. Pratt, Alexander Rae, William Rae,

1900 Federal Census


 Work to be done:

Amelia Stewart, age 24, sailed on the Ship "Colorado."  (European Emigration Card Index, 1849 - 1925, FHL298438; Passenger Lists, p61, FHL025692).

Amelia Stewart, born 12 Aug 1844 [1842], Perthshire, Scotland, died 28 Dec 1880 at Salt Lake City.  Daughter of Robert Stewart and ______ Stewart.  Cause of Death: Pneumonia (FHL026553, p248, #9905).

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